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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I love them all - if I must pick a fav I would choose the first two - I'm not sure why but they speak to my crafty soul!

Oh I love the first one. It just speaks of spring and happy days. Gorgeous.

They're all pretty, but I especially like the third one. The brads are just perfect!

love them all but the butterflies have a special place in my heart :)

Hmmm... I love them all! But I especially like Sparkle & Shine because it's so vibrant.

Oh WOW! That Clairice is something else! I loooove the first one, those paper flowers are awesome. Good job AC :)

I think they are all great! But, green is my favorite color, I'm drawn to it for some reason. For that reason alone I must say the flowers are my favorite.

I am always in love with butterflies - Sweet and Sunny creations make it more irresistible!

I love them all, but #1 and #2 are gorgeous! Great colors, fabulous work!

I love all three of them! Beautiful colors! But, i'm loving butterflies lately so i'll have to say #2! Awesome work! =)


They're super cute! The second (blue) one is my fave! Love the movement in it! :D

They are all gorgeous! I love the dark and rich jewel colors of #3.

Sweet and Sunny!

I love the last one because of the richness of the colors! It simply pops!

Oooooooooooh! Those butterflies are just so beautiful and happy! Love that one ;) Fabulous designs!

Todos son divinos pero el N 1 esta divinamente organizado


Beautiful ads! Love seing them on 2peas as well as the print magazines!

I love all three but am really drawn to the last one because I am crazy about purple :0)

I saw them and thought to myself that they were great ads!

my fav is the Dear Lizzy Ad. The mix of butterflies and flowers is fantastic

I love the middle one because it is all Dear Lizzy!!! Love the look of the butterflies and the fabric flowers!

I like the second one best, something about how it flows and especially those handmade fabric flowers are the bomb!

"Sweet & Sunny". I love the butterflies and those handmade flowers. Yummy!

i like the colors of the second one

I love those ads--the top one is my absolute favorite, love the colors!

Sparkle and Shine because it's the same colors as my scrap space! Beautiful!!

I love the Sparkle and SHine one as I think it would appeal to non-crafters as well, plus the shimmery flowers look so beautiful! Well done Clairice!

Love Create & Connect!

Loved the butterflies! I loved Sweet and Sunny. The colors are amazing, but I loved the butterflies...

wow... they are amazing, i love the last one especially (loving everything that is sparkly and shinny at the moment) =) gorgeous work Clairice!

My favorite is number two. All those butterflies and fabric flowers are fabulous and I love how they appear to be flying off the page.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I like the first one best. Even though I'm a huge fan of Dear Lizzy, the flowers and the more vibrant colours of the first ad just did it for me.

Yes, I had noticed these and I thought they were adorable! I think the first one is my favorite - I love all of the different kinds of flowers and the colors.

Love them all but the last one...the purple one is my favorite!!! So bright and fun :)

Really hard to pick....but the butterflies just spoke to me. It is light, airy, happy and fun. All the things scrapping & crafting are to me. Love your stuff, AC!

sweet and sunny is just sooo pretty. and sparkle and shine is soo striking. love the colour combinations of both.

I love all three but my favortie would be the third one. Anything glitter just speaks to my soul!

I think (if i HAD to choose) the second would be my favorite. I love them all but the I love the movement and colors of the second one the best. Fabulous ads!

Sweet & Sunny wins for me. The Dear Lizzy + Butterflies = totally awesome. I can't wait for her next release!

Love the 'Create & Connect' ad...the flowers are amazing!

I love them all, but the first one is my fave. I like the way the stems and leaves are done... I am filing those ideas away for future cards or layouts. :)

Sweet and Sunny, I love the movement of the page. And butterflies kinda rock ;)

They each hold unique qualities that I love! But I think the green ad catches my eye the most :)

Love them ALL, but I think my favorite is the middle one with the butterflies! So soft and pretty and just feels like it has beautiful movement to it! :-D

Oh, so pretty!!

I absolutely love the flowers-I wish you offered a tutorial for how to make them! (Do you?)

I love the first one, create & connect!

I love Create & Connect but sweet & sunny is a really close second! They are gorgeous!!!

Gorgeous work! I have to say that the Dear Lizzy one is my favorite simply because it's become one of my very favorite collections to scrap with :) ♥

Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful job, Clairice!

They are all pretty, but I am partial to the sparkle and shine!

Ooooh! these are cute ads! I love all the paper crafting happening! Very cool!

Those are amazing! I love them all and can't pick just one!

Oh my!! If I had to choose just 'one' it's definately the first piece! Love, Love, Love the creative flow and mood created here. Wowwwwwwwwww!!!

These are really great! I like the first one!

The Create & Connect ad because the flowers REALLY pop off the page!!!

Sweet and Sunny. Just love dear lizzy stuff;). And butterflies.

Love them all! But, I love the flowers and butterflies in the 2nd one best!

Oh how to choose just one?!?! They are all perfect!!! Loving the flowers, the colours and especially the sparkle on the last one :-)

Post a tutorial please!!! Love them all!

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They were created by talented In-House Designer Clairice and are so gorgeous!

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