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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Wow! Looks gorgeous! I would probably use the collection for scrapbook pages--maybe ones about family and home... all generations would work with this lovely collection! Thanks so much for a chance to win!

This all looks incredible! I'd use the fabric for flowers and for ripped and frayed border strips! :)

I use them to make hairbows or maybe as flower hairbows that clip onto a card...that would be cute!

Oh god, I love all of it!!! I definitely can't wait until I see this in stores. I would probably use the fabric swatches as just another great way to add texture to my pages. I literally use AC stuff on every layout I do now, lol.

oooh, really nice, and not what I would expect from AC, love this new line. As for the fabric swatches, that has to be die cut elements for me

Love the Classics! I would use the fabric swatches to make pretty flowers or to make fabric loops to attach to photos or the sides of my mini books. So many ways to use them!

This line is so inspiring - I love classic literature so what's not to love? I am interested in making yo-yos right now so I would probably use fabric swatches to give that a shot!

I would use it for my card making and scrapbook of my baby girl!

This line looks awesome! I'd make flowers for my scrapbook pages with the fabric, and probably use them like paper on layouts, fraying the edges.

This might be my favorite AC release yet!! The fabric looks amazing -- I would totally add little stitched accents to layouts and cards -- maybe even with a bit of quilting! Oh, and definitely flowers. And borders. And fabric ribbons. and....
There's a lot to love!

oooh I love this! I think this is my favorite release ever! the fabric - well I love using fabric on my scrapbook pages in all sorts of ways, but with the name 'pocket swatches' I thought of how my mom used to embellish overalls for my daughter by sewing patterned fabric to cover the pockets. That would be so cute with this fabric!

The fabric swatches are fantastic... I'd love to use them on an off-the-page project... perhaps a wall hanging.

Love this line! It is simply gorgeous!! The fabric swatches are genius! They are the perfect size for mini albums or using as a decorative element on my pages. Genius.

These are beautiful! I'd love to make some home decor with them. These patterns and colors will look great in my guest room and half bathroom.

Love the fabric swatches! Not only would I use them on scrapbooking pages, but I could also make flowers from them and create a cheary little bouquet! Thanks for the chance to win!

I would use them to make fabric rosettes to put on my super cute shoes!

Gorgeous!!! I'd love to try making sdome flowers with them. :)
- April W

I'd make rosettes for headbands! Such a great line!

Love!! I actually don't scrapbook, but use the materials for jewelry-making and home decor. I would use the fabrics for my covered button rings and maybe some hair clips!

Ooooo.....pretty! LOVE it! I would use the patches to cover brads, make some flowers, and patch my jeans! :)

I would use one to make a sweet journaling spot holder and stitch it down to my paper. I'd have to mix in some of the fabric covered Thickers too!

I would use the others and mix in with papers to make some of the most amazing handmade flowers. Yum!!!

I would use the fabric swatches in squares to create my own patterned paper. So beautiful!

Love this collection! I would use the fabric to make flowers and to cover buttons.

I think the fabric would make great flowers~

This line is adorable.I think I would use the farbric to make a minialbum.

I think the fabric would be beautiful as the pattern in a grid-patterned layout.

sooo pretty!! I would use them to make flowers!! :)

Those would be so cool to piece together for a small purse!

Awesome lineup! I would use this to scrapbook (I don't really make cards much.) How fun would it be to use the fabric to make a patchwork layout?! I love that look with paper and think it would be SO cute in fabric on paper!!

Ooooo.....pretty! LOVE it!
Love this collection! I would use the fabric to make flowers and to cover buttons.

ohhh I LOVE this new line, colors and patterns.. I would use the fabric swatches to make those fabric flowers.. to either go on pages or on clips for my hair!!!

I love the new thickers and fabric! I could definitely see using them to make some cute flowers!

Well I think I'd try a pocket since they are named after them. :) But also I'd tear and gather it a bit for a trim and also try some flowers from it.

Beautiful collection! I would use the swatches on my scrapbooking projects. Possibly making fabric flowers with them!

Wow! I'm blown away by all of this - it's beautiful! I'd so, so, so would love to sew, sew, sew those fabric swatches on the front of cards or as backgrounds for my layouts! How awesome are those!

This is fabulous! I'd use the fabric to make flowers.

This is gorgeous! I think the fabric would make great flowers!

My first thought was how cool it would be to use the papers and fabrics to make my own super-special sketchbook.

I love all the components that were shown for this new Classics line. Swoon ;)
I would love to use everything to complete an album of my vacation to England & Scotland.

Gosh, the colours and patterns of the fabric swatches are beautiful. They would be perfect as a wall hanging, in a simple white frame.

This line is so gorgeous! I can definitely see using it both for my dd's pages and my heritage pages! I would almost certainly use the fabric to make flowers!

I love this line! The Pocket Patterns are fabulous... they'd be fun for covers or mixed media pages in a mini album or for making flowers or pockets for my layouts. Can't wait to see this in stores!

Well, since I can't sew in a straight line, I guess I'd have to use them on my scrappy projects. They'd sure be great for some custom wall art!

OOOOOH, I am totally drooling! The journaling cards, ribbons, journaling cards...the FABRIC squares???!!! I would use them to make a "quilted" layout background--I love sewing on my layouts and getting little bits of cute scrapworthy fabric is tough--until now!!

What a great looking collection! I would probably use the fabric like I would paper on cards and layouts, and also make a pretty bookmark or two.

very pretty! I would use them on my layouts for a little bit different texture :)

I'd use the fabric for flowers and to cover tags and chipboard. Such a fun line! Thanks for the chance!

Wow - great new products! I would definitely use as backgrounds behind pictures (like mats) or as strips behind pictures.

Just gorgeous!
I'd make a patchwork scrap page!

I would use the fabric to make ruffled flowers for my scrapping projects..or maybe to line the inside of the metal frames with journaling strips sewing inside :)

Beautiful! I would either use the fabric swatches as little squares in a patchwork pattern on layouts or cards or make a mini book!

Oh just love those fabric swatches! My daughter and I are into making hair accessories so these would be perfect! Especially love those colors! Thanks for a chance =)

oh how fun! love it :) ... would love to use those swatches to make some cute banners or even some fun flowers... oh the possibilities!

Wow, I love this line! It is gorgeous & versatile - classic:)

I'd fraye the edges and use as a photo mat. They would be gorgeous on a layout...but I'm also loving the idea of framing them.

Oh, what a gorgeous line! I'd try making a purse (quilt-style) out of the fabric, or some fun fabric flowers.

Great line! Love the colors. :)

I would sew them onto paper and create a mini album

I would make fabric flowers as well as use them for other various embellishing on my layouts and cards. This line is definitely going to be one of my favorites!!

oh for love of fabric. those swatches are screaming for me to make custom hair bows and headbands for my daughter! TFS!

This is such a gorgeous collection!! I'd use them to make my own embellies like brads or flowers! Or just use it for accents!

I am loving running fabric swatches through my cuttlebug lately. I have used a graduated sized flower die and layered them for a full and fluffy flower to use in home decor or papercrafting. And using a postage stamped-edge square for a quilted look. Love the new line! -Alisa

Such a beautiful collection! I'd use the fabric swatches to make flowers. Thank you!

I love sneak peeks! This line looks very elegant, love the patterns on the papers.
I would use the new fabric to make flowers!

So darling!!! I would use them to make a mini-book for my daughter :)

I would use the swatches to make flowers, or cute ruffles on my scrapbook pages.

I would probably use them to make flowers or layer them on cards! They're gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win!

they look perfect for creating a quilted look!!! i absolutely ADORE this line!!!

What a Classic and GORGEOUS line! I'd use the Pocket Pattern fabric swatches in a couple of ways. I'm sure I could create some beautiful die cut shapes with them for starters! I'd also cut the swatches into half circles and use them as fancy border under my photos.

Lovely new line! I just recently got a sewing machine (just last weekend!) - and I've been meaning to play a lot more with fabric...so these swatches would be wonderful! I'd like to first incorporate the fabric into my pages - would make such great added texture.

I am loving this new release!!! I have so many ideas brewing on how to use the fabric. I'm a big fan of pleats so I would definitely do that, I would also make some fabric flowers I would even use the fabric for background. I love it!!!

Wow!!! Great line! I would probably use the fabric to make flowers...it's so hard to find sweet fabrics!

Wow, thank you so much AC for creating The Classics line! I always love the simplicity and the clean graphics of your products, was wondering when this style would come up, and here it is! The colors are perfect, perfect for my Sherlock Holmes scrapbooking! Hehe!

I'd use them on my handmade cards and scrapping pages...such a gorgeous collection!

Love it.....I would use some for wall art and would scrapbook some too.

i would cut shapes from the fabric and fray the edges and stitch onto my page. I would also have fun making journaling pockets with the fabric again fraying the edges.

I love the classic stuff!
I will use them for my family album :D

Wow what a great line, I'm definetly looking forward to this!

I would do everything with the Pocket patterns fabric swatches. I'd cover buttons, I'd make a mini-album, I'd make pockets for my scrapbook pages, I'd make rolled flowers (Dear Lizzy style, off course), I also think I'd make a quilted front for a pillow, because the colors are so yummy! I can't wait to get this line in my little ink-stained hands :)

I would make beautiful fabric embellishments

Hello! I think I would use them to cover up my American Crafts Albums. Great way to decorate them because the fabric is much more resistant than patterned paper! Thanks for giving us a chance to win the line. It is gorgeous!

wow... the collection is just amazing. i just adore the classic colors and the design (this is a must must must have)!! as for the fabric swatches, these would be perfect for some flowers and using them on t-shirts or bags (not only on layouts and mini albums).

I would use them to make fabric flowers. Love those!

OGM this collection is awesome! it has the perfect mix of color and vintage feeling, just the way I love! I would definetely use the fabric for a mini album, I can already imagine it... with paint and the wonderful ribbons too.

Such a great collection ! That stamp collection goes directly to my favorites !

I would fold the gorgeous red fabric around the bottom of a transperancy in my december daily album and sew up the sides to make 2 pockets.

beautiful swatches..great for scrapbooking, handmade flowers embellishment on gift box etc.

I would probably use the fabric to make my own handmade embellies......thanks for the chance to win some of the new collection!

I love all the new goodies. I would love to try to make some flowers with the fabric.

Ohhhhhh my gosh I took one look and you know what I thought? "I need to get on that DT so I can play with all the new products before they are revealed!!" That shows how amazing this line is. It's such a different feel from usual AC lines, I think. AC, you rock my socks off. :)

Looks fab ! I'd probably try some flowers . or ribbons .. I need to feel them first ! :)

I'm crazy about my grandson Gabriel so I would use the fabric and make pockets attached to my pages.Inside I would place journal pages. I would add Thickers on the outside spelling out the month and slip in the pockets his cute activities, places we visited, family outings,words he learned for that month. They would be keepsake pages for Gabriel. How fun to read them later on with their sweet memories!

I have a mini book in mind as a gift for Christmas to my inlaws. This would be perfect! I love the colors and patterns!

I would sew the patches to my layouts and cards! I love the texture it would add!! I would also die cut it, use it to mat photos, and use it with journaling blocks! Really, the possibilities are endless!! This collection looks gorgeous!! :)

Oooo... how fun would it be to cut a triangle out of the bottoms to make a flag banner for a birthday or little girls room!!! Love the new line! Thanks for the chance to win some!

What a wonderful line and the fabric could be used for so many things!!

Gorgeous! I would use the fabric swatches to quilt a background for my layout. I love that look!

I think the fabric swatches would be perfect for making flowers and rosettes! How pretty everything is in this collection!

LOVE this collection - the colors and designs are gorgeous!! I am sure the fabric would look amazing on a mini album or as a homemade flower!!

I'll use the fabric for a mini album!! This new line is so pretty....especially love the alphas!!!

I would fray the edges of the fabric and then use it as a border strip. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

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