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Thursday, January 20, 2011



I love the browns and the blues!! I think these new thickers are my favourites but I can't decide on which line is my favourite. I love bits of all of them!

loving the giant flair and patchems - I can't choose I like yesterday's papers but love today's embellishments

Hello Sunshine!!! Those patches are stinkin adorable!

This is just too cute..esp that deer patch!

these patches are darling
but hello sunshine is by far my most favorite!

Like the Hello Sunshine collection best so far, love the Campy Trails Patchems & stamps though :)

Another great collection - always great to have some more masculine designs to work with. But I think hello sunshine is my fav so far - the colors & designs are adorable & something I could really see myself getting a lot of use from.

I'm not a "camping" type of girl, but those papers make me want to start!!! My favorite line so far has to be "Hello Sunshine". Not just because my dad calls my daughter that, but it speaks to me more when I mostly scrap about my 15 month old girl! =D

Adorable! Love all the woodgrain!

You can't make me choose GASP.. hmm how about a secret? You guys are my fav. company & I can't wait to grab me up some goodies from ALL of your new collection. My Scrapbook mind is speeding 100 miles a minute!

Too much cute stuff in each line so far, please don't make me pick a favorite! Those patchems are adorable!

My fave colletion so far ??? Wow, good question, do I really have to choose? If so, then the campy trails will be the most favorite.

I LOVE that wood grain stamp!!! I really really like this line!!!! Now I have to plan a camping trip....:)

Oh I just love the woodgrain and great prints but the racoon is my fave! And I must have those patches. Great collection

My favorite so far is probably Hello Sunshine. But I'm lovin' all the "fixings" with the camping.

we are a big outdoorsey family, so Im going with Campy Trails, those Patchems are too much!

Oooh!!!!! This line is definitely my fave so far!! We're big campers here and I can see myself doing all sorts of fun stuff with these goodies. LOVE it!!!!!!

Very cute! Love the patches.

Oh this is definitely my favorite! I love the way you did the flair like badges, etc. Awesome!!

love this camping line. we do lots of outdoors stuff (hiking, horse shows and CAMPING) so i'll get lots of use of out this. love love love the patchems and the journaling cards. can't wait to get my hands on all of it!

p.s. - the birthday line is a must have too!

Love the colors in Hello Sunshine but would probably have so many more uses for the Campy Trails.

I love this line! The patches are awesome! Check out those Thickers!

eek- this is so cute- love the patches but my favourite is Hello Sunshine


We're outdoor-people and I'm always looking for outdoorish designs, patterns AND STAMPS!!!!
I NEED THIS WOODGRAIN & forest stampset!!!!!!

For sure hello sunshine!!!

What a great line! Those patches are the best!

Campy Trails!!! Love it!!!

Hello Sunshine for me, baby!

Great color and fun Patterns.Just right for my outdoorsy pictures.

How can anyone decide what line is their favorite when you have so many delightful designs to choose from?

My favorites are the Merrymint line (slightly out-of-the-box Christmas colors that i just LOVE) and Dear Lizzy line (so soft and pretty and versatile).

we are a camping family! So far this is my fav--those badges! How cute are they!?

This is a great collection for those outdoor pics, but my favorite is still the laterns in the Hello Sunshine collection.

This line is awesome! My favorite would be a toss up between Hello Sunshine & today's Campy Trails.

omg this is so cute! I love the patches!

so cool... it doesn't seem like an AC line, but I like it! very fun. Can't wait to see it in person. As for a favorite... not sure if I could choose. I think I will go with Confetti for the stripped buttons, but I may change my mind ;)

so far they are all equally beautiful and amzing but i am in love with Hello Sunshine. thank you again for the chance to win.

love this line! ohmigosh- patch'ems! how CUTE! love the retro feel of this line!

Love this collection--great colors and designs! I could definitely see a lot of uses for it.

Oh my, how perfect is this for vacation and boy pages! I really love all these amazing papers and the fabulous embellishments. Those fabric patches are so cute.

im loving that woodgrain stamp and those badges!

this line is my favorite so far,,, those patches are INSANE!!!!! I LOVE em!!!! can't wait to see the rest,, I love mr some
American crafts,,, like a lot, a lot!!!

oh, i LOVE this campy set!!!!the deer is adorable!!! these would be perfect for the cabin photos!!!

This line is my favorite so far! We're always going on weekend getaways to national forests or just going to the park for a walk. The colors are my go-to colors for outdoor pics and this is fabulous! I think I want it all <3

I love this collection, my favorite of the new releases, from the stamp set to the patch embellishments, it's perfect!

This is so adorable! Again, I love the colors. The stamps are great and those patches are such a great addition to the AC "family"! :)

I love the Celebrations set. The colors are so birthday-ish. Love this line, too! The patches are adorable. :)

Oops- I meant the Confetti line, not the Celebrations line. Forgot what the name was. :P

oh my goodness! LOVE this line!! Totally need that "catch of the day" patch for the little fisherman in my house (DS)!

Ohhh, that wood bark stamp is AH-MAY-ZING! Love it. I still think my favorite new collection is Confetti though; I'm head over heels for that line. Although those woodland creatures are pretty adorable as well!

I love those patches! Super cute!

I love all the blue in these. another great line!

Ooo - I like the woodgrain stamp! Super cute. But hello sunshine has my heart :)

Cute line!! I think Hello Sunshine is my fav so far. Can't wait to see more!!

I love this Campy Trails line! This would be great for me...my little boys love to camp and we are thinking of Yellowstone this summer! I love the remarks and journal cards!

I think Confetti is my favorite so far - but they are all great lines!
Thanks for the peeks!
Sandra ltb

I love the colors of this line! SO cute!!

Honestly, I wouldn't think that AC would come out with a line like this, but I LOVE it! Well done, Team AC! :-D

This is my favorite so far. Perfect for all the outdoor activities with scouts and road trip/camping with the family. Thank you!

This is super cute...especially that fabulous deer patch! Totally love it! (And I live in Yellowstone country...so this paper would work fabulous for a lot of stuff we do!!)

This makes me want to go camping!!!

Oohhhh my husband hunts, and we love camping. How perfect is this collection for us!?

The patchems are adorable! Awesome line! can't wait to see the next one! :)

Every time I see a new line, a gain a new favourite. I love Hello Sunshine and Campy Trails (so far).

So excited to see a more masculine collection being released by AC! Loving the coordinating patches.

I love the patches and stamps. I need to go camping!

I love the colors and the manly-ness of this line!

Great masculine themed line - however my favorite to date is Hello Sunshine (colours)

So far my favorite is Confetti! But I can't wait to see what Peachy Keen looks like :)

So cute and I have the perfect camping pictures for it!

I think my favorite is Confetti, but I like this one too, because we're avid ATVers, and this would be perfect for our adventures.

Love this line!!!

So far, I think Hello Sunshine is my favorite!

THIS ONE!!! I love this! oh my gosh!

I have to pick a fave??? But I love them all! Ok, the first one I'm buying is Hello Sunshine, but they all rock.

I Love this one. I have a little Beaver and a Cub with Lots of Boy Scout Camp pictures to scrap! This line is perfect! I really love the patches! XO



Oh man! I love this line. It fits perfectly with a project I am doing for a friend that's a vet & loves everything pets/woodsie.

My fav. are the big background stamps & thickers that AC has. I see you using them often & think that will be an investment of my own in the near future.=)

OMGish I MUST have this line. We go camping ALL the time and my son was in Boy Scouts so this fits me to a TEE!!!!

This is a great line. We do alot of camping, so it would be perfect!

So loving the new thickers. Hello Sunshine is fave so far.

Campy Trails is long overdue in my book. Something that is more outdoorsy and can definitely be used for masculine cards. Love the stamps including trees and woodgrain. Awesome colors ~ patches, ribbons, thickers & all.

I knew I'd love this line when you said camping collection! Awesome!

Perfect for scrapping boy LOs! Loving all the embellishments in this line - badges, stickers and patches !

Love love! We just bought a small new travel trailer to go camping.....this line will be perfect!

How cute!! I love the colors and design in this one!

OOOooo, they're all super cute!

But, I think I love "Hello Sunshine". It's soo pretty

Campy Trails is definitely my favorite! Love the stamps!

Love this line! Love the JustWrites, the Remarks, the Patchems, the Flair.....awesomeness!!

What a hard decision. I am really liking all the new releases but if I have to pick a favorite, it would be Confetti. I just love birthday type papers, so fun and festive.

Very cute!

Brown and blue, a classic combo add an outdoors theme and you've got a winner!!

dorble, love those patches and the ribbon is fabulous! Thanks for the chance to win!

I really love the Confetti line...BUT the woodgrain is making me rethink it.

Loving the Hello Sunshine line so far! That woodgrain stamp from Campy Trails is pretty awesome!

Confetti!!! That line makes me smile!

I am in love with Confetti but seriously, I would take ANY of these collections in a heartbeat. You have an amazing year ahead!

I think I like Hello Sunshine the best so far, but I love all the woodgrain in this collection, as well as the blocky Thickers!

This line is perfect for all the girl scouts in my life :) I love the wood grain pattern--I could see it working really well with any of the lines, new and old :) I of course love all these beauties, and my favorite line is Hello Sunshine! Aparna

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