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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Oh, I sooo need a new trimmer! And can I just say that I love the seafoam/aqua color! And the border punch out is such a great idea!!! I love that you only have to store one big punch and can then just change out the decorative border...genius! :)

Loving the new products, especially the glitter papers!

Looks like a fun trimmer. Hope to win it! Thanks!

wow...i am loving the 12" trimmer with 3 different blades that easily interchangeable...great idea...the border punches also look fabulous...(I am so addicted to them)...and love the new albums, especially the brown one..

I love all the new tools and the albums are pretty!! I use a 10 dollar office max cutter and have been looking for a new one. 3 blades, 12x12 trimmer!! I know what is on my wish list!

Those punches look awesome! That rotary trimmer looks very, very interesting (hate my current trimmer) and of course AC albums are my fave!!! :D

I love the new Knock-Outs! What a great idea, having interchangeable punches. And I've been waiting for someone to bring out a glitter paper that works with my Cricut, so I'll definitely have to try this. Sweet!

Ooh, my goodness that trimmer looks AWESOME!! And love the idea of the knock outs! Can't wait to see them at CHA!

Love the idea of the Knock-Outs! So cool!

Wowwwww, I love Knock Outs!!!!!!!

oh my goodness! love love LOVE the knock-outs!

Those Knock Outs are a knock out! :)

That rotary trimmer looks awesome & portable! Those papers are fabulous!! Great peeks!! :)

I'm SO excited about this and am in need of a new trimmer! Thanks for a chance to win one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh awesome! Some fun tools!

I would LOVE a new trimmer, because my old one is... well, very old...! I love the micro glitter papers...!

So excited to see AC tools!

Wow! This is exciting stuff! I love the punches - VERY clever to make them interchangeable like that. Definitely the biggest problem of punches is the expense - thanks for having your customers' best interests at heart!

Wow-love the idea of the interchangeable punches! Can't wait to get those.

What ingenious ideas with scrapppers in mind! The 3 in 1 blades are awesome, I never ended up changing the blades and just used the straight edge. The knock out border punch is such a space saver. I just use the one that is out instead of having to dig another style out of a drawer. I was just thinking they were so bulky to have around.

I'm lovin' the punch idea for the fact that it makes for easy storage!

so cool- that pink album is gorgeous- can I have that instead? actaully scrub that my paper trimmer is on its last legs-

Oh I have to get the trimmers and border punch set!!! This is definitely on my to buy list!!!

The new products look great! Can't wait to see them in real!

Oh my, these things are so great :) Especially love all the glittery paper and the punches...

Wow these are great! The punch idea is brilliant!

VERY COOL! The punches are fabulous!

OMG, So incredible stuff

I love it all! I am on a neverending quest for a good trimmer so I can't wait to try it out!

Wow! What a great release! I super excited for the no mess glitter paper. AC paper is the best for running through my Silhouette!

Those border punches are so freaking awesome! The trimmer looks fantastic as well. Love it, thank you!

I love the glitter papers!!!

WOW! Awesome new stuff! You all are going to ROCK CHA! The Combo Trimmer and Knockouts are awesome ideas!! Can't wait to see them!!

I love the look of the new trimmer with 3 blades! And the interchangeable punches, Genius!

I am in love with these trimmers and punches! So awesome!!

Oh my gosh! What will AC come up with next? The combo trimmer is awesome and the knock-outs are a knock-out!

border punches!!!!!!!

I TOTALLY love the patterned Glitter paper!

I love the new punches. What a great space saver!!

I love the new products! Woot!

Absolutely wonderful! Especially the combo punch! I wouldn´t mind a new trimmer:)

genius!!! Ive always wanted a 12x12 trimmer!! AC you did it again..genius at work! :))and the punches..ahhh pure genius!

I am lovin' it all! Brilliant idea with the punches!! And the patterned albums are beautiful!!

My current trimmer is held togather with Prima tape, I really like the sleek look of these!!! And those albums, sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Everything looks fantastic! I especially love the new checked album... so, so classic and cool and chic! :)

I love everything!!! The gitter paper and the punch are my favorites!!!!


Oh my I better won the lotto because I want all of your new yumo collection and just what I need after my last cutting session my trimmer may it rest in peace and I need a new trimmer to help me when I am creating.

cool prize! I love the knock outs and the pattern glitter papers.

So excited about those punches!! Love the shapes - thanks for the chance to win :)

Just in time! I really need a new trimmer! I might end up picking up both the combo trimmer and the portable trimmer to take along to crops.

I'm so in need of a new trimmer! I just replaced my old one and this "new" one is no good. This is a lovely surprise!!

Great stuff. Love those border punch designs!

Oh just love the new tools! Love the colors of the glitter paper too!

Oh my, so many great products!! I'm in love with the glittery papers and would love to try out your punches and trimmers too.

The punches are genius

Love the idea of the interchangeable punches! And those new trimmers sounds fabulous. I'm not in love with my trimmer and would love to swap it out for something new! :)

Love that you're coming out with trimmers! I'm in desperate need of a new one.


My trimmer just "died"! Perfect timing. :) I LOVE the new patterns on the albums and the interchangeable punches!

Can't wait to play with the punches!

love the trimmer, how convenient to get 3 great cuts in one trimmer! Those punches are fabulous too! Great idea to have glitter paper that won't shed a ton of glitter everywhere too, will have to try that! Debx

Oh, I love the trimmers and punches.. especially the combo trimmer with the different blades. Cool idea!

Oh, man! AC does it all! I love that! I would love to get my hands on some no-mess glitter paper!

Oooo I love the punches! The idea that you only need one base & that they will take up less room is awesome!!

Love the new punches and the albums!

Goodness - what great products. I'm loving the glitter papers and new albums.

I am in love with the pop out punches!

Wow, I love the combo trimmer and the idea of the knock out punch- can't wait to see them in person!

Wow very cool punches!!!Oh I think you can never have to many trimmers!!One for craft room and one for tote.

I can't wait for the new border punches!

The glittery paper looks soo cool! And the interchangeable punches? How neat!

Oh WOW!!! I LOVE it all. Super excited to try your trimmers!

i can use a new trimmer. my blade keeps falling out. i have alot of miles on this trimmer.


it all looks so great!!! love the idea of the blades just switching too!!!
and the punch with the swap-able cutters...so much better for storage!!!

Love the new punches...making storing them easier is wonderful.

oh those punches! so amazing!

Love to see AC branching out! I'd love to get my hands on one of those trimmers.

I could use a new trimmer and the knockouts are a KNOCKOUT!

Love the glittery papers and those punches are genius! Love it!

Oh my goodness those punches are truly a Knock out! I can't wait to try them out!

That trimmer is to die for...love it. Punches awesome, I want it all!!!

These are all great - especially the patterned binders! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love the new products - especially the albums.

Those punches are fabulous! I love the idea of the storage case too. Thanks for the chance to win!

Adore the new albums! Especially the grey one!

ok really houndstooth glitter paper in grey? be still my heart!!!!!

Love the trimmers and the knock outs!

Love the knock outs and the patterned albums!! great products!!

I love the new albums and I have always wanted a curvy cutter.

Oh my goodness, I love those border punches! And the new albums, and the glitter cardstock...holy moly, love it all!

OOOOh! LOVE that B&W album and the prospect of a new paper trimmer in my future!! WOW!

The Knock Outs are a great concept! Storage is a big issue for me, so I'd welcome this solution for my many border punches.
Love the new glitter papers, especially the patterned ones!

Love the new trimmers & punches! Can't wait to see these in person!

Loving everything I'm seeing today! Those punches look awesome and I love glitter paper that I can use in my Cricut!

Interchangeable punches - I'm flippin' out that is so cool!!!! Can't wait until CHA!!

Woohoo!! AC tools - I love it! Can't wait to give those gorgeous border punches a whirl, and I love the new albums!

love the punches and glitter paper

I really like the albums. Great colors and patters.

Those punches are a really clever idea. I also love the new albums. I love AC albums in general, but the gingham is just so classic in both a retro and whimsical way.

American Crafts. You are just brilliant. No wonder I love you so. :)

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