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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I would have said the glitter brads, but having recently discovered the buttons with the rim it has to be them.

I think my favorite would have to be buttons! There are so many ways to use them and they can be used on just about any project from layouts and cards to altered items. I do love my buttons!!!
kristie at lashotphotography dot com

I think that I like the pearl brads the best, but I also like the fabric brads! Thanks for a chance to win!

LOOOOOOOVE buttons!!!! but the jewel brads are making me drool!!

I'm all about the brads!!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

I would have to say - buttons! I love how they look on an array of projects and styles. They add a extra dimensional element that pops or is very subtle

I'm a button girl, but really like the fabric colored brads too.

I love the buttons!

Love the brads...any and all types :)

omg---look at those jewel brads, I LOVE them!!

Oh, for me it is BUTTONS! I have a huge jar of buttons and you can bet that there will be a button somewhere on my layout.

Well, I love them all, but I think my favorite would have to be the pearl brads!

What a great collection! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love using buttons on everything!

I really love buttons!!!

I love both the jewel and pearl brads!!!! I could use them on everything!!!

I love the fabric brads! They have just the right amount of texture for any project!

I love the little pearls or dew drops! Gotta have one on my projects :)

The buttons are my favorite! I can add them to any project. They are adaptable to a masculine or feminine...so versatile! =)

Oooh, what a tough choice. I love it all but I think the glitter buttons are my favorite.

Definitely BRADS!! The colors and styles are endless and add that extra mmph to your project to pull it all together or just anchor it perfectly!

I love the brads...especially the fabric covered ones!

jeweled and glitter brads!

Brads! ... of any shape or form!

brads, defintely brads! I love when they come in a multi-pack with the new lines

I love the jewel brads, but really like all of your elements. My local store doesn't carry elements, so I'd LOVE to win some to go with your papers I buy locally. THANKS!

I love the rose brads...I think they are a beautiful addition to a LO...of couse so are the buttons, the jewel brads, the fabric brads....how can I choose?? Thanks for the chance to win!

Ooh, what an amazing give away! I love elements in all kinds and sorts and it's hard to pick just one...but if I really have to, I think I'd choose the rose brads. I love elegant roses and these are just too pretty!

What a fun giveaway! I love the pearl brads! They're so classy-looking!

I love brads and buttons because they are cute!

The pearl brads FOR SURE!!!

It must be buttons. I can't make anything these days without buttons.

Love love love the pearl and jewel brads but also buttons are still a fave !!

I love the glitter Brads!

I'm in love with those buttons! And the pearl brads… wait the glitter brads! Guess all of them...

Gotta be buttons and brads.

Oh my stars, love the buttons!

I love those pearl brads (& buttons too!)

brads are my favorite! thanks for a chance to win.

pearl brads

I'm loving fabric brads lately and just adore that initial project you featured earlier! I'd so use these to try my hand at one of those! Thanks for the chance to win!

My current fave are the glitter buttons, but I still have a small stash of fabric brads left from the junior line.

Brads! Oh how I cannot live without thee! I love brads of all kinds and colors and shapes....there is not a brad I don't love.

i LOVE the corduroy brads! they are my hands-down favorite, and i horde stash them away until i have the *perfect* LO.

Pearl brads are a close second, but MY OH MY those rose brads are unbeatable!! Love the colours, the whimsy, the retro feel - everything about them!! :)

LOVE those pearl brads! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

I love buttons but brads are a very close second - it's so hard to choose!

Oh my goodness, look at all that glittery goodness, it makes my heart skip a beat

I like glitter buttons because they add just enough sparkle to a layout.

I think it is a toss-up for me between brads and buttons. I think brads would take a slight lead though. I use them on everything!!

OOOH!!! They sparkle too?!
How exciting :)

My favourite element is buttons!!
I find they are my go-to embellishment on masculine pages when flowers and jewels, etc. just don't seem to fit!!

BUTTONS!!!!!I love big ones and small ones, I just love all the color they add!

I love brads! Love the colors in American Crafts brads too. :)

Buttons!! Definitely buttons :)

I love plastic rose brads and just regular brads-they're the best and you can use them with anything!

I love the jeweled brads,a touch of glamor, I use them on just about every project!

Buttons--they make any project cuter!

I love the jewel and pearl brads! They bring such beautiful sparkle to my projects!

Pearl brads for me... I can use them on everything, regardless of the project I am working on!!!

Buttons! I use them on everything. :)

Buttons! I love buttons, they're so versatile :D

I love brads! All kinds! I love to use them as the center of flowers. And American Crafts has FANTASTIC brads!!!!


I like the assorted brad packs the best. The pearl brads are my absolute favorite, followed by the fabric covered ones, but I like having the variety to add a few different brads to my projects :)

Jewel brads, luv them!

I am all about glitter- love glitter buttons and glitter brads!

My favorite is brads!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

I love them all, but I am a huge sucker for buttons--collecting, hoarding AND using!

LOOOOVE every bit :)

any and all types of brads! ... they just go with any page and will fit anywhere :) the perfect little pop of color!

jewel and glitter brads!!!! I love the "sparkle" they give to my pages....

I absolutely love those jewel brads! And the buttons and...and...and!

Buttons! Can never have enough - I'm always looking for the perfect color, and AC buttons come in all shades - they're the perfect accent!

Rose Brads cause they add that somethin special to a any special.

I love buttons! I think it dates back to the days when my Grandma would let me sort her button box. I loved all the old, one of a kind buttons as well as the newer ones.

It's got to be the jewel brads - because I'm all about the bling!!! I just love a bit of sparkle.

I love jewel and rose brads! I love adding dimensional elements to my cards and layouts!

Buttons! Definitely buttons! I love them in any size, shape, color, or texture. I have a button addiction! :)

I love all of Tim Holtz's idea-ology fasteners. So many cool things to play with!

I love buttons and brads! They are so easy to use on anything whether it be cards, or scrapbook layouts! A great and easy way to embellish!

What a giveaway!!!! I love brads & buttons. A variety pack is always a favorite! I love the pearl brads you show up there! Thanks for the chances!

I loves buttons!

I love it all, but if I had to pick, I'd say I use buttons the most.


GLITTER BRADS, because EVERYTHING is better with a touch of glitter :)

I love buttons of shapes,colors and sizes !!! thanks for the chance to win !!

My favorite is bling brads. I like to add bling and doing it with a brad is sooooo easy.


Love the pearl brads!! Brads never fail to add dimension to my craft work. <3

My favorite are the jewel brads with buttons at a close second

Pearls.....any kind...but I'm definitely loving vintage embellishments too.

Pearl and fabric brads! Can't get enough!!

Buttons! I love brads and buttons but for some reason never can bring myself to buy them! Then I horde the ones that I do own!

I love the Mixed Assortment brads- the color combinations and textures are awesome!

tough choice but I am going to go with buttons!

Buttons! They are the most versatile embellishment. They come in so many colors, shapes and sizes. You add a lot or a little, what ever suits your layout. If you go to a flea market, sometimes you can get a bajillion of this for a cheap price. The variety can just overwhelm you.

Oh my so much to choose from. I would say my favorite is the rose brads.

Glitter+buttons= marvelous!!

i like the fabric brads. I just got my new classics stuff in the mail and was so happy putting a new layout together this morning. It came together really easily!!

Brads - most definitely. Love 'em all!

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