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Monday, May 16, 2011


Yep, definitely need to know how to make those mixtape roses, awesome! Gorgeous layouts and cards. :)

awesome projects...

love these!! i think the turorial for the flowers is a great idea!! they look stunning!

What a fun theme! Can't wait to see all the pretty projects this week.

Gorgeous work, ladies!

love them Leslie!

Beautiful...I'm sure can use the tutorial of those flowers.... and this is going to be one of my fav weeks......love the theme flowers and butterflies =)

oh my goodness- these are amazing! love those butterflies and the washi tape flowers. swoon!

and thanks to last week's theme, i am going to be the proud owner of a silhouette soon!

I would love to see a tutorial on these fabulous flowers!!

Yes yes, a mixtape flower tutorial by Pooi pls!

I just graduated from Baylor on Saturday, and I have a slime cap just like hers!

Thanks for this. The paper confetti can be used for a project, not just birthdays. I like this craft paper which is very useful.

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