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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


How exciting! Good for Amy, can't wait to check it all out!

SUPER LOVE Amy!!! Oh man cause I didn't love you guys enough before you bring me Amy (ok us) Ha. Can NOT wait!!!

oooh I guessed correctly so excited to see this, I love amy's style tweeting as soon as I lay my hands on some :)

I liked on FB and I love Amy Tangerine's stuff! Can't wait to see it in person!

I follow on Twitter and really liked the stickers on the Studio Calico piece of the bloghop!

congrats Amy! I love your stuff and it couldn't happen to a nicer person!

Congrats Amy! Looks super cute!

THis is such an awesome collaboration!! I love all of Amy's new things, but I think the fabric brads were my favorite. Can't wait to get my hands on some of this cute stuff!

I think this must be the best news ever! I've liked you on FB!

My favorite must be the stitched paper. I can be kinda lazy, so having paper that's already stitched = heaven!

ack..this is awesome

So exciting! I am LOVING the little bits and pieces on Elise's blog. Can't wait to see the line all together! I follow on Twitter!

I was already a fb and twitter fan lol, but my fave pieces are the felt ones especially the camera. It all loks great though.

follow on twitter and FB-amazing line! MUST have those fabric brads. MUST.

I really "like" AC & I really "like" the pairing of Amy Tan + AC! Everything looks beautiful, original, & so fun! My faves were all the goodies on Elise's blog -- the library card & pocket? The frame? The paper clips? So so cute!

Looking forward to see this IRL!

i already like on FB, and i LOVE this new line! those fabric brads are TO DIE.

I like you on FB! It's the ingenuity of the embellishments that i love the best...can't wait to see the line in person!

OMG! Such gorgeous things! I love the stitched embellies. My goodness, well done Amy and well done AC. I've followed on fb for some time. x

I already "like" AC on facebook and I love the new wonderful creative this that Amy will be offering!

I liked you on FB and those stitched paper and that paper on the AC's blog with the accordian cut people looks awesome! Can't wait to see it!

Thank you for the chance at a giveaway it's all amazing stuff.
I love the felt pieces, I'm not sure if I love the camera more or the him and her restroom sign cut outs (as I am obsessed with all restroom sign people)

I like on facebook and follow on twitter

I already like AC on facebook

I think my faves are the fabric brads ( but my real weakness is always paper so can't wait to see the stitched paper)

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am in love with it all!!! Its almost torture to try and pick just one item!! I love the stitched paper, also love the felt cutouts on Stacy Julian's blog, and one more favorite would have to be the stickers on the Studio Calico blog! I am sorry I couldn't choose just one...I can't wait for this to be available!!! I like you on facebook!! :)

O sunshine tag, how I love thee!

i follow on twitter and i love the stickers on elise blaha's blog : )

I can't wait to see this whole line! I am loving all the cameras and typewriters in the sneak peeks. Congrats, Amy!

I already like AC on Facebook and just added you on Twitter!

I am totally swooning over that felt camera, but everything I've seen is a must have in this line! AWESOME collection!

I love the felt pieces!

i am a twitter follower!
my favorite peek was of the felt camera on ronda's blog! very cute! congrats, Amy & AC!

I "Liked" you on fb!!

Oh, Amy!!! YAY! I LOVE it ALLLL!!! THanks for the chance to win!

Awesome this line looks killer! I love the felt pieces the best!

I follow on Twitter and I'm loving what I saw on Stephanie's blog. Love that typewriter!

I'm a facebook fan and I LOVE those fabric brads! Congrats AC & Amy :)

I have eagerly been anticipating Amy's big news and am so SUPER excited! How can you pick just one of Amy's or AC's creations?! They are all so amazing! I'm really in love with all those felt cuties and the stitched embellies...also those brads, too cute! I can't wait! I'm already a Facebook fan!

liked you on FB will tweet later. LOVE the camera accent and the adhesive-backed fabric!

I liked you on facebook! This collection is fab! love the felt pieces and the stitched paper is to die for!

So happy to see Amy create a line of her own. She's so inspirational & talented!

Awesome!! Fave... I just don't know! I spied a red typewriter with the word 'LOVE' on Elise's blog, oh and that 'sew fun' felt circle was super-cute too! I love it all! :)
I also 'liked' you on facebook. . .already following you on twitter. :)
Congrats Amy Tan and AC!!!

Oh mama, when can I buy it ALL? I have always loved AMy Tan's style, she has such a fresh, hip vibe!!! And now I get to have a bit of that!!!

I can't decide whether I like the felt details, or the fabric stickers more, those adorable little library cards, ack are you kidding me!!! LOVE! Congrats AMy Tan!!!I like you on Facebook along with pretty much the rest of the world ;)

I follow on twitter (chemekimmi). I am in LOVE with the stitched papers!!

Love the little bits I've seen - can't wait to see the entire collection! And yes, I "liked" you on FB.

I follow on fb, and love this new line. Can't wait until it arrives at my LSS...just wish I didn't have to wait so long! Thanks for the chance to win!

ohmygosh! what great secret keepers you all are! love amy and i'm so stoked to get my hands on all the the papers and bits and bobs from her line!

i'm already a fb follower and i think my fave new thing from her line were the patches! I LOVE the sunshine patch because my favorite song that my kids sing to me is "you are my sunshine!" congrats amy tan!

I am a new follower on twitter....and the item I loved most was the little photo camera I hopped by on the way!

already follow on Twitter and on facebook! You guys are awesome, and this whole line looks amazing. I am especially excited for all the new patterned papers - 24!? Exactly what I need!

So very cute and fun!
I "like you on FB"

I am already a FB fan and I am seriously loving those fabric brads!! Can't wait to see the whole collection! Congrats Amy :)

The stitched embellishments are gorgeous! Such a wonderful way to add texture and a homemade feel!

Oh my gosh! Love the bright sunny colors, the sewn details, the PRINTS- this whole line WILL be mine this summer! Yaaay! Amy! Yay AC! Fingers crossed on winning but I'm getting it no matter WHAT!

Love it ALL! But that felt camera and the restroom people are my favorite!!! I cannot wait to see her stuff IRL. I can't imagine it'll be anything less than spectacular. Love AC and love AT!!!

What a fun line! I believe my favorite are the brads, so bright and colorful.

What a fun and playful line!!!! Loving it all!!! But the typewriter keeps jumping to the front of my mind!!! love it ;)

I liked AC on facebook and can't wait to see Amy's minibook in the new line!

I like AC on FB!!!

Following you on Twitter (and Facebook). So very excited about this new line! I'm most intrigued by the paper doll chain stitched paper.

I already love you on fb and twitter ... Almost as much as I love the felt camera and stitched papers! This will be a super cute line, can't wait to see it all!

i just died and went to scrapbook heaven. amy tan has some fantastical, whimsical, perfect and precious must-haves coming out. I CANNOT WAIT! the red typewriter made my head spin!!!!

I just "Liked" you on Facebook and can't wait to see updates! I absolutely swooned over the stitched silhouettes of the man and woman. So cute! thanks for the chance to win the entire line. How generous!

Lovin' the new line and a HUGE congrats to Amy and American Crafts! I love the depth in the embellies and their in felt to boot. Nothing better that to get to "pet" your page and feel different textures!

Congrats Amy! Love the new line.

Looks like fun stuff!

(i already follow on twitter) loving this!! congrats, amy :)

wow amy!!!! congrats! I love love love the felt embellies on ronda and stacy's blogs!

me encanta el estilo de Amy y seguro que sus colecciones tambien. adoro los detalles en fieltro. os sigo en fb. un saludo

Loving the felt items (the man and woman and the camera)! Just signed up to follow AC on Twitter ;)

I liked you on Facebook!! I can't wait for Amy Tangerine to hit stores!! I'm super excited about new Thickers!

im loving it all!! cant wait to get me hands on it! love the embellishments i saw on elise's blog. sooo cute!

I like you of facebook :)

I liked AC on FB. Favorites: the typewriter (got to see it 2x), HisHer2, the ribbons, the brads and my most favorite - the sunshine patch. That is the coolest. And I got to find some new blogs to follow. Thanks. and Congratulations Amy!

I was already a follower on Twitter and now I like it on Facebook too. Love the fabric stickers and the typewriter sticker (?)! Cute!

What a fabulous range x
I love the fabric brads
I'm now a FB friend too

Loving the little people sewn together!!!!! Can not wait to see this entire line...thanks for the sneak.

I've been a longtime Facebook fan :).

I can't wait to see this line in its entirety! I think I am most excited about all the fabric stickers. I love adding texture like that to my paper crafts :).

I've been a huge fan of Amy's style for many years and am super-excited to see it translated into a scrapbook line! I love how all of the elements incorporate her signature stitching. My favorite is a toss up between the cute felt embellishments or the stitched papers :)

awesome, amazing, feeling like screaming yay from
the top of my lungs! i love AC and i love amy's style! put the 2 together, means absolute scrappy happiness! liked fb! (:

Liked you on Facebook. I love the whole collection but those felt stickers are just fabulous.

I liked you on fb :) I'm a huge fan of Amy's, i can't wait to see everything!! Loving all the little sneaks. The brads are adorable and i must have the man/woman felt pieces!!! Cuteness!

so hard to only pick one thing as a favorite- but i LOVE LOVE LOVE those fabric brads!!! can't wait to see the whole line! congrats AC and Amy! (like you on FB and twitter follower!)

I "like" American Crafts on facebook, but I LOVE this new line! The sneak peak were just NOT enough for me! I am adoring the felt accents. They look so stunningly unique. I sure do hope I win!!!!

I follow on facebook. Love the typewriter on Stephanie's blog

AWESOME!!Love the whole line! If i have to pick a favorite I'll say the felt embellishments. Following on both FB and Twitter.

I like you on facebook

I like you on Facebook already and my new fave are the fabric stickers, YUM!

OMG....Amy T and AC! Im in love.....

I can't believe i have to pick just one favorite......all those sticked embellies and papers.....oh my! I guess the camera embellie would be on the top of my list!

I already like AC on facebook!

Love the patterned paper!!! Glad to see Amy join the AC family.

What a great team--Amy and AC! Love it!

i am so happy about these news! amy rocks!

forgot to post what i love! i like that polaroid camera embellishment!!! love everything!!!!

I followed on Twitter and I can't choose between that adorable felt camera sticker and the awesome fabric brads! The collection looks adorable! Congrats AC and Amy...this is sure to be a home run!

Already a FB friend! I loved seeing the peaks of Amy Tangerine on all the blogs. I love it all, but those Fabric Delights are darling!

Carol B

The camera sticker is so cute it hurts. I must have dozens of them. Saw it featured here:

Oh. My. Goodness. I am amazed at this line. It might be my favorite line ever.
I followed on Twitter and my favorite piece was the sunshine patch (from the Just Make Stuff blog)! So adorable!

I follow on Twitter...Love the Camera!

Just Liked you on Facebook :)

I like all the goodies I saw on the blog hop, the paper above looks amazing, and I really can't wait to see the Mini Album, I am sure I'll Love It! =Di

I did them both, Ha-ha! I'm a HUGE Amy Tan follower! Love her!! Love EVERYTHING about her new line; she can't go wrong in anything she does!!!

I've been following u on twitter + FB for awhile so we're good there :0) I am so excited about Amy's new line!!! I love it all! If I had to pick I would say the fabric camera + "bathroom" people is what grabbed my attention (+gasps lol) first thing. Can't wait to see the whole line + get it in my hot little hands!!! :0) congrats Amy!

I follow on twitter--and I simply cannot pick a fav. Must have it all. Congrats on a great partnership.

Gotcha on Facebook. I think I am loving all of the stitched and felt elements.

Congratulations, Amy!!
Great news :)

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