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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The paper is nice expecially the grey with the doiley and I also like the brads. Congratulations to Amy. Now I'm going to check out those tee's.

I liked on facebook. Love the felt looking camera on Rhonda's blog. The patterned paper is great also. Congrats Amy!

holy guacamole! i adore this line! i think the felt pieces and the embroidered badges are my faves! following on twiter :)

I already "like" the facebook page and now am a follower on twitter!!! THere are so many things that I see in this line that I absolutely LOVE! But, my favorite would have to be the little felt camera...love it!

Congrats to Amy! I can't wait for this to release near me. I love it all.

Wowza...Congrats Amy! I did the blog hop thingy and absolutely love the entire line...it is perfection and I can not wait to get my hands on it.
My faves...well...all of it!

I cannot wait to get my hands on this line - I love it all!! It looks like it will be awesome for scrapping and art journaling - woot! Liked you on FB too :)

How fabulous and fun for Amy!!!! Love the papers! (And I follow you all on everything.) :)

How very exciting!! I already "liked" you, but now I follow you too! :) Thanks for the chance!!

I follow and like AC :) ... and i am lovin' those fabric brads!

Liked on facebook, love every single piece, seriously, and am so happy for Amy!!

I am loving the fabric feel of everything! I *like* and follow!

Already following AC on Fb.. Just retweeted on twitter.. after clicked to follow.

So much fun style, Amy have!

Congrats, Amy!

i am now following on Twitter and adore the idea of sticky-backed fabric paper! can't wait!

Liked you on Facebookk-and I especially like the stitched paper!

I liked American Crafts on FaceBook and I love Amy Tangerine's stuff! I don't think I can pick just one. But I love the colors of the products at the stitching details. Didn't see anything about stamps, so don't know if that's in the works but would love it if it were!

Oh dear - yet another musthave-line! Adore everything about it, the colors, the felt things and the mixtape...oh and...well everything really!

I <3 you on FB!

I am a follower on twitter. I can't wait for this line to come out it looks amazing!!

I follow on facebook! Everything looks a*mazing...but I love love the paper and tue little felt camera! So exciting!

I love the typewriter and the mini-book with the boy and girl figure!!!

Like u on FB. I especially love that green felt couple.

I follow on Twitter and I love the fabric brads!

what an amazing line and kudos to Amy...i still have cute journals that her and i kept together during high school. she's crazy talented and what an exciting time for her and for AC! i love all the stitching and felt little embellishments. so fun!

I liked AC on Facebook, and I already follow on Twitter. I'm really excited about Amy's new line. I like the brads the best.

I follow on Twitter, I love the brads - well love it all!!!

Liked on Facebook and loving the silhouettes and sewing machines.

like you on fb! love love love the new amy tangerine line - everything is SO cute...its hard to pick just one fave thing! :)

I liked you on FB! I think my fave so far is the stitched patterned paper. Love it all tho!

I follow you on twitter and I really really love the felt pieces... The one with the boy and girl silhouetes is gorgeous :)

so happy for Amy, love her style :)
i love the red type writer in Stephanie Howell blog.

all the felt...or maybe the fabric brads...no it has to be the felt!

I love those patches on Nora's blog, but I think I love the brads on Paige's even more! Liking you on facebook! :)

I liked you on facebook. Love the idea your going to have fabric items. Love the colors and designs on the papers. Amy Tan is just plain fun and so is this new collection.

Liked you on facebook! Thank you - now I can keep up with things. Love the new line!!!

I follow on facebook and twitter and am a huge fan of the stitched paper!

OHMIGOSH!!! SO COOL!!! Congrats Amy! This looks amazing! Can't WAIT to get some of this! :-D

And I "Liked" AC on Facebook. :-)

I liked you on FB (how I didn't "like" you before I have no clue!)

Those little fabric covered brads are the cutest...but I love all of the sneak peaks. Cannot wait for this line!

I follow you on Twitter!

My heart stopped for that camera embellishment but then I saw the brads... oh my. The brads are my favorite.

Love love love the fabric stickers. Love. Did I mention I love the fabric stickers? I do. Yes. I just said, "I do". I want to marry those stickers.

Liked on FB! Oh my the mix tape!!!(love the floraly one...) and the thickers wahoo! Go AMy! GO!

i 'liked' you on FB. My favorite thing is that adorable pink typerwriter sticker. I also lov ethe stitched pp!!

I already like you on FB and I can't wait to see the felt! All the sneaks look wonderful!

I Love American crafts products and would LOVE to win this collection!!

I'm already a follower on both. Those sneaks are so cute! I can't pick a favourite- *love* the felt camera, love the stickers on Elise Blaha's blog, and I love the ribbons too!

OMG! This line looks fabulous!! Can't wait to get my hands on it!!!

I LOVE the fabric brads and that little felt camera posted on Ronda's blog! Can't wait to see this entire line!!!!

Omgoodness! It looks so delish! I'm especially crazy about all the fabric elements-Brads, ribbon, felt embellies!! So fun!! I follow AC on both twitter and FB :) Congrats to Amy & AC!!

I like you on FB and I LOVE Amy Tan's fabric stickers (as well as the rest of the collection)!

Its all beautiful Amy! I love that camera and the typewriter. But the brads, ribbon, and colours are so darling! Ok, so I love it all. :) Congrats!!

I just liked AC on facebook - LOVE this new line. The combination of typewriters, cameras & sewing machines is perfect, but I think my absolute fave are the felt people on Stacy Julian's blog.

I followed and liked. And I love all the stiched elements. I love the sneak on Jenny's blog. (And all the other!!)

Wow! What an adorable collection! All the items are unbelievably cute, but I especially love the cute little camera and the typewriter. Thanks for the chance to win.

i already like AC on the facebook. I just love the fabric brads!

Ohhhh, this is so great!! I think I am going to love the stitched paper the most...super cool!

So exciting! I love what I see so far and am super anxious to see more! I'm a "liker" on Facebook and my favorites (which was hard to pick!) are the dimensional stickers on Elise's blog & canvas stickers on SC's blog.

You had me at Amy Tan! :)
Love the stitching and camera images! I follow AC on Facebook already- thAnks for showing off this great new line by Amy!

Love the whole line! Can't decide if I like the felt embellishments the most, or the ribbons, especially the ones with the safety pins and the skeleton keys with the heart shaped tops. I'm really into keys for some reason.

This line looks so fun and colorful, love the felt pieces and love any new stamp set. Thanks for the chance to win. I follow AC on facebook, also!

Well, I loved looking at all of the sneaks. I love the little patches. They remind me of girl scout badges and are oh so adorable! AC & AT is a pretty awesome collaboration!

Love those colourful, cute brads. I'm also looking forward to playing with the fabric. I love texture on my pages.

What a wonderfull idea to team up with Amy. Congrats to both of you. After seeing all the sneeks on the bloghop I have to say that I don't have one favorite. One is to difficult. Love the papers with the stiching, love the felt camara and person, and those brads are just amazing. So I'll keep my fingers crossed. Please pick me ;0)
(otherwise I'll definitly be buying this line as soon as I spot it here in the Nethelands)

Bye Irene

This looks like a fun and creative line. I can't wait to see it!

I "liked" on FB and the felt pieces have stolen my heart!!

awesome! congrats!! i love everything (of course), but was really smitten with the felt embellies. can't wait to see everything in person.

I'm surprised I hadn't already "liked" you on facebook, but thats been taken care of now! You want me to pick one favorite? Why make it so hard?! I am going to have to go with the people cutouts on Stacy Julian's blog, because I can't resist anything with those guys on it! I also can't believe I'd never heard of Amy Tan before, we like all the same things! I would be the happiest girl in the world if I won this line.

I like on fb!!

Well, I already like you on FB and follow you on Twitter...so I guess I'll just express my LOVE for those brads!! So can't wait for this line to be released!!!

Wow! this was such a fun way to share the big reveal! I just liked AC on Facebook! I loved being introduced to some new blogs along the way! This new line is great! I love the felt cutouts! The camera is too cute!

WOW! WOW! WOW! I totally love the felt camera and the fabric brads! The paper is super cute! Congrats Amy Tan!

that is sooo super cool!!!! LOVE her super fun new line!!! I already LIKE you on facebook!!

I follow you on twitter! Loving the sneak on KP's blog as well as the new papers! Can't wait to see the full line!

Oh yay, Yay, YAY! Love the camera sticker on Ronda's blog & the typewriter sticker on Stephanie's blog. Can. Not. Wait. To see more!! And...I like AC on Facebook. :)

Have been a Facebook follower for a while. I love the stitched patch!

I'm a "liker" on FB and I am absolutely loving the little camera on Ronda's sneak. Looks like a fun line!

Liked it on Facebook. Love the stitch pattern papers!!!

I already "like" on facebook and love the stitches papers. Can't wait to see the whole collection.

OMG, love it all

I have a thing for fabric covered brads, so those really had me! Love the typewriter too!
Cute collection Amy! Congrats!

Liked on FB, and wow---can't wait to see the WHOLE line! Love the stitched paper, and fabric stickers, want to see the new THICKERS!

I became a facebook fan! Love your products and this new line!

I loved seeing fabric and stitching! How wonderful to see these things incorporated as cool. I did some stitching with a class of 6th graders a year ago and it was wonderful to see boys discover their previously undiscovered talents. I am thrilled to see this new line! Kudos AC and Amy!!!

Exciting! I liked some of the fabric embellishments the best from the sneak ;)

paper and sewing inspired stuff... my favorite things

I sooo love all of the happy colors & patterns in the sneaks of Amy's line. Everything looks so fresh and bright. I especially love the fabric covered brads & stitched pp's. Congrats Amy!

I liked the facebook page. I can't wait for the camera felt sticker. Everything looked so....Amy.

I love the felt "He & She", the felt camera, and the typewriter. So cute!

What fun news! I like AC on facebook. The paper looks awesome. I also love the fabric stickers on KPs and Ronda's blogs!

So excited to see it all irl love those brads!!! liked you on FB:)

Wow, thats so exciting. What a fun new line!!

This whole line is amazing! Way to go Amy and AC! I already follow on Twitter and like on FB. I love it all, but the papers and stickers look amazing. Pretty excited about the felt too.

I super love the SUNSHINE patch!!!

Oops, I forgot to say I am following on facebook too!! Thanks!

How exciting! I love Amy's style, and I think this collection is just awesome! I'm already an FB follower, and I've left a comment in each of the blogs. I wanna see more of the fabric papers, and PP and I need those brads!!

I love the patches and felt pieces. The colors look great in this line. I like on facebook.

I liked AC on FB and I love the love typewriter!!

Congrats ms. amy!! I don't just 'like' AC on FB, I LOVE them...also loved the felt male/female icons on Stacy Julian's blog...love it all actually...good job AT!!

I liked AC on FB a LONG time ago!!! but I love AC, actually, but that's not an option on FB! ha! I really love the felt embellishments. Can't wait to get some! Thanks for sharing!

I've already "liked" you on facebook so long ago...lol! I LOVE all the Amy Tangerine stuff...the stitched brads, stitched and adhesive-backed papers.....YUMMY!!

I've been following Amy's blog for a while. She is really talented. Teaming up with American Crafts will be great for the company, Amy, and most of all for scrapbookers everywhere.

I "liked" you on FB and followed on Twitter. My favorite pieces were the beautiful fabric buttons/brads. Super cute yet sophisticated.

I liked you on fb. I would buy amy's entire line!! But especially love the felt pieces. Looking forward to seeing this in real life.

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