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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


The candy stripped Thickers are just wonderfully festive

Oh this collection is just so adorable Especially the little red cardinal... and a traditional color scheme done in such a fun way! Can't wait to see the whole line!!!

I really love the colors, I am very partial to the traditional Red and Green of Christmas! Can't wait to get my hands on this collection!

Carol B

I have a weak spot for Christmas stamps because that's how I got started with cardmaking! I can't wait til Christmas :)

love the prints and the colours!

usually i don't like christmas collections....but now i am crazy about this one!!

Delicious, can't wait to scrap Christmas pictures !!

The silver touch is so elegant!
Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful collection.

OMG this shouts Christmas from the rooftops....love it love it love it♥♥♥ The glitter shapes are my FAV!!!

The delights are my favorite. I always like the traditional colors for Christmas so this line is not disappointing. Love it!

I love the color combo and the cardinals! Very pretty color green/teal!

Oh, really....I have to pic ONE item?? I really love it all!! I love those new buttons...how cute are those?!!

Love the cardinals too !

Cute patterns, love the beautiful papers and embellishments.
Thanks for the chance.

the stamps are at the top of my list

I'm such a sucker for new Thickers!!

I love the cardinals!Have to tell you the first word that popped into my mind-delightful!

Gotta be the candy cane Thickers!

I always love Thickers

Love all the collection, thanks for the chance.

cute! its a must for those holiday photos :)

Love the whimsical designs.

Wow! So pretty!! I love the buttons!!

As always with your lines, I love the paper !!!
Congrats and thanks for the chance !!!

I love the cute pinwheel flowers. Great vintage-y feel, without the super distressed look. I love it!

I love it! I love the colors and the stamps are perfect!

I really LOVE that the color combination isn't the traditional colors!! I get so tired of just red and green!!!

I LOVE this line, especially the candy cane Thickers!!!

So cute and so pretty! Love it!

love the vintage feel to this one!

those candy cane thickers are so cool!

Super traditional colors that are super amazing! Those Thickers and yummy too!

Hands down the "Glitter Shapes", the holidays and glitter always go hand in hand! And the reindeer thickers, might be my new favorite!

Thickers are on my wishlist NOW I love them soo very much!

Love the poinsettas!! Those glittery buttons are so adorable too!

What a great collection! I love it all but my favorite part are the embellishments.

Adorable! I love the peppermint candy and the traditional colors are a welcome sight!!

The Thickers are tops in my book!

my favorite is the delights again and those thickers!!! AWESOME!

My favourite's are the Delights ,because I love to use flowers on my cards in Summer but also in Winter

Sweet stuff!! I love the delights flowers, can already see these on Christmas cards!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

I like those candy cane Thickers!

OMGOodness!!!! I can't stand it!!! And the candy cane thickers...I'm gonna die!!!

Wow the Elf thickers are the best,and are those pre-threaded buttons I love it

very cute - LOVE the glitter Thickers!!

I love the cardinals and the peppermint stripes.

The details are super awesome!

I love the delights, the thickers and the colors of the papers. I love the designs... love it love it love it!

Wow! I needed a little Christmas in July. So cute. I especially love those candy cane Thickers - I need those!

Totally brill! I love this!

Hollyday? What a great name! - Holly

Love the little cardinals pattern paper. Very nice traditional Christmas line.

The little Santas are so cute and I can't wait to get me some!

Those new holiday thickers are amazing!

Ohhhh, please pick me! I love cardinals and its especially appropriate since I live in St. Louis! I love this collection.

Reminds me of Christmas in the 1950's. Has a cute vintage look!

what a scrummy line! cant wait to get my hands on its yumminess.

I feel the christmas spirit creeping up on me ;)
Love it! Great work!!

The candy cane Thickers and peppermint Remarks are my favorite. Love the traditional colors in the line too.

Love the Santas!! Christmas Thickers- amazing!!! And I always love the Delights!

"Hollyday" is so cute . . . love the cardinals and little santas!

i love that it reminds me of christmas when i was a little girl!

Oh WOW!! Love the candy cane Thickers!! Great Christmas collection :)

I love the glitter edged buttons! So cute!

I love the delights! Those flowers are fabby!

I love the traditional Christmas colors... was having a hard time with the pinks and purples that seemed so popular, but this is great! Thanks for the chance.

Those thickers NEED to go in my december daily!!

LOVE the striped Thickers!! Wonderful colors!

Love the Thickers and the Delights! Thanks for the chance to win :)

I love the happy Christmas colors!!

Love the paper!!! EEK!

i love love love the candy cane striped thickers-are they going to come in lower case also?????

These will be perfect when I start doing my Christmas boxes! Love the embellishments.

I love the Delights. They create an amazing look all on their own.

Details and delights!!!

The thickers and the delights are yummy

I love that's it's all red, green and White! The colours look gorgeous with all the pretty patterns.

ohhhh those little santas and the candy striped thickers - heaven!

I love the traditional colors of Christmas. The bold colors and desigs make this one of my favorites. American Craft rocks!

Love love love the candy striped Thickers! And the paper are good too. :p

Really love the graphics and colors of this paper. The red cardinal is so cute. And Candy Cane Thickers...wow. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love this new Christmas line of mainly red and green!!! These are my favorite colors to work with and these items have such a "clean" look about them.

So pretty!!

The flowers absolutely rock, but I am drooling over that candy cane alpha! It looks good enough to eat!

I love the vintage look and the fact that the greens and reds aren't overly bright and gaudy. I love "pere noel" so cute!

Love the new thickers!!

Love the classic green and red. And the red cardinal elements...so adorable!

thanks for the chance!!

candy cane thickers! eeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!

What a wonderful collection with traditional Christmas colors!!! LOVE all the embellies and those Thickers are TDF

oh so lovely x'mas! like Sibirian winter!)))
red cardinal is so cozy!

Love the new thickers and the cardinal papers...can't wait to pick this up!

I love the fun and funky feel of this line. The peppermint paper is soooo fun!

This is so bright and fun!! Definitely a must have!!! I have to start working on last year's pictures!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the candy cane thickers!!!!!

Great classic red and green. Love the new Thickers and those buttons are fantastic.

The candy cane thicker???? MUST add them to my collection!!!

I love the glitter stickers and the rosettes!

The peppermint stripes on the thickers are a MUST!! Such a cute line!!

I love love love this candycane thickers!

Supersweet Christmas line!

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