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Thursday, July 07, 2011


Oh wow I love this line, it is so bright and cheerful, I absolutely love that little owl its so cute!!!The delights looks awesome too!

Love, love again!! The new take on the flower delights are sooo cute!!

i loooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!! omg! stunning!!!!

Oh this is SO adorable! I love the colors! The delights flowers are awesome!!

This line is ADORABLE and so bright. I love bright colors and papers :)

The colors are so fun and bright!

what a lovely bright cheery collection, and I love the new delights embellishments

I'm DROOLING!! this line is gorgeous!

Absolutely love this fun and bright color paper. Love all of the embellishments that are with it. I will have to get them all

Wow love this collection! Beautiful colours!

The delights are my favorite!! :) Gorgeous line.

I adore those delights! So cute!

Thus so reminds me of childhood!

I love the Thickers - the font and the smaller size are perfect. One in each color, please!

Love the bright colors of this collection!!!

Love, love, love. Can't wait to get my hands on this stuff!

I like it very much. A very fun collection. Great font used for the thickers.

wonderful collection! I would love to win this!!

Looks cute!

fun collection!

I LOVE this!! It is so bright and fun!! I love how you took patterns that "everyday" but made them fun and different! The colors are AMAZING!!! I love the delights, bits, and remarks! Eek!! I love it all!! Too cute!! :)

Oh this is definitely my favorite of your reveals so far! The color combination and all of the adorable embellishments are perfect for my little girl. Love the new Thickers font, too!

Wow, This is Beautiful! I love it!

Wow! I love, love, love this! The colors are fantastic.

I love the bright colors and the mix of banners and owls!

So super cute! Can't wait to get my hands on this line!

Absolutely stunning!!! This collection is now on my "must have" list. Perfect for 3 little girls!!!

Loving the bunting patterned paper! Great colors!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what is not to love about this yummy collection! Such happy colors and patterns, can't wait to get me some!

I love the colors... perfect for my two girls. I'm hungry.... can't wait til tomorrow.

Very cute! Can't wait to see it in person.

You are seriously knocking it out of the park! Love it all especially the clouds and owls! Must. Have. Thanks for the chance to win!

So lovely! In fact, I have just one word.... dreamy ;)
Thanks for the chance to win. (And my mouth is already watering to sample the goodies at the Garden Cafe!)

Love the bright colors! Adorable LOs too!

I love love this collection. The colors are just so lovely. Love the dots and stripes and the florals!

love the bright fun colors on this! and those thickers! thank you for making more smaller thickers! I love it that they aren't tiny, but they aren't huge either, they will be great for long titles!

I LOVE the bright colors in this line (especially the blue)!

LOVE the new line, LOVE the colors!!!! and the thickers!!!

So pretty! What a great color scheme!

I love the bright colors! I really enjoy the Delights, when I make those flowers, they always come out uneven...thanks for making it easy!!!

AC, you never cease to amaze me!!! Once again, I am in love!!

what a day for a daydream... Im lost in a daydream..

Im In loooooove.. these are SCREAMING my name... Love love love love love love!!!


Love the colors and the cute little owl!

Do I like it...I LOVE IT!!!! Oh my the thickers, the delights, the bits, the remarks and the papers. Perfect for my little girl. She really is a daydreamer and has quite the imagination!

super super cute!just love the colors (especially like the bright pink) and the cutesy little owl

cute! I like the colors.

The bright, cherry colors are great! Love the Delights.

Diggin those thickets!

I love all the bright colors and the ribbon...wait I love it all <3

Super cute ... this line would be perfect for cards!

Love this sweet and cute collections. The banners and clouds papers are just sooooooo cute!!

AC, you did it again!

loving that cute little owl on the remarks!

I love this line so much! Its so bright and cheerful! :)

Awesome! Love every bit!

Why do I like it? The reason I like all AC products--it's bright, happy, and easy to use. Love it!

Some super cute stuff! That apple tag is fabulous...can't wait to see them all!

Very cute and bright love the delights!

Love the banners and owls! Very bright and cheery!

Yay, this collection is so perfect for all those wonderful girl photos I have laying around. Such a wonderful range of papers and embellishments!

Love this, so fresh and funky...

I love the big flower paper and the little banner paper! It's such a fun colorful collection!

Oh my word this is CUTE!! A must have!

LOVE IT!!!!!!! I love the clouds and the owls an the little key in the embellies pack, and the flowers and the ribbon and the...... oh, I could go on and on. :)

Loving the banners, owls, and fun bright colors!!!!

Love the bright colours, so cute!

Love the Thickers! Very versatile font.

LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I especially love the delights

I love the owls. They are too cute. And the colors are wonderful.

Crafters will love all of them! I know that I do. I especially like the Remarks packs.

LOVE the bright vibrant colors and amazing designs. I love all the pink pink pink... Those banners are adorable...
Love it all...

The colors and the textures are just TOO CUTE!!! :) Those ribbons are MUST haves! :)

I love how bright and cheery this collection is. I especially like the clouds paper and the embellishments and ribbon are wonderful.

LOVE the bright colors, flowers delights--GREAT line!

Oh this is soooo cute! I LOVE the clouds, banners, hearts and sweet embellishments! Definitely a must have! :)

Happiest line ever!!! Need those bits in a bad way.

Love the colours!! Such a pretty girly collection!

clouds and banners--I am in love!! ♥

Beautiful! I especially love the colors, sweet patterns and sunny delights! :)

Super cute! I love the flowers!

Great line - love the colors & those thickers look just the right size for us card-makers!

This line is really fun & bright and cheerful!

Be still my heart! Banner and cloud paper, AND banner ribbon? I'm in love.

Oh, I love this one! The colors are bright and fun. Looks like a fab collection. Can't wait to see it in person. :)

WOW- THE MOST LOVELY POSSIBLE COLLECTION! Love the colors and the textures and everything!

I love the banners, the owls, and the clouds!! So bright and cheery!

Love those beautiful colors! The little clothespins are my favorite part.

I sooo love the bright colors, it is one of my favorite reveals!!!

What a cute, fun collection!

What a fun reveal. I love the little owl and the clothespin remarks stickers. Oh, and the tags and card/envelopes.

Love the entire line! Perfect for summer! I really like the Delights.

Ahhhhhhhhhh! Totally in love with this!

so bright and cheery! AND love all the polkadots :)

I love all the happy colors, it reminds me a bit of Hello Sunshine (which I LOVE) so of course, I love this line too!

I think I love it! :)

All of my favorite things - stripes, polka dots, clouds, tags & more. What a cute line!

I do like Daydreams! The owls are adorable!

Oh thats just gorgeous! Will def add this to my shopping list :-)

Such HAPPY colors and patterns! Fabulous!

I love the colors of this collection, it's so sweet and beautiful!

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