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Monday, July 11, 2011


Cute! I really like it!

my favorite thing about nightfall are the cute little ghosts! amy tangerine is my favorite by far - i am SO excited for her new release!

Oh, I love this!!! I think, if I had to pick Amy Tangerine is my fave...but they're all great!

Hi! I really love this collection. What I love the most about this are the remarks ,the fox is just too cute! My favorite collection is Daydreams because of the bright colours(what I totally love) and the delights and the remarks are so beautiful!

Anyway ,thanks for the giveaway! :)

OH MAN!! This collection makes me want to go get my kids dressed up and get some Halloween pictures! How FUN is this I love the colors and images in the patterned paper and accents OH I just love it all! Thanks so much for the chance!

Love the apples patterned paper in this collection - and the word stickers! Favourite collection is Garden Café; it features all the colours I love to scrap with!

Love the spider paper from this collection! It is so cute! Of course my favorite collection is the Nightfall line. Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday. It was a no brainer! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love this fall collection! My favorite is the Garden Cafe! It's so ME! Love them all though!

I want those apples! And I want them BAD!!!

If I had to choose, I'd say my favorite is the Amy Tangerine line... but the fox on this one is just so so so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

This is too cute!! I love the font on the Thickers! I have to admit Amy Tangerine is my fave!!

I LOVE Nightfall! Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year and the colors and style of this line are right up my alley! Thanks so much for the chance to win! This is my favorite of the new lines, but Amy's is a close second. :)

Love this collection! My favorite thing is all the fall/halloween embellishments....they make my heart go pitterpatter.

I think my favorite line is Daydreams. I love the colors and designs. Gorgeous!

I love this! I'm not usually drawn to Halloween lines, but this one is beautiful! I especially love the spider paper, and the inclusion of all of the fall elements. This is super!

I love the apple paper in NightFall and the cute brads! I can't pick a fav because I like them all so much!

What a fun fall line! Love the little ghosts! I would love this line but my favorite of all the lines is Amy Tangerine!!!

Oh my goodness, I love it! But, I have to admit I am such a sucker for autum themed stuff (I even had an autumn themed wedding :) )

By chance will this be released in digi form?

LOVE LOVE this one too!! I am drooling over the classic neutral back side of the prints as much as the front side. LOVE the thickers in this collection!! I think my fav collection is Amy Tangerine :)

I LOOOOOVE the Thickers in Nightfall, need them both! Still my favorite line has to be the Amy Tangerine line!

Love the name-night fall. Love how u combined Halloween & autumn, so thoughtful to know that scrappers get more for the $$. I'm gonna stick with loving the Night Fall collection!!! My first son was due 11/3, but I love 10/31 so much, he came on 10/27----> close enough for me!!!

Oh wow! What a great fall/halloween release! TFS

OH how cute !!! Love the pp with the little ghosts on it.

this is so cool! I love how it's fall and halloween together! I think my favorite is the Amy Tan one though.

Love the apples in this collection.

love the apples in this collection- i can't resist them- my fave collecton may be GArden Cafe or Amy Tangerine (can't decide which)

Love the darn fox with the glasses! so cute! Nightfall is my fav. because I'm obsessed with Halloween! Amy Tan's is my second! Love everything


I adore that spider paper and the very tim burton maple thicker set

I love the maple thickers! And the fabric brads are gorgeous!! I think nightfall is my favorite...hands down!

Seriously, seriously one of my favorite Halloween lines EVER!! I LOVE this one!! ;D

I love that this is more than just a Halloween collection! And that spider web paper is beyond fabulous!

I like the Halloween & apple pattern papers in Night Fall and the Elm thickers.

As for my fav collection, it'll be Daydreams. Just love the colors and the florals in them. Really dreamy.

Nightfall is great because of the Halloween & fall theme mix. My favorite is Garden Cafe because of the colors.

Love, love, love the apples and the leaves. The fabric brads are great and those details. Love 'em! I think this might be my favorite line.

Adorable! Cute fox. Reminds me of Paige of course. :-)

loving all the fall and apples, i'm seeing great home decor ideas!

Digging the Halloween papers this year!! Fabulous job! My fav is Amy Tangerine though... those colors are too juicy to pass up!

im loving all the new lines but my favorite is no doubt Amy T's, just so fun and funky!

I love nightfall!!!! I love autumn!!!! We go camping so much in the fall and this is perfect for all the pictures. This would be my fav although I also really like Garden Cafe for my recipe album.

I love the ghosts throughout this Nightfall collection. My favorite new collection is the Amy Tangerine because of the wonderful colors in the collection!

beautiful paperline!
my favourites of them all have to be garden cafe and daydream... they are so cute!! love the colours, the patterns the embellishments... everything about them :)

Love the whole thing, those Remark Stickers are so awesome! Hard to chose a favorite- but I guess it's Amy Tangerine by a smidge!

Carol B

I love how this line can be used for both Thanksgiving or Halloween! That's awesome! It's so hard to pick just one favorite as there are a few that I absolutely love but I must admit that the Amy Tangerine line definitely is near the top :)

OMGosh! I love this! The papers, details, remarks, Thickers, delights.. everything! Yes Yes! All the new lines are great, love them all. It's sooo hard to choose a fave! To me, top spot is a tie, Night Fall and HollyDays! But I love all of them and can't wait to get some! :)

What a great collection!@! I love the colours!! I am not sure which my fave is - perhaps Amy Tangerine!! So fun & girly!

This is gonna be hard. I really love the non-Halloween papers in Nightfall (esp Fall Fun and Autumn Cider). However I think I am head-over-heels in love the Eclair Thickers from Garden Cafe and so Garden Cafe is my ultimate choice!

Adorable pages, cute papers and love love love the turqoise paper with the tiny spiders

I am not into Halloween but I do like all the fall themed designs like the apples and leaves. My favorite collection is Daydreams because of the cute owl, clouds and banner paper.

I love how you mixed the collection on the layout.

I love the Ghosts in Nightfall and the Spider Web pattern. Very Cute. My favorite release is Amy Tangerine - I love the fresh, bright colors and patterns of this collection. Just too cool. Thanks for the chance to win.

LOVE THIS! The colors are beautiful and the font of the stickers is great!!! My favorite collection is this one - because of the reasons I just mentioned.

Very Cute. I like the Holly Days the best. But, of course I love them all. Thanks for a chance to win.

LOVin this halloween line! OMGoodness! :D

This line is so cute! I think the Amy Tangerine line is my favorite though. :)

What an adorable collection! Perfect for fall!

I LOVE the fact that you can mix'n'match the halloween and fall products! So great!

Gotta say...I'm loving the Garden Cafe line...I can TOTALLY see myself using it to scrap my adorable niece!

Definite favourite is Night Fall, gorgeous muted colours and love the accessories!

Always love your fun collections and this is no exception, love it! Hard to choose a favorite but I do LOVE Garden Cafe and the Amy Tangerine.

Love this! My favorites out of this collection are probably the spiderweb paper, and that cute little trick or treating fox!! I would have to say my favorite collection is Daydreams...I could see myself using every single thing in that collection with no problem! BUT I really love them all!! :)

I have fallen in love! This is the CUTEST fall/halloween ever!

I love the colors in this collection and those Delights are to die for! :)
Also, my favorite new collection is Amy Tangerine because I LOVE Amy Tan's style!

I LOVE the fall inspired parts of Nightfall! Especially the orchard Details sign sticker! We go to the Pumpkin Patch as a family every year and I CAN'T WAIT to use this collection to document that! If I had to pick a favorite out of them all it would be Amy Tangerine's line because not only are her designs so very much my style but I feel it's very versatile for everyday life events and I like to document the ordinary everyday just as much as the special occasions :)

Now we are talking... I ABSOLUTLEY love love love this collection. This is my favorite collection thus far... Great Job AC on all these fabulous designs...
Can't wait to get my hands on some... I mean ALL...

The new Thickers i this set really speak to me most. And Amy Tangerine's line is going to all come home to me as soon as I can get my hands on it! Great new stuff all around from you guys - super excited here!

I am a Thicker addict so that's my favorite in this collection! Daydreams is my favorite of all the new releases!

All of the new lines are fabulous and I especially love the Amy Tangerine line but I have to say that I am most excited for NightFall. I love the colors and that they represent "fall"--my favorite season. I love the crisp weather, the changing leaves, getting together for Thanksgiving, the start of being able to wear sweaters, eat fresh apples, and drink hot cocoa! I just love fall and I think this new line is beautiful with all of the traditional fall colors and a splash of blue. So great!

Yay! Halloween is my favourite holiday, LOVE those Elm Thickers. The colab with Amy Tan is my favourite line overall though!

The Thickers fonts are great - especially Maple. My favorite collection is Amy Tan, but Garden Cafe is a close second and I like this one a lot too!

I like the stickers and flowers in this line! Amy Tangerine is my favorite!

SO cute! The patterns rock. ;) My favorite is definitely Amy Tangerine. It's just so ME!
- April W

Love, love, love this collection!

Love the Delights from Nightfall and that cute ghost paper!
As far as collections, it is a tie between Amy Tangerine's new line or Garden Cafe!! :)

I love this collection! The orange Thickers are my favorite thing of all the sneaks! This might be my favorite- hard to pick one!

I LOVE Halloween papers/embellishments (which is fun because we don't really celebrate it). This line is no disappointment. I find myself wanting all of the papers. Can't wait for this to come out.

After seeing them all, I think Garden Cafe is my favorite, but I also really like some elements of Nightfall. Those fabric brads are delish!

I love this collection, the mix of fall and halloween is sweet! I love the apples and the spiders. Too cute. I think my favorite has to be Amy Tangerine!

Love the spider paper in Nightfall and how it looks like a banner! My favorite new line is Amy Tangerine. Amy combines all my favorite things in this line... travel, fashion, handmade, photography, design... I can't wait to create with it!

oh adorable fall collection! ... I think my fav has to be Garden Café just because of the awesome colors!

I need the Amy Tangerine and the Nightfall collections! That new halloween font for the thickers - SWOON!!!

Love the embellies on this fun collection! I think my favorite new collection is: Amy Tangerine and then maybe Garden Cafe... both are awesome!

I love the versatility of Nightfall. It's so much more than Halloween. And the fabulous line drawn illustrations don't hurt. I think it's probably my favorite of the new lines.

That little ghost is adorable! I love that he isn't too scary. Looks like Casper! :)

i just love nightfall beacuse of the remark stickers there to die for. The hole collection is just great works well for kids and adults. My favorite collection I would say is the Amy Tangerine for it looks doodlish and those are things I tend to look for.

Love the paper,thickers,everything from start to end...i am new to all of these Night fall collections etc ...i would like to know more about it :)

Ooh, totally love this! Such a cute and fun collection. But my fav has to be the Garden Cafe collection, cause I'm totally smitten by those colours.

I love the muted colors of this one! If I had to pick one line....and it's difficult....I would have to say the Garden Cafe.....or Amy Tangerine....gosh....it's just soo difficult!

I just love the cute little ghosts in "Nightfall". I think my favorite new line is the Amy Tangerine line!

This is so freaking CUTE!!!! Love it!

I love the subtle polka dot paper and the spider paper from Nightfall. My favorite new collection is Daydreams but it was so hard to choose between Daydreams and Garden Cafe. Thanks for the chance to win!

Wow I really like this one too! Its really tough just to pick one, I heart these all evenly- Night Fall, Garden Cafe or the Amy Tan one! I am horrible at decisions! Can't wait to see this in the stores!

Love the cute little ghosts in this collection. I think my fav is Garden Cafe

I love the Nightfall Thickers and my favortie new AC collection is the Amy Tangerine because it is so versatile.

Loving the apple paper and the pumpkin fabric brad. Just so darn cute. I am having a hard time picking a favorite so since fall is my favorite time of year, I am sticking with Nightfall.

I am obsessing over the patchems and details. Super duper cute. And, I have to say I love all of the new collections but am especially drawn to the Amy Tangerine line. I love EVERY SINGLE piece in it!

Oh I love this....love this so much :)

I love that the fox was included in the Remarks embellie (I heart him)! My favorite collection has to be Amy Tangerine. The colors and PP are so amazing. I do love Garden Cafe though also.

Great idea to combine Halloween elements with fall...makes the line so much more versatile, and even the name is perfect!
My favorite new AC line is Amy Tangerine. Love her combination of travel+sewing+typography - combines different themes in the best way!

I LOVE the little Fox with the Halloween mask! Too cute! I think my favorite new collection would have to be Amy Tangerine (but this Nightfall is a close second!)

Fall colors are my favorite so this is my fav new line your coming out with :) I looooove the papers and the Elm Thickers and the Remarks. Adorable!!

Loving Night Fall! I'm a sucker for anything Halloween.

The thickers are wonderful! But I thick I love Amy Tan best! (I can't wait to see all of the stamps!)

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