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Monday, July 11, 2011


adorable, I love it !!

Love the apple detail! My favourite collection would have to be Amy Tangerine!

I love the colors , but my favorite item is the Delights. My favorite collection is Garden Cafe.

This is awesome. I love combining the Halloween with the harvest or fall. The perfect amount of both. I like the color palette too! Great collection.

I love the colors in this NightFall line! My fav release this go around was AMY TAN line! Can't wait to see it all!

This is such a cute line! I can see an apple orchard page in my future using the apple paper in this collection. I just love that apple paper and the embellishments! My favorite so far is Amy Tangerine.

I love the versatility of this line. The Remarks foxy lady is so cute!
It's so hard to choose one favourite line, but since I have to choose I pick Daydream :)

This is such a great mixture between the two themes! I love it! I do think that Amy Tangerine's new line is my most favorite. It's bright, funky, and so fun!

My favourite line of the new release is Night Fall. I love the colours and the images. Can't wait to play with the Remarks!!! This is a great line!!! Love the ghosties!!!

I always love your halloween lines and this line is no different!!!!! LOVE the fun new thickers to go with it!!!

for fave lines, I'll have to go with this one or the Amy T line!!

Halloween is my favorite season! And I am so loving the "Maple" thickers and the "Patchems"....mine, mine, mine, all mine:P
My fav thus far...hmmmm...gotta be Amy Tangerines collection...it's so happy it makes me want to sing!

I love the colour combination on this one! I think that I really like the Amy Tangerine collection. Thanks for the chance!

I love the warm colors in the Night Fall collection. But my favorite so far is the Amy Tangerine for the fun whimsical feel!

The Delights are my favorite...just love how they would make a layout or project pop. I have to say the Nightfall collection is my favorite. I LOVE to scrap fall!!

That apple paper's my fave - and Garden Cafe wins for me - thanks!

oh, this is CUTE!

I love that you can use this collection for both autumn and Halloween layouts! I'm going to have to go with Night Fall as my fave - hard to choose - but I LOVE Halloween so this is it!

I love that the Night Fall collection covers both Halloween and Autumn. There are so many Halloween collections out there, it's nice to see something that could also be used for back to school, or playing in the leaves, or whatever else Autumn is good for.

I think my favorite of all of the lines is Amy Tangerine, because of the bright, fun colors, and the overall playfulness of the pieces!

cutest Halloween paper ever! love the ghosts

i like the cream tones of nightfall... favorites are amy tangerine b/c it's trendy, and the garden cafe colors are amazing!

OHHH! I love those letters--i'm a sucker for them! I really like Amy Tangerine--so fresh:) THANKS for the chance to win! sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

Nice line! Really cute!!

i love both sets of thickers in this collection...and the ghost paper is too cute.

my fave is garden cafe - the colors, the patterns, everything - is just perfect!

And just when I thought I wasn't going to buy anymore Halloween themed product!! Really love this line....super cute! I am leaning toward Miss Amy stuff though!

OK....since I can't edit my last post, I'll do a new one! My favorite thing about NIghtfall are the fabric brads. ONe of the most versatile scrapping supplies to me.
Also.....Amy Tangerine line is my fav so far! Thanks!

Love the apple paper in this collection, my favorite of the new collections is Garden Cafe, love the colors!

Oh my goodness! This is amazing, I love it!!

I love the mix of fall and halloween throughout this whole line and my other favorite would be Amy Tangerine! that blue polka dotted paper and the thickers are to die for!

Great Halloween line!! Loving it all!! So far my fav collection would have to be Garden Cafe!

Amy Tangerine for sure and I love the apples and the ghosts.
Halloween cards coming up !!!
Love the colors.

Wow this is such a fun new line! I'd have to say whilst I love all the other lines this Nigh Fall one is definitely my favourite! I think it's because here where I from we dont tend to celebrate Halloween a lot although it is becoming a bit more bigger each year and I just find I love getting caught up in the fun of decorating the house making goodies using the cute halloween themed products and this line is perfect for that! :)

This line, night fall, is my favorite. Love those little ghosts and the orange thickers, the pleated flowers..oh I guess I love it all.

Tough decision but nightfall wins for me. Fantastic releases.

very fun, love the letters! my overall fav is the Amy Tangerine

I absolutely love the Nightfall Thickers, the apples, and oh the ghosts!!! My favorite so far would have to be Nightfall and Amy Tangerine, it is so hard to choose they are so beautiful both!

autumn is my favourite time of the year so nightfall is great because it captures what i love...the harvest, the hallowe'en fun, the colours, everything. my absolute favourite of all is amy tangerine because it looks so fun, just like amy seems to be.

Love this! Those patchems are too cute!
I think my favorite is the Hollydays collection!

Love this! I think it's fabulous that its not just Halloween or Autumn, but it's both. What a great idea!

This is my fave
fall is my favorite time of year and i love all the halloween products

I love the colors and images in this one - perfect for my kiddos this fall! My favorite line is probably the Amy Tangerine line :).

I love the colors in this collection, and I love the dimensional remarks stickers - so cute!

I think my favorite new release is Garden Cafe. I love the colors and patterns of that line!

I love the fabric brads in the Nightfall collection! I think my favorite of all the new lines is the Amy Tangerine one!

Love this collection! Halloween is one of my favorite card-making holidays, and I love the colors and designs!
My favorite so far is Hollyday. That's my other card-making holiday that I love! So many sweet designs, and that little Santa is adorable!

I love this collection cause the designs are cute and not scary though :) a good twist for Halloween

The other collection that I love is the Amy Tangerine collection. Why? Cause the collection reflects my personality really well.. Travel, fashion and all of those cuteness

i like the colors in this line, especially the non-traditional blue...it's so perfect here! my favorite line is the daydreams one; i love the bright colors.

Ohmygoodness - such a cute, cute line!! :)

I love the apple paper and apple embellies. So cute. My favorite collection, though, is Amy Tangerine.

Ohhh...this is my favorite one! I just love that patterned paper and my sisters Birthday is on Halloween so I'm always looking for fun new Halloween themed collections! Thanks for the chance to win!

This line is getting me excited for fall! It's so difficult to choose but I think my absolute favorite new collection is Amy Tan's line.

Of the Nightfall line, I love the Remark stickers the best and my favorite entire collection would have to be Garden Cafe!

Love the papers and the Thickers in the Nightfall collection! My absolute favorite is the Amy Tangerine line - love the look of hand stitching and love cameras, sewing machines, airplanes, etc....

Oh my goodness- those Maple Thickers are just perfect- PERFECT!! Love the spider web paper in blue- it's so unexpected and fantastic!

so cute! love the remarks!

OMG! I love everything about Night Fall!!! I am a summer kind of girl, but this collection is making me excited for Fall!! I was in love with Amy's collection and Daydream, but now this is my favorite. I must get the patches!! Adorable kitty!!

Simply adorable BOO range...love it...

Love the colors in this one and such a clever idea to combine Fall and Halloween. Love it! I think my favorite has to be Amy Tangerine though.

The patch with the cat is sooo cute - I really love the mix of halloween and fall in this collection!

love the new thickers, and my fav is prolly day dream or amy tangerine, but everything looks great, you guys are geniuses!

Although the Amy Tangerine line is my favorite, I love Nightfall, too! The letters have so much character -- and they're perfect for Halloween!

My favorite thing from Nightfall are the thickers. Love those fonts! Out of all the lines my favortie is Amy's, can't wait to use it!!!

Just love those colors and the flowers and leaves. Actually I love it all!

Love them all, Amy's collection is my favorite.

Great colors ! I lvoe Amy Tan collection...

Those Maple thickers are on my must have list! My favorite collection is Amy Tan's line, so versatile and fuN!

I love the papars for the night fall!
And my fav. is garden cafe or day dreams!

Oh my, this has to be my favourite Halloween collection EVER!! The Thickers are amazing and I love the Details too.

I always love Halloween paper and embellishments. My favorite is Garden Cafe!

Besides the beautiful colors of this collection, I love the Delights! I bought the summer Delights and used them already so I need more! I really like all the new collection but if I had to choose just one, I'm going with Amy Tangerine :)

The Thickers are fantastic and all the patterns are amazing...

I love fall pictures, so this collection is perfect for me, thanks for the chance.

How cute! Love the versatility of the collection!! Difficult to choose a favorite. I think Amy Tangerine's line will be my favorite!!

Great embellishments in this line. My favorite is Amy Tangerine. Love the fun colors and great embellishments.

I love the delights and the little ghosts are adorable!

The colors of the Garden Cafe just speak to my creative Bohemian soul!

I love fall, it is my favorite time of year. So, the warm colors of this collection rock! My other favorite collection is Hollyday...love the cardinals!

I love how this is a fall and a Hallowwe'en line. So cute and also versatile. This is my 2nd favorite but Amy Tan wins out. I love the colors and the graphics style of some of the cardstock. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the new Maple font thickers! And the apple printed paper is lovely.

My favourite new line is for sure Garden Cafe for those colours and big printed flowers!!!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Love all the embellies that go with this line. Amy Tangerine for sure. Love her playful, fun style.

FABulous Halloween line!! I LOVE those new AC Thickers!! Like I need more but those will be bought for my stash!!

I really like the half-and-half approach to Nightfall. Some of us with older kids just don't have the need for a lot of Halloween papers. It's nice to see a company recognize this and give us a "two for one".
For this reason, Nightfall is my favorite collection.


Really nice, and the apples...so cute!. I can't choose only one collection, perhaps Daydreams, but all of them are wonderful.

I love these soft colors and the fact that you have made it more useful than just Halloween (I don't need to buy Hall. stuff for another 50 years!) But I'm gonna stick with AT's collection. . .

I love that this collection is Halloween AND Fall! My girls are getting older, so I don't really have too much Halloween to do anymore (which makes me sad), however, I always have fall pics, so this is an awesome collection! My favorite is Amy Tangerine!! Why? Well, like i just mentioned, my girls are getting older, and it just has that fresh and funky vibe that is going to be PERFECT with photos of my amazing teenage daughters!! I love all the sneak peeks of the American Craft goodness!! Thanks!!

Love Night Fall's rich autumn colours and cute spooks! It's hard to choose my fave new line... think I'll pick Amy Tangerine!

I love that Night Fall is so versatile! Especially love the papers with the apples and the cute ghosts, and ALL of the embellishments :) The Thickers are wonderful too, especially Elm!

My favourite collection of them all is Amy Tangerine. So fresh and wonderful, just like Amy is - love her style! Love that you teamed up :)

This is a tough one~ I love Amy Tangerine and The Garden cafe the most for different reasons but if I have to only pick one then I would have to go with Garden cafe as my favorite:) Cute releases!!

I'm a Halloween freak-so this is calling my name! Love all the new Thickers!

It's soooo hard to narrow it down to one. I will narrow it down to two though. I love how fresh and fun the Amy Tangerine line is and how NightFall is not so cute and bright how most Halloween/Fall lines seem to be. The embellies to go with this line is fantastic and of course the thickers...I could go on and on...:)

I love the blue and I love the Thickers.

Ok, I just love the felt and specialty brads in this collection...adorable! As for the week's fav.....ooo it is a really close tie between Hollydays and Daydreams....I love the stamps and the thickers and embellies for Hollydays....and I love love love the paper and embellies for Daydreams!

Love this. It is a toss up for my favorite between Amy Tangerine or Night Fall. Can't wait for this to hit the shelves!

I love that this collection is a mix of fall and halloween. Too cute! I think my fav would have to be Garden Cafe- the designs in that collection jsut tickle my fancy. :)

Cutie-patootie overload. I love those little ghosties!


I love everything about Nightfall! My daughter will have just turned one this halloween and this collection will be perfect for photos! I think this is my all time favorite AC line!

Great idea to mix the autumn & Halloween papers I'm looking out for autumn papers right now. Love the Delights & the Details too. :)

My fave collection is the Garden Cafe collection it inspired me straight away! I want to make some cute little recipe book gifts with it :)

Oh wauw! Love this line! I love the colours and the embellishments! and that paper, fall fun, with all the words on it... LOVE IT!!!

I love the Thickers fonts and the delights most from this collection. So cute!

Of all the collections, I love Amy Tan's the most. We have similar design aesthetics and I love all of the products. Definitely my fav!

Oh my goodness....I am LOVING this! I love that it is a fall themed/Halloween paper collection all in one...that is such a great idea!! I have to say....Nightfall is my fave of all you have posted!! I LOVE it!!

My favorite collection would have to be Night Fall! I love it! all my children were born in the Fall and one on Halloween, so I use a lot of those types of papers. Totally sweet collection!

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