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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


What an amazing idea!! I will definitely be making one of these with my daughter!!

Love this!! I see wonderful gifts in for the grandparents!

LOVE this idea. Handprints are always a wonderful way to capture age and growth, but the embossing idea makes it that much more amazing!

LOVE this! What a great gift idea, too.

LOVE this! Immediately when I saw this, I thought how cute would it be if it were done in shades of green as a Christmas tree with a yellow top hand (I have a 3rd child) for the star! Voila! A Christmas card the grandparents can't throw away! Thank you so much for the inspiration! :)

Love this idea!

What a fun idea!! Love it!

This is so sweet! Love this idea!!

Way Cute idea!!

awesome idea Jen!! thanks!

What a beautiful way to do handprints!

Greatest idea ever!!! I had our 3 kids do their hand prints last knight, the were amazed by "the majic" of the embossing powder. I let them hold my hot gun with my help of course :) and then they painted their frames and used Thikers for their names. I can not wait to put them up in the family room wall! Thank you so much for this neat project, it was the best family project I have ever done with the kids!!!

Thanks for the inspiration!!! I love this!

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