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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Gonna have to say Hello Sunshine!!

My favorite is the colorful Margarita line!

Oooh, hard to choose between Classics and Peachy Keen... Think I'll go for the classics!

Oh this is harder then hard to decide but I'm going to w/Hello Sunshine because of all the fun I'm having right now over the Summer! Thanks for the chance.

Campy Trails looks fun! Gearing up to scrapbook this year's camping trip so I've got my eyes peeled for camping products.

I heart Hello Sunshine! Love the colors and cute quails, and doilies!

My fave is Margarita! Great for summertime projects!

Love the new Margarita line! The colors are so vibrant and rich. I could make lots of beautiful layouts with this collection. Great job AC!

Love Hello Sunshine, one of my fave lines ever ever!

It has to be Margarita for me.

Love Hello Sunshine, thanks for the giveaway!

I like the marguerita line, the bright and happy colors.

This was very hard to chose, but I love the soft colors of the Peachy Keen line! So excited for the new Summer CHA lines :)

I love the fun, summery Margarita line! Thanks for the chance to win!

I am in love with Hello Sunshine... I just love all the summer colors and patterns.. Can't wait for all the new collections to come out..
Thanks for an awesome product..
Happy Tuesday..

It's a tie between Campy Trails and Hello Sunshine! Thanks!

Loving The Classics!

My favorite is Hello Sunshine (closely followed by Peachy Keen) - both makes me very happy :)

Hello Sunshine! Makes me smile :)

Love the Margarita collection! So cheery and happy ;)
Thanks for the chance to win, Rx

I'd take the Confetti line - I love the colors!

The Margarita line makes me happy.

I love, love Hello Sunshine, such a happy collection.

My favorite is Hello Sunshine...love the icons and colors! :)

campy trails!!!

I LOVE Confetti!!!

mmmmm i think im a CLASSICS girl!!!

Seriously, so hard to pick just one! Those are all so cute. I'm really loving the Margarita, Confetti and Campy Trails tho. Umm, oh, geez, well, I guess I'm going to have to pick Campy Trails to finish off some of those camping pics I've got.

Campy trails has become my favorite .

im in love with the margarita line ... the colors just speak to me :)

What a hard decision! I think my fav is Margarita :) thanks for the chance to win!

How fun! I'm definitely gonna have to choose Hello Sunshine for my fav. I loooove the mix of fun patterns with those amazing colors. :) Thanks for the chance to win!
- April W

Peachy Keen, is well, peachy keen. LOL!
Love, love this line!

OH Campy Trails for sure! Love that line!

I love the Margarita Line!!

I love The Classics!


I love the retro look of Peachy Keen.So sweet!

It's all fabulous but I love the Confetti line! Always so many birthday pics to scrap!

My favorite is the Hello Sundshine line!

oh man, I have to choose just one?!
Margarita is my favorite for its bright colors. Thanks for the chance to win!

My favorite is Peachy Keen! I love the colors!!

Oh! It's a tough call between Peachy Keen, Hello Sunshine & The Classics.

oh decisions decisions! i will go with Hello Sunshine! :)

My favorite is the Classics, although I adore the Campy Trails line as well :)

My choice is Campy Trails :)

Hello sunshine. I love it.

I love Campy Trails!

I have to go with The Classics as a bibliophile. Thanks for the chance to win.

I'm in L.O.V.E. with Confetti.

Campy Trails....so great to scrap anything outdoorsy!! Thanks!!

I have to pick Hello Sunshine. I have already used most of my Confetti line making birthday cards to stockpile! I could always use some more though!

Margarita!! I love all the bright colors!

I've been wanting to get Campy Trails for a while! My son returned home from summer camp last weekend and gave me some great photos. I'd LOVE to win Campy Trails! :) Thanks!

It's a toss up between Hello Sunshine and Margarita!

That is a tough choice, but I think I really like The Classics.

I <3 Campy Trails! I've been wanting to get my hands on it since the day I first saw it!!! :)

Hello Sunshine!!!! Love it, gotta have it! :)

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine! Love it!

I'm going with Hello Sunshine!!!!


Tough choice between Peachy Keen and Hello Sunshine!

Love them all, but campy trails is perfect for scrapping my 3 boys!

I love campy trails!

peachy keen! Love that line! :)

Only one?!?!?! If I have to choose just one it would have to be Campy Trails.

Hello Sunshine is really fun and I love the thickers from it but my favorite would have to be Campy Trails. That line is so cute and would be perfect for my boys. ;)

Hmmm...either Hello Sunshine or Margarita...

the classics!

Love Hello Sunshine and Peachy Keen!!!

Peachy keen for me please :)

Hello Sunshine! I love the colors and it's so much fun!

Campy Trails is one of my all-time faves! I love the versatility of the colors and patterns for both boys and girls as well as different seasons like summer and fall!

All the lines are just great but my favorite will have to be Hello Sunshine and Peachy Keen. It's a tie between the two.

Love The Classics!

Love how generous you are!

It would be either Peachy Keen or the Classics.

This is hard!! I am having a hard time deciding between Peachy Keen and The Classics...hmmmm...think I am going to have to go with Peachy Keen! Love the colors and all the fun icons!

My favorite is Peachy Keen! It's such a cute line for photographers and scrapbookers, especially!

Hello Sunshine! It was very hard to choose.

I like Peachy Keen! Thanks for the chance to win

I love Campy Trails. Love the colors.

I LOVE the Margarita line!!

really like the confetti line!

I love Hello Sunshine! Love the color pallet!thanks for the chance to win!

My Favorite as Hello sunshine. I loved all the kraft in this line!

Wow, great giveaway! My favorite is Campy Trails, my family and I do a lot outdoors and this line is great for scrapping all the shots we take!

It's hard to choose, but The Classics is my favorite! I'm an English major and collect leatherbound classic literature, so this line is right up my alley.

I LOVE them ALL! I would love to win Peachy Keen...I don't have everything from that collection! Thanks for the chance!

Gotta go with 'The Classics". OOhh la la!!

My favorite is Hello Sunshine!! Love the bright colors!

Love the Campy Trails line!

I loved them all, but I think Campy Trails is my #1.

Colors are simply amazing i will use it for my other projects very nice!!

OHHH! I love all of these lines--so picking one was super hard! But I will go with Hello Sunshine:) THANKS for the chance to win! sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

Classics and Campy Trails! Love them both!

My fave is Confetti, love the colors. Thanks for the giveaway!

Peachy Keen is my favorite.

OMG! My favorite is Margarita! I love the vibrant colors!

Peachy Keen! I've been drooling over this line! It's so beautiful! Thanks for the chance!!

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