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Monday, July 18, 2011


To be honest I only have 2 packages of thickers, but I would LOVE to win more!!

I have less than 5 packs because I feel these are too cute to hoard so they come & go pretty quick! I'd love to see more Thickers like the stitched ones in the Amy Tangerine collection.

thanks for the amazing giveaway!

I have around 50 packs...and that is after donating some to my school!! I would love to see more puffy thickets, heart has been my favourite set of thickers so far :)

I have a couple dozen packages of them. I would love to see more thickers with prints, and maybe some cool multi colored ones!

I have 5-10 packages....like 'stephanie j' said above...they are way too cut to hoard, and I go through them really quickly!...I would love to see more printed/patterned thickers...those are my favorites!

OK, I probably have about 30 packages, because I stock up on my favorite fonts. I love the smaller foam, chipboard and fabric fonts and I do not like glitter, no no!

ok hello! I would love this giveaway! I believe at last count I had about 70 pkgs, yeah I know obsessed!
I would love to see more of the foam thickers...they stick the best out of all of them.
allthough, not foam, my fav thiscker I think is niki ricki.

Right now in my stash I have about 5 packs with "Doll" being my foremost favorite! I use them on every layout so they don't last long around here :) I would love to see more fabric thickers...it's such an easy way to add texture to a layout and these are my fav!!!

I don't have any thickers...oh, the horror! :) I've seen them used so beautifully on cards and scrapbook pages; I'd love to try some out! Thanks for the chance to win!

I probably have about 25 packages in my stash. I would love to see more vowels in the packages of thickers, I always run out of those super fast!

I only have a few, but there have been many times that I wish I had more!

I probably have about 25 packs..but that's only because I ordered 10 packs last week!

I'd really like more shades of brown... and patterned ones also. It doesn't matter... you can never have too many!!

Ummmm...around 90 packages!?!! I started buying them when they first started coming out and I LOVE them so much!!! I do use them so, the majority of my packages are missing the basic letters...I could always use more! :)

As far as what type I would like to see...more of the smaller fonts. Rockabye was a FAVORITE of mine (I have multiple packages). I also LOVE the fabric ones! Maybe some denim??????

I have somewhere around 15 or 20 sets. I'd love to see more vinyl or bare chipboard. Thanks for the chance to win! Love me some Thickers!!

Ok I have well over 100. I know, it is an addiction. It is the VERY rare layout that I dont use them on! I love the newer sets that have both caps and lower case in one set!

I have around 25, as they are not too easy to find in South Africa, so sad. Would love to see some raw chipboard alphas as well as some weathered paint styles...imagine winning a stash of THICKERS OMW!

I only have about 10 packs and I have doubles for the ones I love. My favorites are the foam ones because they are easy to cut and I can "make" the letters I'm missing. Somehow I run out of "Y" a lot, so I use "U" + "J".

I have maybe 20 packs! Love them all! Would l love to see more cursive type thickers:)

OMG! This would be THE BOMB!!! I only have 4 kinds of Thickers right now, and I love them SO MUCH!!! My favorites are fabric type ones. I have Delight, and would use them on everything, if I wasn't scared of running out! Thanks so much for the chance!!!

I think I own about 10 different sets, but pick up a new set on a regular basis! Thanks for the chance to win!

I think I have about 20 packages of Thickers! I love it! I make a lot of lists dreaming: this one and this, and this and, oh yes ! This one too!!!!! My Gosh!
I love script writing like Ali Edwards, you know!!!

Umm...I have literally, at least, 50-60 packs. CRAZY, but true. Most are "ghosts" with just a few letters/numbers left, but I can't part with any of them, haha! I'd love to see some more word thickers like the "homemade" (Abode) and "happy birthday" sets with maybe card phrases like Get Well Soon, and Thank you...and I also love the patterned ones, maybe a rainbow of polka dot ones? That'd be fun!

I am still kinda new to the wonderful world of Thickers, but I do have probably about 10 packs. I really love the fabric ones that I have the most! I would love the chance to add some to my collection! THanks for the chance! :)

last count was around 150! they come in my studio calico kits each month so i am always getting new ones. I just love them all but my favorite are the nikki rikki ones. Love the glitter!

I probably have about 15 partial packs....I tend to use my Thickers as soon as I get them! I would like to see some small but fun Thickers! Sometimes the Thickers I have are too big for my crazy long titles.

I don't want to count... maybe 30 packs. I would to see more naked thickers. That way we can alter them ourselves!

Right now I have about 20 packs of Thickers! I would love to see some smaller fonts!

I probably have a dozen packages but I would really like to have more!

Lets see...just counted 37. Could be more out somewhere too;). Love thickers. A definite staple. I'd like to see some *weathered* and more smaller ones as well. And more red ones! Don't enjoy the cutesie ones as much (like jewelry box and sprinkles), BUT, would love to see some in a Dear Lizzy handwriting font;).

I have 21 packages. Some new, some I've used a whole bunch of. I like to see more bare chipboard types, so that I can customize them more to fit my projects.

I have almost 50 packs!!! I need to join some sort of 12-step program! LOL! Hi, my name's Steph and I'm addicted to Thickers.

I have to admit that I only have 2 packs. I wasn't much of an alphabet sticker user until VERY recently but I'm getting into it and would LOVE to expand my collection. I'm into solid colors and subtle patterns so those are what I'd love to see... though it may change quickly. ;)

I probably have a dozen unopened packages and another two dozen open/used.

I would love to see more pale fabric or naked chipboard letters so that we can go to town with mists, inks, and paints.

Well...I know I don't have NEAR as big of a Thicker-hoarding problem as others, but I have about 60-65 packs of Thickers. Some only have a few letters/numbers/characters left, though. I'd LOVE to see more smaller letters and more stitched letters!

Including the open, partly used packs, I have 19 packs of Thickers. Love 'em.
I would like to see more purple and more orange and yellow alphas, since you are asking! You've got a great variety of fonts!

I have about 75 packages of Thickers. I love them so I don't really ever want a Cricut!

Last count was 140 packs. I know its a lot but they are my go to for titles and I scrap alot. I would love to see more foam type thickers, the chipboard ones tend to not stick as well and I end up having to use my own adhesive also. Also more Boyish types.

I have about 6 packs and I love them dearly!

I'd like to see some with more designs rather than solid colors! But I love em all :)

You made me count didn't you? Okay, I have 72...shhh! But I *love* Thickers and I can never have too many! I'd love to see more printed pattern Thickers (plaid, large polka-dots, rainbow) and I'd like to see the adhesive stick a little better! Great giveaway! Thank you!

let's just say the place i store them is getting very FULL! i like more simple, classic fonts, and i like to be able to change the color to suit my pages... i also love the simple patterns, so cute!

I have ... about 75 packs of thickers. I love thickers with glitter and I would love to see some smaller ones!

Hmmm have more than 50 packs, I looove them and use them everyday. Would love to see more with both big and small letters, more of the letter e, a danish version and more colors and glitter. :)

uhmmm...i'll go with something like 85+ and I just bought 4 more this weekend. Yep it's a disease and I blame you!! :) My favorite kind are the smaller letters and I like foam and chipboard and fabric. those seem to hold up the best over time. thank you for the opportunity to win :)

I have 11 packs...I would also like to see some more smaller Thickers. And fabric would be cool. I'd love love love to expand my Thickers collection! Thanks for the chance to win!

Ummmmmmmmmm - I probably have about 75 packs (and I just gave about 20 packs to the women's shelter). I have a *slight* addiction when it comes to Thickers! :D I would love to see some more of the smaller fonts - but fun - not just typeset. :D thanks for being so creative!

um... I haven't counted, but I don't think I should admit how many I have in public. I have a stack about 4 feet high - probably around 200 packs? I always load up at the warehouse sales in December :)

For styles, I'm always looking for great sans serif fonts - I use a lot of just lower case too.

I probably have over 20 sets. I love the cursive fonts.

honestly i don't know how many I have, probably at least 10 packs. i love the smaller thickers and anything sparkly:)

I only have about 4 packages of Thickers, which is why I NEED to win this giveaway!!! I would love to see typewriter font thickers in all kinds of lovely neutral colors and patterns!

I have 12 packs of Thickers and love them to pieces ;-) My most favourite are these covered with fabric, never enough of them!

Right not I have 5 packages.. I love to use them...
I would like to see Thickers that are like Kraft Paper.. Thick of course..
I love to use Kraft paper in many of my projects..

1) Gazillion. [I insist that's a number].
2) I would love to see vintage typewriter font (Adler-ish) as well as more classic, simple typeset with MULTIPLES (many multiples) of each letter.

I have about 40 packs. I know. Too many!! I teach art, and actually have purchased quite a few for my girls who come and make cards with me.

I love the foam thickers. They always stick the best! And, they are fun. I'd love to see foam mustaches... Like various sizes to put on top of photographs for fun!! Silly... but very amusing!

I have about a dozen packs of Thickers and I LOVE them! I would love to see some multi-colors, prints, stitched, distressed, etc. Thanks for the chance!

I have about 80 packs now including the partially used sets. I'd love to see smaller Thickers and maybe even some even bigger/thicker Thickers. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

I have 58 different types of Thickers. I don't think there is a layout that I don't use them as part or all of my title. I would like to see more with designs like plaids, polka dots, stripes,etc.

Holy crap! Last time I counted I had over 80 packs. Thanks for the chance to win! I would like to see more sets that mix upper & lowercase letters ;)

1) Humm... I'm not sure if I have a WHOLE lot to be honest - i know really sad. Probably 4-6 Thickers? Maybe 2) I would love to see fabric or canvas Thickers! How cute would that be!

I only have a small collection, about 10 but I'd like to have many many more!

I have 5 set now. Just started buying them. I would like more stiched ones and maybe fabric.

My all time fave is nutmeg in black and brown~awesome font!!! I have about 30 packs but use those the most. I would LOVE to see you come out with a pack of vowels that compliments the fonts.

I have 7 different packs on the go right now. I have a few vinyl sets that only have a few letters left! I'd love to see some embossed looking letters...now that would be fun!

I am the Thicker Queen. I think I have more than 50 packs of Thickers. Most are open and partially used. When I get a font I like, I have to have it in every color. I have been using a lot of the smaller ones lately.

I have 17 packages of Thickers. I really like the ones with something (dots, etc.) on them!

I have about 10 sets of thickers...just started collecting recently :). I really like the look of the cursive type alphas. Also love the Dear Lizzy stuff.

I have about 12-15 packs. I'd love a smaller font and also Lullaby thickers in every color!

I have one pack. I would love to see crystal thickers!

I have about 35-40 packages. I would love the Delight foam in more colours please! I would also love if you produced the Lullaby foam in a variety of colours! Thanks for the chance!

I have exactly 56 packs of thicker's, love them!!!!!!

I LOVE THICKERS! OMG!!! I have probably over 100 packs of them. I love the mix of colors and styles AC offers (especially the smaller sizes)! Keep them coming.

I have a few dozen, and I have a tendency to hoard them. This would be such a fun giveaway to win because then I'd have SO MANY that maybe I could part with them a little more easily and not just hold onto them so much. I loved a white velvet set from a few years back, and I'm so excited for the candy cane design in the Hollyday line. Too cute!

I think I've got around 100 packages. Lots of X's and Z's left over. :) I would love to see some corduroy Thickers!

I have about 5 packages of Thickers, give a take a letter or two!;) I would love some pattern printed Thickers.

Carol B

I only have about 20-25. My fave so far are the felt ones. I'd like to see better adhesive on them for one thing. They, particularly the chipboard ones, don't stick very well. That would seem to be a big problem for a sticker! Otherwise, I'd like to see a multi-color pack, smaller sized letters, more textured ones and stitched ones.

I LOVE Thickers! I have about 30 pkgs now but over the years I've bought 100s. I use them up quick or I give partial pkgs away. I use them on almost every project :) Chipboard are my favorite but I also love foam as they stick a little better. I'd love to see more patterned ones or even a larger scale. I'd love to have some kraft ones, too.

I have about 20 sets of Thickers. I would love to see a multi color set of Thickers...like rainbow. Thanks!

I have 26 and I am still in love with every new one that comes out. How about some more orange ones - think Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Summer - I am sure I need some more. I am loving the doll one in blue.

I think I have about 10 packs of thickers - I know, not that many especially since i have used some letters in a few of those packs. I would love some basic fonts but in a variety of colors like some of the other AC letters come in.

I think I've got about 15 packs on the go - I've just done a series on my blog about using Thickers! I'd love to see some more script fonts :D

I have probably around 80ish packages of thickers. I really don't know what kind I want - I am pretty happy with what you come out with! I love me some thickers - you can definitely never have too many!!

I have about 12 packages right now and love them! I would absolutely LOVE to see more cursive style writing, especially in brown and cream colors!
- April W

Honestly, I don't own any thickers. This is because I'm slowly getting back into paper layouts again. Winning this collection will put me on my way. As for what I would like to see, maybe some with stitching on them. That would be really cool!

So, I just bought my first four packs of thickers a few weeks ago (not paying attention I only bought numbers, but I have some ideas for them nonetheless). I'd really like to see some thickers with more patterns (similar to your animal print) such as book pages.

HI! My name is Christa and I am addicted to Thickers. I think I have about every package ever made (I mean you can't have too many in my opinion!) I think I am even on my second or third package of some. Right now I counted 51 packages of Thickers! Wow. I would love some purple Thickers. A seriously underestimated colour. Also a wooden veneer Thicker would be useful. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Oh dear I have lost track but maybe 50 or 60!! I love Thickers and all the different fonts but recently I got some "nude" Thickers - great for inking and embossing to make them any colour I need!! I am also a fan of little alphas so some minis would be great!!

I have about twenty packs so far, I started with just one pack and then as I have found them on sale, I keep collecting and using them! :) I would love more types of fonts, maybe some super LARGE Thickers!

What a dream giveaway! I probably have around 50 packages. I love the foam and fabric ones the best!

Goodness, I can't believe how many some people have!! I seriously need to do some catching up!

I have a ton of thickers - I would love for you to bring back the bare thickers so I can use them with paint and mists :)

Do you mean how many thickers do I have left? lol Not sure what kinds of thickers I would like to see. Just love seeing the genius that is "thickers".

I'm afraid to count! I would guess around 75 and I definintely need more. LOVE Thickers. What a fabulous giveaway. My fave Thickers are the smaller fonts. Would love to see more of those.

8 is my magic number.

I actually don't have that many because I use them too fast. Maybe 30 packs? I love the smaller fonts and fabric.

I think I have 3 or 4 packs. I must get more! :)

I'm not sure how many packs. The stack is about 6 inches high. The fabric ones are my favorite. I'd love some mini alpha Thickers!

Probably around 20! I'm the Thickers Queen with my scrap friends! I've brought many people to the Thickers revolution! Love them!

I think I have maybe 10 opened packs, and I'd love to see more scripty fonts, with more textures. (I've got lots of chipboard but actually prefer foam and vinyl.) thanks for the chance to win! I LOVE Thickers!

I have about 5 packs. (Geez, I feel like such a slacker lol)
I would like to see them in a smaller size.

I have just two packs, and i loooove them! I would like to have more pink ones!

be still my heart! i have a whole bucket of them and hoard them because i love them so much! i prefer non plastic puffy and non glitter :) i'd love to see a set like "pharmacy" even though i know that font is all over the place :)

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