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Monday, August 01, 2011


I am always a sucker for a Halloween line, but Amy Tan's line may be my most favorite AC line ever.

I'm loving Daydreams! Can't wait to see it in store! I just finished a mini-album about our trips to the family cabin using the City Park line and it looks fab! Thanks so much for all the great products!

I love Amy Tangerine!

I love Amy Tangerine's line. It's super cute and fun and perfect for pretty much anything :)

amy tangerine... it's so eclectic!

Not to follow the trend here... but I just LOVE Amy's line. The texture diversity in the papers, including the fabrics and embroidery...some of my most favorite things! Not to mention the theme of travel.

Margarita is my fav, the bright colors, especially on the paper of buildings!!! Trendy and fun!

I love Amy Tangerine's new line because of the cool colors and how much fun it is! THANKS a bunch!

I really love them all!! Its hard to pick just one! I guess I will go with Amy Tangerine's line since its something entirely new and different and can work with lots of themes! thanks for the chance!

Although all are lovely my favourite is the Margarita line.

My favorite is Amy Tangerine's line because it exudes happiness and on any given day I can use or need to give someone a boost of happiness.

I'd really REALLY love to win the Amy Tangerine's line. All your new lines are awesome but Amy's one is so versatile and lovely! Thanks for this chance to win :)

I love love Amy's new line... can't wait to get it at the LSS and start using it!

LOVE Amy Tangerine's new line for the basic versatility. I'm ALL for versatility!

Love Amy Tan's line for sure! Can't wait for it to start shipping!

I {heart} the Amy Tangerine line....all the embellishments, and papers are drool worthy! I can't wait to start working on my high schooler's album with this line.

They are all terrific, but I really love the Amy Tangerine line!

Amy Tangerine is my fave - so cute!

I think the Amy Tangerine line is my favorite too...though I'm also a big fan of Garden Cafe!!! :)

I'm so excited about Amy Tangerine's new line! Can't wait to see it IRL!

There's a lot to love in all the new lines, but Amy Tangerine was my fave of not just AC, but ALL CHA! Love it!

Amy Tangerine! I love the fun colors!!

I'm very excited about the Amy Tangerine line!

The Amy Tangerine line is my favorite. I love the cameras and typewriters in the line!

I think that Amy Tangerine's new line is so fun and fresh. Garden Cafe is really great as well. It's hard to pick just one.! :)

I am super bonkers over Amy Tangerine's Line.. Oh I would be beyond, Beyond BBBBBEYOND myself if I would be so lucky! Thanks for the chance :)

I love the margarita line because it is so colorful and fun!!

Garden Cafe is my favorite! I LOVE the colors. :)

I'd say Amy Tangerine's line.. HANDS DOWN. I haven't been this excited for a collection in a long time I think it's a big hit! Congrats, Amy, LOVE your line!!

I love Hollyday...it may be because Christmas is my favorite holiday. That, and the paper is so. freakin'. cute!

I love the Amy Tangerine line! The colors are fabulous! Thanks for a chance to win!

I am loving the new Amy Tangerine line...it's so versatile and the colors are so cheerful!

I love Amy Tangerine's new line. The colours! The graphics! Basically the whole thing!

My favorite is Amy Tangerine! I love the fun colors and designs. Plus, it's just perfect for summer travel pages! Thanks for the chance!

ofc, margarita!!! all of the lines are beautiful, but margarita is awesome!

I'm so super stoked about the new Amy Tangerine line -- she's one of my fave scrappers!!

Love all of them .Do I have to choose one?. OK, Amy Tangerine is my fav....

So very hard to choose just one, but Amy's line I just love love love.

Amy Tangerine with Night Fall (love Halloween!) following very, very close. Thanks for the chance to win.

Amy Tangerine's line is amazing. I love the colors and patterns. However, all your lines are always appealing!

my fav one is margarita line!
its colorful, and it makes me feel happy 'cause summer its my fav season!!

Amy Tangerine is my favorite for a few reasons 1) I love Amy Tan and all her work! She's a very talented lady! 2) The themes just suit me - clothing, sewing, traveling... love them! and 3) It's so versatile... I can see myself using this line on so many layouts and other projects.

It's a really difficult call to pick a favourite but I think I would go with Margarita as still a favorite. :)

My 2 faves are Daydreams and Garden Cafe. I'm loving the bright feminine colours! But if I have to choose, DAYDREAMS.

I love all of the new lines!! Not sure I can pick a top fav!! I love Garden Cafe, and Daydreams, and Amy Tangerine...too hard to choose!!

My favorite is the Amy Tangerine line... just like everyone else! :)

I Love the Margarita! it is my favorite.... it is fitting for the warm summer months and romantic interludes.

I love amy tangerine!!!!!

I love them all but I am nuts about the Christmas line...love anything Christmassy :)

Amy Tangerine for me!!! Everything in the lines speaks to me!!

In love with all of them I think Amy Tangerine will be the first one I pick up though........gorgeous releases!!!! you gave us lots of fun stuff to play with until the next show :)

love the amy tangerine line (and all of amy's work!).

thats super tough...but I think Margarita is my favorite line, its just so much fun!

I love Amy's line, but I think if I had to chose just one to have I would pick Garden Cafe!

LOVE Amy Tan's line! All the different elements are super cute and I love all the colors in her line!

I love HollyDay! But then I should say that I'm addicted to christmas papers!

I love the Amy Tangerine line!!

love the Amy tangerine line. The graphics and colors are different and modern

I LOVE the fabu colors of the Margarita line!

I really like the Hollyday line. I'm a sucker for Christmas paper!!

I'm a big fan of Amy Tangerine's line...especially the stitched-looking thickers and mini book. I will say, though, that EVERY. SINGLE. LINE is calling my name. Great job, AC!

Love, love, love Amy Tangerine's line! Beautiful colors, fabric...it's just amazing!

I love Amy Tangerine's new line. The colors are great!

I love Amy Tangerine's line! I'm so excited for it! It's so pretty, and I've been a fan of hers for a while! Thanks for the chance!!

Like everyone else on the planet, I love the Amy Tangerine Line.

Love Garden Cafe!!!! When it comes to flowers I have to have it!!! Beautiful collection!

Love the Amy Tangerine line! It's colors are so fresh!!

Hands down, I am in LOVE with Amy Tangerine's line....so fresh and happy!

LOVE Amy Tangerine's line, Amazed by it's awesomeness! :)

Amy Tangerine!!!! So in love with this entire collection. It's fun, it's bright & that mini album is simply wonderful :)

Definitely Amy Thangerine! The colors are just fabulous...
- April W

I love Night Fall. So cute and fall-ish and not just about Halloween!

Amy Tangerine!!! Love it all!

I love the Amy Tangerines line. Love the embellishments!

Love the Amy Tangerine line. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

Margarita becuase of the beautiful, cheerful colors! :)

It's a toss up between Garden Cafe and Amy Tan's line.

Amy Tangerine is my favourite because it's happy and quirky and scrappy!

amy tangarine!!!!
love how eclectic it all is ;)

I'm a sucker for bright colors so I like Margarita but Amy Tangerine's new line is really pretty too!

Amy's line - such great new details and it's so versatile!

Amy Tangerine is my new favorite line from AC right now! I love all the colors, patterns, embellishments, and the Thickers!!
-Gabi from Savannah, TX

Amy Tangerine!!!! the colors and everything in the collection is so AMAZING!!!

Well I love Margarita, but since I have worked with that one a lot already, I am going to have to go with the Amy Tangerine line - so fresh and fun!

Garden Cafe is my favorite line, but margarita is my favorite drink:) Both together would be perfect! Ha!

Night Fall is my favorite. My sisters Birthday is on Halloween so I am always looking for a fun Halloween collection to create with!

Love Amy Tangerine! But the Margarita collection is a close second.

I love the Amy Tangerine line because the accessories are just to die for!!

The new Amy Tangerine line is just so much fun! I think it is my favorite of the bunch. Thanks for the chance to win. :)

love the colors in Margarita.

Love, love , love the Amy Tangerine line. The colours and textures are amazing!

I'm going against the trend with Night Fall - I'm itching for some Halloween crafting and this line is great!!

As most people have said, Amy Tan-gerine!! I love it so much.

I am in love with the new Amy Tangerine line. Her style is amazingly creative. I think my favorite part of her line are the Thickers and the paper clips. I definitely want the entire collection.

hand's down Amy Tangerine's line. I don't think there is a single thing I don't like about it!

I love the flowers in the Garden Cafe! Thanks for the chance to win!

Amy Tangerine. So versatile. Love it!

So excited about the Garden Cafe line!!!

Love Margarita, the colors are bright & cheery!

Amy Tan is my new fav!

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