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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


That is pure genious! I especially love the tip about using the removable adhesive-Thanks! :)

so cool, Cindy!

amazing journal. I love this idea. very creative..

Gorgeous project, Cindy!! LOVE the fun pockets and the felt cover!

This project is AMAZING!!!! So simple and yet an genius way to write down as you go. I am even thinking one for each of the kids to carry with them, so you have different perspectives. Cindy you just ROCK!!!

This project is absolutely fabulous! I love all the details!

What a great little project...

Fantastic project! Love it!!

This is SUCH an awesome idea!! And super cute, too!

This is so cool!Great idea!


What a fabulous project. Love it!

Cindy, I LOVE your project!!!
What a great idea!

You are a genius Cindy.... will you marry me? :D

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