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Monday, August 15, 2011


Fav memory from this summer is our early AM walk to the pool for swim team. We have lots of great conversations during this calm unhurried walks!

My favorite summertime memory is our backyard bbq w/the family once the sun goes down and everyone has eaten and just sitting in the backyard, stuffed and relaxing and talking about good ole times.

Sitting in the sunshine on the porch, hearing the ice cream truck a block away. The smell of the hot tar in a sun shower. Rolling the windows down in the car on a trip to the beach or the lake. The smells of bbq from the neighbor's yard. Craft fairs. The little things are the most precious to me.

Wow...what a give away. My favorite summer holiday memory would be camping with the family at our favorite camp ground...Lots of hiking, camp fires, swimming...fun!

home grown tomatoes and pickles at my grandmothers house.

My favorite summer vacation memory was taking a trip to Disneyland, Sea World and a bunch of fun CA attractions!!

Ohhh...our summer vacation was really special! Our whole family visited the most famous mouse in California and then we visited my sister in Chicago. I definitely have lots of travel photos to scrap!

My favorite summer vacation is when I went to Calaveras Big Trees CA with my grandparents and had a family reunion there. we camped. It was the best, every day we went on nature walks (hiking) with the Aunts and Grandmas, and my cousins. At night we had a HUGE campfire roasted marshmallows and sang songs. I can still smell the trees. Just beautiful.

I have great memories of summer roadtrips we took all along the west coast!

my fav summer va-k was my trip to portugal without mom and dad....old the good old days...that's what i need to scrap!

We didn't get to go on family vacations as a child and we still don't now. I guess my fave summer vacation memory is setting the kids up with some water balloons and water guns and letting them cool off by getting soaked. Bonus fun of course being when the soak Daddy too! :-D

Growing up we always spent a few weeks at the beach on the Black Sea. To this day I always associate summer with soft sands, the salty smell of waves and the taste of drippy vanilla ice cream cones. Lovely moments I will always treasure! By the way, the giveaway is awesome!! I am so in love with the butterfly print paper!! Hope to win!!

what a great giveaway!!! I remember the vacation with my family just before i got married, I was great to be just with them.

every summer we would take a road trip from california to wyoming to visit my moms family. when i was about 10 my gramps put me in charge of the stick shift as he drove. i thought i was the coolest thing ever! i must have bragged to anyone within earshot for months afterwards :) good times!

My favorite memory would have to be going to Disneyland! It's always a fun time there and I am always happy as can be when I go!!

My favourite Summer holiday memory was when I went camping with my grandparents and we had the most horrendous storms. Rather than pack up, we made sandbags with carrier bags and sand from the beach to hold the tent down, got the wellies out and stuck it out. We spent lots of time playing cards, learning about my grandparents past, and laughing that holiday. I treasure the time I spent with my now gone grandparents and it was the best holiday even if the sun didn't shine!

What a great giveaway! We have this year no summer in Germany .... only rain, rain, rain :(. But I have tomatoes grown on my balcony - that's great!

Lovely giveaway, I write my holiday memory in Duthc because it's to difficult for me to write it in Englisch!!!!

Mijn meest bijgeleven vakantie herinnering is toch wel mijn reis op 16 jarige leeftijd naar Vancouver - Canada. Aangekomen op Vancouver airport kwamen wij er al heel gauw achter dan wij boven Ierland het desbetreffende vliegtuig zijn gepasseerd dat boven Lockerby is ontploft....ongelovelijk vond ik het....wij in de vlucht naar Canada hebben daar niets van gemerkt....alleen toen ik al die politie en soldaten zag kreeg ik het even spaans benauwd want inprincipe had het ook ons vliegtuig kunnen zijn. Deze gebeurtenis zal ik nooit meer vergeten.

My favorite summer vacation memory took place before my sophomore year in H.S. I spent three weeks in Alabama with my BFF, splitting time between Birmingham & Gulf Shores. I had never had a summer vacation before & it was marvelous. Creating memories with my BFF & just being young & carefree.…good times.

Awesome prize! Being with family in Nova Scotia is my favorite Summer vacation memory.

My girls are so busy over the summer with summer school and marching band! My favorite summer memory is just time we've had here at home to sit and chat or watch a movie together as a family! You know those kind of evenings where you order a pizza, relax, chill out, and just enjoy each other! Those are great evenings!! :)

Now that my husband and I have a daughter we're making all new summer vacation memories. Last summer we visited Chicago as a family and had an amazing time.

Hiking in Vermont with the hubby!

My favorite vacation memory was from last summer when we spent a whole week in San Diego! We had no plans, no rush, and it was truly a relaxing vacation. The best part of it was me and my husband being able to spend quality, uninterupted time with our 3 kids, ages 6, 8 & 13. It was so awesome to laugh and be silly with them and truly connect! Every one agree's, best family vacation ever!!!!

My favorite vacation memory is when my daughter took me to Disney world in 2009.
As this was the first vacation I had EVER been on! At age 58 I finally got to meet "THE" mouse! On our return home we went to DC, Arlington and ground zero in NY. This was a trip of a lifetime for me. I NEVER thought I would see these things in person.

Family Road Trip out west when I was younger. I can't wait to do the same with my girls. Thanks for the chance to win!

My favorite memory was the second trip we took to New Mexico, magical times. We are in fact on the way there this very minute!!!!!

When I think of summer vacation memories, I always think of a pool or beach and a nice warm, sunny day.

Taking our baby girl to the beach for the first time a few years ago! Pricelss :) What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win :)

What an AMAZINGLY generous giveaway-THANK YOU AC! My favorite summer memories are those I make with my children, especially little stay-cations and weekend get aways. We especially enjoy our trips back home to Kansas to enjoy time with our families and my mother-in-laws tradition of hostin 4th of July with the 3 best F's- FAMILY, FOOD and FIREWORKS! Everyday is a memory to be made and I hope I am the blessed winner to document them with thse BEAUTIFUL lines from American Crafts!

My boys are still young but we just got back from a lovely camping trip to my favourite provincial park from when I was a kid... they love the place as much as I do!

My favorite summer vacation was going to the lake with my family. We would hang out in the clubhouse and listen to the juke box and play video games. So fun for a twelve yr. old!

I loved our family vacation in France. Spending 3 weeks together was so relaxing. Loved to watch my son play in the ocean, loved to see him search for little fish in the tidal pools. Loved the little hardors of ile de Ré. It was a perfect holiday.

awesome giveaway! My favorite summer memories are of my family camping at the Pacific Ocean on the Washington Coast. We would go to the same campground ever summer and have a blast. :)

One of my favorite summer vacations was when I went to South Dakota with my family. We got to see Mount Rushmore, Bear Country (where we saw a bear fight ahh!), Reptile Gardens and much more. There was always beautiful scenery every way you looked. Thanks for a chance to win!!

Some of my fondest summer memories are of family campign trips. We didn't do many as children but the ones we did do were always a blast. Now that we are older with famillies of our own, we plan more camping trips together. A great time for making new memories and creating life long bonds! Thanks for the chance to win!

Vacation with three kids is always an adventure. We alway camp and make great memories. We get the gang together and hang for a week what could be better?

My fav summer vacation as a kid...that's a tough one..I have so many! I would have to say my absolute fav would have been spending time with my grandma at her home on the beach...I used to collect and bring home so many sea shells, some I still have till this day. I'll always miss her!

BTW! Awesome give away...it'll go perfect with our vacation this year!!!! Thanks for the chance!

My favorite summer vacation memory is going to the mountains in Colorado with my grandparents when I was a kid. I STILL love going to Colorado!

punta cana on the dune bugys whit friends driving along ther nice beaches :)whit the cool sea brezzz and the hot sun ,,

Awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance! Most of my great summer memories are of family events, bbq's, and just simple get togethers with friends. Never really did a summer 'vacation' other than to visit family and friends.

My favorite trip was going to Greece when I was 7. I got see my aunt and uncle. Then we went the islands to see where my grandfather came from. Then we went Turkey to see where my dad came from and meet his cousin. Its was just a fun time.

Going to Disneyland and seeing the excitement on my daughter's face to see the characters come alive - all be it at a great distance :0)

These are perfect!
My favorite vacation memory was introducing our (then) 15 month old son to Greece this past May. Seeing him step into the sea, hug his great-grandmother and many other relatives and eat the fresh fruit off the plentiful trees. Bliss!

My favorite summer holiday was camping in our very old motorhome! It was comfy enough to sleep in and great to have all the family together to see the sites, cook, and take lots of pictures!
Thank you for a chance to win!

My favourite summer holiday memory is being in Greece and actually viewing the ruins that I'd only read about. Loved seeing the Lion Gate, palace in Crete, ruins on Santorini and just absorbing the ambiance of various islands on a boat tour (with of course, more ruins to visit).

Athens at night with a local as a personal tour guide also rocked!

when I saw the ocean for the first time of my life, the day of my 20th birthday !!

A trip to Glacier National Park in a small van filled to capacity with 7 family members, we were 'close' in every sense of the word & 'it was good'!

We finally got away for a multiple night trip with the youngest sleeping thru the night in a hotel bed. At last!

going camping with my little boys for the first time,they loved it !! (I did NOT sleep at all,but that's okay!!)

my fav summer holiday memory was when me and my family went to San Franciso and visited lot of beautiful and charming places, we had lot of fun together!

What a great giveaway! My favorite trip was to Canada (Vancouver, Banff, Lake Louise). The countryside is beautiful.

My favourite summer holiday memories were spending most of the summer on the beautiful Belleisle Bay in NB, listening to the Beach Boys(could anything say summer more?)spending all day at the beach and evenings by the bonfire...bbq's, s'mores, catching fireflies, and the scent of Noxzema to sooth the sunburns!

Favorite summer memory is watching my daughter fall asleep while in daddy's lap right in the middle of the fourth of july fireworks show. We were on a boat in the middle of the bay literally right underneath the fireworks. And she just passed out. :)

My favorite summer memory as a child was going camping with my granny (brother and uncles). To this day, every time I'm out in my tent, I think of all our good times.

Eating hamburgers with my cousin, by best friend.

At Lake Diefenbaker in the summers with the whole family!

Fave memory goes waaaaay back to being a kid and my dad taking me, brother and friends to the cottage for a week!

Oh my word at the goodies! My favorite summer memories are the ones where we had family get togethers and all my family was together spending time together. :)

One of my favorite memories is going camping for the first time with my girls and husband. We had a fabulous time!!!

4 years ago I flew to Nova Scotia, Canada, trekked through some rocky terrain & plunked myself on a chair on top of a huge rock click by the ocean. While the ocean mist kissed my cheeks, I hammered out a love story on my laptop. Absolute bliss!

Ooops! Can you edit my comment to say 'cliff', not 'click'? LOL

My favourite summer vacation occurs whenever we spend time in Canada's only true desert climate - Osoyoos, BC. Hot, dry, and a wonderfully warm lake for boating and swimming

My favorite memory of this summer is the wonderful time we just had yesterday at our local water park. It was special because all of my children and grandchildren were there! It was so great having them together and enjoying themselves. Its the simple things that bring the most happiness and best memories!

From this summer: watching my kiddos rule the hotel pool in Hawaii with the little floatie noodles.... And relaxing from my lounge chair! :)

I enjoyed the recent getaway with my Husband to Goa. Love the beaches in the sun and spending days in the pool. So much fun!

I'm cycling from Maine to Florida this Fall, and I would l-o-v-e to have all of these amazing products to scrap it!

I think one of my favorite summer memories might be scuba diving in Cozumel! :)

The summer before I went to graduate school, I quite my job and moved to Texas to be with my boyfriend (now fiance!) for 3 months before I moved abroad for 2 years. It was like being on a 3 month long date!

When I was little, we didn't do a lot of traveling, so summers were all about grandma's house. All of my cousins, my brother, and I would play outside all day on the swing under the mulberry tree, coming in only for lunch. Grandma used to give us homemade popsicles, and we would eat so many of them, we'd have "permanent" red rings on our mouths when it was time to go home, lol

My favorite summer memories are of my brother and I sleeping in late, reading books for fun and camping! Thanks for the chance to win!

My favorite summer vacation was two years ago when we cruised up through Alaska!

My favorite vacation memories are the summers at the lake. Swimming, surfing and having fun with family and friends! Good old times... :)

my fav summer holiday was with my couple, he took me to a romantic diner with a lovely view to the sunset in Jaco's beach, Costa Rica.. i really enjoyed it!!

My favorite vaction memory is the trips to the beach, with my sisters and all my cousins!! It was so much fun!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

Growing up, my favorite vacation memories are going to the beach with my Grandma and Uncle. Wonderful memories. Thanks for the chance!!!

Lovely giveaway!! This summer my favorite memory has been visiting Rome!

Back in 2002 we rented a car and drove from Florida to Las Vegas, to Michigan. It was the most wonderful drive we've ever taken. Just going through all the different states in this wonderful country of ours was amazing. That is one trip I will never forget!!

I loved taking my kids to Cedar City and St. George, Utah.

My favourite summer was three years ago whem my husband and I got married and we went to... JAPAN! It was a double dream, hehehe.

LOVE the giveaway collection!

My favorite summer by far was the summer I attended Royal Family Kids Camp as a leader. The camp has been designed for kids who have been neglected or abused and most of them are in foster care. It was so great to get to love on all of them for a whole week. I used my scrapbooking skills to create cards for each camper, then I sat around with some of the other counselors writing a message of hope and love to each and every little kid there. It was a fantastic experience. I have been working with the program for a few years now, but I was only able to attend once. I am hoping to be able to go back as a counselor in the future!

My favorite summer holiday memory? I think it's the time to be together with my family and looking at the children running and laughing together. At this moments I know that everything is and will be all right with my family. This makes me smile wherever I am.

Lots of great vacation memories, but I loved visiting Washington DC one summer with my family. So much history and art, more than you could see in just one trip!

My favorite memory is spending days playing in Lake Michigan. Loved those lazy days. Thanks for this wonderful chance to win!

The beautifulr memory of the summery vacation is my first vacation to the sea. Thanks for this opportunity. Salutes
Antonia P. Italy

eat a real italian pasta in Toscane...

My favorite summer memory was finding out that my husband and I make awesome camping buddies and spending the better part of two weeks at a local campground spending "us" time.
Thanks for the chance to win!

My favorite memory is going to the Greek island of Samos and staying with my grandparents!!!

My favorite summer holiday was catching the Australian Open last summer but ended up freezing due to the change of weather in Melbourne.

One of my favorite vacations is when my whole family took a cruise together a few summers ago. It was fun to share vacation time together as grown adults. Thanks for the chance to win these great products!

Would love to win this package.
Thanks for being so generous.

There were so many this year now that my kids are growing up and full of so much fun!

My favourite summer memory is when I used to go to spain with my father.We would meet my familly there (I live in france and them in england). We went to this huge camping with three pools and we would have lot's of fun, my uncle and my dad would throw my cousins and I in the pool because we would try to push them in ! Then we spoped going but this year whe are going again, I'm soooo glad !

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