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Monday, August 15, 2011


Thees are amazing :)

My favorite memory is all the beach time with my family when I was a child, fresh and funny days. I miss them =)

Kids screaming getting in the ice cold pool in the back yard!!!

We went to a small encampment with other families from our church. There was a little pond and it was lush, green and peaceful. Being beside, on and in the water was wonderful and the campfires at night and the S'mores were wonderful! Our parents has recently divorced and this time was so healing for me!

The first time my girls saw the ocean....what an amazing memory!

the days where the sun blazed out, while there wasnt that much of them in Ireland they simply were the best

WOW...what a great offer!! My favorite summer vacation memory is when we used to go camping as a family in the 1000 islands, it was Labor Day weekend (we started school that following Wednesday) and it had already gotten cool. While sitting around the fire pit making smores, my dad melted part of his sneakers!!

I have many favorite memories of holidays but last year was the most beautiful memories as I celebrate my birthday at Disney this week it happened to my birthday on Saturday.
Crossing my fingers to win! ;-)
Good Luck to all!

Celebrating my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary at Fish Lake, UT.

When we took a family vacation to Florida in 2009. Our then 8 year old was just SO amazed at all of the wildlife! She so badly wanted to catch the lizards but, they were just too darn fast for her!

going to the beach with my grandparents!! Hot, sunny days, lots of fun!!!

My favorite memory is the first time my daughter saw the ocean, even though it has been 4 years I can still visualize her excitedly running all over the beach to feel the sand and water under her feet:)

My favourite memories are from our time at the beach in OBX. We enjoyed every day there. But one morning watching sunset we even didn' t know we got to see dolphins jumping in ocean. We reallized that later at home watching pictures. It was perfect moment - dolphin jumping infront of the sun that is comming up.

WOW WEE... fun giveaway...
My favorite vacation memory was when my husband first took me to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I had never been on a roller-coaster and that day I went on all of them and had to sit in front for the full adventure... I had a blast. Best vacation ever...

Going out to Vancouver Island and staying in a cottage on the ocean, loved the ferry ride out to the island!

making a sandcastle dressed for the beach in the pouring rain, I was gonna have fun and being 5 or 6 I didn't care about the rain

One of our favorite memories is going to Disneyland. We had so much fun because it was our first time ever going to Disneyland! What a summer that was because right after that was our annual camping trip.

My fave memories are summers at the cottage (which has been in our family since my grandparents bought it in the late 60's). Thanks for the chance to win an amazing giveaway!

My favorite summer memories are of my toddler boys running through the sprinkler! They love that right now way more than the pool.

Of course it always helps when Dad is right there in the midst of it all too!

Loads from my childhood and with our daughter - but something different was as a singleton going to a music festival held in an out of season holiday camp and making a giant dragon sandcastle on the cold beach with friends.

When I was a kid, my family would go camping several times in the summer at a local lake. Me, my parents, my cousins & aunt and uncles, and my grandparents. My grandparents would take their pontoon boat, we would all pile on... (all 10+ of us!!) and play all day on the water. I sure do miss that boat.

My favorite vacation memory when I was younger involves going to Tennessee with my parents, sister and grandparents. We went to Opryland, the Smokies and had a wonderful time together.

When my grandparents took me to Yellowstone, I got to have Boston Cream Pie after every meal! Now that was great!

Lovely giveaway!! This summer my favorite memory has been visiting Napa Valley. It's so relaxing there!

My favourite summer holiday memory was a holiday in Kenya and we went on a mini safari and very early one morning on the horizen as the sun was rising we saw a cheetah just sitting there it was the most beautiful sight ive ever seen! Thanx for the chance to win.

One summer my mom took me to Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore and the Grand Tetons... it was a beautiful vacation!

My fav vacation wad going to West Virginia to meet my hubby's family. That state is beautiful, we went hiking, boating and hit up the 'college town' life.

I have lots of great summer holiday memories from my childhood - I loved the long car rides when we would sing along with Mum's tapes (Bette Midler, The Seekers, Cliff Richard!)& visit interesting spots on the way to our destination.

as a kid, i will always remember the many trips to the lake with my fam :) good times!

My favorite memory is taking the auto train to Florida-I got to stay up late into the dark and read,listen to music and it was just overall fun. Thanks for the chance to win.

Anytime we take the kids to stay at the beach. One loves the sand the other loves the water. Something for everyone :).

The impromptu vacation my Mama and I took to the beach. It was just the two of us and everything was magical. I do not think we laughed as much and as hard in those three days. We had no worries and no need to care for anyone but outselves and that was exactly what we needed. I also do not think we have ever done so many activites in three days like we did in this vacation. Another ladies only weekend will have to be on the books next summer!!

My favorite summer memories are from when I was a child. We always went to the beach as a family. I remember my dad digging holes and burying us in the sand! Good times!

My favorite summer memory was an extended family vacation in Estes Park... Over 50 of us showed up and it was a blast! We had family members organize activities like Amazing Race, Family Feud, and Human Bingo!

One of my favorite summer vacation memories is when we visited Rocky Mountain National Park and saw a young bull moose fairly close in the wild! Thanks for a chance to win!!! Awesome collections!

My favorite summer vacation memory is a trip to Sanibel Island, Florida when my oldest daughter was only 2 years old. She loved all of the shells! Thanks for the chance to win these awesome collections!!!

My favorite summer vacation memory is when we used to camp as an entire family....all 8 of my siblings and their kids....for an entire week! So much fun!

My favorite Summer vacation memory is spending quality time in the car with my family on or road trip from Texas to Florida. Awesome giveaway! I would love to win it!!

Is sitting in the parking lot at Sea World on the 4th of July watching the firework show, it's the best in San Diego. Then after the show no crowds, no traffic, just a lot of great memories

So far, my favorite summer vacation moment...making crepes with whipped cream and strawberries for my boys, for breakfast...and watching them enjoy every bite. I don't get to make this often and it was one of the first things I did on their official first day of summer vacay. It was delish!!!!

Going to Florida to visit my dad...all the time not letting the kids know we were going to Disney World. We told them we could not afford to go and that we could only go to Downtown Disney. The looks on their faces when they looked up and saw the castle in front of them was worth the whole trip!

My favorite family vacation memory would be the last family vacation that all 3 of my kids went on with us which was an Alaskan cruise 3 years ago - lots of nature and family time!! Thanks for the chance to win, the giveaway looks fantastic!

My favorite summer memory is when my family took our truck and camper across ten states, visiting Yellowstone & Mount Rushmore. It was a great trip and the last big trip before I got married!

We just went camping... Or at least in a cabin with no cable :)

Favorite memory... Sitting outside and seeing the ENTIRE Milky Way... Being a city gal, I've not seen that in years and years! It was amazing seeing all of the stars, and shooting stars!!

Well for now my favorite is the one we just took to Wisconsin this summer. I climbed up the water slides and went down time after time with my daughters. it was sooo much fun! and quite the feat for me as i have a torn meniscus that needs surgery and lots of aches and pains... but ooohhh it was soo worth it to laugh and play with them! Time with my kids - they grow up waaayyyyy too fast.!

My favorite vacation memory was from a trip we took to Maine. We spent a day whale watching off the coast of Maine. We saw so many whales, they are such awesome creatures. Our kids were absolutely thrilled, it was truly an amazing experience.

My favorite summer memory will be from this summer when we took our little ones to Busch Gardens as part of group with other military families. It was definately a great day. Thanks for the amazing giving and the chance to win it.

My favorite summer vacation was one when i was about 8... My parents drove us up to country victoria, about 6 hour drive. My favourite memory of this time were singing,and playing eye spy with my brother. It is this simple memories that really make a holiday

Right now, its the 3 day concert I just got home from :)

My favorite vacation memory is the first time we took our children to Disney World. I will never forget the looks on their faces, the joy, the excitment, it was a once in a lifetime memory.

My favorite memory is seeing my 8 month old nephew asleep in his daddy's backpack/baby carrier after a walk on the beach.

One of my favorite summer memories was the trip we took to FL with my parents 3 years ago. We went to visit with my sister....had my DH and 2 DS along....everything from beach time, to restaurants chosen, to taking in a Tampa Bay Rays game.....was perfect. My mom and dad both wrote us letters about it being their best vacation ever....it means so much more now that my dad passed away this year!!

My favorite summer memory is taking our daughter to a local fair and watching her rider her first "fast" ride - she was beyond thrilled! Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

oh my heart, these lines are AMAZING!! my fave summer vacation is the one we just took as a family last month :) a cross-country road trip all over the USA, wherever the road took us, whatever local food delighted us, and best of all, my four children gained a whole new love for the country they were born in... someday, they will, in turn share this experience with their own children!

One of my favorite vacation memories happened this summer when my family went with a friend's family to the beach. We've never taken a family vacation with another family (other than other family members). It was so much fun! She's also a major scrapbooker too, so if I win, I'm planning on sharing with her. :)

Going to Hawaii with no particular agenda to sight-see. I had been to all the touristy places before and spent the week truly relaxing. It was great!

Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

My favorite vacation memory was a few summers ago when we went to texas. we left here and drove through waco texas and stopped at the dr. pepper factory....LOVE and then on to san antonio to sea world! it was THE best!

My favorite vacation memory from my childhood is of camping with my family...catching crawdads, swimming in the lake, and sitting around the campfire...good times!

My favorite summer memories are when I was a kid and my parents would put me on a plane and send me off to spend the summer in Florida with my cousin and her family! I had such fun going shrimping and sailing on the hobie cat with them. Thanks for the chance to win.

Family. Everyone together, looking for and after each others children.
Late nite bonfires and feeling the love.
Summer memoties !!!

It's so hard to pick a favorite! But I love our camping trips to the Smoky Mountains. It's amazing how a simple getaway becomes so much fun for my children.

There's no one memory but I love watching our son when we get to the beach- he has such a great time playing in the sand holes my husband digs and running from waves.

This summers favorite memory will be all the great movies we watched! We had a list and we saw them all!

oh my goodness, what a spread of wonderful AC supplies. My favourite vacation memory is of my son, this last month we introduced a big visual schedule on the wall of what would happen tomorrow. Each day we would put pictures of our plans for the next day for him so see. It has been such a magic tool, all his anxiety is gone because he feels in control. I can't believe what a weight it has taken from our shoulders. I am so grateful for the friend who suggested it to me, it has made the last month the best one all year.

I don't know if my favorite memory really counts as a vacation, since it was just a day trip, but it was just this summer. My husband, girls, dog, and myself went and spent the day on the water. Fishing, picnic, and just spending time together. It was a great little family day. THanks for the chance!

My family went to yeloowstone when I was about 7. It was so much fun and I have always wanted to go back! :)

When I was a kid we went to a lake with cabins and stayed for a week. My sister was pretty little (3?) and went wandering off to the basketball courts. It was a time when we were either at our cabin or my aunt's cabin, so no one was too concerned if someone wasn't always there. (I know this sounds creepy, but it's really not). As soon as my mom realized she was gone there were very nice people bringing her back. She was happy and not scared at all. It is totally like her to 1) be at the basketball courts and 2) be totally comfortable in a strange situation.

On a very long family road trip my siblings and I counted how many semi trucks we could get to honk for us. We also tried to find license plates for all 50 States. We didn't find all 50, but we did find Hawaii! Car trips give time for lots of family bonding.

my favorite vacay memory is meeting up with my high school friends at the outer banks a few years after we graduated - so much fun!

Aside from taking my family to Disney, I'll never forget accomplishing my goal of running a 1/2 marathon for the first time this summer :)

The day my husband proposed to me during our summer vacation in beautiful Norway.

My favourite summer memories are camping with my kids and hubby!! Love getting away from it all and sitting by a campfire in the great outdoors!

Fabulous giveaway! My favorite holiday memory is a trip we took to Disneyland on 4th of July. The parades were fun and the fire works were amazing. Thanks for the chance to win!

When I was little we used to own a boat. My mom, dad, sister and I would load up and head to the lake for the entire weekend. I think we were all happy then. I was about 4 or 5. It's the only time I can remember where my dad and mom seemed to like each other.

Riding the train to the Indiana State Fair on Thursday. My five year old son was in heaven. He also got to ride a pony at the fair and it was just a REALLY good day for him. It was awesome to see how much fun he had :)

My favorite vacation memory was when we went back to the Philippines for my aunt's 50th wedding anniversary. It had been almost 20 years since I went back and it was a fantastic reunion!! Thanks!!

The summer my sister and I went to Paris has to be one of my favorite memories. So much fun!

My favorite memories are from camping this summer. Would LOVE to win these lines to scrap all the memories!

My favourite summer holiday memory would be going camping with my parents every single summer for almost 25 years.

Summer is my favorite season! Our favorite family memories are times at the beach, where we are now for three weeks vacation. We love spending the day taking pictures, swimming and sitting under the umbrella reading and building sandcastles. We love to eat crabs and crabcakes for dinner, then take a walk on the boardwalk. Thanks

my favorite vacation was the first time i took my two girls to Disney World for the first time. We've been 4 times since then.

Whoa! What a great giveaway! I love the margarita line! A favorite memory is going to the AZ white mountains and riding our bikes down a hill that at the time seemed enormous, but it's really not.

Cool! I always really loved going to girls camp in the summers, dorky as it may seem :)

amazing give away! this summer i did a lot of scuba diving...and saw dolphins and so many beauties! wonderful memory...

Taking Naps! School starts next week so those are over for me.

The first time my youngest daughter saw this ocean (just this past week), it is amazing to experience something threw their eyes!

I love Mr. Campy... I bought it all and jut finished our summer vacation 2010 album!

Going to the beach is my favorite vacation memory. One year we went to California and had a blast. We rode the ferry with friends, rode a ferris wheel, and had a fun time. We had such a relaxing vacation at the beach. Every night we went walking, and the fresh air felt amazing.

My favorite is when I was in high school and we drove across the country to Seattle (from MI) to visit my brother. We stopped in Yellowstone along the way and it was just an amazing and epic trip. :-)

WOW! What a prize! It's so hard to pick one favorite summer memory. I'd have to say it was the summer day five years ago that my son was born.

My favorite summer memories are at the cabin - just being able to relax and spend days without video games and TV is awesome!

My favorite summer vacation memory is from last year. I spent a month traveling all over Western Europe and had a blast!

My favorite summer vacation memory is the one we are creating right now. My 3 siblings along with our children have rented a home near our parents at the beach to surprise them with a reunion. It's the first time I have slept under the same roof with my 3 brothers in about 30 years. And my parents are happy they did not have to travel!

my favorite summer vacation memoy is a cross country road trip, following the dave matthews band, and camping along the way:)

OMG, I totally love both of those lines!! My latest favorite summer vaca memory was our hike to a local falls when we were in Hawaii last summer. Beautiful surroundings, a little thrill of jumping in off the cliff and good company.

My son asking for chocolate cake for breakfast on our cruise. and he got it. tickled him to death. He was eight. He told everyone we knew after he got home lol.

My favorite summer vacation memory is hanging out with family in Maine. Thanks for the chance to win. :)

A trip to DisneyWorld when I was a kid, that included 12 immediate and extended family members. We had the best time ever.

My fave memory was a staycation when I was 9 ... it was so much fun, we played tourist for the week, and visited all the local stops.

This year we spent a week in Prescott at my Mom's. My favorite memory from the trip was just spending that time together as a family, Luv that!

On vacation when the kids were little we rented a touring car to drive around and see the sights. It was a tight fit, but the weather was perfect (and there was no bickering). It was so fun.

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