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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I swear there hasn't been a Thickers released that I don't love (and don't have), but the foil and those fonts made me shiver!! Can't wait to get my hands on them!
Alberta, Canada

Hardcover is my favorite thicker font and it now comes in foil???? awesomeness!!!

I love all of these, they are so much fun!

I was looking forward to these! I love glitter but never use it because it gets so messy.

I am just now starting to use Thickers and I think these new ones are just fabulous. Keep up the good work!

Love all of these!!

Oh, wow! These are awesome! Love them!!

LOVE those glitter ones...can't wait to see how they shine up close! :)

Gorgeous! I love them all!

Oh my....YIPEE!!!!! Wonderful new thickers to add to my stash!!!! I love all thickers and buy them all!!!!

You guys totally rock Thicker's and these are no exception. Fantastic!

Oh these are lovely!!!

Thickers are my obsession, and these are just phenomenal! Love them all!

dear thickers:
i love you.
i love your fonts.
i love your finishes.
i love the extra dash of magic you add to my layouts!
thank you for being you!
with love:

Love them!! One can never have too many Thickers

omg, i love the sparkly - be still my heart. just awesome.

These are fabulous! Love the finishes, and I adore the Wisecrack and Hardcover fonts.

Any thickers are awesome! so does the new ones here :)


love, love, love the glitter!

Glitter and shiny stuff are a girl's best friend!

I love using all Thickers, and mixing up the fonts! I love the sparkles!

How fun are these!!! Yes please!!!

I love them! The foil looks fabulous:)

Very fun Thickers!!

I love them both! Can't resist glitter and love the foil!

These are all sooooo cool..... Love them

I love the glitter... well and the foil too. I can't wait to get my hands on them!

I adore thickers (who doesn't) and I particularly love the two caps font sets, love the finish on the foil more colours please :P

OH MY GOSH!! I'm in heaven!! Love love love these new thickers!! Love the glitter and foil!!

eeekkk! love all of these!!!! fingers crossed!! thanks!! :-D

I LOVE them!! I'm a huge fan of Thickers and this is no exception. Wonderful products!! THANKS!

Beautiful colors and that "sentiment" font might just be my new favorite!

Love Thickers (who can resist them??)! And love these fonts - fabulous!

Love the new thickers, I'm a sucker for glitter!

Great additions to the line! I like the glitter but LOVE the foil- fun colors and fonts.

LOVE them all!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Be still my beating heart...the foil thickers are fantastic!!!!!

ohmygosh! ohmygosh! ohMYGOSH! i can't contain myself! when will these hit shelves? I NEEED THEM!!! LOVE you AC for yet another wonderful set of LOVELY thickers! (btw ... thickers = BEST THING EVER!)

These are awesome! Great colors!

Love the sentiment one!

Those Thickers are so awesome....sign me up! :)

OOh, these are so beautiful! I'm loving the glitter ones! So perfect for Christmas creations:)

Love the new thickers. It will be great for holiday cards and layouts.

Wow! Those are fabulous. I always say that everything is better with sparkle and glitter! So true here.

BE STILL MY HEART! I love the Wisecrack font and Hardcover (my current favorite) in foil?!? Awesome!

I love Thickers period, but these are awesome!

I love these, they're great!

I L-O-V-E the foil ones!!!!!

I love the variety of Thickers you guys come up with! Please keep them coming!

Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the fonts on these new sparkly alphabets! The foil are lovely and gold & silver go with everything!

lovely thickers!


i just can't get enough thickers- I think i love them all- i just wish i had more of them

Love them all! But the Foil Sentiment Thickers are my favorite. Love the color and font. Thank you for great products, and a chance to win some.

I have a thing for glitter, and a thing for Thickers... loving the DuoTones!

I love the DuoTone Glitter! So pretty!

Glitter makes everything better! Love them!!

Love the mix of Upper and Lowercase that come with the sparkly sunrise thickers!!

They look great and I'd love to make a layout and a card with those.

I'd like to add sparkle to my life! How nice are these.

the hardcover font looks so great in foil! i love the wisecrack glitter thickers also. :)

Thickers are amazing!!! I gotta say though that the glitter ones are amazing!!!!!! Love the foil ones too!!!

I'm really loving that sentiment font, and the celebrate card! TFS!

WOW!!! These look awesome! Thank you for the chance to win some!!!!

Oh, I love the glitter ones, in particular!!!

*gasp* all that sparkle...and glitter...and foil....so so pretty...
please come and live with me!!!

love the sans serif font, goes with anything, love the foil ones especially

Love the foil thickers!

oh my gosh they are great! Love the colors!

Always great to have another way to add more sparkle & shine to a project - these are all fabulous additions to the Thickers line. Love the Sunrise font.

ooooooo! How fun! These are just what the doctor ordered!

a girl can never have too much sparkle...i love em!!

The fonts are awesome and the colors are fabulous! I can't wait!

Uh oh....looks like my thicker collection will be rapidly expanding. Love them all!

Pretty! Love those fonts!

Love, love, love all glitter!

These Thickers are awesome! Cant wait to get some of these in my hands!!

you can NEVER have too much bling!!! LOVE those foil ones aLOT!!! but I always love any thickers!!!

LOVE them! all things shiny and glittery make me happy :)

I love, love, love Thickers!!!!

That's so brilliant!! Especially these will be match for Christmas!:D:D:D

God, what nice sticker ... Would love to be the owner of these =)

Love thickets! :) Fun contest!

Loving these new ones, but the foil... oh they had me at hello! he he he!!!

Love all of them !!!! Can't choose !!!

You had me at Thickers ;) Never met a Thicker I didnt love :)

Oh my!!!! You and your Thickers are just irresistable! Great job!

lovely colors, so bright and fun!

omg, you've done it again, AC you are the best, love those foil and glittery wonderful thickers! thanks again for the chance to win!

yummy!!!! glitter thickers are the best! more to add to my stash ;)

Those are so cool, love the look of Thickers on my pages!

Ooooohhh!! It is ridiculous how happy new Thickers make me!!! Can't wait to get them all!!

Love them!!

Oooh, I love these! When can I get my hands on them?

I love sparkle and bling...these Thickers are great.

So much fun! Never met a thicker I didn't like!

I really like these. The fonts are great.

Those are cool!

i love the "clean" font styles. Can't wait to get my hands on these!

oh these just get better and better- LOVE the fonts too

Wow! Love them all! You can never have enough Thickers!

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