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Monday, October 24, 2011


I personally won't be dressing up, but I love seeing what the trick-or-treaters do! Well, I will have a glitter covered spider ring to wear. My friend and I made some recently! I'd love to win this fun collection of goodies from you! thanks for the chance!

I go as a witch every year

Angry bird

I don't usually dress up, myself, but at work (I work at a rehabilitation hospital) we will be having crazy Hat day. Staff bring in extra hats to share with the patients, and it turns out to be a really fun day!

I think I'll be the Medusa with snakes in my hair. By the way, saw the Nightfall line on MoxieFab and it is so darn cute!

I absolutely LOVE this collection! I'm not very good about dressing up, but my husband and I have matching afros (his is black mine is blond)that we throw on when needed. :)

I'm going to dress up as a scarecrow this year. I'm loving those cards, ladies!

I will probably use my old devil costume this year. Sometime I can get by with just wearing the horns!
Thanks for the chance to win.

This Halloween is the first one where I am working at a school that allows students and staff to dress up! As a first grade teacher, I am going to keep it simple and dress up as a black cat :)

I'll be putting on an orange wig and very large sunglasses.

I am going to be a nurse this year! Thanks for the chance! andreaniemeier5@gmail.com

I will be a cat this year. The Nightfall line looks awesome. Hope to win it! Thanks!

i don't usually dress up, but I do where pumpking earrings and a pin to show my spirit! thanks for the chance to win!

My son wanted to be Lego Batman so hubby is going to be the Joker and I will be Batgirl. It should be a lot of fun. I LOVE this collection. Thanks for the chance to win it. :)

I'm going to be a Knight's momma :) Thanks for the chance to win!

ew ew pick me... I love this collection.. it is just too fun...

Awesome projects...so adorable..

I don't dress-up in a costume, but I do wear Halloween colors. My girls will be Supergirl and Batgirl this year! Thanks for the chance to win!

I won't dress up. We don't celebrate Halloween in Holland. But I love this line for the fall papers!

I love this line! I'm dressing up as a witch this year!

My husband, children, and I are all dressing as Robin Hood's merry men! I'm so excited!!!

I don't usually dress up, but my husband bought tickets to the band that was Oingo Boingo (without Danny Elfman) this weekend in Long Beach, and the city is trying to beat the world record for a zombie walk?? So I guess whatever I wear, I will have to include a white face and some blood LOL! Don't want to be a party pooper :)

Ooh...love this, especially the Thickers...I don't dress up but am doing the kids as "jessie" from toy story, a butterfly and an escaped convict..were a strange family :)

I'm a party pooper and don't dress up.

I don't dress up myself but my daughter is going as a scary vampire witch and my hubby dresses up as the grim reaper to scare the kids.

I'm only going to be a witch, but I'm super excited about my little girl's Queen of Hearts costume and my son is a minion from despicable me!!

My son is going to be a sack of potatoes, so going with that theme, my dh is going to be a chef that cooks the potatoes and I am going to be the supermarket employee that sell the potatoes!!

I have no idea what to dress for halloween this year! EEKS! need to figure that out :)

I love this collection! I am going to dress up as Supermom! I secretly dress up like this everyday;)

I usually go as a witch, but this year I'm switching it up (my 8 year old said that was boring!) ;o) My 3 year old is going to be a cowboy so I'm going to be a cowgirl.

I likely won't be dressing up, but my daughter thinks that since she is going as Minnie Mouse her Daddy should be Mickey and I should be Daisy. Our dog would be Pluto, of course! LOL Gotta love the mind of an almost-three year old.

This will be our second year in our home (on a small lake in nebraska) so we thought it would be cute to be a fisherman (hubby) and a mermaid (me). Fun times!!

With 5 month old triplets we'll be staying in but plan on doing a photo shoot to show off the costumes their Auntie bought them. Can't wait. Winning this awesome package would be an amazing way to scrap the photos

I don't dress up, but my town is having a big "spooktacular" downtown where all the business decorate in the park and handout candy, so I'm trying to figure out if I want to dress up or not!!

This year I will not be dressing up but my kids will be Superman and Cinderella. They are pretty excited for Halloween.

I would love to win this prize!! Love it.

I will be dressing up as Harry Potter this year!!! Really love that book! Awesome collection love Nightfall!

I don't any halloween-y activities to go to this year, also no husband, no kids so I'll probably just be comfy and cozy while handing out candy and watching scary movies...

I'll be going as a "nerd" this year. Went to goodwill and bought the best outfit $10 could buy. :0) Can't wait! Hee! Hee! {snort}

For the annual Halloween costume party that we attend, I will be dressing up as a flapper and my husband as a gangster.

vestire de calabaza con los niños de mi clase

wow, girls your work is stunning! totally love the Halloween (keep my out of the drawing obviously Paige :)

I either wear a witches hat or rabbit ears every year. This looks like such a fun collection for the Fall/Halloween. Thanks.

I love halloween! My kids love halloween! We had our pumpkin festival in town this week so have already dressed up once...my dd bday is tomorrow and she is having a halloween birthday party they school halloween parade then finally halloween. I end up with so many pictures!! Me, I opt for easy...witch. My two little ones soon to be 7 and 8 are going as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Thanks for a chance to win my favorite line of the season! I really love those stamps!!!!

Love all the orange in this line! I don't dress up as it's usually enough for me to help my kids and get the housed dressed up.

Well...I've been in a house for the past four years that never gets trick-or-treaters, my work is not dress up friendly and I'm not invited to any Halloween parties this year, so I won't be dressing up! Bummer. However, I love the NightFall line and would still love a chance to win!

I'm going to be a black cat....one is never to old to dress up and have some fun.
Can't wait to scrapbook the pics....love this line

I'm dressing up as a scarecrow this year!

after dressing up my three i usually put something together from what's left. last year it was Frankinstein. Great range of halloween goodies.

I am going to be a Greek Goddess!

I am a witch (for several years, I really need to get a different one).

great projects!!!!

I'm going to go as a skeleton and I'm sooo excited!!!!

I am not dressing up this year but my kiddos are excited. I have a zombie and a pirate here

Witches and pirates in our house! I love love love Nightfall.

I've already been to a halloween party this year and I dressed as a fortune teller! this line would be PERFECT to scrap the pictures I took at the party!

I'm thinking a bumble bee! I run a 5k called the Great Pumpkin Fun Run every year and everybody dresses up! But it means the costume has to be easy to move in

I don't dress up any longer. Kids are grown and no grand babies yet! :)

I made myself a poodle skirt to wear to work on Halloween! I'm so proud....it's the first thing I've sewed (other than scrapbook pages) in about 20 years! I can't wait to wear it!

I'm just going to wear a Halloween shirt and hair bow. My kids are going to be Batman, both of them. :)

I would love to pull out my 60s outfit for this Halloween!!!

I won't be dressing up, but giving out lots of treats. I love this collection. Thanks for the chance to win.

Love Halloween and I always dress up...i'm a kid at heart. So this year i'm going as the sundrop chick "drop it like it's hot"!!!

Haven't figured out a costume for me yet, but I've got kids going as a pumpkin, dragon, witch, and Tinkerbell.

I won't be dressing up this year but, my son (13) will be Shaggy from Scooby Doo and my daughter (10) will be an 80's chic!

I'm planning on dressing up as a Sim. Simple enough & I don't have to buy a costume, I can just make it from clothes I have. Love this line, thanks for the chance to win!

I just {heart} this collection! Halloween is sooo much fun! I love to see all the little ones all dressed up that they can hardly walk ... it's tooo cute! My little munchkins will be a robot and a little blue monster. I am still undecided ... hmmm! Thanks for a FAB giveaway!

i'm probably going to be a witch, super easy and fun make up is always a plus.

I am going as a sexy witch!

I'm planning on being a 50's carhop gal - minus the skates!

My 3 year old daughter is going to be Foofa (from Yo Gabba Gabba). I finished making the costume yesterday. My youngest daughter (8 months) and I will both be going as Foofa's flowers. Not sure if the husband will come through as DJ Lance Rock! Ha! it should be fun.

This year I am going to be a damsel in distress, at my 5 year old's request. He will be a knight. Our son wanted Daddy to be a dragon, but I've run out of time (and skill!) to make that costume, so he'll be a king.

I'm not much of a "dresser-upper" so I'll just go as myself!

I won't be dressing up but my son is going to be a fireman. He is totally pumped about the water spraying backpack that he gets to wear with his outfit! :)

I am going as an awesome Mommy! ;) My girlies are going to be a barbie pirate and a blue la la loopsy doll! :) Love this collection,thanks for the chance!

We don't dress up usually - though our daughter will be a witch again - she's obsessed! (but not possessed!)

My husband and I went to a party this past Sat. We went as couch potatoes. I had a nightgown and teddy bear slippers on, had bed head, and carried cellphone pillow and coffee mug.

I don't usually dress up but this year I might fashion a green diamond above my head somehow and be a SIMS person. I thought that would be cute. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

I'm bad. I don't dress up, although I think it's fun. I'm too busy with my own son and handing out candy to give much thought to a costume of my own. It's sad...

a witch!

Fabulous projects!!!

I am dressing up as the Mommy who is taking her 5-year-old dressed in a cat costume trick-or-treating!!

Love the lines ...:D ... Going to be "Cinderella" the Drew B from Ever After. Made the dress ... working on the wings!!!

We are going to dress up as a family: Scooby Doo theme. I'll be Velma. Our boys are Scooby, Shaggy, & Fred. Hubs will be Old Man Jenkins.

My 10 month old daughter is going as a black kitten with a bright pink bow on her cat ear. If we decide to take her to a party, I will go as a witch since then she'd be my familiar.

I will be a witch this year!

I don't dress up anymore, but sometimes put on a witch hat to pass out the candy.

I'm going to be mini mouse, my 2 boys mickey and dad will be pete! :D

I will be Cookie Monster!!! Maybe I should bake home made cookies!!

Dorothy, from "The Wizard of Oz".

I'm so excited for a chance to win this spectacular collection!! My hubby and I are going as honeymooners - dressing up in the Hawaiian garb we bought on our honeymoon nearly 5 years ago! And it all still fits - yay!! :)

I dress up to hand out candy....nothing scary...just to have fun. This year I'm rockin it '80's style...big hair!!

I am dressing up as pumpkin pie (an orange shirt with the pi symbol on the front)!
I am loving this collections!!
Thank you for the chance to win it :)

I'm not dressing up this year, but I'm trying to find a cute costume for my furbaby! :) Great projects!

since ill be working on halloween, i wont have the chance to "dress up", so i plan on wearing cat ears all day :)

fantastic line, love that you can mix it for more than just halloween too. we have a pirate, werewolf and funky witch in the house this year

mickey mouse!

Love the projects, especially the embellishment border you made on the layout. Thank you for a chance to win, Im dressing up as a witch.

I'm not dressing up this year, but my boys are both going to be Star Wars characters! :)

I'm planning on making my husband and I costumes so we can dress up as the Red and Yellow M&Ms... Now if I can only find some white leggings at this time of the year!

I won't be dressing up...just a embellished orange tee with jeans for me. My boys are both Iron Man though...I think it's cute they wanted to be the same super hero. (plus it helped that Costco only had that one left in their sizes :) )

let's see, I was thinking of wearing a tiara while trick-or-treating, and playing "queen" to my 4 year old's princess, but we'll see if I can't come up with something a bit more creative than that between now and then :)

My Halloween dressing up is limited to an orange shirt and a pumpkin necklace. This is a really cute paper collection. Thanks for a chance to win.

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