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Monday, November 21, 2011


I reall don't have anything on my list for Christmas...so...I will just say that I would love to win the Hollyday line for Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration today.

I would like to have world peace for Christmas, but scrapbook supplies are nice, too! :-) Wonderful line BTW!

scrapping supplies of course! thanks for the chance to win this great line!!

i would like to have a new DSLR camera for Christmas. If I can win this, that will be very awesome. Thanks for giving us a chance to win this.

I would love to get a big boatload of AC product!

I want a sewing machine and Barnes and Noble gift cards to buy Nook books! Thanks for the chance!

I would love to score a tablet for Christmas. It would be nice to have my blog inspiration on the go!

I would like a tablet so I can take all the blogs that inspire me on the go!

I'm asking for a bunch of stuff for Project Life! I'm really excited to start on that in January!

I would love a new digital camera for Christmas!!! I have been on the nice list this year, so hopefully Santa will bring one!

I would love a die cutting machine and a nice warm black coat.

Wonderful layouts! I've been scrappin' last years christmas photo's and getting in the mood for some new product!

I would love a ticket to the AC warehouse sale! Really, I just want a happy healthy family and time to spend with them. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

I am excited to spend sometime with some of grandchildren over the Christmas holidays since I don't get to see them but a few times a year, that will be a fabulous Christmas gift. TFS [email protected]

my list is quite short...my wish list is a pair of boots, a Ravens tshirt and an iPad even though I know that's not in the budget this year!

What a scrapper want for Christmas...? Of course more scrappy stuff. And this year...I wish for a complete PROJECT of LIFE kit!
Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

For Christmas I want a Polaroid.

I really don't know what I want..so some yummy new scrappy goodies would definitely hit the spot!! Thanks for the chance!

I really want a new camera for Christmas! And thank you for the chance to win a beautiful new line.

awesome projects. My wish list are mostly paper crafting supplies :)

I haven't thought yet anything for Christmas... lots of supplies for scrap!!!!

I want a Keurig Coffee maker for those long scrappy nights :-) Thanks for the opportunity to win

I want to get an embossing machine for Christmas. I have been drooling over the Vagabond, but it's more likely that I'll end up with a Cuttlebug...meets the need and gives us a little extra cash in the pocket to make the holidays more fun for the kiddies.

I am asking for a new point-n-shoot camera for christmas...my dslr is just too bulky to bring everywhere!

I want an embossing machine. I'm the only person in the crafting world who doesn't have one.

I would like some misc. scrappy goodness :)

I would LOVE a Vagabond and some goodies that go with it. Dream on....

My wish list includes a paper cutter with a laser light so I can tell exactly where it will cut.

Well since you asked & maybe you could pass it along to Santa maybe? I'd LOOOOVE A Kelly Moore Photography bag. I wanted one for my Bday but the Bday fairy didn't get around to me this year .. so maybe I'll have more luck w/Santa? I am currently using a baby bag as my camera bag.. hmm did I mention my "baby" is 4 now :)

On my list are a new camera and the new Silhouette Cameo...just 2 tiny little wishes lol
This collection is the cutest, thanks for the chance to win it!

I would love love love an iPad. And some more lovely AC goodies :)

A new paper trimmer!

I want the Harry Potter 8-disc set! And more crafting supplies, of course.

A Cameo is definitely on my list!

for christmas this year, i want a sewing machine......i have stock pile of tons of projects i would like to start plus sewing on layouts.

I want some time with my dh w/o the kids--tropical island optional!

I haven't really been able to think of anything I want for Christmas this year- I have so much; I just want my family to be happy and healthy this year.

I would love a Le Crueset dutch oven. And new floors. Some day!

I don't really want nothing special, maybe more time to scrap... and lot of supplies =)

I would like an e-reader I think! I've been looking at those but would like it to have the internet as well! :) Merry Christmas! What a fun collection!

I love this collection. I've been searching for a full-time job for a while now. What I really want for Christmas is a job. However, I think something better to wish for would be that all of the servicemen and women serving our country stay safe and out of harm's way. I truly wish they could all spend the holidays with their families. That would be an amazing gift!

Scrapbook stuff is on my list!! And I'd LOVE AMERICAN CRAFTS!

I want a safe and healthy delivery of our little girl for Christmas! We are so excited for her to arrive!

I want that new instamatic camera!

I want health and happiness of course. But I have also asked Santa for several AC cloth covered D-ring albums of course for all my layouts!

Thanks for the chance to win this cool retro line!

I would like some fun scrapbook supplies for Christmas! YAY!

Great traditional line! For Christmas... it really isn't a robust list- basically just a GC to the LSS so I can pick up fun stuff as it comes in.

I would love a Fuji Instax camera for christmas. Love this line..have been eyeing it but havent ordered any yet.

The Holiday line is adorable! I love the traditional colors and the retro feel!

oooohhhh!!!! *imagine the pitch going up* :-P

I want a ipad!

I would love a Silhouette Cameo and a photo printer. This line is amazing.

I want a Canon DSLR for Christmas... Maybe Santa will think I was extra nice and bring me one... Or some yummy new scrappy supplies would be nice too...

I want a new iPhone! I think I'm the only person in America who hasn't had one yet! lol

I just want my kids to be happy and healthy for Christmas. "Santa" also already ordered a new pair of work out sneakers :)

Lovely collection - thanks for the chance to win :)

I will have my first trip to USA in January, to go to the CHA show actually, some money to spend on the trip would be great :D

For Christmas this year, I'd love to have a professional organizer come in and fix my basement craft area to make it useful and manageable!

I would love a small TV for my craft studio so I can watch my favorite shows while I get creative!

Carol B

There's not much that I want for Christmas. Maybe a new pair of running shoes and some gift cards to some of my favorite stores. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

I am hoping for a new set of hair rollers and my craft room painted :)

I have a long crafty wishlist, but I'd give it all back if I could get one more year with my Dad.

I'd love a Silhouette for Christmas! Love these layouts, and the colors in Hollyday are just gorgeous!

I would jump to the ceiling if I could have an awesome DSLR camera!

Absolutely beautiful! I would love a die cutting machine for Christmas!

Fabulous projects by Mandy!!! I haven't really given my wish list a thought yet. Hmmmm...a trip to CHA Winter would be fun!

Some great photos of our family for me to scrap would make the best Christmas gift!

I really want a steam mop. Really.

I would love to get an iPad

I very much would like the new Silhouette Cameo! I got to play with the original Silhouette at a scrap retreat this past summer and loved it! so now I would like to try and own the Cameo! thanks for this opportunity to win this very cool line by AC! blessings!

I want new albums for all by scrapbook pages. I have over 100 pages that need to be put into albums and about 200 pages that I need to move from old albums to nice new color coordinated ones.

I definitely want and need a new printer. That's what's on my Christmas list. Thanks for a chance to win this cool Christmas line.

For Christmas I'd love to have job security. If I cannot have that any scrappy supplies are good.

I'm really needing and wanting a gently used car, winters are brutal here! But I'll settle for scrap goodies! :D Thanks for the chance!

i'd like more of my favourite perfume (just ran out) and of course some crafty scrappy stuff is always welcome!!!

I would love a new camera and a Gordon Ramsey cookbook! And of course to be a winner for this give a way so that I can share it with my sister! Thanks for the chances!

I love this collection! I want an embossing machine!

I don't want much, just an iPad! Lol!
Thanks for the chance to win this pretty new holiday line!

love this line! I can't believe it's that time of year already. I think Santa can bring me anything crafty and I'll be happy.

What do I want for Christmas? THICKERS! And a new Signo Uni-Ball White Pen. And to win this awesome giveaway! :)

I want to win this for Christmas! I really don't have anything on my list this year my only concern is that my kids have a great Christmas and I will be happy:)

This year I'm not asking for much, I really want the Wii Zumba game.. I just can't get enough of my zumba!!! but our baby is due 10 days before Christmas, so as long as the baby is healthy, that is a good enough present for me.

I want Project Life by Becky Higgins!

I really just want TIME... time with my husband to relax and snuggle and time with my family to enjoy their company!


I really want a 50 1.4 Canon lens... that's my dream gift right now.

What do I want for Christmas?!?! Well, I would love this Hollyday collection!!!!

Actually, the only thing I want for Christmas is to spend it with my family and watch my daughter enjoy the holiday. I don't get gifts anymore.

I'd love a new camera for Christmas...that and world peace, of course!

I love the cute elves in this line!

i want to be with my family, sharing the joy of chritsmas! i rather it more than a material stuff

I've got lots of crafting stuff on my wish list this year.

I dream of owning the Silhouette Cameo. :)

For Christmas I want a cricut.

Oh my!! I would like an IPhone 4s! Who doesn't? LoL. But this collection under my tree would make me smile just as big!

Quiero una cámara instatánea please!!!!!

I want a Silhouette! It's so not gonna happen but a girl can dream right? ;)
- April W

I don't have anything on my list for Christmas...my hope is that my children have a magical one! They are getting close to that age where they find out (maybe 2 more years) so I want each one to be special!! My dd wants fairy wings. You know, the real ones that will make her fly. She has been trying to decide if she wants the kind that shrink her down to "fairy" size or to stay her size...All that being said, anything scrapbook related would make me happy on christmas morning!! Thanks for the chance to win!

I would like to have a plane ticket to go see my family in South America, perhaps the AC Christmas Collection will make me feel great!
I'm sure it will, because I love it!

I'm hoping for a new camera for Christmas. My birthday is on Christmas day too! Thanks for the chance to win.

I am dying for a new lens for my SLR! Thanks for the chance to win!

That is easy! I want this entire collection! Thank you for the chance to win it!

some delicious hot chocolate that is sugar free. sadly I have yet to discover yummy sugar free hot chocolate but that is what I want for Christmas!

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