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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


These are so wonderful! I actually just finished up a birthday layout using a garland!

this is so cool! love this idea!

How adorable - what a great idea. I'd love to string these up all over my house! And they are the perfect scale for card-making too.

Those are adorable!! Would be great to use on birthday layouts!

Great idea!!


How awesome are these?! What an ingenius way to mass-produce and sell these...love the format and the variety of shapes here. My favorite so far is the butterflies and the hearts...can't wait to see these in person!

Lovelovelove!!! I love putting them on my scrap pages & cards I make!

How cool are these?! Definitely could use them in my layouts, and I wish there was a holiday one (although could possible do something with that butterfly one) so I could use it as a garland for a mini tree. Love these!

What a fantastic idea! Might have to put these on my letter to Santa!

Amazing idea x

This would look great on an artist tray wall hanging!

These look amazing!

LOVE!!!! I would love to try these on my cards and LO's!! Awesome creation!!

So cute! Love the stars!! I would use these on so many of my layouts.

Fabulous, I would use them to add that added extra to a layout and they would make life so much easier, no more fiddling to get the pieces exactly the same size! Well done AC

These are adorable!!! I would use these for any celebration pages or celebration of every day moments. What a cool idea!

This is one of the best paper crafting inventions yet! Takes all of the guess work out of adding banners to projects. Love it!

Adorable and a freaking great idea!Great thinking AC!

So fun! Thanks for the chance!

Great idea! Ingenious actually!

So cool! This would be fun to decorate a cake (have seen these online- strung on 2 sticks - looks so cool!). Can't wait to pick these up!

I love these! Such a great idea.

yeah great idea, those one are beautiful!!!

they are so cute! love premade goodies like that since they save me tons of time!

OMG! I have to have these! I love the look of banners but I am hopelessly uncreative when it comes to making them ... please help me get a fantastic banner look! Thank you!

Those are AWESOME!!! I have to have those in every style!!

Love, love, love these! Best new product I've seen in awhile!

Oh wow, these are really neat! Love the ideas on how to best use them!

Definitely adorable!

How super FUN are these going to be!!!

I'd like to use them on cards but they would be super cute in a dollhouse too.

These would be so cute for cards!

These are adorable!! I'd love to use them for cards!

oh yea, I like those a lot!!

How cute are they?!?

ok, I so need that gorgeous heart garland!!!!
daniellehigginbottom at hotmail dot com

What a fantastic idea!

One of the best new ideas ever! Can't wait to "pop" them off the page and use them on my cards.

Eeeek! These are fabulous!

This is just what I need for my banner addiction! Totally awesome!

Love, love, love all things AC and these are no exception! Amazing!

OMG! These are so super cute!

What an awesome idea! And such a time saver to use on layouts, cards, altered canvas...etc. Thanks for the chance to win!

These look like so much fun!!!

ohhhhh so excited for these! No more cutting out each little Dear Lizzy flag by hand!

Very nice idea!! I would use them to give an extra surprise inside cards. When you open the card you would have a mini banner hanging inside. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Wow, these look amazing. I would love to add them to the cards I make and I would also love to decorate with them. They'd be so cute as a cake topper, etc.

These are amazing!! Can't wait to try them myself!!! Love, Love, Love the cupcakes and hearts!

Ooh I love them! I would def use for title banner at least but maybe get more creative too :-)

Loooooove these.
Endless posibilities !!
Bring them on.....creative thoughts galore.

Very clever! I particularly like the idea that they would store flat.

Wow, these look so cool and easy to use! I would love to try these out in scrapbooking or for creating wall art for my son or newborn's room!

Have to hyave those! What a great product!

Some bunting for boys - hooray!

These are great! I will definitely be buying some for cards and layouts!

These will make it so easy to add to layouts!

How stinkin cute are these!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great idea! They look really lovely... and they're perfect for all layouts!

I love the look of banners on layouts. These are super cool!

these are amazing, can't wait to start using them on layouts and cards

So cute! Would love to use these on my pages. Growing up, I'm sure I would have used them to decorate my doll house.

Great idea! These will be great for layouts and cards!

These are soooooo cute! I would use them on all my layouts! They save time, they are colorful, and look like a lot of fun to work with.

What a fantastic product! I need some of these!

So cute!!! Love banner's!!!

how cute are these? they would be fun to decorate my blah cubicle walls at work. :)

They are just so lovely! They really look awesome on the LOs featured. Definitely love to have them.

Love how it's draped in the Mom's Helper layout - I would do that a lot! Love these!

ooh, I love these! And fantastic samples too. I'd use these in layouts and cards for sure, and they'd probably sneak their way into a little home decor too - so fun for a birthday party!

This is a fabulous idea. So far, the garland-type stickers where at most 12" long and could not be used to make a "proper" garland along a 12" by 12" layout. I also love the opportunity to layer them over to create texture and lots of visual interest. Kudos for this new and creative product!

Omgosh! I LOVE these!!!!

What a great idea. I love banners of all kinds!

I'll have to look for these so I can see them up close and personal. Thanks for the opportunity, too.

How cute. They look so easy!!

OMG! I love, love, love banners and love the idea of not having to make them for my cards and layouts! So clever!

Those woudl be fabulous to outline shapes with! Stars, hearts...the sky would be the limit! Awesome.

These are awesome! I'd love to make a birthday card with these!

These are amazing!!! I absolutely LOVE using banners on my layouts and cards so these are definitely going on my wishlist. :)
- April W

Those are so stinkin' adorable. i love them.

Wow, thise are amazing!!!!

Would love to use these on cards! What a great idea!

I LOVE these! These would be great decoration on cakes.

These banners are so cute! Would love to use them for my gal's birthday decor and invites in January.

What a GREAT idea. I would use them for scrapbook layouts and cards!!!

I love the hearts... and the pennant flags... swoon.. can't wait to get some of these

Such an awesome new product. Can't wait to see them in stores. Even better if I could win some. Thanks for the chance.

I'd use all of it to finish my scrapbook for 2009 - I'm a little behind!

I LOVE the Little One Layout. The banners are genius!

Great product.
Can you imagine what you can make with these goodies.
Thanks for the heads up.

These are so fabulous. I'd use them on my scrapbook pages and on my cards, maybe decorate my girls room with them. They look like lots of fun.

Oh my those are cute! I'd use them on birthday cards and scrapbook pages!

Great idea! So cute and versatile.

OOOOOO MMMMMM GGGG! I can NOT Wait to get my hands on these! This is so freaking fantastic! Thanks for creating such great products!

love these.
so many usages !!!

WOW these look AWESOME.... I don't use my sewing machine on paper so I so want these... Where can I buy them!!!!!

totally adorable! I would love the chance to win these, thanks!

They look really cute and adorable.. Good job from Camera holsters

I think this is an AWEsome idea! I've tried sewing little triangles together but am really bad at it...and I love the different banner shapes you've come up with! I'd definitely use these on my pages and cards.
Great way to fill our needs, AC!!

I would use them on cards,tags,and pages. There are lots of possiblities. So excited to be able to use these. What a great idea.

I would use these for scrapbook pages or even cards! Thank you for the opportunity!

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