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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Awesome idea!!! Can't wait to get some!!

I would love these for card making

These would be so cute on cards!!!

I love these! I would use them on scrapbook layouts and cards.

Carol B

Cute! Ready-to-use is great!

These would be great in card making! Thanks for the chance to win!

I would use them on cards and scrapbook pages, of course...but I might use them on co-workers bulletin boards for celebrations as well!

I love this idea too! I'm a bit of garland addict and this makes it so easy! You're always creating such amazing new products!!!

These are totally awesome! I love using banners on my pages, so the mini-garlands are a true must-have for my layouts!

These would be so great to use to whip up a quick card!

This is awesome!!!! i would use it to embellish even more my pages!!! AC ROCKS

Great idea!. I love this!


How cute! Definitely saves on cutting time, and I love the fun designs.

Adirei esta novidade!!!! Estou ansiosa para experimentar.

These are cute! I would use these on my handmade cards!

This is so cool and FUN. LOVE it! Thanks.

That's cute!

What a cool idea!

What an awesome idea!!! I love how they are strung together and not just sticky labels! I can see myself using them on cards and LOs, along with altered projects like picture frames!

what an AMAZING idea!!! I would love to win these!

Oh I am loving banners right now. What a great idea to make them easier to use! I would layer several banners for a real festive look on my pages.

love all of these.....i love putting banners on my layouts!

this is cool. love it.

I love the banner look on scrapbook pages, but they are labor intensive. This looks like a great solution!

These are AWESOME! They would be perfect for all of my scrapping and cardmaking needs! And it would save me some time hand-cutting banners out of paper.

What a fantastic idea! I just love these!

Adorable! I would use them on all my layouts + cards, but I would even string some of them across my desk area- too fun!

Super cute! Would love them on layouts and cards!

I would use them on my layouts!

Awww...how cute! Never saw something like this before! Thanks for the chance to win!

These are so cute : - ) Can't wait to show them to our group at our crops : - )

Oh my what a super-cute idea! I would love to drape those beautiful garlands on my scrapbook pages - lovely banners!!

wow, i love this idea because making them yourself takes so long. i would definately use them on layouts and cards. sweet.

Love the idea of these instead of ribbon on my layouts! Another great product :)

love 'em, love 'em, love 'em

Amazing! I'd love to try them.

Love these. I would use them on cards and scrapbooking. Looks awesome and sounds easy.

Love these! I would use it to decorate a mini branch tree that I decorate for each holiday. The hearts would be great for Valentines Day!

I would use them on cards!

These look fabulous! Would love to use then on cards, pages, and more!

These are so neat! I do challenges every week and lots of them have been having banners lately...I suck at banners, this is a great way to put them on a page without having to struggle as much as I usually do! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!!

Love to use on a scrapbook for my cousin

These are adorable! I love the look of banners on my layouts and cards! Thanks for a chance to win some!

Wow!! So many ideas are running through my head, from cards to layouts. Just had a baby shower for my neice and used banners for the Welcome Baby sign and decoratives on all the favours, these would be a perfect addition to her baby album too, oh I can't wait to get some!!!

Fun, fun idea!! Thanks!

One of my favourite ways to use bunting at the moment is to have it beneath the photo's instead of a strip of paper it looks really nice :)

These are awesome!! I can see lots of ways to use them in my crafting. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Wow! I can see lots of uses for these on my scrapbook pages. Thanks for the chance to win!

These are so cute!!! Will see if I can hunt me some down ;)

You guys are BRILLIANT! These are amazing!

o, yes!! they are brilliant!!

Love them! A different way for scrap...

they look so beautiful- I would adore to win those- how to use them? so many ways- cards- LOs my daughter's room

These flutterbys look super cool. Thanks for a chance to win.

What a very cool idea!! I love that you can get so much use out of them and have the freedom to choose your size. The designs are adorable as well! I love that AC is always trying new things. Thanks!

have so many ideas to do with them! :D

Seeing them in a spiral like that makes me think of flowers, but I think they could be really versatile! Lined up on cardstock instead of patterned paper, as borders, etc.

Genius! I live these and have to gave them for my daughter's first birthday.

How cute! Such a great idea!

Perfect for framing photos!

amazing baners! I need to try it in my x'mas cards!

This Has got to be the greatest crafting idea ever. No more sewing all those tiny pieces. You did all of the work for us! I love it!

I would use it on my layouts and cards especially but it would be great in decorating too! Way to go American Crafts!

super super cute. love them. they would be great for birthday parties!

I absolutely love these - can't wait to try them

These are so great. TFS and a chance to win.

OOOH ... what a fabulous idea! I would definitely use them on cards and on decorating for parties!

Fantastic, great product!

Love them to pieces - thanks for the chance to win :)

What a cool idea! in addition to LOs and cards, these would look great wrapped around gifts.

So cute. I like all the banners.

Super cute! They add the perfect finishing touch to all kinds of projects.

These are great, looks like a lot in each package too :) I especially like the stars and hearts ;) Thanks for the chance to win!

Genious! Once again you have made a must have product! THX!

adorable, a great time saving embellishment!!

So cool!! What a great idea and makes it so easy to have a happy banner on your page. Love this fun innovative idea!! Thanks for introducing such an awesome product!!
xoxo, Christine

I love the triangle banner and the hearts! These would be perfect for scrapbook layouts or even for quick gift wrapping.

this is just amazing!

Such a cool idea and gorgoeus samples too!

I simply adore the word Flutterby! :0) Such a sweet concept too!

Awsome! SO cute!

What a wonderful way to add a banner to a layout and one I could even manage :-). All these get new ideas to make things easier are such a joy for those of us whose arthritis is a limiting factor in our creativity. A product like this makes adding a WOW factor to layouts for much easier....thank you.

I love these ... I love the idea and I would totally like to try them out!

I LOVE these!!! They are amazing! I want to decorate my office cubby with them. That would make the long day there so much better!!!!!

I love it! It'll save me some time! How great are these?!? Thanks for the chance to win some!

These are ingenous. Holy cow, I'm in love

These look like a lot of fun and cute to use!

Carla from Uah

These would be adorable on a small, themed Christmas tree, or used to decorate a buffet table!
I sure do wish there was a Christmas one!

cute! They would look cute strung up between 2 skewers as a cake topper! I made one out of bakers twine & washi tape and it was a hit!

What a cool idea.

Love them!


These will definitely go on my must-have list!!

Wow I have to have these!! They look like super fun!!

Awesome idea! I love banners and would totally use that those stars on a page of my son as a baby~!

These are so so cute!! I can't wait to try them.

Very cute!

I known I'm too late for the contest, but still, I wanted to tell you I much adorable I find your new mini-little-banners.

what a great idea!!! thanks for the chance!!

good gravy - I want these - what a creative idea! Hope to win.

These are great!!

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