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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I really love the wavy . . . seems like I use the straight the most just because thats the only one my current cutter has. I can see LOTS of wavy edges in my future :)

Looks like a great new trimmer. Love the scallops.

This looks like a great trimmer.I really like the scallops. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Perf is my favorite---it's different!
I could so use a new trimmer---thanks for the chance

Excellent - i want the scallop edge.

Oh, wow! I'd love to use them all, but especially the scallop edge!! Thank you so much for the chance!

That looks so cool! Love that it locks the paper in place. I think the percent is what I would try first. Fun video too!

oh wow!!!! i love how that tool works!!! great video!!! Id love to try the scallop, great variety on the blades!!!!

I prefer the scallop blade..

It is such a cool tool. I would love to try ther perf blade.

I think the scoring is pretty cool!

Would love to give this trimmer a try! Really like all the blades and would use them all, but loving the pinking.

I love the pinking blade - just like my grandma used to use when she sewed!

WOW, I am so impressed!! I love the scallop blade the best I think, but really, I could see myself using every blade!!!

I think that I would use the scallop blade the most if I owned one of the Cutup Trimmers. But I can also see the score blade getting quite a workout. This cutter will for sure be put on my wish list!
Happy New Year.

Scallop blade - but straight is probably the most used.

I am in heaven, I use border punches on everything and that trimmer would make my job sooo much easier, I am loving the variety of blades but would have to say the scallop is my fav!

Wow, this is seriously so cool!! I'd say my favorite is the wave, but they all look great! I love how the blades are stored in the trimmer!

That looks like a really good trimmer. It's nice that the blades are hidden so you can't get cut. I most want to try the pinking blade.

What a cool trimmer! I'd love to try it! I'd want to try the pinking blade :)

I love rotary cutters-this one looks so nice. I would love to try the scalloped blade for sure.
Beautiful design with this cutter.
Thanks for a chance.
Happy New Year

Scallops for me too :) Although I know I would use the straight cut the most. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Love the scallop blade!!!

The Score blade would be awesome for making cards and the Cutup looks like it cuts so effortlessly.

score blade for me!!! i dont have a scoring pad thingee and want one...but if i got this one I would have a new trimmer AND a score blade!!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

though can i add how excellent those other blades sound too!!!
cant wait till they hit the shops in NZ

What a great tool! I love them all but that pinking blade is awesome!!

OHHH! I've seen this video around the web-I can't wait to get one of these trimmers! I def. can't wait to try the scallop blade! THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

Love the pinking blade. This trimmer is awesome! I love the way the blades quick-change.

What a great rotary trimmer!!! Love how the blades are interchangeable! My favorite is the pinking one!!!

Wow! I love this and would try out the scallop one first!

I love the wavy, but they all look great!!

I am in the need for a new trimmer.. just keep holding out for a really great one... and I think this might be it. I love the scallops too!

i can't decide between perf and pinking. oh the thought of a straight pinking line without using shears, :swoon:

I'd love to try the scallop! This looks like a great trimmer.

oooh! I love the scallop edge! Thanks!

ooo.. tough choice - either pinking or scallops for me!!! Looks like a great tool!

I'm a sucker for scallops!

Woow this trimmer looks really so fabulous!!

Besides the straight edge, which I'd use all the time, I love the scallop edge!

Great idea!! I really like the scallop blade!

I was just today searching online for a paper trimmer that has a scoring blade. I can think of lots of uses for that.

ohh...very cool! I really love the scallop edge. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the straight and scallop blades! I also love the fun music to the video. Thanks for the chance to win!

Like them all 7 cause 7 is my lucky number :)
Greetings from Holland.

Love the straight blade, have yet to find a rotary trimmer that gives a really good straight cut! Love this!

I would love to try the scallop blade, scallops are always my favourite!

Great, great, great!



Wow! That's a lot all in one trimmer. I'm really intrigued by the perf blade, but the decorative one looks really cool too.

Would love a decent trimmer that cuts through multiple pages at once - all blades look great - love the look of Perf most as it looks quite different!

Wow that looks like an awesome trimmer. I think I would like to try the perf blade.That is one I have not seen before!

This looks like a great trimmer! i would like to try all seven blades- they all look very useful! Love how the blades store on the trimmer- brilliant!
I am constantly in search of the perfect paper cutter and I think I may have found it!

Oh how I would love this trimmer! My fave is the scallop then comes the pinking. Of course you have to have the straight. Please pick me :) Thank you for the chance.

I am loving the wave blade. Very cool piece of equipment!

WOW .... this cutter is very cool. I really like the scallop edge. It seems very easy to use & offers precise cutting. Thanks so much for the demo & I'll keep my fingers crossed that I may get to use it. Cheers :)

Cool. I like the wave.

Looks like a really great trimmer! I would love to try the score blade.

I love the pinking blade. But if you would like to know my favorite thing about the Cutup Cartridge Trimmer it is that not only does it come with 7 blades! The blades store in the trimmer! How cool! Everyone that is a scrapper knows that it is so hard to find places to store our supplies. This is fantastic! You've thought of everything. Love Love Love it!!!

I need the score!!! I really need a score!Thank you so much for this chance to win!!!!

definitely the scallops!! :)

Love to try the scallop and the perf blade

Love how it can cut multiple cardstock paper :) no mOre one at a time.

Oh, I would love to try that perf cut - what fun to make tear-off coupons, etc. Thanks so much for the chance!!

Looks awesome. I like the scallop blade. These look great. Thanks.

scalloped blade is my favorite. thank for giving us a chance to win.

Awesome! I have one right now, but my only complaint is that it doesn't have the ruler that comes out from the side so it only goes to 7 inches and I need more than that a lot of the time and I hate placing a ruler OVER the top and then cutting again! So this is GREAT and I love the interchangeable blades! The decorative one is beautiful!

I love this trimmer! I think I want to try the preferation blade the most:)

I like scallop! Thanks!

OMG! This is the perfect tool for me and my favorite blades are the scallop and score. YaY! WHAT A GREAT TOOL!

Ooooh....so in love! scallop is my fave!

Oh my goodness!! This is amazing! I love the scallop blade!! Amazing!

Love that scoring blade to bits! Fabulous!

Wow! This is BEYOND cool!! I love that scallop blade!

Looks like a great new trimmer. I love the scallop blade!

I love the pinking blade best. Thanks for the chance to win!

Pinking blade is my fav. Very cool tool.

Nifty! Love the scallop blade!

omg where can I get one of these. I have to have. trimmers are my weakness. i have a few and just can't find one that makes me completely happy.

Scallop edges are my favorites but the pinking edge is nice too. Looks like a nice trimmer. Thanks for a chance to win.

Well, I'm extremely impressed with how all the blades are housed within the cutter! I would love to try the score blade, however, just to be able to test them all would open up a world of creations! Pick me, pick me!!!

i would so wanna use the perforated blade first, hehe.

looks like a great new trimmer! i think i'd like the scallop blade best...although i also really like the pinking and score blades. thanks for a chance to win :)

I like them all, but especially the pinking. Very cool how the blades store in the trimmer itself.

This trimmer looks awesome! I love the different blades, but can see myself using the scallop ALL the time. Thanks for the chance!

Wow! Scallops, perforating and scoring, not to mention the good ol straight blade..... Lovely tool!

That's so cool !!! This trimmer looks fantastic !!! I love the decorative blade and having the scoring pad included in the trimmer is just great!!

wow this trimmer is awesome! Love the changeable blades. I love the scallops and the wavy ones.

OH talk about making a paper crafter tear up! The thought of being able to have scallop,wavy,scoring cutting and 3 extra blades all in one place where I don't have to search all over for what I need well you guys sure know how to make dreams come true! Now just one more step for my dream to come true... Maybe.. just maybe I'd be that lucky & be picked? Thanks for the chance.. Now I have to go watch that video again!

I would really, really love to have this. My paper trimmer's track has been broke for awhile.

perf, that looks something different to me :) Love to try something new.

I think I'd like to use the pinking blade. Looks like a great paper cutter!! Happy New Year!!

There was one at the scrapbook store that was on the demo bar for people to use, it was so precise and gave a perfect 1/8th cut. That is the measure for me on a trimmer. I would love to win one . Thanks for a chance.

Scallop is the blade for me. I love the silent movie look to this video. So fun!

Love the Wave. Nice trimmer

Love it I want one :) would be easy to use with my hands with my RA. I am always looking for items to make it easy on my hands with RA its hard with some trimmers. I want one!!!!
Plus all the different cuts its a sweet item to have!

This comes along at the perfect time b/c I'm looking for a new trimmer. I know I would use the straight blade the most, but I am anxious to try the perforating blade. That would be great to make coupon books. Thank you for the chance to win!

Scallop is my fave! I almost bought one of these at the Warehouse sale - but much better to win one! ;)

the scoring blade for sure.

Scallop blade. But I want one now, is it in stores? I have been looking at trimmers for months, can't wait to get mine!

I love it! The scallops would be my first pick, but I'd have a blast with them all!

I am so excited the perf and the scallop blades are my favorites. But love the fact they are all with one tool and compact. OOOh so excited

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