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Monday, December 19, 2011


I love that line. I would use it to finish up my fall pics, those colors would be perfect for the pics I have left to scrap.

Oooh... I would make pages especially for my grandson. His photos often get mixed in with his sister's and he deserves some featuring just him!

What a great line! Would be perfect for pics of my preschooler son!

It would go for many "types" of pages. LOVE kits which have a lot of blue and complimentary colors!

Great makeover!!!!! Fabulous new line; would love to win!!! Thanks for the chance!

I have a few baby layouts that need a makeover! Chap would be perfect.

The CHAP line is perfect for making pages for boys. Love it. Thanks for giving us a chance to win this line.

love the colors in the Chap line....i would use it to finish up some fall items and start on father's day stuff

My papers are usually colorful and florals. I love the blues, grays and yellows in this line and the patterns are not floral which makes it good for more masculine or my travels scrapbooking.

this chap collection would be perfect for my 2 years old boy pictures!!! I have already few papers from this line but I would LOVE to have the WHOLE collection!!!!

oh, I definitely have a page in mind that is in desperate need of a makeover. I won't even put it in my album yet! If I won the line, I'd use it for the makeover! :)

I would love this line so I can make a "52 reasons I love you" mini book for my husband!

what a great collection, love the colours.
Thanks for the chance to win!

this line would be perfect for a mini all about my newphews. I have 3 of them!

Gorgeous page Pam! I love love it♥♥♥
Thanks for the chance to win!

I love this line...I think it's a line for boys.


This is my very favorite line of yours. I would use this to do a mini of our getaway weekend vacation back in September.

love it! this would be perfect to scrap all the pics from my husbands bike races this year!

I have two boys here (husband included) and this line is perfect for both of them! And I definitely have some pages that need makeovers....

This collection would be perfect for so many things! Scrapping my boys, vacations and so much more!

I have hunders of pictures of a little boy that would look perfect on this paper...I am loving those colors.

What a great line, and I love that details sentiment for a baby page. Such a cute baby face!

This would be an awesome line for my little man's first birthday last month. I haven't done anything with that yet, so I can still wait...

The chap line will be perfect to scrap my baby boy's layouts!

I have so many layouts and cards this line would be perfect for! I don"t have kids but I make scrapbooks for my whole family including my brother's.

I have a son and 7 nephews, so lots of boy projects get done. This is perfect for all of them!

I think I would use the Chap line to create cards and layouts for my son's 18th birthday!! It's next week!!

With two boys in the house, I can think of a billion layouts to make. And this line is perfect for making masculine cards/boy cards - I always need to stock up!

Great makeover example!

such gorgeous pages Pam! Simple but very striking!

I love the masculine feel of the Chap line. It would be perfect for layouts of my 7 y.o. son who just hates anything girly. He might not mind having his picture on one of these backgrounds!

I would do lots of little boy layouts!

This would be fabulous for a mini album of my new nephew, William. Love it!

I have a little boy who is 6 months old who has yet to be scrapbooked at all!! I would create his baby album out of this line!

It's such a cool line, perfect for my boyfriend's many Air Force pictures!

I would love to makeover some of my older layouts of my boys:)

Altought the colors ans simple design would be perfect for boys layouts, since thanks for the chance to win! :D

I would use it to scrap photos of my two young sons and my husband and I. Thanks so much for such fabulous giveaways!

this line would be perfect for photos of my teen boys!

love this line!!!!

I would make a school Album for my son. Very great line.

fabulous makeover, Pam! I love what you did with the Chap line! Of course I'd love to win some too to make some LOs of my little guy. ;)

I like the boy-ish colors in this collection. It would be perfect for scrapping pictures from all those Yankees games my husband makes me go to. And because I have four brothers-in-law, this collection would be good for making non-girly birthday cards!

I've got a bunch of pictures of my dad doing reno work at our house; this line would be absolutely perfect for scrapping them!

fabulous makeover! Chap would be perfect for birthday cards :)

There are alot of things I could make with the Chap line! I would enjoy making some cards with it. Thanks for the chance to win it!!

I would admire the line then think of what to scrap with the amazing Chappies :D

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

Oooh, I could see making lots of cards & a few layouts with this line. Love the colors. Thanks for the chance.

beautiful work, Pam!

This would be perfect for doing layouts of my little grandson! Great masculine line!

I have so many layouts that need makeovers...too many to count.

Love that Chap line! With 3 boys that could make quite a few makeovers. :)

Even though I have a girl, I would use this collection for some fun sunny LO's at the pool and the beach!! And maybe some Father/daughter LO's as well! As he is always doing "boy" stuff with my girly girl!! LOL!!

The Chap line will be perfect for my nephew's page layout. Would love to create a boy page with this line.

OH! Boy pages, boy pages, boy pages! I could really play catch up with my son's album :) It is so hard to find really good boy supplies...and chap fits perfectly for me!

Wonderful ideas. The line would be perfect for a mini album.

I have two boys. So I am always on the lookout of boy themed paper crafts supply. This is perfect. I will make som scrapbook LOs.

I think this line is perfect for boys ... and I have two of them!
This will go great with their pages!

Chap is just perfect for pictures of my boyfriend! I can't wait to scrap them.

I would completely make the cuties album for my son! Thanks AC

I'd love to use this line for layouts of my nephew...such a great boy line!

Great layout, love the changes you made! I would love to use the Chap line for layouts about my sons preschool years! Thanks for the chance to win!

I have three chaps in my life so it would be so easy to use up these supplies on my boys and my husband- I think my husband deserves a few more pages of his own- I may have only ever made one just about him ;)

While I see how this line would be perfect for boy pages... I would be using it for "me" pages - it's all my favourite colours in one line, especially the orange, yellow and gray hues. Love love love it!

Looks like a great boy collection, so I can scrap more of my two sons and my dh. Thanks for a chance to win.

it is so hard to find a good boy line and I love this one! i would use it for pages, mini albums and cards for my little boy :)

This line would be perfect for all of my Father`s Day and male birthday LO`s! Thanks for the chance to win!

I have a really cute nephew, so this line would be perfect for photos of him!

I have several layouts of my boys that I totally need to redo!

I would scrap the chaps in my life! (my two boys and/or my hubby) Love those colors! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

The great thing about the Chaps line is that I can use it for my little guy and my teenager! I have some layouts that are begging for a makeover!

This line would be great for layouts that feature my husband. Love the versatile colors in Chap!

I would love to redo some family pic layouts with the awesome Chaps line!

I just had a baby boy a few month ago and have been DIEING to get this line!! PICK ME PICK ME! :)

I'd make a mini scrapbook to celebrate my nephew's 1st birthday!

The Chap line is perfect for guy cards and mini albums! Great layout!

LOVE this line- I think it would be perfect to scrap all the 'men' in my life and the manly things they do...my husband, my dad, my brothers. Fits them to a T!

I would start on my youngest grandson's album!

Love this new collection! It would be great for some baseball layouts that need help!

I would love to do a scrapbook for my dad out of the CHAP line.

I love that this line is a bit sophisticated. I'd use it to scrap layouts from our Australia trip last year! The blues would be great for those big Aussie skies and those pops of orange for the Outback!

Thanks for the chance!

I would finish all of my boy pages because this paper is PERFECT for them!

What a beautiful line! Many of my layouts probably need a make over. Thanks for the chance.

i would love to win this giveaway so i can finally scrap the "manly man" photos of my fiance! :) thanks AC!

This would be perfect for scrapping my nephews pics! Thank you for the chance to win and Merry Christmas to all!

I love the blue and yellow in here. I'd use it to scrapbook some pictures of my hubby, and some of my daughter, because it would make her blue eyes pop! Thanks!

This line would be perfect for the grandsons' pages, of course!

Not just for boys, I would use it to make my next vacation photo album. Love the colors

This line is perfect for layouts on my two teenage boys. I totally love this one. Finally, something that is not too girly. great job!

Great page Pamella! I would create all sorts of pages of my little guy! Love this line! Thanks for the chance!

I'd be making a mini album for my son. He will be turning 5 in February. SO, I think it'd be nice to do an album about the cute things about him in the last 5 years.
Thanks for the chance and Happy Holiday.

Love those Thickers! I would make tons of boy pages for my three monkies!

I think this line of paper would be great for my husband. He is in a rock band and this would work out great. You don't see much that has to deal with live rock music. This line is to die for. Thank-you as always.

FABULOUS line! My son's 4 and I love this for him- not cutesy but not over the top boy.

Boys, boys, boys :) I have 2 and I LOVE this line!

i'd love to use it for pictures of our little dude. i haven't started scrapbooking since he was born yet but in january i'm starting monthly crops and this would be perfect!!!

I love the makeover idea. Who doesn't have layouts that they are not that happy with! I love the bright colors and the graphic look of the chap line, which makes them perfect for sports and outdoor theme layouts for a family who wears a lot of blue, red and green!

I love makeovers! Thanks so much!!! I also LOVE the Chap line!! Thanks for the chance to win!

I would use it to scrap my favorite photos of my boyfriend. Maybe even a mini-album all about how awesome he is. =)

the Chap line is perfect for anything boy of course, but i'd love to feature some awesome art deco buildings on it. It just has that vibe. Thanks for the chance to win!

Fabulous make over! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win! I have a layout in mind that this collection would be perfect for!

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