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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Can you possibly choose just one thing?! Okay, okay if I must... the amazing colours, I love the watercolour idea!

What a wonderful new collection! Congrats on another hit, Amy. I am defintiely loving the tags on Lisa's blog the best of all the sneaks. Can't wait to see the full reveal!!

So many things to like, but I think my favorite are the tags. They look so fun!

OH my....you guys have done it again! The new sketchbook line is a hit!! Love all the colors and cannot wait to get my hands on that camera album, the canvas camera and all the other yummies!! Thanks American Crafts and Amy Tan! LOVE it all!!

I'm LOVing the ribbon, but I think the tags are my fave for sure!

Can I say I love it all :-) the colors are fabulous. My faves ae the ribbon and dimensional embellies.

What a great collection Amy!! I really love everything, but I think my favorite has to be the tags! Can't wait to get everything:)

This looks gorgeous!!! I think my favorite is the spiral bound book! I can't wait to see it all!!!

My favorite part of Amy Tangerine Sketchbook, is patterned papers: wonderful, brilliant, I love.

a hug from Spain

I really can't decide. I like it ALL best :)

Looks gorgeous! Love the patterned album!

The colors she picked for this collection are absolutely yummy! Love it all!

Love the stamps and the camera album.

Wow I am so excited Amy has a new line coming out, I loved the first one so much! The tags look amazing and could be used for so many different projects!!

This is so gorgeous. Hmm... I think my favorite is the spiral bound book. :)

oh my goodness, I am going to have to start saving some $$$!! I love the papers, those colors are beautiful!

Love the black album with camera icons and the new Thickers and tags! Beautiful new line!

Oh my goodness, a spiral bound book!

What a great collection! I really like the tags and the album...I can't wait to see it all.

The whole collection looks amazing! I love the tags the best for sure! I am hoping that it will coordinate with the older collection, too! We'll wait and find out!

Great giveaway, at each blog I saw something I can't wait to use! The camera photo album has to be my favorite though, that would be so perfect for my step-daughters-budding scrappers :)

oh, yippee-ki-yah!!!!!! I want it all and MUST have the patterned album!!!!

Well I hope I win :) it's gotta be camera album!!

Great colors and patterns! LOVE those ribbons!!

Es una colecion fantastica, el archivador es genial.
Un saludo.

It's a fantastic collections, the archive is great.
A greeting.

I sorry...did you say pick ONE thing?!? How is that even possible? I love the camera embellishments, the colors, the stamps. Yeah...I can't pick just one... :) Thanks for the chance to win!

everything is so cuuuute! But that camera album is just so awesome! {and the stamps too} =P

It's so pretty! I love the new scrapbook album & camera sticker! I'd love to win!!

Everything looks amazing! I really love the album and the stamps!

Favorite new product has to be the cute little embellished tags!!

What a great line, my favorite thing has to be the tags!

I really love the amazing colors in this collection!

I love it all!! I can't wait to see the full reveal! I LOVE the bright colors, and am really excited for those cute little tags! Thanks for the chance!

The bright fun patterned paper and the cute tags! What a pretty collection!

My fav so far is the spiral book but I cannot wait to see the rest of the collection- esp the mixtape. Love the colors for sure :)

Wow! The colors in this line are fabulous! My favorite so far is the spiral-bound book, as well as the stamps. I could make my own SMASH-like journal ;)

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

so excited about this second release by amy tangerine! i loved the first one and will be saving my money to get the entire sketchbook collection!

my favorite is everything, but if i have to choose just one - the tags.

It ALL is amazing and drool-worthy! If I have to pick just one it would be the tags! Thanks for the beautiful sneaks!

Wow! I love everything! But I think my favorite is the album with the cameras on it! Love it!

I loved the camera album cover, love the tags, love the canvas camera sticker, love the colors, love the spiral notebook, hmmm, oh, yeah, love the stamps too. i didnt see anything i didnt like! great job amy!

Gorgeous. What a great collection!

Too much yummy goodness to choose just one. Can't choose between the ribbons and the canvas camera sticker, ooh and the camera printed album

Oh, how do I love thee. I love the colors and the pages. This is juat so wonderful.

The whole line is awesome! Love the bright colors! Can't wait to see and touch the whole line!

I loved the camera album and the stamps!!! Great!

O.M.G...that blog hop was super fun! Just when I think I had a favorite on to the next blog and I loved even MORE stuff! I just can't pick one...for me it's a tie between the tags, that spiral book and those super cute stamps...*swoon**

Amazing colors. Love the gorgeous bright colors. The layered tags are really fun. What a great collection. Hoping to add it to my collection.

Oops, forgot to say what I liked about the collection. I simply love the colors and the camera album.

I love the pattersn, the colors, the ribbons... I ♥ it all!!!

Love, love, love the ribbons. so much fun hopping along.

LOVE this collection!!! I love the camera album, it's the best!

OH! This is wonderful!

I love it ALL...but I must have those ribbons!!!! Thanks for the chance to win it all!

I love (ok that's an understatement) the camera album!! Gorgeous!!

Love the colors and embellishments. TFS

This line is gonna knock my socks off - I just know it! I am sooo excited about the spiral bound Daybook, but then *GASP* I saw the patterned album. Must have :) I can't wait to add this stunning line to my hoard...err, home. Thank you!

Drools.... My fave part is that this new line is so versatile that I can mix match any of Amy's other line. Based on the hop, I think those pretty tags will keep me dreaming all night but the whole line is worth saving for. I am definitely on the lookout when they are released. For now, it would be great to win. Oh please, win, win! Thank you....

the tags are great... can't wait to see everything! thanks for the sneak peek!

Oh it all looks so yummy!
i think I love the camera album the best..I think..it is all so pretty and happy!

this is another amazing collection from Amy T.!!! i love all of them! i specially love the cute fabric camera stickers and the ribbons are beautiful! thanks for the chance to win. this is definitely on top of my wish list LOL!

omg...I love it all! but, the camera album is my favorite!!!!

What I love best is the color scheme - so ME! But if I had to pick one of the products... the spiral bound book!

I love the tags! Love the entire collections look!

I love the patterned album and the spiral bound book! Awesome collection!

Love love love the camera album. So wonderful

Great new line! Absolutely in love! Although I got tons of ribbon already - Amy ones are fabe!

Can't choose any one thing! I love the colors and the graphics! Such eyecandy!!!!!!!

All I can say is WOW!! Everything is great, but that camera album is extra awesome. Haven't seen anything like that before. Great stuff!

Looks like such a fun line :) love those script-y thickers that Amy had on her blog for the word "place" ... Awesome!

Looks like a really cool, fun, unique line!
Different from the recent releases in the industry.
I love that! :)

Everything is fabulous, I especially love the stamps and papers.

I love all the colors with the splash of black. Beautiful collection that I would love to win!

wow, wonderful collection!! Cant wait for it to be release :D My favourite items are the D ring camera album and the camera canvas sticker! (i so love camera everything! ;p) thanks for the chance of this wonderful giveaway :D

I just managed to get all of the last collection. That stamp set was hard to find! I love the whole line but that black album with the white cameras is a must. Thanks for the sleek peeks and a chance to win.

Love the style of this line.. what I have seen of it anyway! Looking forward to seeing more.

The BEAUTIFUL watercolor wash of it all! I'm smitten!

Favorite?? The colours!

What is there NOT to love about anything AmyTangerine!! Love, love, love all the colors -- that spiral bound notebook is pure delight!! Can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of her collection! :) CHEERS, Amy!!!

That spiral daybook is calling my name ;) absolutely fantastic job amy and ac!

This is looking great so far! I can't wait to see the rest :)

It's not easy to pick one favorite but when I saw that camera album I knew that I had to have it. Can't wait for this collection to hit stores.

What a bright and fun collection!! I can't wait to see the whole thing. I loved the camera print album:)!!

Not only do I love the color scheme here with those bursts of color. I'm seriously loving the stamps! I just got back into using my stamps more and winning those would be a great chance to do even more.

What a fun collection....love the tags. thanks

super excited about the spiral bound book! can't wait to get my hands on everything sketchbook!

Simply amazing! So excited about this line! The ribbon and the tags are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the entire stamp set too!

My favourite is the spiral bound book but the line is fabulous!

I loved her daybooks so assume I will also love her new ones. Esp. the album.

It's so hard to pick a favorite! I think I like the ribbons the best so far.

Love and must have the camera album!!..

I love the notebook, and those Thickers look amazing - thanks for the chance to win!

I love the whole collection, but what I love the most is the water color effect on the papers. Even is I cannot get anything else, I need the papers. I was also wowed when I saw there are stamps too.

tough to pick just one, but I love the camera design on the album.

everything looks awesome!!!

AMAZING!! I absolutely love this collection. The vibrant colors have to be my favorite part of the line. The tags are also fantastic. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!!

I love the Thickers, but I really LOVE that album! :)

Brilliant! I love the watercolor effects! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Am a big fan of Amy's products. Especially her daybooks. Thanks!

LOVE it all, but that album with the cameras on it made my heart skip a beat! ;) Congrats Amy and AC! Hugs! Thanks for the chance! :)

The camera canvas sticker made my heart flutter!

I love so much. I think the tags or the stamps are my favs!

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