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Monday, January 02, 2012


It's a toss up right now between Amy Tangerine and Chap. I just purchased some of both and am ready to get scrapping with them.

I love the chap line! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

I love both Amy tangerine and CHAP. But if i have to choose one, i definitely will choose Amy Tangerine. This line is the collection so far i own the most products. Everything is so match together, and easy to mix and match with other scrapbook products that i have. 100% love it.

Love them all! I will choose the Hollyday line as my favorite for now since I have so many great Christmas photos to scrap! Happy New Year!

Amy Tangerine is my favorite:)

oh gosh, how to choose a fave?! I guess the Garden Cafe is the one I go to every time, love the colors and cute embellies :)

Beautiful layouts...LOVE them!! Anyway...my AC fave line is {this is so hard because I LOVE all them} Amy Tangerine. I love her style.

My favorite is the CHAPS line because I have a household of boys... need I say more! LOL! Thanks for the chance to win! ~Amy Tara~

thanks for the inspiration, i never really thought about scrapping the pics from MY youth!

Ooh, my favorite is CHAP. I think you can totally use for boys and girls!

I love the Night Fall line. The paper and embellishments are so cute!

Wonderful to see some layouts from Michelle Clement again - love them!!! My favourite line is definetely Amy Tangerine, love all the colors and embellishments!

My favorite is definitely the Amy Tangerine line! I love the fun feel and the colors of the collection. Thanks for the chance!

Michelle - I love your layouts. I put them into my inspiration folder - just gorgeous! It is so hard to choose a favourite line....but I'm going with Amy Tangerine. I actually just finished a layout with her collection and I love it. I could do a million more with this line. :)

My favorite line is CHAPS, and I havent been able to find it at any of my LSS. I have 3 boys, and it would be perfect.

My favorite is Garden Cafe! Lovely colors and patterns!

I have loved the Amy Tangerine line since I first saw it. The colors are perfect for any layout, card, mini book ,etc.

These are amazing layouts!! I love all of the layering!!

Hmmm, I am not sure what my favourite line would be - I would probably have to go with Amy Tangerine! So fun!

The Chap line is my favorite right now! I just love the colors and patterns!

i really love the garden cafe colletion...the colors are so fun!

I really like the Amy Tangerine line, because it can be used for pretty much anything! The colors are great, plus those brown alphas are fabulous!

Beautiful LO's! I like the Amy Tangerine Line.

Definately Amy Tangerine! I just bought the mixed tape and I love it!

Must be Chap because I scrap boy things! And the colors are gorgeous!

My favorites are Night Fall, Amy Tangerine and Chap...I don't have any Chap yet as I put myself on a freeze and it wasn't available during my buying spree!!! I love this line because it is so great for boys and men. There are few lines that do such a great job helping you scrap about the men in your life!! And while this is great for those layouts, it is also versatile enough for any project. I can't wait to get my hands on some!

Definitely Amy tan...love that line!

my fav one is garden cafe! lovely i like the colors and the papers!

Hands down Chap. LOVE that line!

I love Holiday line..not only I can use for scrapbooking but to make some quick festive cards.

How to choose between Amy Tangerine and the Chap lines? Only if forced to, I would chose the fun Amy Tangerine line.

Now how can I pick a favorite?! I guess if I HAVE to choose it would be Chap.

amy tangerine is my favorite - there are so many parts of that line that fit me so perfectly! I couldn't have done any better myself.

My current favorite line is the CHAP line, the colors speak to me & the patterns are awesome!

Love the Amy Tangerine!

Amy Tangerine is my favorite. The colors are great, I like washi tapes from the line too. It's so vivid and fun and versatile!

All of the lines are beautiful! I can't seem to choose between the Amy Tangerine and Chap line. Love them both so much.

I have all boys, so CHAP is by far my fave!!

Love the Chap line - so cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love love love love Amy tangerine!!!!! But I also love the rest. It's all my favorite!

Daydreams....it's next on my list :) I have Amy Tangerine already (and love it). Daydreams has a lot of the colors I seem to use most often! And it's so cute!

I would love to get my hands on the Chap collection. I am really enjoying yellow lately and the Chap line would be perfect for all sorts of pages!

I'm head over heels for the CHAP collection!

Gotta go with Amy Tangerine... Just ordered the new day books!

I LOVE them ALL! My favorite line right now is CHAP! The colors and designs are so great that they can work for boys or girls. I have two girls and it will be perfect. Bonus, I can mix my other collections right in with it! Thanks for the chance to win!

I have to say Amy Tangerine is my favorite right now - just so bright and fun and happy! :)

Amy Tangerine!!!. I love all!!!!


I can't decide between the Amy Tangerine and Garden Café collections!! They're both so gorgeous!!!

amy tangerine - very fun!

Amy Tangerine!!!!!!

i have two favs, first is Nightfall because i love that its both fall and halloween mixed. The second is Amy Tan cause i seem to have collected almost the entire line. I've been using it to document my latest travels in my smash folio

You have so many great lines this time. I love, Chap, Nightfall and Garden Cafe BUT the Amy Tangerine line has been calling my name since I saw the debut. Oh I am crossing my fingers on this one! :)

I really like CHAP - perfect for pages about my 4yr old!

love both Amy tangerine and CHAP. But if i have to choose one, i definitely will choose Amy Tangerine.

I am in love with CHAP and Amy Tangerine! I must say all the new lines are simply amazing and awesome!

I choose Garden Café: what a gorgeous, bright collection!

Great pages, Michelle!
I love both Amy Tangerine and Chap: Amy for the fun images, especially the travel and typography thenes, and Chap for the colors and versatility for "boy" and family themes.
Thanks for the chance to win, American Crafts!

I just love them all, but if I have to choose it would be Day Dream.

Carol B

I still, and will always love the Amy Tangerine line! So versatile and classic but forever fun!

how can you make us choose!!!

ok i go with Amy Tangerine!!! seems to fit well with my style and the kind if pages i have been doing lately!!
thanks for a fun giveaway!!!!

I love Chap, Amy Tangerine but have some of both!!! So, I won't choose that! :p Anyway, I'll choose Hollyday because I have lots of Christmas photos to scrap and I love the Santa and the cardinals! Great collection! Thanks! :-)

My current fave is Amy Tangerine. I love how all the random pieces go so well together!

I love the Amy Tangerine line.....all the cameras make me happy!!

OOOOOO this one I wanna win!
I have been eyeing amy tangerine and the chap collection!!
now that the holidays are over ... scrapbooks are calling my name

I am in love with the Amy Tangerine and Hollyday collection!! :)

I love the Hollyline! Especially since I have a ton of photos from December to scrap now!! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love them all, but Nightfall is definitely my style. My colours, my season, my favourite!!!

I would have to say CHAP, I just love the color scheme and designs, such a cute line!

Amy Tangerine has been so fun, but my new fav is chap! I love the colors and the bold, graphic designs-I keep seeing chap used and I dont have any yet and would love love love some!

I'm loving the look of Chap right now, but I think my absolute favourite is probably the Amy Tangerine line :)

My favorite is Garden Cafe because I absolutely LOVE the colors and patterns!

The Garden Cafe line is my favourite!

ooh...pretty layouts. My favorite line is Hollyday! Thanks for the chance to win.

CHAP all the way! I love the colors, the textures and the patterns!

Hands down, Amy Tangerine! I cannot get enough! Please don't stop making this line!!!

NightFall, Amy Tangerine, & Garden Cafe...sorry, I couldn't choose just one. :)

lovely pages as always---i love her work!

I love Garden Cafe and Amy Tangerine! Both lines are really adorable, the colors and patterns are perfect.

definitely Amy Tangerine!!! It is probably my favorite line of all time =)

Chap is my current fave and I'm a mom of 2 boys so it's perfect for me. (Amy Tangerine's and Nightfall are fabulous too and I have lots of those two lines already :) )

I love the Chap line- just perfect for my 3 boys!

I love Nightfall and Amy Tangerine for the lovely details, but my all time favourite has got to be Garden Cafe - if ever there was a line that felt like it was designed just for me, it's this one:D Thanks AC!

Love the whimsy of Amy Tangerine!

It would have to be Amy Tangerine! I love all the papers & embellishments, her style is so much fun!

my fav one is Garden cafe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like all bout it specially the beautiful patterned papers!

Chap is my favorite...hoping to add this to my stash soon. :)

I love the CHAP line, because of the masculine colors and feel of it. I have two boys and a husband I am always scrapbooking, and this line is perfect for their pages. Thanks for a chance to win.

Amy Tangerine is my fav!! They are so happy and bright!

I am currently in love with Chap. I love all of the projects I have been seeing with it. I have to get my hands on some!

Definitely Amy Tangerine! She's so creatively inspiring! Love everything in her line, especially the bits and daybooks!:)

Chap is amazing for boy pages. I have just about gone through 1 of each paper. The embellishments are just as great!

It is so hard to pick! Amy Tangerine is the front runner for me!

Chap!! I love the masculine feel of it nd its perfect to scrap my older boys with...most boy lines are more for little ones :) Thanks for a chance to win!!

Chap is my fave at the moment because of the possibilities I see for my layouts of my sons. Thanks for the chance!

I'm stll totally in love with the Amy Tangerine line! Thanks for the chance, and look forward to lots of inspiration in the new year!

I love Amy Tangerine. Love the colour palette, the designs, the stitching...just love it all!

Amy Tangerine is probably my favourite line of all time!!

Chap or GardenCafe!!! Oh my!!! Those are pretty!!!! Mmm... But I'm more into the Chap now :D

Cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

Hands down it is CHAP! I have boys and step sons and nephews and great nephews, that's all we know how to make.

Amy Tangerine for sure!

My favorite is Garden Cafe because I love all the flowers and bright colors.

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