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Monday, January 09, 2012


I love the layout! I find inspiration just about everywhere, from department stores to blogs:)

Beautiful layout! Wow! I get lots of inspiration from various blogs & pinterest. Thanks for the chance to win!

I find a lot of inspiration from all the wonderful blogs! Love the layout :)

Awesome layout!

I usually get inspirations from the various blogs I follow and pinterest. Sometimes it could also be from the papers on hand that I want to use.

Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway.

For sure I love to be inspired by blogs the most!!!

I'm inspired by patterned paper!!

Beautiful work on the quilt inspired layout! I usually find my inspiration in the picture and the paper i am working with.

thanks for the great template!! this layout is awesome.

I read a lot of blogs and recently like Pinterest too--but blogs mostly.

Just beautiful! Love the play on circles in the pattern and the layout!

When I'm looking for creative inspiration I usually head to Pinterest!

inspiration is everywhere! I really love to thumb through catalogs like West Elm and Anthropologie to find colors, patterns, and textures that and be craftily translated!

I find lots of inspiration from blogs.

SUPER CUTE layout!! I usually get most of my inspiration from all the fabulous blogs out there and from Pinterest. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

Super fun page! I tend to be inspired by the great ideas of others; from reading blogs or scrapping together.

scrap blogs and pinterest

I find inspiration in lots of places- blogs probably tops the list.

Such a great idea, I just got a Cameo from Santa, I need to try this!! :) Most of my inspiration comes from other blogs I love to read and from the patterned papers, I am an obsessive paper hoarder!! ;)

I generally get mine from a combination of sketch challenges and the photos themselves. I find a sketch I like and then go through the photos to see which "event" would work with the sketch. Then it's a matter of seeing what papers and embellishments I have that would work with those photos.

Paige, that is incredible!!

I get inspiration from everything and anything... sometimes a magzine layout, sometimes my daughter says something that gets my creative juices flowing.... =~)

Lovely prize and a great theme this week!

I find inspiration online especially on blogs, in nature, in fashion, in design, in magazines, in history, in books, in movies and television shows and even at the post office when I have to wait in line and I scan the greeting cards.

Thank you so much for the chance to win.

How cool is that!?!? I mostly find inspiration on blogs and in galleries. I will see something and it will jumpstart an idea for me. I could only dream of winning all that patterned paper... :)

Pinterest has SO much inspiration :)

I also find inspiration from all the amazing scrapbookers blogs that are out there!! so many talented people :)

This is crazy cute! I love how Paige was able to fit in so many prints.

I find most of my inspiration from blogs. I'm a blog-a-holic. Fun!

My favorite place to get inspired is the local craft store.

Definitely Pinterest.

i love magazines. and my kids artwork. i love looking at the gallery at 2peas and studio calico over the weekend. thanks paige for sharing your file! i love your layout. it is amazing!!!

Wow, that layout is gorgeous and such a fun idea!!
I'm inspired by almost anything, but I think most of my inspiration comes from my photos.

This layout is b-a-n-a-n-a-s, I love it!!!

I am always inspired by what is posted here! I also get inspired looking through flickr and other gorgeous photography sites. Great giveaway!

I find inspiration everywhere!!!!! I love the blogs, love catalogs, and love everyday things! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

I find inspiration in every day objects, like the pattern on a fence, or the color combination on a house. Oh, and Pinterest. :)

It is easy to find inspiration everywhere around us ... nature, magazines, clothing, blogs.

I usually get my inspiration from sketches and I never thought of using a quilt pattern for my LOs -- what a great idea.

I love looking through online galleries, blogs, and magazines of all kinds. Pinterest is also great :)

I find inspiration while visiting a variety of blogs & also from nature.

great layout. Thanks for the inspiration and giveaway.

I get lots of inspiration right here! I love Paige's layout! I also peruse Scrapbook.com and millions of other scrapbook blogs for inspiration and I sketch out layouts that I like in little notebooks.

I find inspiration everywhere: blogs, Pinterest, patterned paper, Cricut cartridges, crinkled ribbon. Sometimes you just HAVE to use something so I build a whole project around it. But I have to say my biggest inspiration is people. Since I am a card-maker, I love really thinking about what people would like to receive in the mail or their favorite color or something they are excited about right then and then tailoring it to them. So while it's still "my creativity" I feel like it is theirs as well. And that is something that is very special to me!

Thank you so much for the chance at a great giveaway!

blogs, scrapbook.com gallery, magazine ads, catalogs (Anthropologie is amazing visually)

Inspiration is everywhere!.



My inspiration comes from all the fabulous blogs. Especially American Crafts and Crate paper. Love em!

TwoPeas has lots of inspiration!!!

Blog sites like this one! Pinterest is nice too! Thanks!!!

I find inspiration everywhere, especially in nature!

Well, I come here for inspiration. I also use Pinterest and other blogs.

This is just gorgeous! I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest lately.

i find inspiration in so many things, mainly pinterest, the blogs i frequent, and my daily life! thanks for the giveaway! :)

inspiration is everywhere! i get inspiration anywhere from magazines, window displays, blogs & online galleries, and even non-visual inspiration from songs -.-*

I get a lot of inspiration from catelogs I get in the mail, or magazines, especially Real Simple.

I get inspiration from youre blog and magazines and id love to wim the paper!!

I get lots of inspiration from wonderful blogs like this one!

I like to look at Pinterest for inspiration! And Garden Cafe is so dang cute.

Gorgeous layout! I love clean graphic looks, therefore great ads in magazines grab my attention and inspire me.

I get my inspiration from blogs and also from the photos and papers themselves that I'm going to scrap!

Lately, I love pinterest. Blogs, magazines and websites are good, too, but pinterest is addicting.

I like looking at blogs and galleries. Color inspires me too and taking classes. I love pattern paper though. Thanks.

Definitely not an original answer, but a true one: pinterest.
That, and whatever mood I'm in. :)

Blogs, pinterest, magazines & so many other places. :)

I get most of my inspiration from blogs I read!

This layout is awesome! I love all Paige layouts, she's amazing :)

Love your lo and thanks for the template! As for inspiration, I get it mostly from galleries such as TwoPeas, designer blogs and magazines...but I also get it from my photos and from my kids...what they are doing and what they are wearing...If you could see my dd at this moment, you would know what I mean!!!lol!

OH MY! Paige has me drooling again! She is sooooooo clever! I love those papers that she used!!

I find inspiration on SEVERAL blogs and on Pinterest:)
THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

I get inspiration from blogs, magazines, photos and paint books find in the remodelation stores...everything is an inspiration!!!!

i too am a pinterest fan...
all that goodness right in one place makes me happy...
then starts the blog (inspiration) jumping...
whew... i get tired sometimes, but dang it's full of fun!

I love checking out all sorts of blogs! Thanks for the chance!

I find inspiration usually from sketches

Most inspiration i get from other blogs. My favourite blogs r the one from Amy Tan and Lizzy Kartchner. LOVE the way they scrap!!!

I love Page's blog for sure!! She is so fun and unique. I also love pintrest and blogs but mostly I find great little bits to scraplift from the galleries at twopeas and scrapbook.com

I am addicted to anything with bright colors especially when I read scrapbooking blogs. It inspires me!!! Thanks for the chance to win wonderful paper from American Crafts!!

Like most, I find and draw my inspiration from talented designers showcased on blogs like this! and I love it!

Pinterest of course and magazines!!!! TFS!

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

I love the quilt-inspired background. So fabulous!
I'm just getting back into scrapbooking. I love looking at scrap blogs for a wide variety of inspo.

I find most of my inspiration on the blogs I follow and Pinterest!

Love the quilt shapes. One of my favorite places for inspiration is other crafts like that - needlepoint designs, origami, also newspaper and magazine ads.

I get inspiration from quilt blogs and scrapping blogs. Amazing layout Paige xxx

Most of my inspiration comes from sketches right now and the DT @ my lss.

Pinterest and my many many blogs I follow! Inspiration everywhere!! :)

The layout is gorgeous !!
Is it not amazing, what pulling together some great pages, can do.
It blows my mind.

Magazines and great websites give me my daily inspiration.
Love to look at all the great ideas and then try to copy them and find your OWN way.
Love that !!

Paige, this layout is a-mazing! I love it!
I find my inspiration all over- lately blogs & Pinterest seem to give me the most ideas though :)

Wow, that layout is stunning. Seriously. Excellent job, Paige! I am most inspired by a great photograph. Sometimes the moment the shutter clicks I have an idea for a project. That's when I've really struck gold.

i find inspiration throughout the blogs.

I find inspiration from scrapbook magazines, galleries, and blogs.

I find most of my inspiration from layouts on other blogs that I follow.

I find inspiration everywhere: online galleries & blogs, magazines, billboards, architecture, textiles, nature...you get the idea!

where don't i paige?! ;) design is everywhere! advertisements, packaging, commercials i love it all!

Gosh this layout is amazing! Love how you used both the positive and negative pieces of the pattern for your "quilt".
I find the most inspiration from the various blogs I read. Thanks for the chance to win!

I get inspiration from blogs, pinterest and recently from Instagram :)

I get inspired from my photos but artistically I often look to home decor magazines for interesting mixes in colours and textures ;)

Sometimes I would find inspiration in packaging... but fellow scrappers are usually the ones that inspires me :-)

Inspiration comes from all over but mostly from blogs, magazines, youtube and my kids.

I find it on Club CK.

Very cute layout and that is a fabulous idea! I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest and online galleries! Thanks for the chance to win!

Wow, that is awesome!! Love that layout, great idea! I get inspiration from products and blogs!

I find lots of inspiration on Pinterest and from my scrapbooking friends.

I'm currently being inspired by my Project Life album...I've been taking so many more pictures, saving more things, and my eyes are really opening to how full my life really is. Plus, this format makes it easy to play and try new techniques without the pressure of doing a whole 12 x 12 layout!

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