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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Nice! Off to share this sneak peek with our readers via our intense CHA SNEAK PEEK coverage at PaperCrafter's Corner!

Oh oh pick me! Love this line. It screams spring!

loving the line! The clothespins are adorable!!!

Love those bits- they definitely speak to my crafting heart!

Because I must pick just one favorite...I love the clothespins. Cute and colorful.

This line is sooo cool! I love every bit of it!

Love this collection! The brown really stands out in the color scheme! Love it!

Love the decorative clothespins!!

love it!! oh those clothespins are sooo cute!

I love the mix of brown and bright colors! All in this collection is perfect, I'm dying for those thickers and the wood buttons!!
I'll be crossing my fingers to be the chosen one! :D

Love the inclusion of chocolate in the colour mix and those darling clothes pegs

I love the thinkers and wooden buttons!

Love this-love the buttons and clothespins!

Such a refreshing whiff of spring in this collection! Love them butterflies and pastel hues!

I absolutely LOOOVE this line... Sooo cute !!!

Thanks for the chance,


I love polka dots and stripes together! What a happy new collection!

Awesome stuff, love those little clothes pins!

This is so sweet! The little butterflies and flowers are perfect for scrapbooking Spring and my little girl!

Such a pretty girlie collection! I love it!!

it's all so pretty, I adore these colors! The Remarks and Delights are just yummy, and I just love those Thickers that match! (so happy no hop today, too hard to squeeze a hop into my schedule).

Love the colors and the embellishments are too cute!

I love the colours and the springiness! It's so cold here right now, we need a breath of spring!

i love the colors and oh my, the thickers - love!

Love the colors and especially the wooden buttons!

We love to garden around here.. but mainly vegetable. It is hard to find a good line for veggie gardening but I think I might be able to make this work with pictures of my daughter helping in the garden!

Love the fun patterns and bright colors and wood buttons!

ohmygosh! i'm obsessed with that new thickers font! so cool!

Oh I just LOVE the whole thing. It's always the colors and patterns that grab me first, and th Gardenia collection has plenty of both - and then stamps and embellies and flowers galore ! I'd sure like to win this beautiful collection !

Ohhhh... this is pretty and fun and fresh! Love the clothespins and the stamps!

i love the dark browns intermingles with all the lighter colors ... so i love the whole line its everywhere.

love the thicker font! thanks for the chance to win!

I love the flowers. Reminds me that Spring is not far off. :)

All of it makes my heart skip a beat! Love this collection.

I love it! Especially the thickers and clothespins.

I love the bits and wooden buttons.

Love the super usable paper. Some of the smaller, less busy patterns are so valuable to finish off certain layouts and balance bigger elements. Love the clothespins.

what a fun fun collections...

love the flower and butterfly chipboard!

Oooohhh I love the colors I definately need this

Very fun and usable new line, I really like the brown/wood buttons and the tags! Can't wait to try all this new stuff out!

The pattern paper is beautiful, I love the colors! Another great peek!

This line makes me incredibly happy! It looks so different from anything I've seen before...great job American Crafts!


Those wood buttons look really neat!:)

I'm loving those clothes pins... Can't wait to see them in real life! TFS!

love the tags & the little clothespins! So cute.

So pretty! I LOVE those buttons!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Ohh love those buttons and clothespins and bits!

This line is adorable -- I'm in love with those clothespins!

Beautiful line! I love the colors and the brightness- looking at it just made me smile.

EEEEEEEKKKKK!!! Lookit the clothespins...OMG!! Thats my fave!!!

I love that paper with the flowers and the ferns, the bits are fabulous and of course the clothespins!

oh i am dying to get my hands on those clothespins! and the thickers - i am a thicker addict!

Pure awesomeness!

Gorgeous!! I LOVe the wood buttons and clothespins!

The color palette is beautiful-bold & muted! And the wooden buttons and clothespin just round out this collection! Can't wait for spring!

Everything is so cute and the line Gardenia is appropriately named. So pretty! tHE "DELIGHTS are so lovely, I can see them on my pages. Oh and those buttons! Swoon.

I am a flower fanatic with two little girls to scrap for and those clothes pin are just too stinkin' cute!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Oh my...I guess my heart skipped a beat, I love this set, one of the best I have seen lately. Crossing fingers,Thanks for a chance to win

Woooow! This is soooo pretty!
Lovely colors, nice embellies!
Super!!! Awesome!

Love this line!!!! It's the colors that make me happy and ready for spring!!! AND wowzers I love those pin-wheel flowers!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

I adore the wooden buttons and the little pegs

love this! love the pinks mixed with brown, and those thickers are amazing!

love it!!! love the colors and the design. maybe with this line i'll be able show i can grow a beautiful garden of scrapbook pages and have a sticky thumb instead of a green thumb LOL!

Ok i love the wood buttons and clothespins, those are a must have! And those thickers are just dying to be added to my collection!

LOVE the Thickers! Love the tags!

Fun line! LOVE the clothes pins, the fabu Thickers and those great buttons!

gorgeous color and patterns of the paper. love the medallions.

Great colors! Love the bright with the brown and then new Thickers!!

ack, the thicker fonts, the bits, you are killing me

Beautiful and gorgeous line. LOVE everything about this. Can't wait to get my hands on this. AWESOME. I'm so excited! Thanks

This is a gorgeous collection! I am LOVING the clothespins!
- April W

Yesss! Wooden buttons! The colors and patterns are delightful!

ooooooh I love it and hope I win!! The paper has be all aflutter! :) thx for the chance....

LOVE those Thickers ... so cute!

Me-Ma Kim

beautiful coloring and I'm in love with the new thicker font!!

Oh those wooden buttons are fantastic. Love the delights and thickers too! :)

This is so sweet and cheery! I am loving the accordion fold stickers!! SO fun!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

so cute! I really like the new wood buttons and everything else! It's too hard to pick just one thing!

I love this--even more today because of all of the snow--i am waiting for spring!!

What a beautiful line! Loving the color palette and the hand-drawn feel of it. My favorite part would have to be all of the pattern paper designs! We are big gardeners in our family and this line would be excellent in helping to document it. Thanks for the chance to win AC!

Oh my..this is so my style ..I love love love it!!! Great design and colors!! Plus absolutely adore the wooden buttons and mini clothespins ....wooohooo!! Great job. Can not wait to see the line Fresh Squeezed!! See you tomorrow.

very pretty collection! such a great variety of colors in it.

Alphas definetly make my heart skip a beat.

Love all the extra additions to this line - esp. the button and the pegs. x

clothes pins are darling. love the colors. the flower picks, signs...whatever they are, too cute! awesome stuff ;)

I love, love, LOVE the Thickers! That is such a great font!

The clothespins are TOO cute! I love this line!!!

those CLIPS ARE awesome!! LOVE it! SO cute!

Cute line... Loving the little clothes pins and the thickers.....

loveing all the lovely embellishments!

Potted plants! I am so ready for spring!

I really love the long, rectangular tags and the clothespins are super cute! Love the color scheme in this new collection. Very versatile !

Love this collection!!.



Details make my heart skip a beat! Lovely line!

Spring is in the air - love the colors and all the cute 'extras'. Thanks for sharing !

great line love it !!!!

Love the designs!

oh this line is so fresh and the design are simply beautiful...i love the colors too...thank you so much for the chance to win some:)

I LOVE this line! Thank you, AC.....you have my heart forever! I especially love the little clothespins...how darling!

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