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Friday, January 20, 2012


I can't pick one to be my favourite I LOVE thickers so which ever ones I can get my hands on I buy!!! I would use the SPARK I think it would really Pop!
I love all these products can't wait to get my hands on some!!!

You've got to be kidding!! DIY thickers!! omg...can you tell I am LOVING this!! I would pair the thickers with the microbeads, that would be perfect!! you guys are just the best with your innovative ideas :)

Oh my goodness I can't take it!!! I would love to grab me some Spark and just have a blast. I know this must make one giggle doing so right?! OH I love it!!

I am so excited about these! I cannot wait-love the tinsel glitter!

Oh my goodness... You guys are AWESOME !!! Thanks so much for the chance to win !!!


This idea is awesome! I love the basic fonts and would like to play around using the Pop! material! Can't wait to try, and great giveaway!

Love this! I would use those last thickers with the Pop! microbeads! Looks like so much messy fun!

OOH! I love the POP! What a great look that brings. I love all the fonts, but the blocky one you used on the layout is probably my favorite. Not sure what the name of it is.

These are fun. I love the last font. Adding the WOW! glitter would make the scrapbook pages of my dd really stand out.

Love this idea! I would use the Spark!

Love the macaw font! They would look awesome with the POP microbeads!

I love the fonts that are nice and round or a little bit whimsical - and I'd love to see that Spark! in person! Looks like a great idea!

Wow! Such a cool idea! My favourite font is the first one shown and i love the Pop Microbeads most.

Greetings from Germany,


AMAZING idea!!!

Oh my gosh! What a fantastic idea! So many of us have been altering Thickers already but to have the perfect fresh canvas to start with is wonderful! I like to use paint and glaze on mine and I prefer the more playful fonts for boy pages. Thanks, AC!

top right hand corner is my favorite font. the spark! looks super cool.

Love the DIY thickers. Can't wait to see them out in the market. I love the first row with 2nd right font. i think i will have this with wow.

Love the idea of DIY Thickers! No way can I pick just one font I love using all the different Thicker fonts! I think pairing them with the POP! Microbeads would be amazing! Can't wait to play with them and thank you for the chance to win some!!

My favorite font is the third one and I love the pop!

OMFG I'm in love!!!! Rootbeer is my all time favorite font, to say I'm excited to see it up there is an understatement!

Bestill. my. heart! Can't wait to try these with POP!

Love, love the microbeads with any other the thickers. You guys always come up with the best ideas.

Ooh, what a fantastic idea! I love and would probably use all of them, but I think the microbeads would be really unique and look very cool.

So cool! I think I tend toward more scripty fonts, so probably Wow, but I'm so intrigues by the Sparkle....I would want something a little thicker for those. So, so fun!

I am a Thickers fanatic so I would have to have them all!! The microbeads are SO pretty and such a cool look!

Love rainboots, macaw and poolside and the sparks is awesome!

love those thickers. a great idea.

seriously, DIY Thickers?! As if Thickers weren't amazing enough, you add these! Love!

How amazing are diy thickers?!?!? I want them all, but guess I'll start with wow first! And I'm really liking the font of the last thickers on the top row!

Are those a doll font?! For sure that one with pow!

I love the stickers in second line and Wow.



What a spiffy idea! Y'all are just so smart.
The microbeads and tinsel are both pretty cool and quite different from non-diy thickers, so I'd love to try both of those.
font-wise -- I love the bottom-left choice, but if you decided to make diys in delight, I'd be, well, delighted! It's my fave.

oOO WHAT A FUN ADDITION!!! Love everything about this and what a fantastic way to customize your layouts and letters! LOVE IT! I love the variety of the letters, definitely would work with any layout i'm creating! Can't wait to try these babies out!

Bottom left corner is my favorite font, and I'd pair it with the Pop! microbeads.

the basic fonts are my fave. Can't wait to get my hands on some Spark!

I love the chunky font and I think I would use the tinsil on it! all of this look fabulous though.

What a fun idea!! So much potential! I don't have a favorite font... I love that there's always the perfect one for the layout I'm working on! love the microbeads!

These are perfect!! I like the last font the most!! (I can't tell what it's called) Along with some pink WOW!!!

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw ! I LOOOOVE !! Thank you ! I want it all !

I can't read the names of the fonts in the picture - but the third one over from the top - it's my favorite! i love them all though - hard to pick just one!

Wow! These new Thickers just Pop! and Spark! my imagination! :) I love them all!

I would have to say WOW! beacause of the range of colors and Poolside or Vera, but I expect I will want to buy them all!

DIY thickers! Awesome!! I like the pop and the font on the 3rd show, 2nd one in. So cute!!

yes! i love glitter. can't wait to see how fantastic it is.

Yes, all thickers are great! I have pop it form ranger, but they are small. Those are so different and I like them with wow

nikki rikki are my favorite thickers of all time.....i have used them on so many projects...mainly cause they are glittered. so i guess WOW glitter would be my favorite

I love the Jewelry Box font and would love to use the Pop! microbeads with it and all of them!

Oh wow! Rainboots font is my favorite, but honestly, I will probably get one of each and use both glitter and microbeads!

Awesome new products. Can't wait to play around with them all. Thanks for the chance to win.

How fun! My favorite font is the 8th one & would probably pop some microbeads on them :)

Oh, I'm for the script-like fonts myself: with the Wow glitter. You know what else would be cool with these -- AC embossing powders!

Love the cursive style ... and the SPARK is fabulous!!

What a Good idea!!! Love This new thickers!!
I would use it with pop!!!!

love the idea, great!!

love this tickersss like it a LOT!

I cannot wait to try these out! I <3 thickers. :) Favorite would probably be the bottom left paired with glitter, but they are all awesome. :)

I've always loved Sunset and will probably pair it with the microbeads

Oh wow, I only recently fell in love with AC glitter and microbeads. I looove them and these letters are so pretty too. I can't wait to start decorating them with a bit of sparkle!

what an incredible idea, can't wait to give them a go

ok--these are crazy fun! danger danger! :) love the simple fonts and that sparky goodness is a delight--of course, I can't wait to try them all sometime! :)

I love the thickers in the middle on the left and would definitely use Wow! Glitter on them. Although the microbead would look great too...

I love the Poolside font! I'd use Wow! glitter for sure.

Last row, third from right I think (couldn't tell the name) I'd use the Pop I think.

Microbeads? Whaaat?! I love alterable Thickers!

What a fun idea! looks like it will be messy, but sometimes, messy is a good thing ;) love the Elf font and the POP looks cool!

oh thickers how i love thee! can't tell what the font names are from the pic, but i'm loving column 1, row 2. and i would totally go for the pop, microbeads are such fun and great texture!

Ok, that lowercase set in the top right is my favorite!! I'd have to try them with microbeads. What a great idea!!

wow this is awesome , i need every colour of everything lol

I love Doll font the best, i have a zillion of every colour so far :)

SUPER AMAZING!!! I absolutely love me some sparkle. All the fonts are FANTASTIC and the WOW!! Glitter is perfect for me. Thanks for the chance to win!!

I have used zing on my thickers before when i didn't have the right color... love this option... way to go

My favorite font is the 3rd one on the top row and the 3rd one on the bottom row. Wow looks awesome, but I'm really interested to see what the sparkle would look like on the thickers, too! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

My fave font is the third one (all lower case) and I'd use the Spark! tinsel on them.

you know i didnt think you could better thickers!!!
DAMM you sure did!!!
sparkle for me ALL the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta love this!! You can glitter them and make them the exact color you want! I can't read the fonts, but my fave is the last set in the first row! Thanks for the chance to win them!!

Great idea! Perfect! I would love to use the girly fonts with the POP beads! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize!

I love Thickers and I can't wait to use these DIY ones! Glitter, Tinsel, microbeads - I just don't think I can choose which one I like best, better get them all to try them out :)

SO cool! I love the thicker, bolder fonts- and would love to pair that with glitter.

Now those are perfect for the control freak scrapper! The microbeads look super cool!

Oh, I love Thickers!! I love that I will be able to customize them!!!

This is genius!!! I love that cursive font, and the tinsel (sparkle) is so cool!

I think I like the script-y font (third one, top row in photo) and I would definitely pair it with some Wow glitter. I LOVE Thickers and I love glitter! What a perfect match! =)

Wow! I love Wow!

Oh, these Thickers would save sooo much time!! And those glitters are fabulous!!

Looks cool. I like the script font and the microbeads. Thanks.

The microbeads are SO pretty and such a cool look!thank you for the chance to win some!!

What a fantastic idea AC! I love all the fonts but if I had to pick a favorite of those shown above it would be the second one over in the bottom row. I would put some Wow! Glitter on those & have a blast! :)

I like the very last font. It's scripty enough to not look like an office document but not too scripty that it is hard to read. I'd use the Spark! because it is a new product to me and I'd love to see it in action in real life!

I have used sprinkles font and would definitely pair it with POP.

Woohoo!!! These are perfect, I always rough up or bling up my thickers anyways! The tinsel, the micro beads... heavenly! Please pick me! I cant wait until these hit the shelves of my local scrap store

I'm loving the DIY Thickers!! I like the font that looks like your Sprinkles font! I would love to use them with the glitter or microbeads!
Great new products, AC!!!

Oh crap! My life just got really expensive... because I need it all.

what an interesting idea! i'd love to give these a try, especially with the "pop" microbeads (and I love the name!!)

Love the thickers in all the fonts. The glitter, spark and beads are in such pretty colors. I'd probably try the beads first.

Oh, so many new thickers and I would love to play with the microbeads and try out lots of different looks!

I love the Wow! with the Thickers- no way could I choose which one!

I love the Pop embellishments. I think I'd use them on those big Thickers - the second pack in the second row. Can't see what they are called!

This is such a cool and fun idea!!!

I love them all...I think the microbeads would look so pretty on them!

I would love to cover my Thickers with some Spark. My fave. fonts are Middle row - third one in and bottom left. hoping my LSS will have these in stock soon!

Oh my goodness! I would pick all the thicker alphas cuz like my children I love them all. Then I would pair them with Wow and Pop. OH heck I would do the tinsel too.

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