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Friday, January 20, 2012


First one in the third row and whichever capital letter card goes with it. I am a teacher and HATE it when people use only small letters or only capital letters. I like this font because I make pages for my three granddaughters, and I want them to have a font which is easy. Would use them with Wow!

LOVE these! Too many great fonts to choose from... but I think my favorite embellishment is the WOW (although a flocking powder would be great too -- hint hint!)

I really like thickers! I have tons! I am loving the DIY piece to the stickers. I would use the spark/tinsel! FUN! (Risk of being booted out of all of your giveaways. I have a question. Have ya'll come up with a solution to the adhesive issue? Adhesive Thickers do not stay "stuck" to my pages, much less to the sheets they come on. Thrilled by this new release but I am worried about the adhesive issues I have had in the past.) This issue hasn't stopped me from using the letter; I just have to add additional adhesive to the back. Thanks for reading.

I love them all but if I have to choose, the 4th font in the first line of thickers is beautiful, and I would use it with glitter; great idea and great colors by the way!!!!

These look really fun! But knowing how "good" the adhesive is on thickers I don't think I would get these... but the idea is awesome and I would totally try this on thickers I already own!

What a fabulous idea! I love them, and how perfect to match them in with my own colour schemes. I love the Wow! glitter anyway, so this is really just an excuse to get more. Top row, third font, is one of my all-time favourites and would just look brilliant with the glitter.

i love all those fonts, but the first is my favorite. I think it's a great idea to have customized thickers! Smart thinkin' AC! :)

Okay I love 'em all but if you are making me pick I like the styles of 3, 5, 10 and would love to try them with the microbeads. FYI: I really like this idea of designing the texture and color to the need of the project. Cool stuff American Crafts.

Love, love, love the tinsel! Oh my gosh it is fabulous!!!

I would use Sparks on the last font in the first row. Although, I would love to have all this!

OMG! What an awesome idea!! I can't read the font names, but the bottom right is my favorite, followed by the top left font! I love all 3 toppings, but I would be excited to try Spark! because it is different from anything else I have ever tried! Very cool!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

DIY Thickers...what a great idea! Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

DIY Thickers? Oh my! I'm so excited! I love the cursive, paired with the purple spark! tinsel.

OMG how clever...love them all, but love the Rootbeer font the most. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome prize!!!

I love the rootbeer float font and I'd coat it in the microbeads. How fun!

Oh it's so fun, i love it. I want all of them.......

Can't pick a favorite font but I'd use WOW! on all of them!!!!

This is absolutely the best idea yet! I would absolutely use them with the glitter.

No font names here but I like the curly one - middle left - and I would team it with Pop! microbeads.

I love this. Can't wait to get my hands on the glitter!

I love all the thicker fonts and I would use the sparkle that looks awesome!!!

Oh wow how fun! What a fantastic idea! I love all all of them but would probably use Pop the most but adore the look of Spark! :)

omg what a great idea! I love all the fonts, I can't choose.

I'm not sure the font name but the right column, middle set is my fav and I've never used microbeads on something like this but think that would be really cool. LOVE the idea of DIY thickers and can't wait to try them out!

Awesome, I totally dig making my own thickers! Can't wait to finish my layouts with my own thicker creations!

This is so awesome!! I have thickers in every color/material imaginable....creating my own would be so much fun!

i would love to mix a few colors of spark! on the poolside font, it's one of my faves!

I love all the Amy Tangerine Fonts. And those microbeads are so awesome!

Script with microbeads!

I like the Amy Tangerine fonts with microbeads.

these look fun!

Poolside font with micorbeads would be my favorite.

This idea for Thickers is brilliant.I love the last font on the right in the first row.And I'd have to "WOW" it up.

Rootbeer Float with the teal glitter... <3

Omg. I would love to try any of them with the spark! Or pop!
Can't wait to use them!!

I like the more basic fonts and I'd love to try jazzing them up with some Spark!

Love these! My fave font is the one in the lower right corner, and I think I'd go for spark, love the texture of it! thanks for the chance.

Ooh I have some velvet flock lying around just waiting for these DIY thickers!

I love the 3rd on top row with the glitter. Hoping you'll bring out delight and eric fonts as they're my favourite!

Fabulous idea! Can't wait to try this and have some fun!

Love Thickers, especially the more whimsical fonts like Lullaby, Jewelry Box and Sprinkles!

This is a fantastic idea. I love that you are bringing a customization to Thickers! One of my favorite font style is the written script in the first row. I've noticed that some designers use this style of AC thickets a lot and I like the look. I'd really like to try the POP beads.

POP! is my absolute favorite and how could you pick just one of the Thickers? I love them!!!

As I prefer smaller alphas, the one to the right in the middle row must be my fav. i would love to sprinkle it with micro beads!

Whoever came up with this idea for Thickers deserves an award. Absolutely my favorite reveal so far. But the glitter is a close second. :)

Love the POP Microbeads with the Macaw font thickers!

Wow what an awesome idea!!!

The font in the top row second from the right is my favorite! and I would love to try a gradient effect using the three Wow! sparkles in blue, turquoise and green. Thanks for the chance to win! One of the best ideas I've seen in a while.

super pretty layout...love the DIY thickers!!

WOW! This is an amazing idea!!! I adore the rainboots font!! It's my ALL time fav!!

These all look so awesome! I love the font of the second to last Thickers pack in the picture. It reminds me of one of my favorite fonts! And I would be all over the microbeads!

Loooove these!!

Fantastic textures and bling to be added to thickers! The Spark! would be perfect for my July 4th layout I'm working on now and who knows how many future projects!

They are all soooooooooooo cool!! My favorite font must be Macaw, it is CUTE!! And with the POP-Mircrobeads, in all the pretty colors they must be amazing!!

Rootbeer is amazing! I am so excited!!

Um - wowzers, I'm all over this! I'd totally use the SPARK on the Thickers on the bottom right. They'd go perfectly together!

I would pair that typewrite font with the microbeads. This is an awesome "invention"- DIY Thickers! Who woulda thunk it?

I love all the Thickers fonts!! Huge fan of Thickers! I think a WOW would be my go to bling to add to a page, but POP would make a close second!

Oh, yes! The Spark is my kinda thing!

I couldn't chose the best font, but I would definitely be all about those microbeads! Can't wait to get my hands on all of those Thickers.

I like the very first package in the top row...with the lime green chunky glitter!

love the spark with the script!

Wow!, such a great idea to personalize projects! Love 'em ALL!

I love Jewelry Box! These will be so fun to play with!

oh WOW, i want them all!! i already hoard thickers and now you guys kick it up a notch that even a non-embosser like me can do it easily :)

We'll I can't blow the picture up enough to see the name, but top row far right for the fonts and oh dear it's hard to decide. I REALLY love glitter right now, but the beads seem like they would be SO much fun and create such a fun look! I would love to win any of it! :)

wow! gorgeous. I like to 5th thicker (1st of 2nd row) and will pair with it with glitter (5th of 1st row).
All are wonderful colors and products.

love these thickers, i love this thickers!

I like the last two of the group and I like the Wow!

Do it yourself Thickers? This is a dream come true!!! I love them all, but two of my favorite fonts are the pack in the bottom right corner and the letterman font! And, I'm a glitter girl so I love, love, love all of the WOW!

these are so much fun!! i love the idea of being able to customize depending on the project! i would want to use the WOW! first!!

AWESOME!! I LOVE your stickers and this is going to be SO MUCH FUN!! =)
I LOVE glitter with a passion and I can't wait to be able to alter your stickers with ANYTHING that my little heart desires!! =)
THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

Wow, brilliant ideas, i love the font on the far right in the third row. i would pair it with the moss micro beads.

Love Thickers, such a fantastic idea! I would love to use the script font with some Pop! Microbeads. Thanks for the chance to win.

Cool, love to try!

I love the cursive design, 3rd one over at the top row... so pretty! And the glitter is a must!

No way??!! What a genius idea!! Love it and thanks for always coming up with the best products.

What a great idea!!! I think the look with the pop beads would be amazing. Love it!

GENIUS!!! You all are amazing and the thickers are the best thing EVER!!! For real!! Love the tinsel, glitter and beads also. Great colors and so easy to use :) thanks for sharing

Absolute brilliance! I love the Spark and the Sentiment font!

This could (and probably will) be dangerous to my budget. LOL. I am already a Thickers addict...the option of DIY Thickers!?!??! OMG! My favorite fonts are the Rootbeer Float and Niki Riki...can't wait to try with the Spark!

OMG I will have to get this as soon as I can find it!!! the microbeadq seems to be orignial and new!!! I would love to try this with your DIYThickers

This is amazing, to be able to DIY own Thickers to match your layout..LOVE, LOVE this sticker set, I love the bubble font. Thanks for the chance to win!

Love the Pop font...so cool to use these stickers...thanks for the chance to win.

What a fantastic idea. Love the POP microbeads,need to get my hands on them.

These are so cool! I would love to try this out with the beads!

great thickers!! love the idea1

I have a room full of thickers already and I can't wait to try these out! Love this idea!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. This is an AWESOME IDEA. I have a lot of favorite thinkers fonts: Jewelery box, nutmeg, tinsel and rootbeer float top the list and I would be all about the pop microbead.

Wow - so unique!! I absolutely love thickers and can't get enough of them!! This is just another excuse to buy more, more, more!!

bottom row.
second from the right.

This is fantastic...

OMG, I think I'm hyperventalating!! DIY Thickers????!!!! It's a dream come true for this thicker Lovin' Gal!! I Love, Love, Love LAX, Nikki Rikki, and..... Okay, I LOVE them all! I love me some glitter so I would pair them with WOW! Great Job!

Hee, I love all of the fonts - I have most of them in my stash already, but to be able to make them into the exact color I need/want? WOO HOOOO!!! :D :D :D Yes please! My favorite font is in the last row, last one on the right - I use that one so much and would love to try the Pop! microbeads on them, that would look NEATO! :D

What an awesome idea, not we can have our favorite "Thickers" in our fav American Craft colors, with never running short of any letter!!! I Love It !!! I have never tried microbeads, this could be fun, a new fun look for my pages!! Thanks for the peak.

Oh, I am lovin' the basic fonts and the WOW!

OMG! This is SO cool!! I love all these new products!!

I Love this idea. I like the fonts in the bottom row and I would have to pair them with Glitter.

I love these!! My favorite font is the first one on the second row but I love them all. I have never used microbeads and would love to give them a try. I can't wait to get some of these.

This is fabulous! I'm looking forward to trying it out w/some of those microbeads.

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