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Friday, January 20, 2012


My fav font is the 2nd one in the last row. I would add the POP to them. Can't wait to get my hands on these products.

OMG!!! This is beyond fabulous!! I'd love the fifth set of thickers with the tinsel. Never played with tinsel! Whoa!

I love the lowercase that looks like the alphabet teachers have on their walls. Its perfect for the kids activity pages! I have never used microbead so I would have to pick that! I love trying out new products!

My favorite font is the first package on the second row, and I'd love to put some Pop on there!

I am so excited about this! Such a great idea!

WOWZERS!!!! This is awesome!!! Would love to try this for sure! I would most likely try the glitter or tinsel for sure! :)

Great idea! I would start off with the scrip font & some pink microbeads!

shut! up! LOVE THESE!!!! i definitely want LOADS of the rainboots font...and some of that chunky WOW glitter!!

My favorite Thickers is the first one and I'd love to try it with Wow! Gliiter. I'm a glitter girl! Congratulations on the product. It's such a great concept.

I love them all!! But if I had to pick one...I would say the 4th pack in the 1st row and I would probably use the WOW but the SPARK & POP look very cool, I've never used either of those.

oh.my.gosh!!! For sure I will be using rainboots and poolside with Pop! microbeads!! Can't wait to get some of these!

I love thickers, and boy does this look like fun!!!

i love thickers and have been peeling off the top layer to make my own for years with paint and mists... so I am exstatic about these! i love the rootbeer font! it is so cute, and i just love all the colors. i think i would use the microbeads the most.

Wow. How cool is that.
The upper row, second one is my Thicker favorite and I would use Spark to give it some SPARK !!! ( Play on words)

oh, pop! i love the pop!

FANTASTIC idea! Poolside has long been a favourite font of mine, and I can't wait to use the microbeads on them!

Oh my goodness! I love all the fonts! The microbeads are super cool though :)

Rootbeer float has always been my favourite font of yours! I use glitter already but microbeads would be very fun!

They are all awesome! I would love to try some with Pop micro beads, what an awesome combination they would make! Tx

I am currently Thicker-obsessed right now so any of these would be welcome in my craft room. I love that you have made them customizable!

One of my favorite Thickers fonts is lullaby. Hope these new Thickers come in that! And I love the microbeads!

Wow! Such a simple but fabulous idea! I think I would first use glitter!!! But honestly? I want it all!!

I love all of these fonts but the one on the bottom row second to last is my favorite. I would definitely use the WOW -turquoise or orange but really all of it is awesome!!

I SO LOVE the idea of DIY thickers!! Great IDEA!!!!

My mouth just fell open! DIY Thickers??!! Glitter??!! Swoon! My fave font is the 2nd from the left on the bottom row. I cannot wait to get this and play!

Oh..."wow" and "giggle" would make me smile!!

Love the DIY thickers- It will save me a lot of time!!!! I love all the fonts!!!!! 9but right now I am working on a layout that script would be perfect on!) and I would first pair it with micro beads but afterwords I would try it all!!!!!

I love the chunky glitter! Thanks for a chance to win.

Wow I love these! I think the basic font is my favorite and I love the Wow Glitter! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love the second font and would love to DIY it with glitter, so fab!

Carol B

BRILLIANT!!!!!! I love all thickers, but wow..now these are making me swoon. I those microbeads are to die for!!!

My all time favorite font is Cinnamon. And I think I see it here in your new DIY collections. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these...I would love to try your POP! Microbeads out. I think I would choose the pink color first...I am in the process of doing a first year album for my niece's new daughter.

Awesome! I love the tinsel, it would be so fun to play with those letters so many possibilities :)

So, so cool! Thanks for the chance!

This is genius! Now we can customize our Thicker accents and have a gorgeous shimmer on our projects. I honestly can't choose one Thickers font over another - it really depends on what project I'm working on, and I pick and choose from my collection. :)
I think I'd choose WOW! to customize my DIY Thickers, though...only because there are more colors to choose from - LOVE this innovation, and thanks for the chance to win!

Love, Love Love Thickers and now I can decorate them with my imagination....so COOL. I would definitely use the chunky glitter!!

I love the idea of DIY Thickers! I love the Poolside thickers... and the Wow glitter! TFS!

What an incredibly creative idea, love it! Thickers are by far my fave alpha and being able to create my own is pure heaven. Love the rootbeer float font and the microbeads would top my list.

Any set of thickers is perfect in my book! And the fact you can make them even more perfect with Pop! microbeads (or the glitter, or the tinsel)- oh my! My head is spinning! The possibilities are endless...

First set of Thickers is my favorite font! Look forward to using the Wow! glitter with these!

I love all the fonts and I would love to use the turquoise POP!

WOW is right!
I am in love with thickers already ... this just made me gaga!!

DIY Thickers? Awesome! So many possibilities there.

Love the tinsel font, I think I see it there, and I'd love to give it a try with the pink Wow glitter!

I love the Thicker set on the far right in the top row....and I would pair it with hot pink WOW! glitter! :) Fun stuff! Thanks for the chance to win! :D

Rootbeer Float with a little Spark! (RBF is my favorite font ever!)

The font would really depend on the layout (e.g. toddler/ boy, nana & a zoo visit would all need a different font) and I would love to add some of the POP! to them (colour depending on layout). What an awesome idea. Great job!

My favorite fonts are on the top row to the far left and far right in the photo. I'd love to try the Pop! microbeads with them. Great idea!!

I am always a fan of the shoebox font, and those mircobeads for sure!

Love THICKERS and the first one on top row is my fave -- I'd love to pair it with the TINSEL!

I love all the fonts too much to pick a fave. I would definitely pair them with Spark!

I love them all. But my favorite is the one that looks like cursive handwriting. I love the idea of creating your own thicker.

I forgot to mention that I would use WOW. Using my phone, so it posted before I was ready.

I LOVE the jewelry box font and the microbeads but would LOVE to try them ALL!

My favorite is the third row, first font...kinda looks like Subway...and I would definitely POP some microbeads on those bad boys!!!! LOVE this idea! =)

How fun! Look at all those fonts, I love it!

Wow ! It is impossible to choose only one font , I just love them all ! I'd like to try those microbeeds , bright red ! I love when my letters Pop ! This is a really great product , and I can't wait to try them all !!!

I have loved Thickers since I first saw them about 5 or 6 years ago!! These DIY Thickers are inspiring!! My favorite font is probably the cursive/scripty font (second from the right on the top row) but I really could use them all!! and I would definitely cover it with the Pop! microbeads. Love these new goodies!

Ok this has got to be one of the best inventions ever! NEED THESE!

My favorite fonts are on the top row, the two on the right hand side. And I would pare them with spark!

I love all the fonts and I'd used the Spark!Tinsel on them!

1,2,6 are my favorite fonts though I'd take any; and i think i'd choose microbeads first; tinsel sounds interesting, too. TFS!

Love the idea of this! I would use the Pop!

LOVE these! I was looking for the perfect red Thickers this afternoon- I found the right size and font but they were pink! I love that I can make them my own this way!

I l.o.v.e all the fonts and can't wait to try them with the Spark Tinsel!! Wow! These are going to be so much fun :)

I would love to have these in Lullaby and use the microbeads!

This is fabulous! It will be fun to mix and match different fonts, colors, and textures. Thanks for the chance to win.

I love Thickers and the Wow is awesome!

I love the rootbeer font, and the spark! So excited to see this! Thx for the chance to win!!

I like a lot of your fonts, but I really like that top row, third one in. And the Spark! looks like so much fun. :)


Sweet! That is so cool!! Would love to use some of that Spark and have some fun!

I really like the microbeads! It's such a fun look.

I love to try all of the them with the wow. Love that glitter.

my favorite font is the first one. and i would use the Wow!

Such a neat concept. can't wait to get my hands on them :)

I love the rootbeer font and ironically I would use the pop with it! So fun!

Amazing!! I was just wishing for a customizable alpha for a project yesterday! Love these and that glitter is amazing! I can't wait to play with these!! Great products!!

Omg. Awesome idea. I love the thickers fonts and I love all things sparkly!! Good match me thinks. I love the turquoise spark! Especially. I have a little boy so perfect for boy scrapping!!

Something new and fun!

Is that "poolside" I see? Yippee!

Oh, the return of the microbeads! Can't wait to use them again!
I'd love to try them with all fonts, but my first choice is that font in the upper left corner. That has been my favorite font ever since it debuted. Still have lots in stock ;)

oh, my, thickers! I think I'd have to try the spark first, then maybe the pop. Oh, who am I kidding, I'll be adding it all to mys stash as soon as I can!

I love glitter, but I'm not a bling person. I want more ol' time thickers, I love them.

Okay...since I couldn't read what the font name is I will say it is the font shown on the bottom..second from the left, looking at the screen! ans I would use spark on it. I need to add some real bling to my DIVA pages for my 4 year old grand daughter.

Is that Rainboots I see?? I love it!! I love altering my Thickers depending on my project, and this will make it easier and more fun!! Definitely going for the glitter!!!

a fantastic idea - love Spark.

Do I have to choose one font?OK, the fourth one. And do I have really to choose one embellishment? All of them.... OK wow!

I adore my thickers and my husband despairs at how many I have lol. My favourites are the Salutations font and the Rootbeer float font as they can cover all types of layouts between them and I would love to make them POP!

Thanks for the chance to win x

My favorite is the Rootbeet Float font and I would pair it with all three! I can't wait for these to hit the stores! What a great idea!

What a fantastic idea! I can't wait to try it. The micro beads on lower case will be my first experiment.

i love the spark glitter! has a vintage vibe to it! :) and i can see myself using all of the different thickers! thanks american crafts!

I have tried this myself but these make it sooo much easier. Fantastic!!!! Have to have them all, along with some Wow.

I love this idea! I can't wait to test it on my own...

Brilliant!! So nice to be able to make the thickers whatever colors I want! Less waste!!

love this thiiickerss!! great idea!!

these thickers are great, i love he idea!

this is soooo awesome!! DIY thickers?! are you serious?! LOVE all the thickers! love the new sparkle, pop, and microbeads!

My all time fave font is the one 2nd to the last of these thickers and I love sparkle so I would go with wow! Thank you.

I'd pair the Elf font with the Pop! and use Spark! on the Niki Riki font. This is a neat idea! Thanks for the chance to win some!

My favorite font is third row second one. Alphabets are my downfall iWhen I see any sticker alphabets I have to have them especially thickers!!!!. I can't wait to try these thickers with the glitter. Awesome!!!!!

I would use the font that's the last one in the 1st row because I like how tall & narrow it is. Then I'd use the tinsel with it because I've never seen tinsel used before in scrapbooking. What a cool idea!

I love the first font in the bottom row, and I'd pair it with Wow!

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