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Thursday, January 19, 2012


What a fun line! I have the perfect pictures, too. Hmmm.....I see shopping in my future. Shhhh...don't tell hubby. LOVE the colors! Feel free to pick me to win and then we can avoid the whole hiding the new stuff routine. hehe!

Love the fun thickers and recipe cards!

OHHH its so cute!!!! The new thickers are adorable!

Oh my goodness, what a lovely collection !!!

Thanks for the chance,


so adorable, thanks for the peek and the chance to win, I love it!!

Cute! Looks like this one will coordinate with Daydreams, which would be really nice!

Love the colors in this one! Makes me dream of Summer!

A definite fave!

Lovely colours in this collection!

What a bright fun collection...my favorite has to be the chipboard embellishments...very cute!

Love those colors! Thanks for warming up this frigid winter day!

Awesome line! The colors are perfect for summer!!

I love these colours, perfect for a teenage girl!

Oh so cute! Love the colors. Love the fonts on the thickers. Love them all! Squeeze pick me pls....

way too cute!

SO cute! I really like the bright, fun colors! The new Thickers are so fun, too.

Wonderfully bright colors. I love it

are they journalling cards..? if so I love 'em

I like it!! The Thickers are my favorite:)

Cool, another collection with bright and happy colours! I love this!

I love the bright colours, and the new thickers! Awesome!

Beautiful! I love it all!

SUMMER is here!!

...at least on my screen. And I LOVE it! :D


LOVE it!!!!

It all just makes me so happy :)

So adorable!! Love the papers, thickers, of course, and the recipe cards!!! And that card is awesome!!! Come on Summer!!!

glad to see bright colors and fruit variety...Fresh!

Love the homey accents!!

Really like the larger journaling pieces, would be great for telling stories!

love the colors and patterned papers and Thickers! (...everything? ;)

Very cute!

Love the bright, fun colors, the Just Write notecards, and the new Thickers! Can't wait to have them all!

How cute! Love the new Thickers and those recipe cards!

love all the fruit shapes ... the go with everything

So cute- The bright colors make me smile and it looks perfect for the reipe books on my list of Christmas gifts to make 9I like to start early).

This definitly brings a little warmtn and sunshine to an otherwise FREEZING cold day.

Papers are lovely, but i adore the embellishments, thickers and journaling cards!

Love the name! Great collection. Thanks for sharing with us!!

So cute! I love the colors!

What great colors! I like the Delights and, of course, the Thickers!

Bold & bright! I love it!

love this! this just screams spring and early summer to me!

Super fresh! Totally can't wait for warm weather. Love the Thickers!!

Another must have collection. Love the colors and embellishments.

What a beautiful, Happy Collection! A true joy it will be to use them.

Great collection! I like the just write cards.

The colors are great. Love the recipe cards!

Loving the bright POP of color and the recipe cards for journaling. Oh WOW!!!

What a cute collection!!! I wish summer is around the corner after seeing this. Love it!

Love ALL of it... But those Thickers - swoon!

so fresh! Love the recipe cards!

Great colors again. Love it!

Ohhhhh! those teal Thickers!!! L-O-V-E!!
I really need to put my hands on this collection, is perfect!

I suddenly want a pear for breakfast! Great line!

OMG! Love it and yes I cannot wait for summer!

Love the bright colors in this collection :)

Love the bright colours!!

I love this collection!!!. Cute, cute!


Such a fun and bright line! Thanks for the chance to win.

I love fruit-themed lines and this is no exception!

So cute this line!!! I want it...

me! me! me! pick me!

The Thickers and recipe cards are my favorites from this line - I really like the idea of documenting some of our favorite recipes in my scrapbooks!

Fabulous collection!I cant wait to add it to my supplies!

Such a cute collection in warm fun colors.

I love the bright colors that American Crafts is so wonderful for using! This is an awesome new line!

What a perfect day to feast my eyes on the warm bright colors of Fresh Squeezed - it's below zero here in MN and not going above 1 degree today! And it would be perfect to win this collection now while it's stay-inside weather, the best for creating :)

Summer! I love the colors!

Great line- loving the patterns and the versatility of it! Especially like the Recipe cards - super cute!

This line makes me THINK SPRING! Love it!

Who knew paper fruit could be so awesome? I could definitely have 5 servings of this per day. :)

Love the fruits! Great stuff!

I love the note cards and the remarks and delights stickers! Can't wait to see them in real life!

I like it!!! Love those new thickers!

oh the colors! the thickers look awesome!

we are in the middle of summer here in NZ but keep getting days of wind and cloud!!! woah!!!!!!!!!!! i want some sun!!!!

cool sneak peeks thanks

Cute! Love this bright and fun line!

I love all the adorable fruits and the pretty new Thickers!

love the fun bright colors!

The Delights are delightful :)


Wow what great colors!.. I really love those journal note cards. American Crafts you never disappoint!

Awesome - love the bright, bold colors & the co-ordinating Thicker fonts are so fun!

The colors are beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win.

Supercute! And as always, addicted to the new Thickers!

'Just Write' is my favorite!!! LOVE IT! And 'Delights' is a close (very close) second.

Love the bright colors and those fantastic Thickers and rosettes!

Such fun colourful prints and patterns. For sure a nice warm touch on this cold snowy day!

I"m in love with the Thickers!

Ooh, simply love the bright and vibrant colors!

I love the apples and pears!!

Love the paper, thickers and the fun rosette flowers!!

Love all the bright, fun colors. And who couldn't use more Thickers? Another beautiful line. Can't wait to have it to play with.

Loving the bright and fun colors, and the fruit theme!! So cute!!

I love it all!!! hello spring, we can't wait for it! I already imagine my new baby born pic's with it!! so cute!

Oh,yes, can not wait for warm days! This is very worming , sunny collection?

FYI: I love bright colours!

Nice and bright. Love the "just write" cards... they'd make perfect summer recipe cards.

This collection looks so bright and fun. I love the just write papers. I can never get enough journaling cards, the delights are awesome and those thickers - Wow! :)

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