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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Love, love, love. Haven't seen an Elise mini in awhile, but this one makes up for it!!! I really like the daybook idea, I hadn't seen these before :)

The little pockets make this so wonderful!! I'd love to decorate one.

super cute day book!

That was really sweet! : )
Thanks for inspiring.

LOVE this- like all of Elise's mini books! I think I'm going to get some Daybooks for a few trips I've been meaning to scrap :)

Love her idea of tying a ribbon around it, looks so good. Very inspiring book.

This is awesome, I love everything Elise does and this is no exception.

Love tiny books and the mix of papers in this one is so sweet. Thanks for sharing. I'm inspired for sure. :-)

total cuteness!

Lovely minibook! Awesome pictures too

This is great! Never met an Elise mini I didn't like. :)

Lovely minibook! Awesome pictures too...

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