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Monday, April 30, 2012


So much eye candy! But I have to say those days books really caught my eye in this line.

I LOVE the whole thing!! I am really loving to use washi tape right now so I will pick that as my favorite:)

I love the die cuts but the whole line is so much fun!

love the camera album!! Fun collection! TFS!

Seriously, I can't pick just one! I want the whole thing! :) The pattern papers are so bright and fun, and I LOVE that camera album! Such a fun collection! Thanks for the chance to win!

Wow! It is really hard to pick just one as this entire line is awesome! Since I have to pick, I'll pick the fabric stickers. But I love it ALL!

My absolujte favorite aspect is the contrat of vibrant color, blawck line, and white background. My favorite product are the fabric stickers.

I am so IN LOVE with the WASHI tapes!!!

I love the colors...but my favorite must be the glitter thickers!

the sprial montage day book is my favorite

Those thickers just ROCK MY WORLD, seriously. Especially the chipboard ones!

The bold crazy colors of the papers, my NEED to get some Washi (NEED, not want of course), my love of Thickers... none of those outweighs another for this line!

Love the colours of this line so much!! It is so hard to pick a favourite piece but I am loving the fabric brads and the camera papers!

Love, love the washi tapes. Amy, awesome pages!!!

Love all of the papers and washi tapes! Thanks for the chance to win!

My favorite piece of this line is the thickers. I LOVE the tall, skinny font.

Got to be the album with all the cameras on it!

it's all so wonderful, but I think the tapes are my fave! would love the chance to win this line, thanks so much!!

I love, love, love this collection. My favorite part is the color scheme. The bright and vibrant colors are so fun to work with. I also love the washi tape. Thanks for the chance to win!!

This is so hard! I think probably the stamps though - stamps are the gift that keeps on giving, they never run out and you can use them forever. Thanks for the chance!

I absolutely love the Thickers in this line. Such fun fonts and pretty colors. I can see needing multiple packages of these!

favourite piece would be the bits and brads and daybooks :)

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

I love the 6x6 pad and the day books. So fun!

I love all of Amy Tangerine, but the album with all the cameras is lovely!!!

Thanks for the chace!!!


Oh my, it's really hard to pick just one thing! I think I will have to choose the new Thickers, since I'm a Thickers addict. =P I especially love the white foam set...that font is so cool!

the BRIGHT COLORS!! The patterns are amazing.. I love it all! Thanks for the chance!

Fabulous!!! I'm in love with the Thickers. :)
- April W

Love all the cameras in the paper and on the tags. Really cute pieces. Loving it!

I LOVE the fun, bright colors in the line... the THICKERs are super cute and the camera image!!!!

Love the colors! And the watercolor and doodling are very unique. Nothing else like this out there right now, so I'd sure love to get my hands on the entire line!

I really like the colors in this collection. Those day books look like they would be really fun too.

awesome collection!

how on earth to choose?! I LOVE that camera-patterned album. and the Thickers are glorious!

It's definitely hard to pick one! But if I had to, it would definitely be the Day Books. I love, love, love them! Thanks for the chance to win!

Whew..this is tought. It is all fantastic - I don't think I like one thing better than another - I just LOVE the colors and designs of the entire collection! Fresh and new!

The Thickers! I love the entire line, but those Thickers are awesome!

This line is so Awesome. !!! The colors are great. If I had to pick my favorite item it would have to be the Washi Tape. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win.

all the products are amazing.so colorful and fun!As a favourite i would choose the 6x6 pad and the alphas.Take care and thank you!

Oh my...how to pick just ONE thing?? I love it all but I will say PAPER because you can do lots of different things with it...cut, emboss, alter, etc...

Wow! I am loving all those fun patterned papers! Super cute colour scheme and fabulous accessories too.

The Washi tape for sure and I cannot find it anywhere!!!

my favorite piece of this line is the pattern paper. I love the bright color scheme. Just love it!!!

The papers and the thickers are sticking out at me the most, but I love this whole line!

I love it all but the washi is hard to beat:)

Oh my god, what an awesome giveaway!!! I would soo love to win this line, as some products are not available here in Germany :(
I can't really say what's my favourite item, as all of them are just perfect! But I especially love the clear stamps & the spiral daybook!

Oh my goodness! I have been DROOLING over this entire line for weeks! And it is not in our budget right now! :( My favorite part of the line are all the little cameras and the bold colors!!!!!

Amy is so amazing and inspirational. Fave pcs: camera album and of course WASHI des!

I love the washi tape! Thanks for the chance to win!

probably the camera album is my favorite!! but i really love it all!!

I love the color palette of this line - it makes me feel happy! I can't wait to put the fabric stickers to use!

Thickers is the first thing that jumped out at me but my new love of washi is a close second! Love the colors too!

My lastest addiction and hoarding traits are dedicated to washi tape. Gotta have it.

Okay this line just totally ROCKS!!! Love every little bit of it!!! My fave has to be the awesome awesome pattern paper...chevron & colorful hearts...LOVE!!!

Love the colors, the thickers, the washi tapes... love everything about this line! ♥

Besides everything? If I have to pick just one it would be the collection of ribbon! Dying to have them!

Love the camera paper, so trendy!

Carol B

I'm loving the day books!

Love the washi tape! Thanks for the chance to win!

A fun collection, I love the camera album and the day books. Thanks for a chance to win.

The colors in this line are fab! The day books are cool, too!

ah I love this line! Amy has such a fun style :) It's hard to pick just one favorite item, but the camera album has my heart. I think I need it for my travel layouts!

I think this whole collection is amazing but I would have to say the papers are my favorite. I would LOVE to win some of this collection. Thank you for the chance!!!

I love her stamps so much and also her day books. I need to get me some of them thickers soon too.

Love all daybooks! Want all of them :)

I love the papers way too much. Amy's patterns work so well together!

this is far to hard to choose as i LOVE it all, but that heart paper is to die for sweet. :)

Definitely the paper! I can't pick just one, so don't make me. But I'm in love with the whole line, the embellishments, the stamps, the ribbons, the thickers (oh for the LOVE of thickers!!!) and I can't wait to get my hands on that tape. Awesome, awesome line!

The Thickers are my favorite, but I love it all!!

I love the Camera album! I am hoping to use this to store my Project Life inserts!

I love all the pages, but the 6 x 6 would be a great way to use them.

the tapes !

It is IMPOSSIBLE to pick just ONE favourite thing from the collection. I love it all! These are fun pages with bright, beautiful colours!

Love this whole line but I can't wait to get a hold of the album! Thanks for the chance!

Oh goodness what is NOT to love but I love the Accents & Phases sticker book because it has so many fun elements that you could use over & over again but how AWESOME would it be to be able to play w/the whole collection OH that would call for squealing for a couple of hrs AT LEAST!

Hard to pick one, but I love the die cuts and Thickers. Thanks for the chance to win!

I can't pick just one - its so bright and colorful. But I especially love the ribbon, the tape, and that patterned album with cameras all over the cover.

Omg! I have been in love with Amy's new collection since seeing reveals from CHA! Love everything, don't think I can live without her washi tape :)

My favorites are the papers with the cameras on one side and the chevron pattern on the back. And really, the whole line is full of bright colors and happy images and I love it!

I love it all. Every little bit of it is so yummy! I love all the watercolors papers and I really really love the woodgrain muse thickers. Thank you for the chance to win

Love the album and the thickers!! Yum!

Wonderful layouts!! My favorite is all the different Thickers that go along with this collection. Thanks for the chance!

My favorite parts are the stamps and the thickers! I just discovered stamping and like somebody above said they are the gift that keeps on giving! The thickers are awesome too- you can't beat a good font! Plus all the papers are so fun and inspiring! Not to mention the designer is amazingly sweet!

Ohhhh I really love the thickers!! I also really love the pattern paper. Its so fun and unique and I totally would not have put the patterns together but they look amazing.

I love all of it, especially the bright papers!

The day book is IT!!
Love this whole line.
Makes "Work" so much fun.
Thanks for the chance.

Love this line! My favorite piece (aside from pretty much all the papers) is the coordinating Bits :)

So much to choose from but I absolutely fell in love with the D-ring albumn with the cameras on the cover.

One of my favorite things in this collection is the 12x12 D-ring album...all those cameras on it makes it just perfect. But then any line with 8 different packs of Thickers is fantastic in my book.

The whole line is beautiful, but the spiral daybook has to be my favorite!

I love the papers and the fabric brads and embellishments. The colors are just gorgeous, bright and cheery.

I love the little heart paper!

My favorite is the stamps. I would be thrilled to win this!! Thanks.

i all of them...i just can't stop to stare because my eyes falling in love with the color, they are so fresh and i can use all of them into a fresh scrap layout design! the result using this collection are different with another collection and i really love it! makes me want to scrap again and again and again

Well, I love the colors & the soft watercolor look of the whole line, but my absolute favorite is the 12 x 12 3-ring Camera album! It's beautiful! I am also fond of all the coordinating thickers with this line, woodgrain script? Yes, please!

I love the colors and designs of the patterned paper...gorgeous!!! The washi tapes are stunning! The entire collection is adorable!!! I want it all!!!

I love everything especially the washi tapes

LOVE the camera album!! But everything in this collection is so beautiful!

My favorite product is hard to choose but I love the fabric stickers!

I love the washi tape in the collection best.

I love the mini album!!!! Plus I'm always a Thicker fan :)

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