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Monday, June 11, 2012


I love my dad's sense of humor. I'm pretty sure my quirky sense of humor came directly from him. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

He is always so caring and love us.

Thanks for the chance!


I love the fact he's always there for us. He's not the most talkative person, but he always comes to help when needed.

I love that my dad is resilient, strong, resourceful and loving! Thanks!

I love that my Dad is like a Dad to so many of our friends and family. It is really good to see other people look up to him like I do.
Thank you for the chance to win! I would love to have this collection

I love that my dad is such a hard worker and has always provided for our family. I'm proud to have married someone just like him! Thanks for the chance to win, I'm due with a baby boy the end of July so this would be perfect :)!

Love Chap! My dad is pretty much the greatest guy ever! He would do anything for me or my family or a complete stranger!

Love this collection! My dad is great - he taught me to not be afraid to speak my mind & stand up for my opinions !

Thanks for the chance to win :-)

Wow! Chap is a great guys line and one of my favorites too. One of my favorite things about my Dad is that even though I'm a middle aged Mom now, he is still always watching out for me. Even when I don't know it. It's nice to know that I can always depend on him.

Fabulous projects Pam!!!
My dad is the best dad there is! We have the same sense of humor, love the same tv series (we're always trading dvd's :)) and we both love to read.

I lost my dad 4 years ago and think of him every single day, he instilled such good values in us but one thing that stands out is how honest he was about everything and wanted my siblings and I to be just that too!!! Thanks for the chance to win this collection.

Give me a word, any word, and my Dad will sing a song with that word in the lyrics. Sure it might be out of tune, but his eyes light up and his smile is bright. He has the sunniest personality I have ever met!

I love my dad's work ethic and perseverance. He came to this country to attend grad school, ended up staying and building a company that had 100+ employees when he retired.

I love my Dad's sense of humor:) He can always make you laugh even when he is not trying;)

My Dad was always such a great family guy and still is. His family meant the most to him and it always showed growing up. Never did I not see him always trying hard to provide for his family. So much to appreciate.

I love the way my Dad loved my Mom. It was an example to all of us in how to treat people and how to treat our own families when we had them.

I love seeing my Dad change into someone I really admire. He has blossomed from someone reserved and detached into a more connected, emotional, endearing man.

I love the good example my dad was for all of us-and since I lost him suddenly last month, I wish I had just one more chance to tell him how much I loved him.

My dad taught me not to be afraid to dream big.

GROWING up I KNEW my dad was AWESOME!! He was able to be LOVING yet demanded respect and taught good manners and work ethic throught our years growing up!! Now that I have a Family I LOVE him even more for being the PERFECT mix of LOVING but still my FATHER!! We still talk everyday and my son Beckett is SO LUCKY to have two GREAT Grandpas to learn from!! My Father-In-Law is almost a carbon copy of my dad so Beckett has GREAT EXAMPLES to learn from!! =) THANKS for the chance to win and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

When I was little, my dad was the smartest man in the world :) And that's how I still like to see him, even though I know the truth ;)

I love my dad's sense of humour !

I love my dad because he will always be there for me no matter what it is that I need. He has this pure unconditional love that has no expectations. He is a great man!!

I loved observing his relationship with his granddaughter. Unfortunately, he was only able to enjoy one of his grandchildren.

My dad has already be a rock....dependable and steady. And he tells me that even though I am in my 50's I will always be his little girl. I would sooo love to win that Chaps collection to use on pages with all the men/boys in my life....thanks for the chance to win.

My dad was steady and unwavering in his beliefs. Thanks for the chance to win.

I will be always a little girl for my dad and I know that I can always rely on him.

My dad was a friend to all and loved us for who we were.

One of my favorite things about my dad is that we share the same taste in books. We like to read the same book at the same time so we can talk about it together!

Unfortunately, my dad has passed away, but that brings a new perspective. But now I know that my favorite thing is that, deep down, I knew that he always had my back. At the time, I think I took that for granted. And now its so much fun to see how his traits show up in my kids!

I love, love, love this collection!! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love how much my dad lives good food! We always bond over a fabulous meal :) He is the only one in my family who is a really adventurous eater like me! I also share his love of travel! We always have a wonderful time exploring together!

I love that my dad has always cared for us - my mom and sisters, and now his seven grand kids too. I love that he was the first man in my life, that he lived in a house full of women, but he showed us what we should want in a man. I love that he doesn't have a sweet tooth, except for chocolate kisses! I love that my dad moved thousands of miles from his homeland to make a home and future for his family. Just a few reasons I love my dad!!

What I love is that despite being married with children and almost 30, I am still his little girl.

I was raised by a single mother and never had a man around till I got a little older. SO...I give my mother a mothers day and fathers day gift every year since I was young. I mean after all she has always wore the shoes of both!

I have the best dad on the planet! He is soo loving, generous, and supportive!

my dad always prided himself in providing for us, grateful for that :)

I love about my dad how deep he loves us and how he always help us even if whe don't ask, he just know and don't care about anything else.

My Daddy gives the best hugs ever!!!

I love my dad's excellent car advice. "Dad, my breaks sound weird." "Just turn up the volume on the CD player." :) No, but seriously, he is very handy. He fixed an exhaust fan for me and my husband!

My dad passed away 30 years ago when I was 15. But my favorite memory of him was gardening with him every summer. He was an avid gardener and passed his love of it on to me!

I have the best Dad ever. He finds something laying around and asks "Do you want to use this on a layout?"

What I love the most about my dad is his love for my mom and the way he is devoted to her and his family!

I love that even if my Dad doesn't know the answer to a question he answers it like he does. I still think he is the smartest man in the world.

My dad died when i was 12 but I remember sitting in the front seat with him reading maps as we drove from NJ to Michigan each summer. To this day I have to read maps, no GPS for me!

What I love about my dad is that he always believes in me and thinks I will make whatever I plan to do. :)

Since my dad has passed away, I'll say that my husband is the best dad to our kids. There is no job too small or too big that he won't tackle for them.

I love that my dad is there for us!

My dad is my hero, period.

the best thing about my dad.... wow... that is hard... I lost my mom at 18 over 25 years ago but my dad has always tried to make up for it. He is so suportive and offers suggestions and i know he is always there for me no matter what! Oh... i have to go call him now and let him know how much i love and appreciate him <3

My partner is the best Dad ever. He loves his little girl so so so much and does everything and anything for her. Even when times were tough he made sure she had everything she needed.

my dad was such a great cook, always experimenting. he did most of the cooking for our family growing up. wish he was still here.
thanks for the chance to win.

My Dad was always really involved in our sports. He refereed soccer for us on a regular basis. Thanks for the chance!

I love my Dad's worth ethic as well as his love for his family. He is a true pillar for our family. I also LOVE the way he and I share inside jokes while no one around us even know we are goofing around! Hee!Hee! I cringe when I think of the day that he won't be there. That's why I try to enjoy the time I have with him as much as I can.

My dad was not in my life, but my grandpa and uncles took an active role. For that I am grateful!

I love how modest my dad is. We nicknamed him the unsung hero, because the engineering place he works at wouldn't survive without him, but he still underestimates his own abilities.

He is a genuinely kind person. To everyone. I really admire that.

My dad has rediscovered his inner child with my son and it's a lot of fun to watch them interact together.

I love how my dad alway sings made up songs while cooking! :-)

My dad always supported me in whatever I attempted to do in my life.

No matter what our differences are, my Dad will always be there for me. He taught that standing up for what you believe in is important (even if it's not what he believes in).

Picking one thing that I love about my dad is pretty much impossible because there are so many things! But my favorite thing is when my birthday lands on father's day (last year) and we get to combine celebrations!

I love that I have ALWAYS been close to my dad. In fact we go walking together every morning and always have LOTS to talk about!!! our walks are our thing!!

My father is a rather strange person... He is quiet and his humor is dry and sarcastic. But I love his generosity. He measures no efforts to see his kids happy. And also, he is the most honest person I know. It's also great to see how much he loves to be around his family, specially his grandkids. He is an amazing guy!

Dads always watch out for their little girls no matter how big those little girls get!

My Dad is strong and weak, funny and dumb.
Hard working, real and honest.
Yes he even scrapbooks ( in a manly way)

Super fun projects shared today! LOVE:) I love my Heavenly Father--His love is so amazing! <3

I also love how my "real" dad always said I was his "favorite daughter"--I was his only daughter...but I believed I was his favorite for a LONG time! <3

THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

I love that even if we didn't or don't always see eye to eye, there is never a doubt in my mind that my dad will be there for me and have my back. I love my dad. His health is declining and I know that time with him is special. We just moved back to my home state and I finally get to spend that time with him and cherish our relationship.

I love my dad so much, and love how he is always there for me, whenever and for whatever I need!! :)

Thanks for the chance to win!!

I love my dad! The best thing about him is how sweet he is to all of us, even when we are not patient with him or with each other!

My dad is so smart, loving, supportive... so many wonderful qualities. I am so thankful for him! He has inspired me for my whole life!

he always has good advice

My hubby is a great dad! He is very lovely, very active in our children's life and very responsible. Even he is very supportive with me and my scrapbook love and will love to make some pages of him with this fab collection :D ....

my late father was a man with few words..few but with wisdom.

I love that my dad is super handy with fixing things!

I love how my dad loves being Grandpa to my boys! It is so fun to watch him play with them.

My dad is definitely the most generous man I know! He's currently serving his country in Afghanistan!

I love that my dad spares no effort or expense on us (his children). He's always there whenever we need him. From our younger days, he fetches us to and from school every day even if it means he has to miss his lunch. And when we got older and started working, he'd call us and check if we need a ride back home especially when we need to work late. Our taste buds are spoilt by my dad because he's always bringing us to dine at restaurants on weekends and special occasions. Even till this day, he's recently retired but he still worries if we have enough to spend and tries hard to be self sufficient and independent. He's the best father and I love and appreciate him so much.

My Dad always encouraged me to dream big! No greater gift than that!
Thanks for the chance to win this fun line.

My dad is a great example of living out his faith in God.

I love the fact that my dad is the wisest person I know and I can always go to him with any question on any topic or for advice on anything and he always gives the right answer. I love the fact that he can still bring me to tears just by speaking to me and how he still makes me feel like his special little girl. I love knowing that he loves me unconditionally and that he is always there for me and will do anything for me. Most of all though I love his love for God and his motto that you have to 'let live to live'.

My dad lives 1000 miles from us, but he's always trying to help me out. He comes to visit at least once a year, and he maked the best tomato jelly! I know, sounds gross...but it's the sweetest stuff ever:)

My dad passed away 17 yrs ago. It tickled me how much he loved his grandchildren. My son has a great dad. He came into a ready made family and I laugh at all the traits our son has picked up from him.

My dad is my biggest fan. Whatever I am doing, I know he will be the loudest in the stands (whether figurative or literal), raising the #1 finger high and cheering. I'm a very lucky girl.

I love my dad's work ethic and his quiet demeanor.
Thanks for the chance to win.

My dad is an awesome man that loves his family and has sacrificed so much for all of us!

My dad taught me how to be financially sound. He rarely bought anything on credit and I'm the same way. He also managed to teach me that saving for family trips and making memories was far better than saving for frivolous material things. I truly believe that and try to do the same with my family! He's pretty terrific!

My dad passed 17yrs ago. I loved how generous he was. Always made time for his family. With me being a young single mom of 4 he was around pretty often helping with the kids and things around the house.

My dad and I are so much alike it's ridiculous, but unlike me, he knows how to fix pretty much anything -- which comes in dang handy when you have a kitchen in need of a redo!

Thanks for a chance to win!

my father has supported me through my school and I am debt free!

I love that my dad is so smart and funny even when not speaking so much.

My dad has always been so loving and supportive of me!

I love that my dad loves playing with the boys and their smiles make him smile.

No matter what, HE will always love me and HE has proven it over and over again!!!

My Dad is very human and easily admit this.
My Dad is way smarter now that I am a Mom.
(was not so smart when I was a teen)
My Dad is like a walking encyclopidia and
never admits when he is wrong.
(which is not very often)
My Dad is honest, true and reliable.

I want to grow up just like him !!!!

Sadly, my Dad is gone now, however, I remember his sense of humor and miss it and him so much!

Carol B

I love that my dad is just one big kid!! And that he is my golf buddy :)

What I love about my Dad the best is his generosity. Since I divorced a few years ago after 20 years of marriage, he treats me again like he did before I was married. Like I'm his little girl that he needs to watch out for. It's so sweet!

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