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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


That is such a cool idea ! I've held off from making minibooks because I couldn't figure out how to do each page and add pics and journal and decorate ! Thanks so much for sharing this !

Gorgeous Shimelle love the papers and the album is delicious :)

This is amazing as always Shimelle, you are the master of all things papercraft! :D Thanks for the great ideas of how to use 6x6 pads.

Hi!! Do we need to adhere each page to chipboards?

I've always procrastinated about doing a mini album too but never started as I didn't know how to or where to start! Now I get the technique. Thanks for this useful tutorial! =)

How cute! I really love it, especially all the layering! The collection is gorgeous and already on my list! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Love this album. What a great idea to pre-embelish your pages.

This is totally mind blowing! It is so full of color and lovely layers.

Love your album! Thanks for sharing the process!

ROCKIN as always Shimelle! I'm actually making me another mini right now LOVE this :)

love this cause then I can really see and commit to where I want the embellishents to be before gluing!

Wonderful album. Thanks for the tutorial.

thanks for sharing this. love your mini album

thanks for sharing this love mini!

Love using the matching before starting, I use this and it sure has helped. Love your album

Awesome mini, love this collection :)

This is A-Dorable!!!

Awesome idea, with a great collection. Shimelle is great!

Absolutely adorable! Love the colors. Thanx so much for sharing this!

Such a super simple mini!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Super cute, Shimelle! You are so talented. :)

How beautiful!

Prije svega želim reći sjajan blog! Morao sam brzo pitanje koje bih želio postaviti, ako vam ne smeta. Bio sam zainteresiran da sazna kako ste sami centar i jasno svoje misli prije pisanja. Ja sam imao teško isprazniti svoj um za dobivanje iz moje ideje. Sam doista uživati ​​ne piše ali to samo izgleda kao prvih 10 do 15 minuta uglavnom se izgubiti samo pokušava shvatiti kako započeti. Sve ideje i savjete? Hvala!

Me Glaze! I will have to try your"totally life changing experience" at Guy Savoy. John

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