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Monday, July 02, 2012


You guys SURE know how to start a Week w/a BANG Ha So excited about this new line.

LOVE the Thickers...well, I am a Thickers addict also!!! Fun collection!

Ahora mismo voy a ver a Amy!!! ;)

I love the tile Thickers! But the whole line looks awesome and fun!

How exciting! Can't wait to see more stuff from CHA coming soon! I actually love that sticker pack that you have right here on your blog! I also love all of those Thickers....I, too, am a thucker for Thickers! ;)

The remarks sticker book looks awesome, and I'm super excited for the new day book! What an awesome collection!

I love the Everyday Thickers. Perfect for anything. Great line. Can't wait to see it all.

Such cute stuff. I am also a sucker for the thickers. Thanks for the chance to win.

Oh my goodness. I'm loving those orange thickers and all of the new fonts! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the new orange thickers, great way to start off my Monday. Thanks

Love the colors in this line mixed with the woodgrain! And yay for orange Thickers!

It's interesting to watch Amy's design style evolve across the lines. I see echoes of the previous lines (hand-drawn elements, a little bit of typography, travel) but it is also completely new. I'm curious to see more!

Love the thickers!,

The spiral bound day book looks AWESOME!!!

I love this entire collection! It's perfect for so many different things. I absolutely love the daybook and woodgrain. And the colors rock! Thanks so much for the chance to win the entire collection :)

love the stickers the best. can't wait to see the papers

love the daybook and the woodgrain, well really, love it all! :-)

I'm loving the Thickers, as well as the woodgrain paper! Looks great!

It is amazing I love the tile like thickers best

I love everything but if I had to pick, it would be the daybook!

The daybook is lovely, already imagining what I will be able to with this new collection. Love the idea of woodgrain albums.

Love the daybook and the woodgrain!

my favorite would be the scrabble thickers. they are just AMAZING!

I really like the scrabble tile style thickers and the tags best.

I love that sticker sheet. Can't wait to see more!

Gosh! how do i chose a favorite? i love Amy's products, they're so versatile ok if i must pick one im really excited to see the new day book that looks so funky!

I'm already in love with the colors and the stickers!! Can't wait to see more! Thanks for the chance to win!

Loving the color palette for this line, the new daybook and alphabet tile thickers... exciting, hope to see it at my Archiver's soon!

Of course the Thickers are awesome and I also love the Daybook...it's so hard to choose just one thing! Thanks for the chance to win, I can't wait to get my hands on this line!

This may end up my favorite line yet! I LOVE the alphabet stickers, so please pick me OK? Yay!

Wow can't wait to see the whole line. LOVE it. My favorite products where the striped Thickers (Ali) and the Remarks Stickers (Shimelle). Thanks for the chance to win, Tine

Everything looks fabulous ~ think my favorites are the new daybook and the thickers. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the thickers!! and all the colors and textures :)

Love Amy's collections....and this one is not exception. Wowee is it cute...

awesome! love the thickers!

LOve all the thickers so far! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love Amy’s use of color! So happy. Love those stickers!

i'm seriously loving all the thickers! love the designs & the colors!

I'm loving all the new thickers can't wait to get my hands on some!!

Love the orange Thickers on Kelly's blog. Thanks for the great giveaway!

I love the daybook with the wooden house, thanks for the chance to win.

Oh, I will love to get my hand on this collection, it have such great colors

I love the new day book. Everything looks great!!!

Love the tile Thickers and the navy-blue! Cannot wait to see it all!

I love the day book and the stickers. The colours of the new line are soooo mine. Very bright, very happy. How long does it take, before we can have it in our hands? :)

Oh wow, what a stunning collection. i love the orange thickers and, oh! the day book is so cute and i really cant wait to see the elephant - i am so excited!! i love all the amy tangerine collections and this one will be no exception!

I love the chipboard stickers! It's all so cute cute cute!!!

I absolutely in love with the remarks. They will always be my fav. ^^

I love all the new Thickers, but the denim blue ones are my absolute favourite. Gorgeous colors all around!

wonderful colors - love, love the daybook!

i love the thickers! but the rest is cool too.

The puffy tile letters. Looks like the perfect size. Way to Go Amy!

I love the the thickets. It will go great with ‘Back to School’ pages!

Oh yay a new AT-line:D I really like the look of those thickers shown on Ali's blog, I'm a sucker for thickers and stripes :)

Thickers in orange is really cool, it's hard to find letter stickers in orange!

I loved the wood grain paper and the orange thickers!

I love the new Thickers. I can never seem to get enough of AC letter stickers.

The stickers and alphas look really cute!

Love, love, love the new Thickers! The orange colour on Kelly's blog looks amazing. I need more Thickers in my "collection" ;) Can't wait to see the rest of the collection.

I LOVE it all! Especially the Thickers!!

I am love, love, LOVING that set of Bits! TFS!

A wonderful new line! I love the stickers in Ready Set Go - very versatile!

woodgrain and all of it really!!! Great collection! TFS!

I love the speech bubbles and the woodgrain papers and house! I love it all! :)

AMAZING Collection! Love the woodgrain - craving it really!

I love the Thickers!

Wow! The colors are fabulous...what a fun collection! I really love the decorative tags:o)

I love the new daybook, so cute!

The day book with the wood grain house is amazing!

what a great collection. i'm loving those thickers:)

Oooooh I love the colors of this new line! And the woodgrain, and the Thickers and the elephant and the……

soooo pretty ~ love the new line. Can't wait to get the Everyday thickers (and the day book)

Fantastic colours! I love decorative tags, they are awesome! Thanks for the chance

amazing! i'm lovin' those decorative tags!

I'd have to say the pinstripe thickers or the decorative tags are my favorites!

I love the Daybook.

Well, admittedly this was a very little tease. I think I'm going to have to say that I'm just generally in love with the colors in Ready Set Go. But if I have to pick, the orange corr. thickers.

This is so exciting! So far I love everything I've seen.

Ooh- loving those stickers. My favorites are those, the scrabble-like Thickers and the new Daybook. I refuse to pick just one favorite! ;) Thank you for the chance to win!

The daybook looks soooo cute. :) I can't wait to see more. I also love the tags with stitching and sequins!

I just recently discovered how veristile Amy Tan's products are and am so excited for the "Remarks" and Tags release. SO cute! Go, Amy, Go!

Love the daybook!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh woodgrain! LOVE the little pieces of woodgrain mixed in. So lovely!

Love the Thickers. They are always my favorites! Aloha.

HARD HARD decision when they are all awesome !!! Love the stickers above and the day book comes second by a whisker :)

I love the colors. If I had to pick one or two favorite things, I guess it would be the thickers and the tags.

Oh me oh my! I am not really done yet with Amy's previous collection that I've been hoarding like crazy and now this! Be still my heart but did I see another fab daybook in one of the blogs? Oh please, say it is so because that I'd love to have and all of Amy Tangerine's... ;) Thank you for making this excited.

I am loving the Thickers. This line has great colors!

My fav are the orange Thickers. It's just an awesome color!

Thank you for the blog hop and all the sneak peaks. What a lovely design with beautiful colors. I love the blues and greens!

Those tags + Thickers are so awesome! Can't wait to see the full reveal!

I love the "real life"camera sticker, and i love the beautiful colors for thickers!

I can't wait get my hands on this collection! I loved the sneak peeks, and can't wait to see more. The colors are so happy, and the woodgrain is the nicest one yet. I love the texture. Thanks again, and take care. :)

Wow I'm loving the new line! My favorites are the Everyday Thickers & the Daybook!

Love the colors of this new collection and I've got my eye on that new daybook!

I am so excited about the darling daybook! I love the woodgrain with the fall colors!! :) The corrugated thickers are great too!

those thickers are so cool in orange!!!

I adore the orange corrugated thickers. Yummy and truly, summer has arrived!

These colors are so fresh and fun, love the wood grain and the thickers, thanks so much for the chance to win !!!

I love the stickers.

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