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Monday, July 09, 2012


Love everything I see!

neeeeeeeed those Thickers! (imagine 6-year-old whiny voice, cause that's exactly what I said when I saw those letter stickers... I *need* them. Right now!)

Must have those papers and stamps! LOVE!

Fun line! Great colors and as always, fab Thickers! :)

Love love love the new thickers! Gotta have them all!

I don't think I can pick just one. I LOVE IT ALL. Seriously. Best line ever. HANDS DOWN.

BEAUTIFUL!! Love it!!!

Love it! everything is so cute! love the stamps and the day book. but LOVE everything

what a fun collection! those colors are simply wonderful! ... and those thickers too!

So pretty!!! Love the combo of colors!!!

omg love love love the woodgrain albums

This collection is beautiful, cute, and fun! I love the hand drawn elephant in the "Flare" item. Thanks for sharing!

Love the cool colors in this collection and I love the speach bubble paper!

Love the woodgrain and the mini alphas! Cute!

Oh my goodness, what's not to love. My favorite, I'm gonna have to go with ALL the embellishments.

LOVE it!! Such a fun, fun collection!!

Must.have.it.all!! Love the papers, and the woodgrain albums look amazing!!

Love it all!

Oh my...speechless!

Amy I can not begin to tell you how much I love your new line. You are so talented :)

OMGOSH! This line does not disappoint!! I love love love the wood grain albums...and the leaves are very fall-ish. (They look like they have great texture!) I am also wild about the kraft colored paper with the white houses on it! too cute!!! Great stuff.

Love everything but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that time stamp thing!!! SOO cool! I cannot wait to get my hands on that! :)

Love it all! I really really really need those Thickers!

Love the collection....simply brilliant!!!!

The woodgrain paper is awesome ! Love the leaves embellies, and those stickers ! Love the bright colors ! Gorgeous collection !

LOVE the wood chevron paper!

Amazing I love everything I see, love the journals and all of the wood grains. TFS and a chance to win.

Loving the wood chevron paper and thickers!

The daybooks!

what an amazing line, i love the woodgrain house in the mini book. i love the cool colors, just awesome.

I love it! I can't wait to use the roller stamp and thickers!

Love love love love love! Must have this collection!

All is wonderful!!! I love Amy Tangerine!


All the herringboness (new word !) it is a fabulous collection

Oh!! Need it all! I love love those daybooks though.

ooh so fun! I NEED that details pack with the cute little elephant, woodgrain house and flowers. LOVE it!

Wonderful! I love stamps and tags, fantastic!

Ahhh woodgrain album! I got the last album and love it!

Woodgrain albums!? MUST have! Love the colors in this collection are SO cozy!

Love them all!!!!! I am dying over the stamps and embellishments!

HELLO It's Amy Tangerine I need it ALLLLLLL :) But if I MUST pick just a few I'd say that stamp,Lil Bits & the paper OH man and the mini day books (are you KIDDING SUPER DUPER LOVE!) ROCKED ROCKED ROOOOCKKKED is what this collection is!

What a great collection

Love the colors, so bright and cheery, the day books are my top pick of this collection, yum!

love the hearts and the mini daybooks!

Those embellishments and Thickers!

Another awesome collection, Amy!! Love everything about this. So bright and fun!!

Another fabulous collection from Amy! The colors in her new one are so delicious! And perfect for so many occasions! I have to get my hands on all of those THickers and the details with the camera and elephant!

oh my goodness! What a great collection! I just love every piece of it!

I love this collection. It would be perfect to make a road trip journal for a trip I'm taking in Sept.

FAbulous collection! Love the woodgrain poping up in different places!

I love the woodgrain, and the stamps!! Amy never disappoints! <3

Love it all. My favourite collection from Amy.

What's your favorite part!? That's a silly question, AC! I LOVE AND WANT IT ALL! This collection is absolutely wonderful! Wooo-Hoooooo...Can't wait for it to arrive in stores!

WOW!!! I feel like that pattern paper that says LOVE LOVE LOVE all over it! Those stamps are so cute! Perfect colors- awesome embellies- FAB!!!

I cannot wait til I can get these new pp papers, embellies (all the letters, love the colors!), and stamps (LOVE the camera + globe!). It's all so cute!! Can't wait!

there isn't anything i don't love. Especially the paper and stamps set. SWOON:)

I love all of it! The daybooks are my favorite!

I love it (my fave was her first but this one rivals it in some ways)! TFS!

Wow! I love everything I've seen on this post above all the alphas and the stickers, so yummy!!!

Loving the colors in this line! Great thickers too - one can never have too many thickers! :)

I love the whole collection but my favorite part is the colors & patterns of the papers.

i love the stamp set and the day books!

So cool! Love the papers and the wood albums!

I love the elephant in the details! So adorable!

Another great collection. The wood grain albums look amazing.

WOW - WOODGRAIN ALBUMS!!!!! Amazing. Want one now!

The Thickers.

Need the stamps (that includes the date stamp!) and the bits! Love the little travel kit too! So awesome!

orange and green thickers in a cool font, yay! oh and new daybooks, me want!

that stamp set is to DIE for! Cannot WAIT!!!!!!

Love it all and I want it all. My favorite part is the woodgrain album and love love the stamps.Bye Irene

I'm looking forward to picking up the Details -- stickers and hearts! How long do we have to wait again?

Gorgeous collection! Can't wait to get my hands on all of it! Love the stamps and all the details! :-)

every.single.bit. ohmygosh! i always love stamps, and thickers/alpha stickers. the embellishments never fail! and i love the herringbone/woodgrain paper, globes, speech bubbles, houses... so beautiful!

Gorgeous line, love the wood grain albums, so different & unique...

I love every single piece of this collection but the woodgrain paper is my favorite!

Love all of the woodgrain items. Also, the rolling stamp is awesome!

Love the colors and the woodgrain paper and albums :)

No sir!! I didnt think I could love an entire line, but I am in LOVE! Those albums! The papers! The Thickers! Yes please!

Another winner! I love the papers and stamps most of all.

Earthy!!!! LOVE the colors and patterns of this line!

Love the stamps! Elephant, papers, stickers, Thickers... ALL of it!

Papers are great, but I need to have those stamps and the buttons!

I just love, love Amy's great stuff. I just finished my first travel journal and can't wait to get some more!

Super cute! I love the woodgrain aspects of it! :)

I think I have just squealed out loud a bit! I think Amy's lines are going to be a permanent favorite of mine!! I have loved all her collections so far - just look at those bits!!

OH - MY - GOD! I definitely need to get it all! I'm absolutely serious, it is just impossible to pick only a few things out of this over the top lovely collection! Those patterned papers are perfection and I am in love with the daybooks and stamps!!
I love all the Amy Tangerine lines!

love the woodgrain albums and love the remarks!

Yay! Another amazing line!! Can't wait to get some!

The mini book are AWESOME!!!!! The whole line is amazing, Makes me ready for some cooler weather!

The stamps are my favorite. So cute.

The wood grain albums are wonderful. I'd love to decorate them.

OH wood wood wood...I'm in LOVE!!!

Love all the woodgrain, paper, mini albums, albums etc.

FAbulous--love the woodgrain paper and albums.

Woodgrain is wonderful! Love that quote bubble paper!! Love it all!

I'm loving the Mini Day Planners!

Carla from Utah

I'm loving everything! Yummy collection.

this is awesome...I love the stamps and the papers!

Everything is just beautiful,love that woodgrain paper,the stripes one (great colors) and the orange Thickers are awesome !!!

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