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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Oh what a sweet collection loving all the accents & OH that day book looks like I'll be needing 2-3 or more of!

Ooo I'm in love with the gold foil and lovely pinks! So sweet and pretty!

This is adorable! I love the gold foil vellum and the tags!

Love this!!

one whole collection, please! i love the entire thing!!

too good ! i want ...

EVERYTHING!! This is my absolute favorite collection out of everything I have seen this preview week, from all manufacturers!! I will have to have at least one, if not 2, of every item in this collection!! FABULOUS!!

Wow, every little bit of this collection is amazing! I love the soft yet bright colours. And that album with floral cover is my new favourite - a definite must-have!

wow, great line. Love all the patterns!

Love, love, love it all! I have been so anxious to see this one and am definitely not disappointed!

Love it all, especially the new ribbon!

Love the fox theme and the softness of this collection! And the new thickers are amazing!

I love the color palette on this--everything is so beautiful!

Absolutely wonderful!!!!!



WOW WOW WOW!!!!! it's so amazing, im speechless!


Yeah on the rolling stamp and the chevron album! And so many other must have goodies...


Absolutely darling!!! Love every bit of it!

Love those burlap bows! I agree with another comment that this is the best collection I have seen so far! EK hit it out of the park with this one!

i love all the yummy embellishments!!!

I love the Daybook and the Thickers - hands down! What a pretty collection - so feminine and soft!

So pretty! I love it! So many little details I love!

love, love, love this collection, the colors are beautiful, and are those burlap bows, can't wait!

I'll take one of everything. Thank you.

Oh my I love it ALL!! burlap bows, gold vellum, so so pretty!

I love the line. The colours are great!

this is so gorgeous, love the colors and all the embellies, another must-have

Been waiting to see the full reveal for this one and it does not disappoint!! LOVE all of it!

so pretty! i'm glad there's some gray in there again. i love the gray!

Love it!

Oh MY!!!! i'm lovin EVERYTHING by far! Need them all^^

I love the color palette, especially the diagonal stripes and touch of grey. I also like the lettering that looks like it's been done on a machine.

I just put every bit of this line on my wishlist! The home elements and foxes are amazing!

I was anxiously waiting for the reveal to this line and I LOVE it! The colors are awesome and I can't wait to get my hands on the paper, tags, and the sticker book!

Oh my goodness!! There is SO much to love!! The burlap bows are adorable!! I can't wait to get the Remarks Sticker book!! Oh and the page that looks like Polaroids....and the stamp that looks like a Polaroid!! Can't wait to see this collection in my LSS!!

Adorable! Love the colors!!

Oh this is wonderful!! i'm not even sure where to start with how much I love it!! I adore the images and the patterns and the colors!!

Oh Love. The colors are wonderful!! I can picture all of the great things I would love to create with this!! So excited!!

I love it so much!! Love the colors, the Native American vibe, everything!! I'm so excited to get my hands on this! Eagerly anticipating!!

wow! I'm loving what I see! The colors are really awesome. I love all the design elements, too.

I am in love with it. Woah, the washi tape, the garlands, tags & daybook. xoxoxoxo

She gets me everytime! Love the color palette and especially love that large floral patterned paper. Great embellishments too!

it's amazing! I love those bows! actually..I just love it all.

The whole collection is absolutely amazing ! Very original embellies !

pretty collection - LOVE all the embellies

Love the colors!! The date stamp with the day is fantastic and I love all of the little embellishments! So pretty!

What a great collection, all of it is just wonderful, but OMG did I see burlap bows awesome

This is simply lovely! I want everything from this collection! :)

Love every little thing!!!!

So soft, sweet, and delicate! Lovely in every way!

Wow, gorgeous and amazing. I want all of it :)

Very pretty collection ... and the colors are so dreamy and light! Love it!

Beautiful collection. I love the days of the week option on the stamp. Very clever.

Oh the striped album! Must. Have. It.

This has to be the prettiest line ever, love all of it...!!!

So beautiful! I love everything she does!! I love the foxes and all the papers!

so pretty! I love the designs and soft colors. wonderful embellishments

Great collection, love the colours. Am also excited by the daybook

Love the tags the most!
Great line :)

Its Beautiful!! AND HUGE!! now thats what I call a full collection. Love it ALL

yep, love it all. TFS [email protected]

I like the tags. I really like the cut out words on the tags.

Loving the colors, the tags, POW, stickers...loving it ALL!

EEEEP!!! This is SOOO adorable!!!!

Loving the colors and all the embellies. Great designs.

Ohh love the burlap bows and the cardstock pieces! Already my creative juices are flowing!

I simply ADORE this line! I'm in love with the burlap bowties, and the colors are just so yummy! yes, please! :D

I think I'm in love!!! With all of it!

I really like the animals. Great!

The burlap bows are my favorite. They are so different and cute.

I love ALL OF IT!!!

OMG!! My checking account is in TROUBLE!!!! I love it all and would love to win some of it! Thank you so much and keep up the awesome designing!!

WOW! I love it! The colors are adorable! I love all the embellies and bits that go along with the collection :-) This is definitely going on my wish list :-) x

loving the colors. the tags are darling!

I need it, I want it, I gotta have it esp. the roller stamp!

I'm love w/entire collection! Love the Remarks sticker book & those papers? Need it all. =P

OH WOW! What a WONDERFUL pack! Lovely!

Love the stamps, tags and die-cuts!

I am blown away by how good this entire collection is--I "NEED" it all!

There's lots of goodness in this collection. Those tags are pretty sweet.

Just amazing, love everything in the collection. Those albums are a must have. What I love the most about this collection is the COLORS, they are just incredible....must have.

Love the whole collection! The colours are so great and sweet and the patterns are great! Washitapes are cute and the buttons, too, but I NEED to get some of those papers!

oh wow! what a fun collection :) the colors are so pretty and that DATE STAMP! perfect idea to have the day of the week with the date!

LOVE EVERY INCH AND DETAIL OF THIS COLLECTION! The patterned papers are just beautiful, the colors and designs are sweet, the gold, the washi tape, the cute burlap bowties...TOO ADORABLE...and the daybook is SO FAB! UH, I WANT IT ALL!

that roller stamp is a must have for me

Yay! A new date stamp.

I knew it.. I knew I would fall in love with the new Dear Lizzy collection! ;) I loved every single piece of the last one and this one does not disappoint! Actually, I want it all! That roller stamp..the remarks sticker book.. the paper.. I told you ;)

ah, I have been waiting a LONG time for that roller stamp with the days of the week on it! Hooray!

I love this as much as the winter Dear Lizzy release! I didn't think it could get any better, but it did! Love the stamp set and the new date stamp with the days of the week. Love the clipboards and the GOLD!

All looks great, but I LOVE the flutterbys! x

I love Dear Lizzy! Sweet and nice colors... mmm... most of all I like paper, date stamps and stickers :)

I love: the new date stamp that has the days of the week, the way that this line would work well with the previous Dear Lizzy line, as well as the two earlier Amy Tangerine lines, the new Polaroid paper, the pink paper with the phrases on it.

Love the color combo in this collection. I', relly looking forward to see the insides of the Day book

The colors are gorgeous!!

I think it's super fun! Love the burlap bows and the ribbon and the stamp. The papers are fun too! They are looking a little more "Amy Tangerine" to me, but fun bright colors as you can expect from AC!

those bow-ties...how cute!!!
i love the colours...so gentle..and soft!!!
love it all

Oh WOW~ I love the little houses and cameras in this line! The thicker fonts are ADORABLE too! Can't wait to get this line! :)

Love the papers, neat designs!

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