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Monday, July 09, 2012


Wow! If these markers help me draw like Suzy, then I really need them.

Doodling is part of my daily life! IF I have a pen in my hand a paper sometimes w/out even noticing I' doodling something so you know heart started to beat a little faster when I saw this INSANE collection of AWESOME! Man, see now I have to go doodle something.

I saw the title of the post and my first thought was "I wonder what Suzy came up with this time..."

I'm more than impressed! I wish I could doodle like she does, but most of the time the doodles that end up on my pages are of the bought kind.

I haven't doodled in awhile, but this definitely makes me want to! Gorgeous!

Beautiful layout + card! I'd love to doodle like you!! Thanks for the chance at the pens! Love AC!!

I love the projects. I doodle on everything, especially in meetings. It helps me to focus on what is being said. I wish my doodles looked like the ones on the projects. Thanks for the chance to win!

Wow... That is a LOT of doodling!!! And it all looks SO perfect!!! I doodle mostly as faux stitching or highlights on my cards, but now I think I am going to have to BRANCH out!!!! This was awesome! :)

I used to be a ginormous doodler but somewhere along the way lost touch with my inner-doodler. I think this might be a good time to get reacquainted.

Love the doodling! I do not do enough of it so these pens would help me do more!! Thank you for a chance to win!!

I do like to doodle...during meetings, so my doodles often end up in files with my actual meeting notes, or in the trash....I need to incorporate them more into my projects!

I love to doodle (but it never looks as pretty as Suzy's doodles!!). I mostly doodle in my journal where I jot down ideas for craft/scrapbook projects or when I'm on the phone :D

i am always doodling...my hand has a mind of it's own...it will have 'doodled' something without me even being aware!

I have doodles all over the notebook on my desk at work. I tend to doodle during long phone calls and boring meetings!

WOW!!Awesome works!!!!!
Love the doodling!

Yes I doodle...it is a sign of intelligence. I always doodle during work meetings..all over my reports!

Such fun projects!

Luv the projects! thanks for the chance to win!

I doodle during long meetings to keep my mind active :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Let's be honest. Most of my doodling still happens at church. :)

I love love love that card! I wish I could doodle like that. I need to practice!

I love doodling! Lovely projects too!

i love doodle!! i always make doodling on a paper with my pen. Your projects are very beautiful!

i love to doodle, i'm doodling throughout the day at work on post its, hehe

I LOVE doodling. My doodles end up anywhere and everywhere, if I have something to write with, I will doodle. But I especially love doodling on my layouts.

I love the projects!!!


I doodle!!!

I usually like to doodle when I'm bored [like during staff meetings]! Give me a fine black felt tip pen for the meeting and I look so productive!

I LOVE to doodle little hearts,...but it never looks that great. Nice inspiration :-) Thx, Tine

Seriously, if there was a competition for doodling, Suzy would win! She's awesome!

Doodling is probably my favorite technique for changing up a patterned paper or adding to plain cardstock!

I try doodling but it never looks like Suzy's!

I love to doodle, but don't love the way it looks. I've been practicing in a notebook devoted to doodling. Hopefully it will get better with practice!

I love doodling, especially when the pen feels so smooth when it hits the paper!

I think Suzy's doodling crossed over the line into art! Really cool heart!! I used to doodle in my school notebooks a lot and am intrigued by Zentangles.

I love to doodle, all my class notes have doodles all over them! Usually I doodle random shapes and patterns

I doodle at work - all the time -

amazing projects - I love to doodle on my pages - mainly simple stuff but now I'm inspired to get bolder.

I doodle on layouts quite a bit, but most of my doodling happens at work. Often when I am thinking about a problem I find myself doodling to think it through.

This is beautiful Suzy, really beautiful...
A big hug for you and i'm happy to read good new on your blog !!!!

I used to be quite the doodler in high school but not as much anymore. But, I do use pens all of the time! Thanks for a chance to win!

I love doodling and making lists in a notebook!

I mostly doodle flowers and they are all over the scratch papers all around my house and office.

I love to doodle during work meetings, but my iPad has caused me to stop. Must remember to bring a notebook next time! I would love to win :)

OMGosh! I just love all this doodling! I'm always afraid that I'll mess up my layouts or cards if I doodle - I just can't doodle randomly! I don't doodle enough! Must practice! lol! :-)

My doodles tend to happen to frame layouts or on scratch paper with a pen when I'm bored.

I tend to doodle on scratch paper when in meetings or on the phone. Mine don't come close to the ones shown here!

My doodles generally end up in the trash can because I usually don't pay attention to how good they look! If I had these gorgeous colors, I bet I could make something worth saving though!

I like to doodle on the church bulletins!

I'm not very good at the doodles, but I like using the patterns for doodles. Usually for framing pictures.

Carla from Utah

I love to doodle. Usually while I'm on the phone with someone.

I'm a phone doodler....esp. if I'm on hold or a business type call.

LOVE and this post is inspiring me to do more of it. I used to doodle lots an my pages....ned to start again!

I used to doodle all the time when I was in classes taking notes. I could look back at my doodles and remember what I was hearing when I drew them!

P.S. Suzy's doodles are absolutely amazing!!

I do love to doodle, but then end up being on random pieces of paper from events I should be paying attention at (I can multi-task!), so they often end up in the garbage, sadly.

Wow, Suzy's doodling looks amazing, especially that heart! My doodling is not that intricate and I usually doodle during long meetings at work.

I doodle all over my planner!

Doodling? Yes! Always if I have a pencil in my hand. I've ruined important documents, during meetings, etc. But It's not disrespectful...I listen better that way :)

I am a doodler at heart. I love to doodle on a layout, but I always seem to doodle in a notebook while I talk on the phone.

I love your doodling and the American Crafts pens are just great for this technique.

I doodle on envelopes for art mail, cards, letters, napkins, anything really! So fun!

Carol B

This can hardly be called doodling - it is art!

This makes me want to take mine up a notch so I can include it in my projects. I am a total phone doodler but I am likely on scribble on anything at hand. Luckily I usually catch myself before uncover the corner of important documents in vines or hearts. Usually.

This is sooo pretty! I love doodling too! Ever since I was a young young girl :) You can find swirly flowers on practically any surface!

I love to doodle! I usually doodle in my sketchbook or smashbook, but I find myself doodling on any blank piece of paper!

Raising my hand here as a life long doodler--keeps my mind busy while sitting in meetings. Would love to try some of these markers, thanks for the chance.

My kids are always "stealing" my AC pens for their doodling coz they're so fun, easy and smooth to use. LOL. So these would be great surprise gifts for them!

I've never been very good at doodling, but I'm sure I'd have plenty of other uses for these pens!

I love to doodle. I doodle on my cards, journal pages, coasters. I guess I doodle
wherever there is blank space that can
be written on. Thanks for the chance to
win such a great prize.

I have been a long time doodler. Even as a kid in school - it looked like I was taking noted & I was doodling away.

Not much of a doodler, but maybe I need to change that . . . those doodling projects look awesome!

WoW! This one is for me, i´m so into doodling right now, due to Amy T´s sketch collection;-)

Great projects. Especially love that LO... I'm still relative new at scrapbooking so have not dared to doodle and realized I've spoilt my page. But will definitely try tiny bits whenever the mood comes. Thanks for the chance to win.

Awesome doodles! Thanks for the chance!

Love to doodle:)

I doodle on my work notebook. It helps pass the time on long calls! Flowers, geometric shapes, and sailboat scenes seem to be my most doodled.

I LOVE doodling but don't do it often enough. Would absolutely love to win.

I doodle in notebooks. At work, in class, beside my to-do lists. Love the card above!

I love to doodle around the different layers of pattern paper in my layouts, especially when there is cardstock between them. Then the doodles really stand out.

I doodle all day long on any paper I can find. My meeting notebooks are covered with arrows, lines, kites, and hearts!

Doodling is so much fun and quite a great stress reliever for me. It brings me back to my highschool days of doodling all over my notebooks and my desk. :)

OH! I love to doodle! I do it on all of my notes--my fav is to doodle around my name:) THANKS for the chance to win :) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

Suzy is a CHAMPION DOODLER! Such beautiful projects! I doodle to especailly when yaking on the phone. I don't know why but I just pick up a pen and go to town. I really should keep some and place in Family Yearly Album.

I LOVE to doodle! These pens look great...thanks for the opportunity to win

I'm not usually a doodler, but I have been inspired to give it a go! Thanks so much for the great inspiration!

slick writers are my favorite!!

I usually don't doodle (unless you count "framing" as doodling :) ), but I do - and always have - looooooove pens. In all shapes and colurs. :)

I looooove doodling clouds. Would love to try those markers

I do doodle.
Doodle here and doodle there.
A little doodle everywhere.

your doodling is amazing!!! These projects are gorgeous! I don't doodle all that often, however I have been doing it a bit more lately and would love to try some of those beautiful markers!

I doodle a little bit- but I'd love to learn how to doodle like Suzy! Great work! Thanks for the chance!

I seem to doodle most when on the phone at work...usually ends up on my report sheet (I'm a RN)...mostly curly cues and shapes :) Should definitely try it on my card making though!!

I love to doodle - mostly at work when I'm on the phone! Usually flowers, clouds, or my name in different fonts. I would love to doodle more on my pages and cards, but I am a perfectionist and I usually don't like my doodles enough to commit. I am going to challenge myself to doodle on a page, just to try it!

I usually doodle in my planner and journal!

Just jaw dropping!! I LOVE all of the fun creations!! I wish I was a better doodler and would LOVE to win these pens for some MUCH NEEDED PRACTICE!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Your layout looks great! And what a nice touch by adding those fluffy clouds.
I doodle on a mini sketchbook (where Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night painting is on the cover of my sketchbook). I would add colours to my doodles with watercolor pencils if I feel like it.
The AC pens & markers will be a wonderful addition to my stash if I win!

Thanks for the giveaway! :D

I'm not much of a doodler these days but I sure used to be!

I used to doodle a lot-rainbows, strawberries, the sun--maybe these pens would give me more inspiration to doodle some more!! Thanks!

awesome doodle projects!!!
help! i've lost my inner doodler and i need it back! jen t.

I love to doodle in a sketchbook my ideas for future projects. I would love to win this prize and start doodling on my projects!

Very cool!! I would love to win some!

I used to doodle more. My college notes are full of doodles I made while taking notes and paying attention. This continued into my teaching notes from meetings and trainings. There isn't as much doodling going on now because I stay at home with my three boys and there isn't much time to sit and doodle. Still, when we are having color time I like to doodle pictures for them when they ask.

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