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Monday, July 16, 2012


My favorite shape is circle. Thx for the chance to win the knock out punch.

My favourite shape would be hearts. Thank you for the chance to win!!

My favorite shape would be butterflys!
Thanks for the chance!


i love my scallop borders. thanks!

One of my favorite edges is the note page edge. Make little note embellishments to have on hand and then I can add more embellishments to bring together the event. Thanks for this chance!

I love a scalloped edge! Nice punches - thanks for the chance to win.

I love the hearts!!!
Great kit!

My favorite shape would have to be the circle, would love to win this set of punches, they look so versatile, thanks so much for the chance !!!

i'm obsessed with chevrons lately, by far my favorite shape!

I like to use circles a lot :)

I love the sunburst pattern made of triangle shapes so I suppose it would be triangles for the moment at least :)

My favorite shape would be circles! Thanks for a chance to win.

my favorite shape is definitely a ampersand!

My favorite shape would be STAR!

I love circles (mostly to make polka dots)!

Oh give me some circles & I am the happiest of happy gals, love how we can make outlines, dots and everything in between.

I love stars. :) I can never get enough!!

LOVE the knockouts! The scallops are my favorite :)

I like the notebook spiral edge most of all - perfect for the school albums)

I like the hexagons but haven't gotten over my fear of doin anything with them. LoL. Great inspiration to try here though!

I'm pretty partial to circles!

Shapes in general, I like a circle, so versatile. For the borders I love the scallop shape, for the same reason really, versatility, it goes with everything!

I use a lot of circles, so I guess that would be a favorite shape.

I like the notebook edge shape!

I love using circles in my layouts.

My favorite is hearts!! I don't have any border inch with hearts!!
Thanks for the chance to win this pack!!

Wow! Love the new Knock Out set! I'm always up for a good border punch!

My favorite shape is the chevron! I love the look it has and gives to my creations!

I love scalloped borders!

I think my favorite is triangles. They are great for masculine pages!!

Wow!!! I really adore that kit. My favorite shapes are the scallop with hearts and the note page edge. Thanks for the chance to win :-)))

I am always fond of scallop shape.

I love the open scallop shape! Thanks for a chance to win!

Great layouts! Love the combos on it!
My favorite shapes are circles.

My favorite shape is the heart. Thanks so much for the chance to win :)

Lately my favorite shape has been leaves, so ready for fall!

I really like scallops as a border. I do have thing for hexagons lately though.

My favourite shape would be hearts. Thank you for the chance to win!!

Hexagons! They're so easy to work with.

I love the hexagon pattern it brings so much character to these projects!

Wow... They´re very space-saving.
I like scallops as a border.

I love hexagons lately:)

love the chevronshape...the most
but i really like m all...

Loving the hexagons ladies! Great inspiration - thank you! Those border punches look SO much fun! Love the scalloped edge and the notebook edge is all the rage! Thank you so much for the chance to win :-) x

I'm loving the scallop shape with the little notches in the scallops punched out.

My favorite shape is the chevron. Loving the hexagons too!

I love squares and circles, but lovin' hexagons too! :) And those border punches look so fun! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

I like it simple, squares, triangles and circles!! :)

I love circles and banners

The classic scallop edge.

i love the zigzag shape - perfect for every card/layout!

My favourite shape is the circle. Thank you so much for this chance.

Oh my, I would loove to win this set! I'm trying to buy it for months now, but it's always sold out in the few shops we have here in Germany :(
My favourite shape at the moment is actually the hexagon, I don't know..it just never gets boring :)

My favorite shape is Chevrons, I am loving using my photo corner punches as Chevrons easy peasy!

I love hearts! :)

I am totally into hexagons right now!

My favorite is just the plain circles in a strip.

I would really love to win these punches! I really like the note page edge and the open scallop punches. Thanks so much for the chance!

My favorite shape would have to be the circle, they are so versatile, thanks so much for the chance to win.

I like circles! They are fun to use and I Don't use them often enough!

I love circles. So many uses and fun in scrapbooks and clothing! Thanks for the giveaway!

I like the way the hexagons pop off the page in each of the projects shown. I haven't used hexagons. I'm more of a square girl myself.

my favorite shape is a star! Thanks for a chance to win!

camersa are my fave shape at present thanks for the chance!

Loving the hexagon trend! Such a fun shape! These projects are gorgeous!!

Love the chevron shapes, love love love!!

LOve this punch!! Perfect for my layouts and pefect storage!!!!

My favorite shape is hearts. Hearts can go on just about any layout with any topic. Thanks for the chance to win such a great border punch set. I have had my eye on this a while.

Fav shape for me would be scallop circles. I use them a lot.

Carla from Utah

Being a mom of boys I always turn to stars, but the hexagon is always a good option!

Love the mini hearts. But all are great!

I am a circles shape! I make circles on a lot of my layouts!

I have yet to jump on the hexagon bandwagon, but I know its coming!! I get so inspired by all that I am seeing. LOVE LOVE LOVE Paige's hexagon layout!! I am a current lover of STARS. Thanks for the chance to win

Another circle lover here. Classic. Love, love chevrons too. Thanks for the chance to win- lots of choices with this set!

My favorite shape is the scalop with hearts. But all will be useful. Thanks

hearts...i adore hearts....and circles...

I'm not really sure what my favorite shape is...on layouts I tend to gravitate towards butterflies, hearts, circles, and scallops. Thanks for the chance! :)

I'd have to say stars because they are so versatile!!

Lots of choices, but my favorite is the circles...

I love circles and butterflies! I really want to try the notebook paper punch. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the new trends with the chevrons and the hexagons! Love to win that set! Thank you so much for the chance!

The hearts and scallops border is my favorite!

I am a sucker for stars! But the hexagon trend has gotten me too!

At the moment I am drawn to hexagons, (it's hard to buck the trends ;)), but overall I am a circle girl. Coming a close second would have to be a square.
Love the giveaway!

Hexagons and triangles are my favorite shapes

Thanks for the feature on the hexies. I am in love with them right now. My fav shape for punches would have to be the torn note paper edge. Love it, especially for journalling!

Butterflies and circles are my go to shapes - they seem to pop up on almost every layout.

With a beautiful little baby girl I can't go past hearts!!!

Oh my! My favorite shape is stars an the hexagons are now in a close second!!!

I love squares. Easy to use and accessorize...even my diamond ring is a square! I've got to say though...I saw a hexagon cake the other day and haven't been able to stop thinking about it...

beautiful hexagons shapes on your projects ladies....my favorite shape,STARS!!! Thanks for the chance to win !!!

My favorite shape is the circle. The border punch looks wonderful!

Circles! Love them!

My favorite shape right now are stars. Can't stop using them! Thanks for the chance to win :)

I love hearts but these hexagons are calling my name!!

I like hexigons and circles.


My favorite shape is HEART.

I'm thinking more and more about stars, but my scallops make it on most of my layouts.

I'm a square fan!

the dots

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