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Tuesday, July 03, 2012


My built in book shelves. It's like my own personal library!

My favorite part about my home is my space for doing creative things!

My favourite thing about my home is the people that live there!!!! No house would be a home to me without my family that I love!!!!

I love our yard. This is our first house, and we are happy that our dog gets to run around the yard. ^^

I love my back yard - a fence to keep the dogs contained, gravel to keep them clean and a nice little deck with a hanging planter and antique lawn chairs for relaxing! Can't wait to see the new collection. I LOVED Neopolitan.

My second bedroom turned art room- I can play to my heart's content in there!

My bedroom. So relaxing, inviting, a place to read or for romance. To rest, rejuvenate. I love it as I do the sounds of the new line!

My favorite part of my home is actually the family room downstairs...not only does it have my craft room in one corner but it's also the playroom for my son. All the toys and books and DVDS laying about make me think of him and how lucky I am to have him in my life!

My scrap area, of course!!!! :) Can't wait to see the rest of the new line!

I love my kitchen. It's outdated, but it's big and open and we always seem to gather there as a family!

I have so many faves about our home, but the closet space has to be no. 1.

My kitchen/diner is fab. This is the first house we've had where there's been enough space to have people over.

I love our living room since it is where we spend so much time as a family...playing games, reading books, etc.

My new couch - it fits the whole family so we can all snuggle together! The new Lizzy line is so cute - I love all things Lizzy!

My desk :) Here I can scrap, sew or browse web :) Even when I want to read I do it at my desk often.

I love my crafting space! It's the only place in the house that I can call my own.

My favorite part of my home is when the three, soon to be four, of us are each in our spots on the couch together as a family :). Even the dog has her own spot! All is right in the world when we are together! Thanks for the chance to win, counting down the days until the full reveal!

I love the way the sunshine comes in our many windows-it makes me want to dance in the sunbeams! I love Dear Lizzy products. Thanks for the chance.

Gorgeous! I love how colorful my home is and how I can just relax as soon as I close the door

My favorite part of my house is my scrappy rooom!!

My favorite part of my home is wherever my kids are being silly and making memories. :) Thanks for the chance to win! I can't wait to see the whole line!

my favorite part of my home is the many windows in the back because it is a walkout I feel like I am living in a treehouse in the summer when all the trees are leafed out.

My backyard. Although we live in the suburbs, my backyard makes me feel like we don't. We have lots of trees, and no houses in our view. We get animal visitors of all kinds, deer, squirrels, rabbits, birds, foxes, etc.

Love the peek at the new collection! Can't wait to see the bits and pieces! Sure to be on my wishlist!

My favorite part of our home is the antique & ornate (early 1900's) door knobs that remain throughout the house. The house has been gutted and remodeled by multiple previous owners, but they all left the door knobs on the beautiful paneled doors...

We recently painted our living room a yummy chocolate brown and bought new dark brown overstuffed comfy furniture! I have my new-ish Aviary in there with 4 beautiful finches. That's my favorite room!! I love to sit on my big comfy couch in the morning with a hot cup of coffee and listen to my birds sing!

I cannot wait to see more! dreamy colors! my favorite part of my house is the collections of artwork on my walls and line of mason jars on the halfwall!

It's hard to pick one thing. I will say the people I love that I get to live with every day in my house -- my kind, sweet husband and our beloved daughter.

My backyard. This collection looks great, by the way. I love that little fox in the sneak peek. He's calling my name.

The best thing about my home is who I share it with. I don't know who said that but I love it ... it is so true! Thanks for the chance to win :)

My favorite part of my home is my family. People make a home, not stuff. :)

This looks absolutely gorgeous! My favorite part of my (new to me) home is our pool!

My favorite part of my home is having my own scrapbook room/office! I spend most of my time in there and just love having a space of my own. Can't wait to see the full reveal of the new line!

My fav part about home is the family that lives in it! I can't wait to see the full reveal of this line!

I love our screened in porch--perfect for eating outside!

my bathroom. I've coloured it in yellow and orange and the furnitures are in natural wood. there is always some flowers of my garden. bye, marta

My fav part about my home is my little scrap nook. It's my little escape!

My enclosed outdoor patio, so beautiful in the spring and summer to sit and have iced tea.

I love my big front room with plenty of space for the kids to play with their toys, and me to work on the computer, as well as two big sofas for lounging on to watch movies and eat popcorn. Great space.

Love the sneak of the line, it looks amazing! x

My favorite is my scrappy room! LOVE to spend time there and it just makes me happy.

my favourite part of my home is my shower! My bathtub is pink, the tile is grey, & there is a huge glass block window (in the shower) with a gorgeous marble ledge! (My house was built circa 1958!)

I love my sunroom with all it's plants & of course my scrap room, but best of all is my husband who built it all for me! Thanks for the opportunity to win this cool collection.

I love my little space where I do my crafts cause it's near a window where I can look my backyard, lovely blue sky with some white clouds, sunny day, green and brown trees & a lot of grass :) very inspiring to do crafts.

My favorite space my little nook in the dining room where I get to create!!! Thanks for the chance!

I just had to sell my home of 10 years for a move to a new state. We are in temporary housing but have just put a contract on a home to close at the end of this month. My favorite part of my new home?? That it will be mine and I can finally settle in! I also love it's cozy feel. Hurry up July and get over... I need a home!

Hmm... maybe my kitchen! The walls are a soft neutral shade, and white plates in different shapes and sizes hang from red polka dot ribbons above the cabinets. Red and cherry-themed pieces (some Mary Engelbreit) serve as the accents. A cheerful place to be!

My kitchen is definitely my favorite room in my house. A good place for happy memories.

Oh My! Is this not the cutest collection ever?!! I'm loving what I see! My favorite thing about home is our table because it is where we all gather for supper every night together.

My favorite space is our family room because that's where lots of memories are made. We play games, watch movies, talk and laugh! Love it when everyone is home!!

My favorite thing about our home is our big yard !! We have a garden and tons of space for our son to run and play (after he starts walking... he's still a baby lol)!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

My favorite thing about my home is how old and cozy it is. Lots of charm, lots of nostalgic stories. It's a great place to raise a family!

My bathtub, the most relaxing place in the entire house.

the collection looks so darn cute!!!
my favorite part of my house is definitely my bedroom/library. This place is made for dreams!

This line looks so amazing! And the neutrals make it very usable, too. I'm super excited for the full reveal!

My favorite part of my home is my grandpa's handmade furniture. He's made us bookshelves, desks, tables, doll cradles, and sitting benches. They are beautiful, and I love that they represent hours of his love, care, and craftsmanship.

my kitchen...its where everyone congregates :) cant wait to see the new line!!!

I've been looking forward tot he Dear Lizzy sneak-I always LOVE everything from her lines. My fav part of my house is my bed :)

My favourite part of my home is our orange, comfy-cozy-messy-sometimes-sticky-but-always-big-enough-for-all-of-us couch! It's well loved, like all the best parts of any home :)

Can't wait for the full reveal!! I love our basement. After never having a basement, it's a nice place to escape the summer heat!!

I love our "Florida room" overlooking our back yard!

Looks adorable, cant wait to see the rest! My favorite part of our home is our new ruffled curtains--adorable & perfect!

I love my scrapbook room, its my vacation get away whenever I need one

The most favorite part of our home...is that I feel at home in it and so comfortable. After spending 21 years in the military this is our first home that we know we will be spending the rest of our lives in.

My favorite part about my home is our pool and outdoor patio! This line looks lovely!

This new line looks awesome I'm already seduced!!!
My fave place at home is my bedroom: where I can relax and where I can scrap in my sweet craft corner^^

I love that I have a home---as a child we lived in many run down rentals---so it is hard to pick one part. I think I love pulling in the driveway and thinking this is really my house !

My favorite part of my home is the space! My husband and I used to live in a very small condo. It was so small that we had to put all our wedding presents in storage. But two years ago we moved into a spacious townhome in the woods so it's very quiet and we have space for all our stuff, including my scrapbook stuff!

Love the sneaks for the new line! I love our family room. It's the place where we slow down and are just a family, even if it's just watching a movie. :)

My scraproom, I loves it!

Love my bed! After traveling for so long, it is so nice to get home and sleep in your own bed. This collection looks amazing! Thanks for te chance to win!

My favorite place in our house is my scrapbook room! I just redorated it vintage style!

I love our location... in the county in the woods...LOVE it!

The favorite part of my home is all the windows that let in the natural light, and of course the people in it.

My scrap room - of, course! Love my front porch and flowers too!

My favorite part is the kitchen - lots of room to maneuver, lots of storage and counter space.

I love our living room - I live with friends, and after work, it's the place to be! Lots of joking, laughing, and watching funny things on the projector.

My favorite part of my home is that it's overrun with scrapbooking supplies!!!

my scrap room of course

My favorite part of my home is the kitchen and back deck. One for creating in and one for relaxing.

I rent in NYC, but my boyfriend has a balcony that is starting to grow on me. :)

Oh my favorite part about my home has to be my craft room where all my crafty supplies are and also where my kids come to hang out while i'm creating and sometimes they join in! I love the Dear Lizzie line..:)

My favourite part about my home is the garden...it's so lovely to sit out in when the sun is shining :)

my craft area where I spend 8 hours daily reading crafty blog, making cards, scrapbook and altered projects.

Love my kitchen, it's where all the action is, including lots of cooking, baking and love.

My favorite part about my home... it has AMAZING unobstructed views of one of the most gorgeous mountains in Colorado. Our little country cabin in the middle of our town overlooks Mt. Sopris - and it's a beautiful sight to wake up to every morning!

Our soon to be finished basement is one space and my remodeled scrap office is another :)

My favorite part of my home is my desk! It does double duty as a computer desk and a craft space, plus my cats like to lay on it to keep me company (and stare out the window) while I'm working... what's not to love?!

I love that it's spacious enough that we are not tripping over each other. And I love the fact that I get to have a scrap space where I can leave projects out to work on - not everyone gets to have that so I always feel lucky that I do have my own space.

My kitchen cabinets have glass fronts. I love that I can see my awesome collection of Fiestaware. Thanks for a chance to win.

Gorgeous page! Can't wait to see the entire collection!
My favorite part of my home is the sitting room, were our cat sleeps on the window-sill and I can read a book in the sunshine.

My homemade by hubby scrap shelves! Perfect size for 12x12 albums, paper, cardstock and boxes of embellishments! Most of which is American Crafts, can't wait to see the full reveal!

My favorite part is my couch!

My favorite part of our home is the kitchen/family room area. Its where we gather as a family most of the time and where a lot of our memories are made.

oh wow!! love the soft colors!my favorite part of my home is my studio!! and my desk!! love to scrap there!!

Favourite part of my home is the kitchen! This is where everything happens!

My favorite part of my home right now is the newly decorated bedroom and the great view of Mt. Shasta out the living room window!

Looks like it's going to be another great Dear Lizzy collection. My favorite part of my home is my craft room - it makes me so happy!

Love this collection!! Dear Lizzy lines are always my fave!! My favorite part of my home are the ones I share it with. They are what makes our house a home. Thanks for the chance!

I love my kitchen window, which has a view on our backyard.

my favorite spot in my house is my scrapping room.. I LOVE it!

I know I should say the people in my home are my favorite. I do love them dearly. But my favorite part of my home is my craft room. Yep, I admitted it! Thanks for the giveaway! Can't wait to see the rest of the peek!

My favorite part about our home is our kitchen table where we all sit together and enjoy each other's company!

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