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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Love your work space Amy! So light, warm and inviting!

Looks great Amy and I love how it is a work in progress. Mine is too as I'm always thinking of new ways to store stuff. But looks fantastic as is!!

I scrap mainly in my scrap space - 4th bedroom in the 2nd floor of our house - but also love going to crops. I just suck at packing for crops :) (always take too much)

I scrap several times a week always in one of 3 places: on my dining room table which gives me the very best light, my craft area in my basement which gives me the most room for my supplies and tools, and also at my local scrapbook store in my home town on Thursday evenings so I can bounce ideas off of other scrapbookers and card makers while having fun, food, coffee and company.

I'm fortunate to scrap in my own craft room. Usually, my crafting happens after 10pm when everyones gone to bed. Ü

I scrap on my kitchen table, much to my husbands dismay. I'll have a room someday :)

I'm in the spare room at the moment but we will have to change it back to a room for our new baby girl. Hoping to convert the garage in the springtime. So looking forward to having a permanent home for all my crafty bits :)

I did the color trick with my paper die cuts into medium ziplock bags (the ones that fit) and threaded them on rings . . . it's so easy to pull the bags that correspond with my current color scheme. It makes using up my scraps and die cuts MUCH easier! :)

My craft room is the master bedroom of our cape cod style home so it is on the main floor. It has lots of natural light, I just love it! Here is a link where you can check it out!:

I scrap on my kitchen table! Oh how I'd love to have a beautiful scrapbook room....someday!

Beautiful and inspiring!

I scrap in 1/3 of my living room. It's a really long room and I sit with a huge window to my right and the TV in front of me. Hard to turn off the TV and get quiet and inspired. I am thinking of turning my table toowardd the window and it might help me to turn off the TV and create. I have so many supplies and pictures and papers and I have no idea how to start. Any suggestions anyone?

I have a room that we share as office space. I'm very fortunate to have plenty of space for my supplies.

Love your space, Amy. I mostly scrap at home in my little scrap haven but I do get out to workshops once in a while where I get toscrap with a wonderful bunch!

pretty space Amy. I have my scrapping stuff in our bonus room on one wall. All my stuff is hidden away in ikea cabinents but there have been some great ideas this past week from your team on how to make things look pretty out in the open. I may have to try a few of the ideas.

In my wonderful (but very cluttered at the moment) craft room, that my husband made for me!! I just need to get busy and put things away where they belong and then I can start all over again with more projects!! Vacation is coming soon!!

I scrap in a room in the basement. It does not have a window but has very good lighting & a decorative old window frame. My husband made shelving (3 levels & across 2 walls. It is upside down & slanted (white wire for closets). It works well for my paper along with vertical storage also.I also have a repurposed nursing station desk from the hospital where I work. It takes up 1 & 1/2 walls. Someday I will post a picture as it is all very unique.

Such a warm and inviting room. I scrap in our shared study/craft room, it started out 50/50 but I am slowly taking over the whole room.

I have been LOVING all these great scrap spaces!!! Such awesome inspiration on different storing ideas!!! I have a big closet in our room and that is where I store all my scrap goodies... but I really like to do most of my projects in the living room so I can spend time with my honey while I scrap!!!

I have a small craft room where I scrap, I just love it.

Love your space Amy! Love all the light - sure doesn't look like a basement!

I'm am lucky enough to have my own craft room, so that's where I create. I'm always rearranging and trying to find the best way to store things as well!

Thank goodness for storage inspiration online here. I have a wonderful scrap area off of my basement recreation room (old term??!!) and it is constant disarray because I start to organize, then get an idea and off I go with some experiment or other. It is my chaotic oasis (is that a good oxymoron?)though!!

I use my kitchen table and our guest room.

Thanks for showing us your space. Would love to have a room, I have corners of a couple rooms.

I have a craft room, but it's not as pretty or organized. But I'm very thankful for it!!

Wow! I want you to come and organize my space...... it is so much easier to be creative in an organized space - that's my excuse for lack of production anyway :)

I scrap on a folding table and have to put everything away. I do need more organization, so I can get the most out of my scrapping time!

I scrap almost every weekend at a local shop the only one that offers crops. She alternates between Fri and Sat and there is a group of 4-5 of us that scrap. When I can't crop there I try doing a page a day while watching tv with my family on.I scrap on TV trays.

I scrap on my computer and at my craft table which is in my office/craft room. I am super lucky to have a dedicated crafting space, and am very thankful for it!

I recently moved into a scraproom and off of the kitchen table. It was bittersweet though because i moved into my daughters room after she moved out on her own. She is a crafty girl and i hope she left some of her talent behind.

I'm in the process of setting up a craft room in my basement. Nice to be able to leave a project out if I need to.

You have done an amazing job with the space you have Amy! I took over half of the computer room but it is messy and in need of some great organizational ideas!! Thanks for sharing--I am off to reorganize!

Love seeing all the crafty spaces. Sometimes I scrap at a friend's or at a crop but most often in my own scrap room.

Love getting inspiration from other scrapper's ... Hopefully, I will get my scrap room organized enough to actually scrapbook!

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