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Monday, August 20, 2012


Just pinned a few of your ideas to my scrap space board on my pinterest. I am definitely going to take some ideas from you for organization!

You said you still have some spaces to fill up hmm can I move in them? :) WOW I am in LOVE! I currently have a tiny space in my bedroom I once did have my own room but my little girl needed it so I'm squeezed Worth it but MAN your room is AWESOME! Love it.

OMG I am so jealous. At the min I move from room to room. It's the kitchen table right now but I cannot stand the clutter. Hope one day my craft space will be half as nice as yours, lou x

that is so pretty. i would love to have that space!!!

Wow - your scrap room is beautiful!!

Too bland for my taste. Nothing special about it.

Really Jenn, too bland?? It is a beautiful and well organized space. I would be curious how yours looks. Maybe a case of sour grapes?? I also like how things were repurposed or designed especially for a craft room without blowing a bundle. Looks lovely!

Awesome space Leslie! Love it!

I took so many great ideas. Thank you.

Looks great! I am lucky to have my own room in the basement. I would get way more done if it was on the main floor though.

I really enjoyed your space... I am in the process of creating my "office" / "craft room" and your space has given me more possibilities. Thanks =)

If you don't have anything nice to say dont say anything at all, I was taught that at a very young age and jenn sweetie your never to old to learn.

Very organized, I too have a space very everything so easy to create that way. Like the punch bars!

Great room! This is very similar to my own :)
-Gabi from Denton, TX

Great ideas - I like the jars and tiny bowls a LOT. Reminds me of yummy candy. Though I guess they do hold scrapbooking eye candy so that works! Gorgeous colors and a great use of space, like some others I work out of a small portion of our bedroom and would love to implement some of these ideas in the future.

Love your space, so clean and pretty! Sigh - organization envy, lol!!

Love that you are blogging about scrap space this week. The only thing better would be two weeks :)

Really like your space. It is very similar to mine. We even have the same light fixture! I'm in our formal dining area as well. I need to take a bit of your organizing to my space, though.

I LOVE the punch storage solution! I'd love to copy that..how did you do that? Is it just cafe curtain rods? What dimensions did you use? So creative, practical, and attractive !!!

To share with you a very good article!

Absolutely love your space!!!

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