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Monday, August 27, 2012


love all!!!
i love white Thickers!

I love, love, love all Thickers! But I especially love the foam Thickers!

I would love to see GIANT thickers. really big letters would be fun

*swoon* be still my beating heart! Thickers are my favorite. I LOE them, I honestly do.

I would love a mini alpha in thickers- not SUPER mini, but on the smaller side, sort of like you did with "Wonder" but even smaller! I would love to be able to use them on some of my smaller, daily projects (and cards, too)

there's no layout without thickers that's for sure!!! seeing a lot of grey and yellow ones lately, gorgeous! what i would love is for them to come is smaller sizes, would be awesome for minis!

I Love thickers!! I would love to see smaller sized thickers.


I love Thickers. I would like to see kraft color ones.

Wood grain thickers for autumn would be awesome :)

How about Thickers in raw chipboard in all the different fonts.

Foam are my favorite kind, so I would like to see more colors and fonts. I like to cut letters up to make the ones I run out, and foam are the easier to play with.

I loooove tickets! I'd like to see some thickers that look crocheted, that look is so great right now.

My previous comment should of course say thickers, not tickets. Auto correct is not always so correct.

I'd like to see thickers in smaller fonts. Sometimes you don't have enough room for the big ones :)

I love wood letters, or just letters with wood grain pattern.

Love thickers and would be really happy to see thickers in a smaller size perhaps for projects including cards. That would be cool. Thanks for the giveaway!!

I would love to see some TINY thickers!!!! And how about some acrylic ones, too???

Cools stickers would be more mistables, fabric, smaller sized and thickers with shadows .

I love Thickers! I would love to seem more cursive fonts and more Thickers in foam-they're my favorite :) also loving the glitter foam!

I love all thickers but I think my favorite are the ones with patterns on them - criss-crossed, little white hearts, polka dots, anything makes my heart flutter :)

Love thickers, they are such a staple in my scrapbooking! I would love to see smaller fonts, and pattern thickers would be fun, too! (chevron, tone on tone polka dots, etc)

More black and white, my go to title colors. Chipboard would be cool to because I can turn them into black!

I would like more of the smaller sized thickers (like the Amy Tangerine dark pink ones all the way on the right).

I would love to see thickers that are patterned and are black and white. I would love to use them with mists and inks to match them to the papers I use on layouts, cards etc.

Holy Thickers! I used to not be a fan of letter stickers, but they make my life SO easy now, and I just love all the different varieties/sizes/textures that you guys have. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

I looooooove the naked ;) kraft thickers......so versatile!

I love Thickers! I would like to see more script style Thickers and smaller sized Thickers. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love Thickers! My favorite are the foam ones so I'd love to see more of those.

They're all fun and fab, but I like the smaller font thickers best.

Where would I be without thickers!!?? Can't scrap without them! Would love see more patterns or polka dots, etc! But to be honest the foam ones you can pretty much make your own! Keep up the great work!

Fabulous projects ladies! I have close to 100 packs of Thickers in my collection - love them! Just used some last night! I would love to see more of the foam Thickers in smaller fonts - love those! Thanks for the chance to win!

I can never have enough of Thickers. I love to see weird fonts to add to my layouts. The more unusual, the better!

I love Thickers but could use more fonts with capital and lower case combined. Also, more cream color. Thanks!

I would love MORE Glitter Thickers...I just can't help myself when it comes to glitter! I'd especially love to see more bright sun-shiney yellows! I {HEART} Thickers!

I love thickers too! I just wish I could afford more! :) I would like to see a wider variety of sizes. Sometimes I just need small ones and sometimes I want really big ones. :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

Thickers are the BEST!!! How cool would it be if you made thickers puffy clear and then filled them with colored liquid and glitter??!!!! SO AWESOME!!!
Thanks for the giveaway!!!

I love Thickers! I would like to see some smaller thickers : )

I would love to see smaller thickers, like 1/2" or 3/4" high, in orange, turquoise, pink and black.

Thanks for the chance to win!

I love all thickers, esp foam simple ones! How about larger thickers? please don't discontinue your simpler thickers... LOVE them!!

Hello! My name is Stephanie and I am a Thicker addict! I'd love to see Thickers in Denim!

more felt and foam ones...love those!

I love all the Thickers! I'd like to see a few more neutrals - kraft, black, chocolate.

I am a big fan of the foam Thickers. They seem to stick to my pages better than any other stickers and they're so versatile!

Thickers are a must have...I LOVE them! I would love to see them with more patterns (like tiny triangles, tiny squares, florals, and chevrons) and in a smaller font (just a smidge smaller than the Amy Tangerine Scene Thickers).

Wow! This is a hard one since there are so many different kinds already. I would like to see Thickers in the childlike font, I think it is called Kristin? Plus smaller thickers would be loved as well.

I'd like to see Tiny Thickers!! Sometimes my favorite Thickers are too big for my project (especially in my Project Life album) and I don't really care too much for flat letter stickers...so little Thickers would be perfect!!

WOW, I've never used Thickers but these are so amazing! I'd love to see glitter ones (unless those are already in existence). Thanks!

Thickers are my go to for tittles. Would love to see smaller size so I can use on my cards.

Love Thickers!!! They are the perfect touch to a layout!! These are amazing projects!!!

Foam Thickers will always be my favorite. I would love to see some REALLY BIG ones, and some more smaller sized ones (like the Wonder ones).

Love them! My recent fave is the Hardcover line...they are perfect when I want long title :)

Thickers are amazing! I love that they come in so many font types and textures. I would love to see smaller sized thickers or thicker words/phrases.

I'd love to see some ombre stickers in a bunch of different colors!

Thickers week? That's the best week ever! Like many others, I'd love to see some smaller Thickers and more foam would be great too. I also would love more fabric and felt!

I have a major Thickers addition. My all-time favorite alphas are Lullabye and Poolside. I do love the smaller versions of Thickers for subtitles.

I love plain white thickers in readable fonts so that I can paint and distress them to match the project I am currently making.

i love thickers! especially on the cover or mini albums! :)

Wood grain thickers would be awesome.

WOW - what an awesome giveaway! I love Thickers!! I think my favorites are the thinner fonts but they are all great.

I love puffy thickers! In bright colors! Wonderful projects from your designers!

Thickers are omnipresent on my projects. Cannot stop myself from buying them or using them! I'd love to see some tartan ones, and some more midcentury fonts.

I'm seriously in love with thickers. I don't make a scrapbook page without them!

Love all of my Thickers! I would love to see more "skinny" fonts like the Amy Tangerine Journal ones. You can fit more into a smaller space!

Foam thickers! Why are they my favorites? I love to squish them with my fingers. Love love love thickers!

I love, love, love Thickers!! I would love to see smaller fonts as well as more masculine colors/textures. :)

uumm...maybe a smaller size and what about a watercolor paper type finish? so a light sprtiz with whatever medium...and wha-lah! instant watercolor effect :)

I think a thin cork is very cool. I love script fonts that you can fit together like penmanship, but also raising/lowering them to fit tightly together (ie, tt second would tuck under first a bit). Sometimes space is limited with the bigger thickers.

Awesome stuff! Love more map, woodgrain, glitter...

Oy such an awesome giveaway! I have a strong penchant for letters that's small-ish (great to create long sentences on layouts, or to use for people with long names when personalizing cards), plus elegant, thin-ish letters with glossy surface....

I rarely use anything else than Thickers for my titles! Love them <3

OMG! I loooooove Thickers!

Thickers are awesome. I like woodgrain ones.

I'd like to see some printed foam thickers! I love the foam ones the best! :)

More thin, smallish Thickers that pack a lot of lowers and capitals in on package. Perhaps a hand-drawn thin small caps - that would look great with some dimension.

Oh gosh....can you possibly come out with a type of Thickers that you don't already have? I LOVE the foam ones...and some cool prints would be just awesome! Or even some corrugated ones!! or textured metal looking ones!!

Oh my... I'm so addicted to Thickers that my brain is going into joy overload!

Personally, I love the puffy thickers so I'd love to see more - more colors, more fonts please please please!

LOVE my THickers! It would be fun to see more polka dot ones, perhaps in foam?

Wood grain chevrons that look like the Amy Tan albums! Oh pretty please!

I would love more smaller Thickers!

I would really like to see more thickers in an ivory / off-white / cream color. The white thickers often don't look quite right with many of today's papers that feature cream instead of white. I do love my Thickers though - no matter what the color !!

i really really love thickers. i can' imagine to scrap without them! ich would really love to have smaller thickers and chevron thickers in different colors. and i would love to win thickers, because... i mean....THICKERS!!!!

Another vote for Tiny Thickers! They would be perfect for cardmakers :)

I love Thickers as well! So many great suggestions in the comments, I second every one of them :) I would like to see Thickers in metallic - like really really shiny metallics like true gold, silver, chrome, copper... And preferably in a smaller scale. Thank you for the chance to win!

I'd love to see the Vinyl RootBeer font thickers again! I also love ALL foam Thickers, they stick the best of any around!

Well, I like all Thickers, but for me the best are the ones that are easy to read. I like the way the Amy Tan ones have a combination of capps and lower case. I would love to see more foam choices.

I love Thickers and probably have at least 10-20 packages on hand at any given time. I prefer the packages that are either all lower case or all upper case. I'd LOVE to see some years included (can usually only make one 2012 from any given set) and words (such as happy, which I use constantly for cards).

I would love to see maybe a smaller size of Thickers. Sometimes you just need a smaller title :)

Gotta love Thickers! How about mini thickers??

I would like to see scratch and sniff Thickers! They would be so fun!

I would like Thickers that have a distressed look. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

These are really great! I would love to see some smaller Thickers made for card makers!

Mini (not too mini though!) and also fake stitched or woodgrain pattern, that would be fun!

Awesome giveaway!! I don't know what thickers I'd like to see, because there are so many awesome ones already, but maybe wood grain thickers or chevron thickers!

It would feel like Christmas if I won this!!!

wow!! Thickers! LOVE thickers. If I could choose, I would take the woodgrain ones. LOVE them!!!

I'd like to see larger letters. maybe 3" or so

This IS the ultimate prize package, I love the look of mixed fonts also and Thickers are the BEST!

i'd love to see the tall, skinny Amy Tan Thickers that came in green/white/black to come in lowercase! and pinky-red colors. :D

oh glitter thickers have a special place in my heart :)

All love them all they are sooo much fun to use!

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