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Monday, August 27, 2012


I love thickers and use them on every project. I have a huge stash. I have to send my cousins abroad care packages with them. I would love to see buddmo jig font thickers

I'm still in love with chevron. Can't get enough of it...chevron thickers!!

A person can't have too many Thickers, in my opinion. I tend to really like the more cursive-type fonts. I also love all the different textures they come in.

Whoa, that is a Whole Lotta Thickers!!!! I love the ones with a print or two colors!

I love them in white so I can color them myself. I use inks and sprays to get them the way I want. So keep on doind what you're doing and always include some white ones! XOXO!

thanks for the chance to win, I would love to see the new Amy Tangerine thickers used!

I would love to see some more glitter thickers and more A's in each of them (they always go first, hihi). Other than that, I LOVE THEM ALL!! :)

Love, love Thickers and would really flip my lid if I were to see graffiti style letters!!!

I love all Thickers... but I'd love to see a package of giant ones!

How about a plain varsity print that you could customize however you wish!

I would love Thickers in more patterns.

I'm a recent fan of Thickers and can't seem to stop buying them. I love the different fonts, colors and patterns. I would love some in the font from Shoreline but without glitter. And the cork thickers in the new SC kit pushed me over the edge in deciding to order the add-on.

Wow how exciting is this?!?!?!?! I would love to see some with foil polka dots or stars or even chevrons! THis would be really cool! Thanks!

another vote for tiny thickers! with glitter! :)

I would love to see a whole lot of different fonts of all sizes in one pack of thickers!

I love seeing mini thickers in chipboard! Because I usually make cards, I would love to have the ability to spell longer words and have it fit on the card :)

I love them all but a wider variety of the smaller Thickers (think Dear Lizzy line) would be awesome! :)

WOWZA I really and truly LOVE LOVE LOVE them all! I love the vinyl and glitter ones. I have several different kinds I use. I haven't seen one that I don't like! :)

Seriously, Thickers were the best scrapping embellishment ever invented. Thank you American Crafts!

I like the mistable ones...

I LOVE ALL THICKERS.....HAVEN'T FOUND ONE that I didn't want.I would really like to have lots of each individual letter....I seem to run out quickly. Maybe ten of each letter? Yeah!

Wow - that's a lot of fun thickers! I always want more of the ones with a smaller font to use for sentiments on cards. And maybe some Kraft colored thickers?

What about Burlap thickers??! Maybe some with a different texture besides glitter...velvet for Christmas would be fun!!!

Thickers are fantastic! Love the foam letters and glitter.

I pretty much love all the Amy Tangerine line Thickers!
Wow, that is a GREAT prize!!! Thanks for the chance to win American Crafts!

Thickers! Thickers! Thickers!!!
I love thickers! Please pick me :)

I would love to see Purple foam letters that aren't glitter. :)

LOVE Thickers ! some smaller sized letters would be cool. Including an extra sheet of only vowels would be wonderful. I'm always running out.

Thickers are my love! I would like to see more patterns and fun treatments right on the letters themselves -- like marquise. Easily dressed up or down.

I love the fabric ones And the grey ones too...

Thickers are great! I have to get over wanting to hoard them. Maybe felt Thickers? Or do those already exist and I just don't know?

I would just like even more script style letters,.

I love all my thickers! But I have too many that shout "Bling", more options that aren't glitter or metallic would be great!

I would love smaller thickers--and different textures like wood or different prints like zebra, tiger stripes--even floral!

I would love mini Thickers in lots of neutral colors.

I could really use some of these right now for the project I'm working on! I would love to have some shiny metallic Thickers - though you probably already make them, I haven't been able to find any around here! :)

I love all thickers and hoard them. My favourites are brown and grey or very bright colours. And I love typefaces in Art Nouveau or Charles-Rennie-Mackintosh-Style.

Greetings from Germany,


I would love smaller script thickers, glitter of course!

How about Thickers that you can customize - a bit of a combo of the DIY Thickers and the regular ones. Something like a stripe that has some color to it but sections that you can peel away ( like the DIY ones) and add your own additonal color to with glitter etc. Maybe even ones with circles that you can fill in to customize. I love my DIY Thickers! I also agree that some smaller sizes would be great as well!

LOVe me some Thickers! Keepin my fingers crossed!

I lurve them all! white and foam especially!

nice giveaway, i'm a thickers addicted

Perfect gift for my birthday (31th august) ;-)

I love all the Thickers, white, gold
and turquoise are the ones I'd like
to see more of.

Oh, how I love thickers - I think they would be great in suede or denim.

I love italic Thickers. I also think polka dots would be fun!

I love the thickers with the stitching so I would love to see more fonts and colors!!!

I love thickers! Solid colors are my favorites, so I'm always hoping for more of those.

DIYThickers are sooo clever but my favorite has gotta be classic chipboard :)

I love, love, LOVE all the Thickers. They add depth and heart to each page.

I'd love more neutrals in pretty grays.

I love Thickers! I would like to see some more with texture, like embossed or mesh/grid.

I really love the script fonted ones, so maybe more cursive. :) This looks like an amazing prize!!!

Thickers in Bright NEON COLOURS please, please please.

I also hope there'll be more thickers in those "Hand Scripts" like some of those from the Dear Lizzy line. Foam or chipboard textures work just fine. :)

ANY Thickers are ok by me!!! I Love, love, Love them all!!!

Saw some beautiful printed fabric thickers in my local scrapbook store. Just wonderful!

I LOVE thickers!!
but I would like to see more fabric thickers

I really like the foam Thickers. More of those would be awesome. I'd also love more numbers.

I like fabric like textured thickers. They're my favorite!

I love all thickers!

I LOVE thickers -one of my favourites were the brown ones of the first Amy Tangerine Collection. I love to see more "Sketchy" thickers. Maybe also some smaller ones -which would fit for mini albums. Maybe also some embossed thickers? Thanks for the chance to win. Greetings from Germany, Tine

I'd like more metallic thickers. Silver gold rose gold bronze gunmetal copper ...

I like all but i love Dear Lizzy's thickers !!!
Thanks and hugs

I would love anything woodgrain! But then again, Thickers are my fave, and I'll have them however they come.. lol..

I would totally love to see some embossed wood grain thickers... I love wood grain.

oh... what a giveaway! I love all thickers but I have recently seen some that had some faux stitching on them and thought they were really cool... same with some that looked like cork! Very cool!!

I love sparkly Thickers the best!

I would love to see more navy blue ones, more kraft colored that you could color if you'd want to (with fluid chalk for example), and more foam thickers, pleeeeease!! :-))))

I'd love fabric covered Thickers. Or burlap. Thanks for the chance!

I love thickers would love to see some in smaller sizes :)

Love love love thickets, the foam ones are my favorite!

i love the pink ones

Thickers are. The best! But personally I prefer the Foam ones. If I could design any, i 'd try antique fonts like antiqua or some from the art nouveau with black and gold glitter!

I love foam Thickers! They are flexible and so easy to use! Thanks for the chance!

I love a script font but perhaps in a smaller size? I am loving the Amy Tangerine sparkly Thickers!

I love Thickers. I am just starting my collection! I would love some smaller Thickers, and bare chipboard sets in every font would be awesome!

ohh yes, the one obsession i've had that NEVER went away :) you got me good, Thickers, and in every way possible, variation, and sizes... i think maybe it's time for wooden ones?

I love Thickers!! I am loving glitter lately, so I'd love to see more glitter Thickers!

Holy Guacamoley!!!That's a ton of Thickers to win! Wow!! If Thickers made smaller sizes, like 1/2 the size of the ones they make now, that would be pretty sweet. I love to add additional color and texture to most of the Thickers I use. But there really is just about every color and material/texture options out there!

I can not go into any scrapbook store without walking out with a package of Thickers!! I love them all especially the foam and vinyl.

I miss the larger fonts that were popular a while back. There are so many great little ones now and I'd love to mix them together :)

SO EXCITING!!! I love ALL Thickers, but I'd definitely like to see some more script style, woodgrain, and smaller lettering Thickers! Thank you for this wonderful chance to win!

felt thickers or wood thickers. bye marta

Foam glitter small font for card making with extra large amount of vowels or even a jumbo pack with three times the amount! I always run out of A's when I write cards with thinkers for my friends and family names! They all need As so extra vowels would be much appreciated :)

I'd love to see some super puffy, tufted Thickers.

I would LOVE to win this lot! I've been scrapbooking for over 10 years, but I have only just begun my love affair with Thickers.

Love me some Thickers! You guys always come up with the cutest letters that I MUST have! I think chevron patterned letters would be totally awesome!

I love thickers. My favorite are the ones with the glitter on them.

is it too late!!?? i hope not!:(

ugh! i have an addiction to thickers! I would love to see mini thickers for mini albums and small projects!

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