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Monday, August 27, 2012


I would absolutely die if I won this!!!!!!! I would like to see woodgrain thickers and more smaller sized thickers. Glitter is always a favorite of mine as well as the puffy ones!!!

Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!

So far I have only used plain black ones. But after looking at these designs I think I need to get myself some pink and purple and maybe blue

So many possibilities....would love to win!

Ombre in multi colors and color your own would be cool!

I love the puffy Thickers. I agree, a smaller size would be fun too!! Thanks for the chance at a great prize!

I love all your thickers but my favorites are the Muse ones - the scripty ones are so awesome!

I (like everyone else) love them all! They come in so handy and the possibilities are endless with how many varieties there are. I would love to see more Amy Tan and Dear Lizzy thickers!

I would really like to see some neon Thickers!

The plastic-y red script thickers shown on the first layout are my all time favorite. If I could get those again - especially in a bunch of colors - I'm not sure I'd use any other letter stickers. ever.

I really like the two-colored thickers . that adds such a nice dimension to the page ♥

Yai, I'd like to win and I'd like to see, neon colors thickers I haven't seen those yet. Thanks for giving it away and for having such a great product: Thickers by American Crafts!

My favorite Thickers are the stitched looking Amy Tangerine ones so I would love to see some more of those.

wow! it is a very hard question... maybe the foam ones or maybe vinyl ...or glitter ones! love them! my dream is to have a stack full of them! ♥

Like thickers a lot!! Would love to see some fabric ones!

Love Thickers! thanks so much for the chance!

Who doesn't love Thickers??? My favorites are white - chipboard, puffy, vinyl...it doesn't really matter. I love all white Thickers!

I would like smaller ones specially for when I make cards. Thanks for the chance to win!

Love love love thickers! I have some cork ones on their way to me right now! I would love to see more like that, cork, burlap, canvas. More of a natural fiber and feel!

thickers are awesome - a must have in my scrap room that's for sure. I think it would be pretty cool to have tiny letters in the Thickers family.

Oh.. I love Thickers:)..they are fun to use in layouts and cards!.

I would love to see neon colored Thickers!!!

I'd love to see some NEON colored thickers! Thanks for the giveaway :)

I LOVE all thickers, but especially white ones and plain chipboards ones! thanks for this awesome giveaway!

I have a thing for cursive style fonts and with Thickers, I never have to drive myself crazy to space out my titles and journaling. Thicker stickers just lend themselves to ease of use and they are gorgeous! Using them makes me feel like I am a professional designer for a scrapbooking magazine even when I am sitting in my nightgown 11PM at night scrapping at my dining room table!!!

I would love to see either foam thickers or chipboard thickers in fonts that are less fancy--more plain.

I had never heard of Thickers this is my first time seeing them,they look really cool. I don't know if you make them but I would like to see flowers. I use those alot in my crafting.

Love Thickers, been getting hooked lately! More with stitching and male/boys tones!

I simply....LOVE. THEM. ALL! will need a separate scrapbook room (i always buy 3 packs of each just to be sure i have enough letters if i'm scrapbooking late at night)just to store them all if more are available ...ie.small size of all colors and designs. :)

Smaller Thickers get my vote too! There so many other kinds I'd like to see. More with texture would be cool (corrugated/ribbed, sandpaper/grainy, raised dots, embossed patterns). Chevron Thickers in a whole rainbow variety of colors would be great as well.

I love the foam thickers, but I'd love to see a line of 'varsity' style letters in popular team colors!

I find myself using the smaller fonts of Thickers the most so more of those would be great but I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE if you would include the @ symbol on your thickers sticker sheets.

I may or may not have a slight addiction to Thickers. I'd love to see the Ali print in kraft. Oh, that would make me swoon! Thanks for a chance to win!

Woow!! Awesome giveaway!!! cant think of a layout without thickers... i love Amy tangerine's thickers... and i love any cursive fonted thickers.... Love Love this giveaway!! thanks for the chance!!

Blackout font!!!!!!

I love the Thickers that you can customize - the ones that have adhesive on both sides! They are awesome!!

I would like different sizes in the same package

I love them, pink, red, blue, glitter!

I like pastel ones.

I love,love,love the fabric textured Thickers and think it would be so awesome to have some in a true blue, lightweight denim fabric! A small script font would also be a dream come true! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Thickers!

I'd love to see tiny thickers...tiny enough to journal with if wanted!

Wow!! I love Thickers....all of them! Thanks for the chance to win!


The foam thickers are my fav! I would love to see them in more fonts! Love a vriety!

Oh my! I died and now I'm in thicker's heaven hahaha. So many!!! Well the thickers are so important to write beautiful phrases on my proyects. I love the glitters ones and the plain and basic.

hozy mozy!!! thats alot of thickers..
my favourite is anything lowercase!!!

WOW! I LOVE these! I really like to use mixed alpha's on my titles - would LOVE to see these come in one pack rather than having to mix up the packs! :-) AWESOME giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win :-) x

I am addicted to Thickers! I have a huge box at my desk full of them, and I use them on virtually every page! I would love to see a smaller font.

I would love to see some sketch type or more skinny thickers, but I absolutely LOVE the foam ones.

I love all Thickers! I like the smaller sizes, and would love to see capital letters and smaller letters in the same styles.

Thickers are the best!! Would love to see smaller sizes and maybe larger ones too! I can pretty much always find one to suit my needs!!Thank you for a chance to win!

Yay, Thickers! I'd love to see smaller Thickers so that I can put them on cards without adding too much bulk.

Love them all! Thanks!

These all look wonderful! Not sure where I have been but have never used them but I am going to start looking for them. Maybe an idea would be holiday themes or the 4 seasons..Just a thought.

I am such a massive fan of thickers! No layout is complete without them :) I really love the foam ones, and I would love to see more packs where there are both upper and lower case, my favourite ones at the moment are the "Ali" set for Studio Calico as there are loads of letters on a pack!
I would love to see more like that where the letters are a bit smaller.

O my goodness! I love Thickers! And they're really hard to find in this country...

I'd love to see Thickers that have rhinestone bling on them..I would not be able to help myself and buy them in every color..I so love Thickers!!

I love Thickers! I would like to see some smaller thickers.

My favorite alphas! I would love to see all colors in the Lullaby font!

Would like to see Foam thickers...they are so unique.

Love all of the Thickers... The DIY seem interesting to me. I also love the glitter ones as well.

I love them all!

Smaller letters would work much better on my cardmaking creativity!

I'm thickers-obsessed! My fave are the bold letters

hmm, what kind would I like? I'm a fan of typewriter-style fonts, so I think that would be interesting in a Thickers!

love thickers! having more variety of lower case alphabet thickers woukd be great. even better? a big thicker pack with upper and lower that has maybe 5-6 of each letter. i always need extra letters.

I LOVE THICKERS! I like the ones that are shiny and almost plastic looking. They are so fun!

Have been away from scrapbooking for a while and love all the new things to use! Haven't used any of these but hope to win some and try them out! They look awesome!!!

Word art stickers would be awesome. Thanks for the giveaway.

Thickers are just so awesome. I have so many of them and use them all the time. What I would love to see is small thickers. Like a tiny alphabet in all sorts foam, cardboard, puffy and so fourth.

I love Thickers and pretty much have a sampling of all the ones you make. Any chance of making some bitty Thickers for use in subtitles of cards?

Gorgeous layouts and card! I would love to put in a vote for kraft/chipboard and canvas stitched Thickers!I LOOVE Thickers, in any shape and size!

I love thickers and use them all the time. i'd love to have mustache and instragram thickers.

I'll join the chorus for some smaller Thickers, more neutral colors...and more foam Thickers - love those!

I really love Thickers on all my layouts. It would be nice to have a smaller size to use on cards and books.

Be still my heart at all those Thickers - I love them ALL. Seriously.

Seeing all those Thickers & the chance of winning them makes me giddy! I'm totally addicted!! Would love to see more brown tones in future Thickers!

Oh - I LOVE Thickers!!! Ummm...would be fun to have black and white in just a simple font like when you type from an old typewriter. Thanks for a chance to win!!! What an amazing prize!!!

Thanks for the chance to win! I love the fabric and felt ones the best!

I would love to see smaller sized Thickers with caps and small letters all in one pack!

I'd like to see some really really small ones. I make cards and other projects and I need tiny ones.

I love glitter thickers!!!

I LOOOVE Thickers!!!!! I would really love to see some more vowels in the packs. I always seem to run out.

How about some in cordoroy? I also like some of the smaller sizes.

I love Thickers! They really add to my pages. Perhaps smaller sized ones. Thanks for the chance to win your fantastic products.

Oh pretty please with sugar on top! Does it matter that my Thicker collection is already enormous? Absolutely not! I NEED more, because I love them.
My favorites are still the foam ones, but I love the puffy and stitched and all others! I would love to see more in the smallish sizes.

I would love to see smaller size of Thickers, it just will be perfect for proyect life!!!! Awesomeee giveaway

I LOVE Thickers of all colors, shapes, sizes and materials, I do NOT discriminate!!!!! I think some wooden thickers would be cool, I also like some of the smaller sized thickers

Honestly, I am such a Thicker junkie, I will take any kind of Thickers you throw my way :)
But would love to see more shades in blue and green!

There is already a great selection of Thickers. The only thing that would be better is mini/smaller sized Thickers. Oh, denim, kraft, and chevron Thicker would be cool too! Thanks for the chance to win!

Wow, this is definitely a prize for a Thickers addict like me! :) I love any kinds of foam ones, especially different script fonts. Thanks for the chance!

Yay for Thickers week! I have a serious Thickers addiction :) I would love some that are actually cork material.

I don't recall ever using them before. I think they would be a lot of fun with all of the variety available.

Thickers are my latest obsession , I want them ALL !!!I really love the fabric and foam Thickers. Great giveaway...I hope I win. Fingers and toes are crossed. Thanks for a chance.

Amazing! I love Thickers from A to Z and back again! I too would love to see more smaller sizes in various selections for cards and smaller layout sizes. I also like the idea of thickers made in mediums we can personalize the colors on. And WOW! What an amazing selection you have offered as a prize pack! Thank you for the chance to win!

Thickers are still my favourite alphabet stickers. I use them for many of my titles! My favourites are the Lullaby thickers. I love the handwriting-like script.

I would like to see "4" inch thicker size. Thickers are my favorite AC product and I love the way your title stands out on your page. Truly my favorite.

oh my, oh my, oh my!!!!!! I adore thickers - this prize pack would be the mother load!!! I would love to see more blue thickers - for some reason I only have one package of blue thickers and rarely see them in my LSS. I also enjoy the smaller style of thicker for those longer titles!

I love thickers. I would love to see some that will take to misting or painting really well.

love all thickers... especially the white fabric ones that i can make my own color :)

Kraft thickers would be nice, giving you the option of leaving them plain or jazzing them up.

Oh my word!What a magnificent prize. I love Thickers....I use them every week. They are so versatile.

This is the best prize package ever!
I'd love to see more number Thickers, to use with project life and my weekly date cards.
Thanks for the chance to win!

I love thickers!! I would love more variety in purple with a set of upper case and lower case combined in the same set. :)

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