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Monday, August 27, 2012


I would love to see fancy fonts where they are in cursive and touching will go together seamlessly. That would be so cool!! Thank you for a chance to win a whole ton of amazing thickers!!!

I would like to see acrylic thickers so I could go to town with them on my albums and make them an extra design feature on the back of my acrylic pages. Thickers rock they make creating with words alone awesome.

Love Thickers. I use alot of Black, White and Kraft toned ones would be fun for the grungy distressed look.

wow-what a giveaway! I would like to see smaller thickers!

thickers are my favorite!
i would love to see: packs of just numbers, smaller fonts, more navy blue options, a deep purple option, and perhaps some boldly patterned thickers.

I would love some more of the smaller fonts!!! and woodgrain, and denim....

I always see Thickers used in several projects at different craft blogs. It will be interesting to see a typewriter font Thicker. Thanks for the chance to win.

I love ALL Thickers...and I do mean ALL!

I love the alphabet Thickers - would love to see some sparkle!

Kraft colored and XL thickers would be AWESOME!!!

I would like some that have a design to the sides of the letters and of course glitter ones!

Carla from Utah

Cork, baby!!!

I'm so in love with Thickers. They are an absolute must-have on nearly every scrapbook page. So I also vote for a smaller version, foam Thickers and actual patterns like chevron. Thanks for the chance to win!

With fall coming, I would love to see warm colors in oranges, rusts, yellows and browns.

My favorite Thickers are the stitched ones by Amy Tangerine. I would LOVE to see them available in more colors!

I love thickers, my faves are tall skinny ones and the smaller ones. Some more smaller ones would be awesome for all of us doing Project Life. Oh also, love the Amy Tan ones.

Ummm, any Thickers?! :-)

I am one of those people that needs a 12 step program for Thickers! I am sure that I own at least one package of every Thicker alphabet that American Crafts has put out there in scrapbook land. I am a "Thickers" addict!

I love any and all Thickers. What an amazing prize.

I love thickers!!! They are so fun to use!!! Maybe some more white or DIY styles!

Ones that look like wood would be cool.

I love mixed fonts in the same package!!! and white letters, you can paint them!!! :)

WOW! How happy i would be if i was lucky enough to win that awesome prize!!! I'd have Thickers for a whole year! I love all styles of Thickers, but i especially love the more elegant script-like fonts and the fabric covered ones. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Would definitely love to see some smaller font Thickers. :-)

Thickers are my FAVORITE! If I can, I want them ALL! Just so pretty and brings some life to the layouts.

Gah!! Amazing prize - I LOVE Thickers!
I'd like to see more scripty font Thickers - rainboots has been my fave, but sometimes the size is a little big for certain pages. Love the Amy Tan woodgrain-look/chipboard Thickers and wouldn't mind seeing more of those!

My favorite materials that you've made the letters out of? Foam. They seem to adhere the best of any of the other Thickers you've made (and believe me - I've tried a lot of them!).
Thanks for the chance to win - would be amazing to be the lucky one. Good luck to all, and I hope AC gets good feedback. :)

Big big big! Been on a yellow theme lately, and need some inspiration for my little ones' first word page ("bird").

Would love some real wood veneer (in different tones) but with the great depth of thickers!

Glitter and foam thickers are my favourite!! I'd love to see them in new colours and fonts!

I would like to see Thickers are have a more glitter effect. Thanks for the chance

I'd like to see smaller sizes of Thickers, if it's possible.

love the fabric thickets. using a variety on a page makes it so fun and unique

Love Thicker's and would be happy to see anything you can create.

Oh my goodness. That is a lot of Thickers! I love pink so my first instinct is to say pink but I also love white so how about pink and white striped like paper straws?

I would love to see some cork and blackboard Thickers.

Carol B


Would love to see wood grain thickers or some smaller thickers.

Fabulous pages! I really like the look of mixed fonts and colors- REALLY need to try that one day soon! As for what kind I'd like to see, I find that I really like the foam ones and they seem to stick VERY well! I also like somewhat smaller letters since I frequently don't have room for larger ones.

I love foam thickers.. They are just superb and as if my best friend.. Any foam thickers I surely like!

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

this has to be the best giveaway ever!!! i love thickers! my favorites are doll. would love to see mini thickers.

Rainbow thickers with rainbow colors on each letter. Thanks for the chance to win!

OMG I love love love Thickers. I would like to see maybe more orange ones, and ,maybe a chevron print one. Or some neat burgundy ones for fall. Ahhh Thickers I love you :)

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I just started using Thickers. A co worker who had been scrapping longer than I had told me they bled through the page and never stayed adhered to the page. I believed her for over TWO years! I couldn't resist the urge to purchase some because they come in so many wonderful styles and colors!! Now I'm hooked.

I would love to see more non glitter fonts. I don't have children so sometimes I'd like to use Thickers that look a bit more sophisticated and mature.

I love thickers. I use them on almost every project. Would love for a nice lemon yellow dainty thicker to be created. It always seems I need that color.

I would love to see more cursive thickers. I love all thickers and use them on almost every layout. Thanks for the chance to win!

Fabric would be awesome and more glitter, can't get enough! I agree with a previous poster too, Giant and phrases!

love thickers... wow... thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

Love Thickers! Not sure I can pick a favorite but I do like anything with glitter.

Wow! What a great prize! I love the foam thickers best!

Love the Eric thickers

I love love love them!
You can never have too many thickers!!
They are an absolute necessity!!
I refer to them for every page! I'd say 95% of my layouts include thickers!

I love ALL thickers! If I were to imagine a new kind....hmmm...maybe retro?? As in limited edition neon yellow, neon green, neon PINK in a foam or glitter???!! They would be fun to dabble with ;P

Thickers are my choice for layout titles. I can always find a style and color that fits. Thanks for the chance to win! I can always use more thickers!

I love Ali Edwards handwriting. It'd be cool to see Thickers in her hand.

Wow! What a generous giveaway! I'd like to see both tiny font and also large font Thickers. That would be awesome. Thanks for the chance to win!

I'd like to see some with different small prints on them (flowers, paisley, leaves, etc.)

i love glitter thickers!

Love my thickers! I seem to reach for black frequently. I'd like to see more fonts in a matte black. Thanks for the chance!

Smaller fonts or just packs of vowels. I would happily buy packs of just 'e's' or 'a's,' etc. please?

I love Thickers! My favorite are felt and foam.

There are so many thickers, I'm not even sure if you have these already or not. Some burlap or cork would be pretty stellar. I'd also love to see some in smaller sizes 'cuz the bigger ones aren't always quite what I want or need for a project.

I LOVE thickers! I would love to see more white and yellow fonts...my perfect go-tos :)

Super cute cards/layouts ladies! I really love foam Thickers and any Thickers with glitter! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the basic thickers, so versatile!

Raw chipboard in all fonts!

I'd like to see some larger fonts.

I adore Thickers! Love the awesome layouts!

I LOVE love love Thickers!!! I would love to see a smaller version of Thickers and some more wood grain Thickers!!! I would also LOVE to see some Kraft chipboard Thickers!

I'd like to see more skinny Thickers. Is that an oxymoron?

I love FOAM thickers! More purple thickers would be cool too!

Wow, what a great prize. You pretty much cover every type of font in every material and colour that I can think of, so i'm really struggling to think of a new one. My fav's are the more subdued and earthy colours and fonts. Thanks for the chance to win.

I love thickers, most of my projects have them on them somewhere. I would love to see small options as well.

I love thickers, would like to see some a wee bit smaller.

I would like to see "soft" Thickers...maybe felt or velvet.

I would love to see smaller thickers. They would need to be about a half an inch high.

I LOVE thickers, I am completely addicted. My favourites to buy are the ones with variety in the font, so scripts and blocky ones, small fonts like Amy Tan and Dear Lizzy have both done with larger fonts. Classic versatile fonts that are gender neutral is great too.

wow what an awesome giveaway! I would like to see more white and smaller letters! ty so much and have a great day!

I have been waiting to answer this question for a long time. Thickers are on just about every layout I have...they are my FAVE! I would like to see more cursive thickers. More numbers and phrase thickers would be fun! Also love woodgrain, polka dot & textured ones. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

oh i LoVe thickers! they make scrapbooking so easy :) I would love to see some "kids writing" thickers!i think that it would be in use very often especially with kids scrap albums.great giveaway. hope to win!

Love Thickers. My favourite past font was 'Nutmeg'. I just need more in every pack. And a good navy blue colour.

Love the hardcover font, would love them in a zillion colours pretty please :)

mmmmmmmm what kind of thickers would i like to see....animal print ones??? lol

i HEART thickers of all kinds!!!

Thickers are the best ever! I would love to see some smaller sizes(more lower case) and anything glittery or pastel. Thanks

I LOVE all thickers but i would love to see lots of different shades of woodgrain thickers to complement the woodgrain papers and embellies out there now. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

Cool stuff! What about felt thickers?

JUST LOVE THICKERS... so would like to win som more.
I miss som more Thickers in gold-color. And some clear thickers, maybe with a little light color in.

I would love to see more bright yellow thickers and more smaller ones, maybe a cute typewriter font?

I would like to see more skinny letters, kraft coloured letters and woodgrain styles. Would really like to add some new styles to my pages, so winning this prize would do that!

I love thickers! I would like to see tiny stickers!

it's hard to think up a kind of thickers that DON'T already exist! However, my favorites tend to be smaller -- Delight comes to mind -- so more smaller-scale thickers are always welcome. :)

I love the foam ones as they're so forgiving. I also love the ones where they're little letters and you get both capital letters and lower case. So ideally, I would love to see little foam ones but in a lovely script-like font.

But lets face it, Thickers rule :D

I pretty much love all thickers!!! My dream would be a matching set....one package of all upper case...one of all lower case...in the same color and font.

I love the smaller letters that come with lots of each letter. I also really like the combo of upper and lower case in one pack.

Love to see them in corrugated styles and need all colors just like the Brazzill cardstock

You can never have enough Thickers. They are so handy. I love the finishing touch they give each and everyone of my pages! Such a great product. I'd love to see more cursive inspired fonts. I'm a sucker for pretty swirly letters.

Be still me heart :) I'd love to see the font that mixed uppar and lower case, but all the letters were the same height. Am I making any sense? It was really popular a few years ago...

Lots of texture, cork, wood, material, glitter, and thing fun!

Oh I LOVE thickers! I would love more orange, yellow, and navy. But what I would REALLY love is smaller sized thickers! Thanks for the chance to win!

I'd love to see smaller Thickers for cards. I do make them work sometimes, but smaller would certainly get used a ton more!

i'd like to see more in the rainboots and lullaby fonts. also more glitter foam! thanks for a chance to win my absolute favorite scrappy product :)

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